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  1. jaicne


    @hunebedbouwer *DISCLAIMER* I live 5km from the Point Lepreau Nuclear Station in New Brunswick Canada and my Father In Law worked there from construction until he retired 10 years ago. The issue with most reactors used in the world is that they use enriched uranium. Here in Canada we used Candu 6 reactors that we specifically developed to use raw unrainim. They also unlike most others use a horizontal placement heavy water for cooling. The chance of one going anything like happened at TMI and Chernobyl is less than 1 one hundredth of a percent. The reason is that as the rods heat up they bend thus making space that leads to cooling. Furthermore our rods are not exposed like in other reactors they are in separate bundles. The emengery stop is both manual and automatic, it consists of the safety rods being suspend above the reactor by an electromagnet that in the event of a power failure will drop all on their own. There are also automated safety shut offs that can NOT be overridden, which was done at Chernobyl. By using raw uranium we are using a fuel that is no more radioactive than when sitting in the ground. That was one of the features the government DEMANDED when they were being designed. As for the disposal of spent fuel, it is stored in special tanks water for 6 to 10 years. I could go on but for brevity sake I will put under a spoiler a full detailed explanation of the Candu reactor and its systems. Please do not judge all countries with Nuclear Energy the same, some have been doing just the disposal research you spoke of and have found ways to minimize the risks to a level that is no more than found in nature. If done right it can be safe. The problem is safe and right are expensive and well let's face it governments usually want the cheapest. Hate ne, dislike me all you want but I will continue to promote safe usage and for other countrie to switch to the type of system we use. ********** Yes all reactors NEED to be next to a body of water for cooling purposes, regular water is effective for that purpose. As for chernobyl yes the lead scientist demanded they run the test at a lvl 500 units lower than the minimum safe operating lvl. That was a HUGE factor in the subsequent catastrophe.
  2. jaicne


    Oh thanks for the heads-up l have to check them out.
  3. jaicne


    You're welcome. The HBO series is really great viewing and I too am enjoying it. Just had noticed some things that were not quite right and wanted to share.
  4. jaicne


    The best sources for what really happened are the documentaries I am putting here. Please know that HBO is making use of "artistic license" in many ways. The first is a documentary featuring one of the men who was there, almost from moment one. The third was made by the BBC. The first is best for what happened at the time. The second is the most comprehensive about what happened that night. The fourth is about the aftermath of the catastrophe, it include interviews with many of the key players in the event and aftermath who were still alive at the time it was made including scientists and politicians. Though it is the longest of the 3 it is the most detailed starting from the original construction and continuing up to 2011 when it was made. This is the site run by former residents http://pripyat.com/ *NOTE* there is a drop down bar to change the language the default is Russian.
  5. jaicne

    Greatings from Canada

    HEY bro glad you made it on here! Lots of good people to chat with and things to see. Definitely check out the bands/artist section you'll find info about some of the other bands I've been telling you about!
  6. jaicne

    Ask Nightwish 2018 - Announcement

    Deleted because orginial post was deleted. (dragonprincess) Oh how I wish I had the funds. Such a good cause I'd donate even without the t-shirt.
  7. Oh my I just realized my original response did not post here.. Postcards sounds like a great idea!. Will your exhibition have an online component? My local gallery often also puts selected works from exhibitions up in a gallery on their website, I'd love to be able to see yours.
  8. Dude! I wish I had the funds to buy a print of the bookworm "gone rogue", it is adorable!
  9. jaicne

    Star Wars Medley

    Wow as I posted on the video itself this is amazing!
  10. jaicne

    The Tuomas thread

    I think the Freudian slip of "I don"t take it for granted for once" regarding the lineup shows possibly some growth in regards to realizing that communication makes for a happier band.
  11. jaicne


    Yes damn Bettman, and why should Alaska or Siberia suffer him? Send him to Antarctica! And tbh I think the IOC should now refuse to negotiate with the NHL for 2022. Let's go back to the days of the true Amateurs, in all sports summer and winter. The US is the one that wanted pros so they could send the NBA to Atlanta in 96. And of course it was Brian Boitano who pushed to let the pro figure skaters in and look how long that lasted. They are still eligible under IOC and ISU rules but none bother to even try anymore. @Harvest Your women's team has shown great growth in the past 3 to 5 years and I think your men while still weak in shooting if given the incentive of being the ones to go to the Olympics they can and will improve as more opt to stay home and play in the Liga as well as the SEHL and KHL. Has the Great8 ever coached the national team? I know the Russians in the past have had former players (Fetisov, Bure, Kasatonov) coach theirs. And tbh Leafs of my generation still view Russia as our greatest rival, the whole Summit Series and such., not to mention that the US really don't have the hockey history. The majority of players in the NHL are Canadian with Europe having the next largest group and Russia third. Very few teams have more than 1 or 2 US players. For example the Washington Capitals have 4 US players, 3 Russians, 2 Sweedes, 2 Czech, 1 Dane, 1 German and the rest (13) are Canadian. Also Their HC and 3 of his assistants are Canadian. So is their GM lol. @hunebedbouwer Gimme a break I'm old and tbh have never heard a curling rock being weighed in kgs. As for playing outside they may well do that in other parts of the country or even other parts of my province. Where I'm at we get little to no snow and the temps are more often above zero then below so most ice does not freeze. You have to keep in mind I'm on an equal latitude to Vienna but without the height above sea level. I would love to play on an outdoor rink but would have to move. I do know that about an hour north of me there is an outdoor speed skating oval and two hockey rinks, in the small town of Oromocto!
  12. jaicne


    Ok I'm guessing I'm the only one here who has actually curled; those rock weigh 40lbs and the ice is sticky which is why you need to sweep. It is very physically demanding and trust me even top curlers arms are sore at the end of a game. Snowcross is insane but imagine doing it on skates, maybe someday that too will make the jump from the X-Games world to the Olympics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l71e83Q744U And go OAR Men's Hockey defeated the US today!(Any defeat of the US is a good thing in my book) And there Ladies are in position to finish no worse than 4th. It is really nice to see other countries coming on strong in the Women's hockey scene. Finland has done really well too and they are the one's I suspect will win the bronze baring a Swedish win. Rattu(sp?) is one heck of a goalie and I foresee it not being too long before Finland challenges for Gold.
  13. jaicne


    @hunebedbouwer Hehe it's the heartstopping element that I like about short track but long track is far more about skill for sure. And ya Knegt can be well an interesting character. I never watched short track before but 2 years ago one of my nieces started competing in it and am trying to learn more about it. but damn they have some wild rules. I root for the Orange when they are competing as my Grandmother was from Haarlem so have always watched long track And I hear about the love of as Oma would say "the Leafs and the Tulips" after all it is how I came to be She worked in a cafe in Amsterdam and that is how they met! Irony is that my Grandfather ment my Nan at a cafe in Edinburgh that she worked at. We have always joke the best place to meet a keeper is by working at a cafe.
  14. jaicne


    Jumping in here @hunebedbouwer did you watch any of the races? The final result in the Womans 500 was wild. Really thought Canada had missed out on a medal in the event. Especially after St-Gelais was eliminated by DQ in her qualifying heat. Congrats on Van Kerkhof''s Silver. @Harvest Yes in the U20 Canada benefited for a Reffing bias. It was visible throughout all of the game. One hopes with the NHL ref's not being at the Olympics we will see a less biased outcome then in the past. Especially in the Ladies as I really think both the Finnish and Swedish teams are strong enough to challenge the Canada and the US. Not sure what to think about the men's but Slovenia's win over the US today is to me exciting
  15. jaicne

    Figure skating

    Agreed it was a sad ending to an amazing pair. Calgary for me was the Golden era of skating. The years between Sarajevo and Calgary had some of the most artistic programs ever skated. It was the beginning of then end for artistry.