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    Through an anime music video
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    Once unfortunately
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    Seeing Nightwish with Floor Jansen
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    Ghost Love Score (Floor's version)
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    Endless Forms Most Beautiful
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    The Poet and the Pendulum
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    Dark Passion Play
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    Elan and Nemo
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    Showtime, Storytime
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    Oceanborn and Century Child

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    Coke zero
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    New Zealand, Queenstown
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    Cockatiels and an Indian Ringneck
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    Pretty much all the singers off my favourite bands
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    Soundwave 2011 when Iron Maiden headlined
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    Nightwish, Tristania, Trail of Tears, Within Temptation, Sirenia, Epica, Diabulus in Musica, Xandria, Iron Maiden, etc


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    Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles
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    The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Game of Thrones
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    Lord of the Rings

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  1. AquilaTempestas

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Tracklisting looks interesting. Keen on those duets! The only thing I'm not convinced on is the art cover. It looks... strange to me. This one below looks more natural to me than the album cover for the default version.
  2. AquilaTempestas

    Within Temptation II

    That is exactly what I do. I try before I buy. Back when I was a kid, I used to head down to the local library and borrow CDs and burn them if I liked them enough. Nowadays, I save my money for merchandise, concert dvds and gigs. If I love the band (say WT or Epica), I'll buy their CD immediately.
  3. AquilaTempestas

    Within Temptation II

    I don't know what happened to Within Temptation's mixing. Their earlier albums up until The Unforgiving sounded fine. With Hydra and Resist something went wrong.
  4. AquilaTempestas

    Within Temptation II

    Pretty harsh, but you're entitled to not like it. WT haven't been symphonic metal since THOE.
  5. AquilaTempestas


    Yeah it's weird. My first few listens I couldn't find anything that stood out to me. Then one day on a trip to uni, it finally clicked out of nowhere. I guess I didn't like it at first because I wasn't used to her voice outside of Nightwish, ReVamp and After Forever. To hear her sing in a different way was unsettling haha. Edit: Double posted - Serena
  6. AquilaTempestas

    Within Temptation II

    I don't care about the commercial sound. Within Temptation post Enter have always leaned towards the more poppy side of things anyway and I like some pop music (like Florence + the Machine if that is even considered pop). My concerns are simply Electronics pushing the guitars further into the background No piano ballad Only one guitar solo after they showed promise on The Unforgiving and Hydra. Most songs have the same tempo Mixing is a step up from Hydra, but doesn't sound as clean as earlier records. Can they hire Jacob Hansen? Pretty predictable song structure for most of the album. Loud anthemic chorus. Poppy electronic verses. It's a solid album though. If this was WT's first album, I would love it. If this was an album from a brand new band, I'd be pretty impressed.
  7. AquilaTempestas

    Within Temptation II

    My rankings from least favourite to most favourite. Rankings out of 5 with 5 being the best. Holy Ground [2/5] I don't know. I don't like it. Lyric intensity just doesn't match with the mid pace tone of the song. Don't like those random electo noises in the first half of the chorus. Mercy Mirror [2.5/5] It's okay. It's just a pop song though. I miss the piano tracks like the Forgiven, Bittersweet etc. Mad World [3/5] This one feels like Sinead remade but less interesting. It is catchy though. But what happened to the guitars? In Vain [3.5/5] I actually liked this one and I don't really know why. It just sounded pleasant and relaxing to my ears. Supanova [3.5/5] Some parts I like. Some parts I don't like. I feel the song is a lot better from middle and onwards though. The Reckoning [3.5/5] This song used to be higher, but I've listened to a lot by now and it's gotten old. But I do still really like this one. Fireflight [4/5] I really like duets. I could've done without the 'woah-oah' crooning going in the background though. Would've been better without it Trophy Hunter [4/5] Not as bombastic as I had been hoping Endless War [5/5] I love this song. This is great. Raise Your Banner [5/5] Everything I love about WT rolled into one song Is it just me or do the guitars sound almost non existent in quite a few of the songs? I know guitars have never been a big thing in WT, but after TU they showed they could play. To me, it sounds like the guitars are pushed in the background to bring the electro elements forward. No interesting riffs or solos either except for RYB. There were at least 5 guitar solos on Hydra and quite a few on The Unforgiving. Resist really feels like a huge step backwards in the guitar department and that's disappointing. I'm not saying guitar solos are essential - they're not - but the songs all have a very similar structure on Resist and the same tempo (on most songs)
  8. AquilaTempestas


    Seems to be something quite a few female vocalists are doing - picking up those growls. First Floor. Then Charlotte. Helena from Imperia. And now Marcela!
  9. AquilaTempestas

    Aeonian Sorrow

    I actually found this band by accident when looking for information about the band Luna Obscura. I was informed she had started a new project and thus I found Aeonian Sorrow. It was a good find.
  10. AquilaTempestas


    I randomly stumbled across them on youtube one day, and I liked what I heard. They're an interesting band and I look forward to seeing what else they do in the future.
  11. AquilaTempestas


    This band still exists! From their facebook as of May, 2018 Dear fans First of all we would like to thank you for the great support over all the years. It is a gift for us to have such fans and that after all these years you have not forgotten us. A lot has happened since our last album "New Shores". We had very nice concerts and the album was successful. But after that we had suffered some setbacks and a personal blow of fate. Nevertheless, we haven't lost our love for music. And yes, Lunatica exists. New songs are written and pre-produced. The songs sound more symphonic and bigger than on the last album and we are very lucky that we have found Peter Crowley to work with for the orchestra parts. Peter does a great job and it's great fun to listen to the pre-produced songs. We also arranged the song "The Edge Of Infinity" with new orchestral parts. We don't want to keep the result from you and hope that you like the 2018 version. A production like Lunatica imagines, which we want to deliver to the fans, takes a lot of time and costs money. Music is a hobby of ours. We are not professional musicians, we have family and all have a regular job that we have to do :-) That leaves us the time after work and weekends to pursue our hobby music. The music business has also undergone a change. That's why we decided to finance the album ourselves. The biggest reason is surely that we are free in our creativity and don't have to make any compromises concerning the album. But this decision means that the album production has to be done in stages. Is a new Lunatica album coming? The answer is yes. And when is it coming?: We don't know yet. The honest and current state is that we finished 7 songs as pre-production and 3 - 4 more will follow. Then it's off to the studio. We estimate that we will have the first test mix of a song in our hands in autumn and decide how we want to continue. We would like to thank everyone for the support and apologize for the long waiting time. Until then we wish you a good time and take care! Lunatica
  12. AquilaTempestas


    Have they got a new singer yet? Are they even a band still?
  13. AquilaTempestas

    Vanilla Ninja

    Oh wow I remember this band! It's been a long time!
  14. AquilaTempestas

    Linkin Park

    Oh wow this thread is quiet. I've always been of the band and I feel very lucky that I had been able to see the band live. I loved Hybrid Theory and Meteora. The albums afterwards didn't catch my interest as much but there were some solid moments here and there. I'm sad Chester is no longer with us, but at least the music remains.
  15. AquilaTempestas

    Within Temptation II

    Use spoiler - Serena