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  1. Himiko

    Decades World Tour 2018

    ^ Yeah, I was going to say, they've played it something like 3 times on this tour, anyone who was there happen to notice if there were any cameras about? I don't we'll be getting a huge amount of bonus material on this DVD given that the setlist was so fixed for most of the tour, but this would seem to be an obvious one? I mean, it's one of their signature songs, it's a fan favourite, it's not on the setlist of the shows they filmed, there's a guest musician taking part in it so it's a "never before seen/heard" version of the song. Honestly, it seems a bit weird that we haven't had Wishmaster on a live Nightwish release since 2005. Given that it's a crowd pleaser and that they recorded a full orchestra backing/intro for it specially, and that they've gotten several new members on board since that time. I get that they're tired of playing it so they only bring it out on "special occasions" these days, but they have played it at least once on every tour, I think - they just seem to have avoided committing it to record. Maybe this is finally the release!
  2. Mmmm, I'm still not convinced on Tuomas as an Elder Scrolls composer. I think that's partly because I'm very attached to Jeremy Soule's work, and also that's going to be a tremendous commitment that is going to take a lot of time away from Nightwish for Tuomas. But also, Tuomas has yet to actually compose/arrange a soundtrack unless I'm missing something - the arrangements for the Imaginaerum soundtrack were based on his work, sure, but they were arranged/reworked by someone else to work as background music/soundtrack. If I'm Todd Howard, or whoever at Bethesda gets to make that decision on composers, I'm probably not going to pick the songwriter who didn't even prepare the soundtrack for his band's own film project to helm the soundtrack for the next entry in one of gaming's biggest franchises. There are a lot of talented composers out there with experience in gaming specifically. Austin Wintory, Trevor Morris, Inon Zur, Jessica Curry, David Garcia Diaz etc. If Jeremy Soule throws in the towel I would expect someone like that to be asked to pick up the mantle.
  3. Himiko

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Saw the gig at Manchester last night. Just a few thoughts off the top of my head: - The arena was busy, but not full - the top tier of seating had been curtained off and the lower tier looked a bit sparse at the back. That said, given that it was a weeknight and it was their first arena tour of the UK (as opposed to a one off show) I didn't think it was too bad turnout wise. I do think that they could maybe have increased the crowd size if they'd picked a supporting band who were a bit more well known in the UK, like they did with Arch Enemy at Wembley. My pick would be Sabaton, as I've said before, they headline decent sized venues in the UK themselves. - That said, Beast in Black were fantastic. Solid, catchy songs and great performances, I will definitely be checking them out again. - I get why the band still play Nemo, it easily got twice the reaction of any other song played that night. But Floor, I don't think that ending is working too well. I Want My Tears Back was also a popular one. - SO many great old songs. I know the band have talked about dropping Sacrament and The Carpenter and possibly others after this tour, but it would be a real shame for all of the songs to be dropped after the band has spent all this time arranging and practicing and playing them. Gethsemane, Slaying the Dreamer, Kinslayer, 10th Man Down etc. were all so good, I really hope they get to make a comeback in future tours. - The intro of TGSOE REALLY dragged. The rest of the song was absolutely fine and very well performed (I was actually quite pleasantly surprised), but during the intro people in the audience were getting restless, chatting, checking their phones, making jokes about the length of the intro etc. The backdrop was lovely, but I feel like it would have benefitted from being cut down by about half in terms of length if they're going to continue performing it. - I was there with a group, a couple of us preferred the older material, one was more a fan of EFMB, some knew all of the band's back catalogue and others had sort of dipped in and out of it and only knew a few songs, but none of us came away disappointed with the gig/setlist over all. I think that's probably a good sign of a well balanced setlist and a good performance. - I think I definitely felt a disconnect with their newer songs compared to their older songs. When stuff like Gethsemane or 10th Man Down or Slaying the Dreamer came on, I was swept up in the music, headbanging, jumping, singing along, screaming etc. and when the newer stuff (excl. IWMTB, which was amazing) came on it was more a case of thinking "The band sound very good" and politely applauding. Think that's just a case of personal preference though, I'm sure there were others who had the opposite reaction. Overall, the best parts of the gig for me: - Hearing my personal NW fave (Gethsemane) played - The sheer number of older numbers in the setlist. - Me and a friend attempting to do a small jig to IWMTB in a very small space without stepping on anyone's feet. Not sure how well we succeeded... - Being pleasantly surprised by Beast in Black. Worst parts: - DCOW replacing EOAH. Still bitter. - The daylight robbery going on at the merch stand! £45 for a tshirt? Hahahahaha, no. It did explain why there was no queue though.
  4. Himiko

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    They gave her the letter backstage after the concert and told her not to open it until the next day. By which point they'd already posted it on their website for the world to read. So yeah, not their finest hour. Haha, I actually quite like Tarja's random shiny outfits, they're distinctive if nothing else. But I think her long flowing coats are probably the thing that comes to mind when I think of Tarja's stage outfits. I remember her wearing a white suit around the time of the Century Child tour which I thought looked pretty good on her too.
  5. Himiko

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Yeah, it took me a while to get used to it (at first I didn't like it at all, but in fairness I wasn't entirely sold on Anette's voice at that time either so I think that probably didn't help), but now the ending of the song sounds sort of empty without it (particularly live, given that the big orchestral swell of the ending is all on the backing tapes, so otherwise it's just the guys chugging away on stage). Which I assume is why Floor (and Troy) are adding their own parts to that bit of the song, but yeah, I'm not sure it works as well. Which is a shame, because I think if Floor basically did the same thing as Anette she'd probably sound very good! Unfortunately I won't be at the London show this time :( But from what I remember from the last gig, the merch stand was set up inside the venue, and they were taking tickets at the exterior doors, so your sister would probably need a ticket to be able to get to it. The setup might be different this time though?
  6. Himiko

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Yeah, that's the impression I always got, too. Whether you like Tarja and Anette's different takes on the vocalisations, both of them are quite powerful, whereas Floor's just kind of trails off at the end. Which is a particular problem in a song where the vocalisations make up a big part of the singing. It feels like she didn't want to copy either style and kind of went for a middle of the road thing that doesn't quite work, despite her excellent voice. Honestly, I kind of felt the same with her ending for "Nemo". She (and/or the rest of the band) wanted her to be singing in the end. But it was Anette (or the band during her era) that brought in the singing the lyrics over the end, so rather than just doing the same thing, she kind of makes up this vocalisation bit which, again, sort of trails off at the end. I'm more used to it now, and I think she's improved it since her early performances, but yeah, I think this was another of her weaker spots.
  7. Himiko

    The Old Era

    Yeah, I mean, for all the flaws with Anette's live performances (and they definitely existed) I couldn't fault her for the energy and enthusiasm she showed during the live performances. At times during the DPP tour, the guys just didn't look like they wanted to be there at all. I get that there were obviously tensions within the band, and Marco was suffering from alcoholism and depression and that the tour was just too long/ intensive (which is kind of their own fault, but at least they learned from that experience), but yeah, it wasn't their finest period as performers. I believe they were performing at a festival at one point during the tour and fans of the next band on started chucking fruit and stuff at the stage, and it was Anette who persuaded the guys to get back out there and finish the show. I agree with your comments, I guess that a lot of scrutiny always falls on the vocalist as they are usually the central focus of a live show (and I would think that, with the exception of solos, it's easier to hide a messed up note in the blend of instruments and backing tapes than it is to hide a messed up vocal note), but also I think that a lot of scrutiny was put on Anette specifically because she was new, and because she replaced Tarja, and because it was easier for a lot of fans who didn't like the new direction of the band to blame Anette, rather than Tuomas as the composer and band leader, or the rest of the guys who had been there from the start. I can't really blame Anette for her supposed "ingratitude" towards Nightwish fans. For all the legitimate criticism out there, there was a LOT of just straight up abuse. I mean, she received death threats, people were holding up "Anette sucks!" signs at gigs. I wasn't aware of the band when Marco joined, so I don't know if there was anything similar directed at him, but I can't imagine that it was the same level. Certainly we don't see people doing that to Floor or Kai or Troy. It has to suck to go through all of that and then see your successor get welcomed with relative open arms. Yes, it might be a bit self defeating to criticise NW fans when they make up a lot of her current fanbase, but I can also understand not just wanting to write off years of abuse so she can try and flog albums to those same people. Like, her attitude towards not improving her voice? Sure, criticise that. Her lack of focus on her music career? Fine. Her attitude towards NW during and after the split? Yeah, I get that. But "Why is she not grateful to the fans???" Because a lot of the fans were arseholes to her. In fairness, they are now playing Stargazers, Gethsemane, Elvenpath etc. so regardless of whether it's their new albums or their new bandmates that have prompted the improvement, they have at least improved themselves as musicians since the DPP era. And I'll fight you on Imaginaerum, it may not be an exercise in complex band instrumentals but it's a great album regardless. But I will agree that they were probably at their weakest as performers during the Once/DPP era. You had Tarja transitioning into a more contemporary style, which to this day can be pretty hit and miss in live performances. You had Anette who was clearly struggling with songs out of her range. And you had the guys unable to play some of their own back catalogue. I'm glad they've stepped up since then.
  8. Himiko

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    ^ I said this in the Marco interview thread, but I'm hopeful that Marco saying that Floor will have a bigger role next album compared to him might mean we actually get more of her aggressive vocals. Floor's a powerhouse, but on EFMB, you still had moments where either the aggressive vocals are still given to Marco (e.g. the "From words..." part of Weak Fantasy), or Floor is mixed below Marco (e.g. her growls in YIAEH). I suspect this is due to the fact that previously, that was pretty much Marco's role in the band, and so when Floor came on board there was still that assumption of "Well, the more aggressive parts should go to Marco and the softer parts go to Floor" when dividing up the vocals, despite the fact that Floor is more than capable of taking on aggressive vocals and Marco is a fine melodic/soft singer when the occasion arises. So perhaps, if Floor has a bigger role this time, that means that she will be taking on more of the aggressive vocals that have previously gone to Marco, while Troy will be handling more of the softer stuff?
  9. Himiko

    The Old Era

    Hmmm, it could be, though I'm sure I also read something similar about Elvenpath. Also, everyone seems to be taking from this the quote about Anette not being able to sing some of the older songs unless she was having a good day - which is understandable, but personally I'm more taken by the fact that Tuomas seems to be admitting that the guys can no longer play their OWN songs, that THEY recorded and performed just a handful of years before. I'd say that's worse! Both the fact that they're that out of practice, and the fact that RATHER than practice the song until they could play it again they just basically wrote it off for years as "too hard". Thankfully they seem to have stepped up their game these days with more oldies making their way back onto the setlist. I wonder if having Floor, Troy and Kai on board made the rest of the band step up a bit more in terms of musicianship? Like: Tuomas: LOL, nope, Gethsemane's too hard, can't play that! Floor: ... I mean, I can... Kai: ... Yeah, I can do that Troy: Sorry guys, what were you saying? Couldn't hear you over the sound of tuning all my different instruments! Yes indeed - at the end of the day, Nightwish knew better than any of their applicants what it was like to be in Nightwish. And not only that, they knew what the expectations would be for the upcoming tour (which was their biggest ever). That the new singer would face fan backlash, particularly with such a different vocal style compared to what the fans were used to, was obvious. Taking an unknown singer with minimal touring experience on a 2 year, breakneck world tour had totally predictable outcomes (not used to singing for that long that frequently - voice quality is going to suffer. Not well travelled - probably going to pick up a lot of different bugs and illnesses as her immune system won't have been exposed to them before), even before you add in the negative reaction of certain fans. It always seemed like the guys were so determined to pick someone who sounded different to Tarja, who seemed fun to hang out with, and who was relatively unknown (this is just my personal speculation, but I get the impression that they didn't want a famous singer who was going to come in with an existing fanbase and be the "focal point" for fans as Tarja was, but someone not so well known who could be presented in interviews, publicity etc. as just "one of the band"), but didn't think about changes they might have to make to make that work (or weren't willing to). Something like starting with a shorter tour to get Anette used to it. Downtuning and re-arranging more of the older tracks so that they were in Anette's stronger range and she didn't have to be having an exceptionally good day to sing them. Or just putting their foot down and saying "No, this isn't going to work, we need more experience". Combined with the earlier quote about them not being able to play their own older songs, it feels like maybe the guys weren't make the best decisions in terms of how to keep Nightwish functioning as a band at the time. In some ways I think the way the Anette - Floor change happened was probably for the best. I imagine it was very stressful for the band at the time, but they didn't have a chance to try and make a "wishlist", or decide they wanted a radically different style, or try to get an unknown singer again. They had to make a decision based PURELY on the practical and professional side of things - who could sing these songs, who had proven live experience and who was free to join them on tour.
  10. Himiko

    Decades World Tour 2018

    As others have pointed out, and as I've said previously, this focus on Once fits neither the "oldies/rarities" theme (since the 4 Once songs are 4 of their 5 most played of all time) nor the idea that it's a retrospective/ all albums tour. There's nothing at all from DPP now, and only one song from it played on the whole tour. There's only one song from Century Child. Meanwhile, Once has 4 tracks, equating to over 20 minutes of set time. Once has been heavily represented on every tour since its release. It will very likely be well represented on the next tour as well - the only songs that have been confirmed to be dropped after this tour are The Carpenter (AFF) and Sacrament (OB), and comments in interviews indicate that it will likely be more old songs that face the chop as they don't line up with the band's current sound/themes. The only other album that has come close to that much rep on the tour is Wishmaster, with 4 songs at most - but none of them were long epics like GLS, so it still had a lower proportion of the set time, and it's very likely that most of them will be dropped on the next tour. I think it's understandable that they've kept singles like Nemo and Elan, and crowd pleasers like GLS and IWMTB in the setlist. Not everyone there is going to be a hardcore fan who owns all their albums, and songs like this give the audience a chance to hear something they're likely all familiar with. But I do think it's disappointing that as they've gotten to the end of the tour that when it comes to the rest of the material, they're once again gravitating towards Once at the expense of their other albums. I also think that it's especially disappointing to those of us who got our hopes up with the release of Decades/ start of the tour. Speaking as someone who LOVES EOAH (it was one of the first NW songs I ever heard), and really enjoys DSC, I was incredibly excited to think that I was going to finally see them live, part of the reason I bought tickets for this tour at all was because it was a retrospective and because they were playing stuff I never thought I'd see live. And it was really, really disappointing when they dropped them in favour of playing... DCOW. Again. Don't get me wrong, I'm still looking forward to the show (Gethsemane! 10th Man Down! Sacrament! And IWMTB is always fun), and I'm glad we've got the dropped songs immortalised on DVD, but I'm not as excited as I was a couple of months ago, put it that way.
  11. Himiko

    The Old Era

    I feel like a Decades tour would probably have had a slightly different setlist if Anette was still in the band. Remember Floor said that all the band members had input on which songs to include, and Tuomas had the final decision, so Anette may well have chosen different songs from Floor. Plus, knowing that a tour was coming up, Tuomas may well have chosen a few different songs to make the final cut, or balanced the setlist out differently to favour songs that Anette is stronger on. e.g. I imagine Storytime would have been in the setlist and Amaranth might well have stayed there too. I think Tuomas said in an interview once that the band tried playing Elvenpath in rehearsal (while Anette was still in the band) and it didn't sound good at all - though whether that was due to Anette's vocals, or the guys being out of practice, or them not being sure at that point how to arrange the song to fit in with the rest of the set, I'm not sure. So that might not have been on the album/ setlist. Songs like Come Cover Me, Sacrament of Wilderness, Ghost Love Score etc. would probably still be on there - she performed those with the band already during her run.
  12. I do not for the life of me understand this attitude of "Well, other bands have already done it, so that's a reason not to do it ourselves" towards a show/ small tour with an orchestra. Tuomas and Floor have both brought it up in interviews, and it kind of comes across a bit... odd? Like "Meh, it's not SPECIAL anymore so we don't want to do it." Fans are going to come because they want to hear the songs performed with a live orchestra, rather than a backing tape. And NON fans are not going to shell out what will probably be a fairly pricy ticket just to see a metal band play with an orchestra, no matter how much of a rarity it might be. The band talks about how the orchestra is an integral part of NW's sound, and like another band member - surely THAT is the reason to do a show with an orchestra? To give the full live experience, your songs as they were INTENDED to be performed? And if you feel that the live songs work better with just the band members, then why rely so heavily on backing tapes, why not rearrange your songs a little for the live performances so that more of the sound is live? Don't get me wrong, I get that an orchestra show would take a lot of organising, and if the band just said "Look, it's too tough to organise the way we would want it", then fair enough, or if they're planning to move away from the very orchestra-heavy style of the last 4 albums slightly, fair dos, they're under no obligation to perform with an orchestra. It's just the reasoning given that puzzles me.
  13. I'm not too bothered by Marco maybe taking a step back vocally on the next album. He's a good singer, but for my personal taste, I can take him or leave him. And I sort of feel that he's not as "necessary" as a vocalist since Floor came on board. With Tarja, Marco (and Wilska's guest spots before him) add some rougher, rockier, more aggressive sides to Tarja's more classical sound. Then when Anette came on board with a voice that was a bit more rocky, but less forceful/powerful, having Marco there to double up on some of the songs gave them a bit more power vocally. With Floor, they already have both the power and the more aggressive singing style (honestly, I find her to be a better aggressive singer than Marco, I think he sounds better in his more melodic appearances). Having Marco onboard as a vocalist still allows them to have a bit more versatility, and I like the idea of more vocal harmonies between the three of them. I'm hoping it might actually mean the opposite. Marco taking a step back may well mean Floor taking over some of the heavier, aggressive parts that have fallen to him in the past. I mean, I will definitely be disappointed if we see a repeat of EFMB vocally speaking, since Floor can do such a wide range of impressive vocals, but I'm hoping this is a good sign for that, at least.
  14. Himiko

    What are you playing now?

    *appears as if by magic* Did I hear someone say "Dragon Age"??? Is this your first time playing it through? Any favourite parts/ characters so far? Which origin did you pick? I've been playing through Night in the Woods this week (argh, Demontower...), and before that I played Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice which I thoroughly enjoyed.
  15. Himiko

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Loving Tony "Lord of the Dance" Kakko in that video XD