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    A recommendation by another member on the Miranda Richardson Appreciation forum (which I had joined in order to talk about the 1998 miniseries, "Merlin")
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    Century Child
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    Century Child
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    "Tanderadan" by Helium Vola
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    Evanescence -_- Various songs/ artists across different genres, though there are certainly some I listen to less than others in general


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    "A Song of Ice and Fire" (series), "Wheel of Time" (series), "The Gormenghast Trilogy", "The Mists of Avalon", "The Warlord Chronicles" (series), "The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever" (series), "Wolf Hall", "His Dark Materials" (series)
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  1. Himiko

    Within Temptation II

    OK, so I read your rather longer original response to me, and I would have replied sooner but while I was reading about how you "would DEFINITELY have stuck up for those women who were assaulted on the bus and can I honestly say that I would done the same thing??", for some totally unimaginable reason I got this song stuck in my head for two days and couldn't manage to formulate a response... (Fair warning: There is swearing in this song for those who aren't into that sort of thing) But in all seriousness – given that this probably isn't the thread for it, I will try and keep it short and less rambly than my usual order. So, about the debate in general: The Paradox of Tolerance (and the risks of tolerating intolerance generally) is NOT a new idea invented by “snowflake millenials” or whatever. It was defined/described by Karl Popper in 1945. Implying that people who would call homophobes “bigots” don't understand tolerance is grossly simplifying a complex argument. Your objection to the use of the phrase “bigot” to describe homophobes (or should I say, people who don't like LGBT people, lest they find the term homophobe offensive too?) seems to be that it is “rude”/ “unkind” and “uncivilised” etc. and thus has no place in debate. There is no such thing as kind or civilised homphobia. No amount of smiles and happy faces and formal, uninsulting language is going to make “I just think you deserve fewer rights than heterosexuals” or “I just think your existence is offensive” or “Think of the children! Your existence will confuse them!” NOT unkind and vile. Therefore you are placing a greater burden on one side of this debate than the other. Which, I mean, you can, but I don't think it's giving off the rational, fair minded impression that you seem to be going for. I'm sure everyone's seen THAT xkcd comic, but it always bears repeating: Calling someone an arsehole because they said something objectionable is NOT the same thing as suppressing freedom of speech. About my replies to you specifically: My point regarding Magnus's prolific posting was not that it makes him automatically right and unquestioned. My point was that he has a lot of other posts you could have chosen to confront him on, and you chose this particular one. Where Magnus was calling homophobes (NOT everyone. Not even anyone in particular on the thread or forum. Just general homophobes) bigots. That's the post you took issue with. Context: It matters. You keep complaining about how people just aren't listening to your FACTS, and yet when multiple people explain to you that it is the context of your posts that are the issue, you show absolutely no willingness to take this on board. If people are “stupid” for not understanding what you are trying to say, or just need to read your posts again, maybe you should step back and follow your own advice? Not quite sure where I called you “all kind of names” in my responses. When I referred to “nasty people on the internet”, I was referring to a pattern I have seen where people who make a big deal about how much we need to tolerate intolerance often turn out to be very nasty people indeed. I hope you're not, because the world needs fewer of them. That said, I can only go on the evidence presented. But if you want to call me names (other than “stupid”, which you already seem to be implying), go right ahead. I'm sure I will somehow survive a stranger on the internet not liking me very much. Mods, if you feel like this discussion would benefit from being moved elsewhere, please feel free to move my post. Anyway, back to Within Temptation. – I wouldn't be surprised if they released a live DVD, they're pretty prolific with live releases from what I understand. I'm still struggling to really get into Resist – it's not that I don't like the songs, I enjoy them when I listen to them, but I've found that I rarely have the urge to listen to them and I never find them drifting around in my head between listens. Maybe I need to give the whole album another listen.
  2. Himiko

    Nightwish Album Rankings 2019

    I know that DPP was the biggest in terms of initial sales, however I remember reading somewhere that Once has since outsold it (presumably from some newer fans picking up the band's back catalogue). According to the Wikipedia page, Once has sold just over 2 million whilst DPP sold just under - that said, I don't know how up to date these figures are, so they may not still be accurate. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nightwish_discography Not to mention that Once seems to be the most consistently well-represented album in their live shows - whether it's a new album release or a "old favourites" tour like Decades, there's always a handful of Once songs. By contrast, Dark Passion Play only had "Amaranth" make it into the Decades shows, and even that was dropped by the end of the tour. Once had 3-4 songs per show. Even on "Showtime, Storytime" from the Imaginaerum tour (1 album after DPP) only had 2 songs from DPP (Last of the Wilds and Amaranth), whilst Once had 5 (DCOW, WIHAA, Nemo, Romanticide, GLS). Whilst it's one of my least favourites, both critics and the band themselves seem to consider it an essential NW album, hence my surprise at the showing so far. Mind you, given that the forum members are much more likely to know all the albums and follow the setlists, live videos etc. perhaps a certain amount of "Once fatigue" has counted against it.
  3. Himiko

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Whilst I'm not a fan of Evanescence myself (something about Amy Lee's voice just grates on me), I do think that this is a good move for Tarja. Yes, arguably Nightwish could match (MAYBE exceed) Evanescence for popularity in mainland Europe, but if you asked the majority of listeners (i.e. not the fans that follow their forums and social media) to name their current/former members, most of them would probably struggle. Some might know Tarja as "the former singer of Nightwish" but not be aware of/ not following her solo career, others might not link her to Nightwish at all unless they hear her voice. I've said before that touring with a band like Within Temptation would be good for Tarja - exposes her to bigger audiences than she can draw on her own, who would probably be open to the kind of music that she makes. It's a good oppurtunity to expand her audience. The same is true for Evanescence.
  4. Himiko

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I think it would be a very odd decision not to release it. Not only is it a way to preserve songs that by their own admission won't be played again, but looking at the fan footage from the shows they recorded, the performances were solid and the crowd seemed really into it. As I recall, VOS was released a year after the Wembley concert and even longer after Tampere. So I don't think we need to write Decades off just yet.
  5. Himiko

    Within Temptation II

    I read your post very thoroughly, thanks for the suggestion though. YOU chose to make Magnus's post about Within Temptation wishing their fans Happy Pride Month the subject of your public ire and dressing down. YOU doubled down on it after he clarified that he was referring specifically to homophobes, NOT to people who disagreed with him on e.g. music taste. YOU then brought up Magnus calling people "names and nasty insinuations" a third time (again, in a discussion thread where the only people who had been called names were homophobes) and suggested that this was stifling discussions. YOU compared Magnus's remarks to fascism (in very poor taste in the circumstances) and suggested they were "a threat to our freedom of speech". None of this is MY imagination. That is on YOU. Magnus is a prolific poster with a lot of posts in a lot of threads. You could have called him out in any of those. You could have called him out by private message. You didn't. I have seen plenty of nasty people on the internet try to soften their anti-LGBT arguments under the guise of "Well, I just think LGBT rights/ visibility should be up for discussion" or "Calling me a homophobe is the REAL intolerance here" - enough to make me deeply skeptical that in your case you just HAPPENED to pick this post, and your arguments just HAPPENED to mirror theirs. If I'm wrong (and I hope I am) then maybe take a step back and see this as a learning experience? But if you're waiting for an apology, you're going to be waiting a long damn time.
  6. Himiko

    Nightwish Album Rankings 2019

    I think it benefits from being less of a "love or hate" album than releases like Dark Passion Play, or some of their early albums. Whilst it had the occasional low ranking, most people seem to have put it in the top half of their lists, which really benefits it in a scoring system like this. I'm not too surprised that Century Child and Oceanborn also did well, they've always done pretty well on favourite album polls in the past. Similarly the bottom 3 don't surprise me too much based on previous polls and comments around the albums. The one that surprises me the most is Once - it's their biggest selling album IIRC, and often held up as one of their best. Whilst I ranked it lower out of personal preference, I'm surprised that it didn't even make the top half of the rankings.
  7. Himiko


    I've been listening to Nightwish for over a decade, and I think I'd really struggle to put a top-50 song order together - it changes so often. Gethsemane is a firm #1 for me, so that would be at the top of the list, followed shortly by Beauty of the Beast and probably End of All Hope as #3. But after that I'd really struggle to order the songs. Probably the majority would come from Century Child/ Oceanborn/Imaginaerum/Wishmaster, as those are my top 4 albums. In terms of controversial opinions, for me, I probably wouldn't rank most of their epics particularly high, with the obvious exception of Beauty of the Beast. Ghost Love Score is a nice song - I actually think it's a great example of a song where I've enjoyed the interpretations of all the singers - and Floor's interpretation really gives the ending a nice kick, but I just don't find myself going back to it very often. I find the lyrics of Poet pretty cringy and I'm not often in the mood to sit through it all. Song of Myself is great at the start, but I rarely have the patience to sit through the poem. Greatest Show has some great parts in the middle, but honestly the rest of the song just goes on far too long IMO. From those albums, give me The Siren, Sahara, Ghost River or My Walden any day. Also, just a quick note regarding albums - Come Cover Me is from Wishmaster, and Beauty of the Beast is from Century Child (unless you mean Beauty AND the Beast, which is from Angels Fall First, easy to mix the titles up on those two!)
  8. Himiko

    Within Temptation II

    Quite right. Allow me to model my response in a similar way so that Magnus can see an example. My opinion is that if you see a post celebrating Within Temptation supporting their queer fans, and your first reaction is to get indignant on the behalf of the poor POOR homophobes (or however you would like to refer to people who would prefer to never have to be confronted with any evidence that LGBTQ+ people exist in the world) who might not like being called bigots, then maybe you should be spending more time examining your own choices and less time lecturing people on the internet for their fairly innocuous posts in support of said band? I think this is how it works. Did I get it right? Anyway, back on topic, good on Within Temptation.
  9. Himiko

    Nightwish Album Rankings 2019

    1) (8 points) Century Child 2) Oceanborn 3.5) Imaginaerum/ Wishmaster 5) Angels Fall First 6) Endless Forms Most Beautiful 7) Once 8) (1 point) Dark Passion Play I've put the points for the first and last as I wasn't entirely sure if we were ranking best to worst, or if the number denoted the points score - in my defense, it has been a long week.
  10. Himiko

    The Floor thread

    I don't know, I think Sabaton and Nightwish are pretty musically similar - though perhaps more similar to Nightwish's earlier power metal sound (Listen to Attero Dominatus and tell me it doesn't remind you even slightly of Wishmaster...). They're certainly more similar to Nightwish than Arch Enemy, though, and AE have supported Nightwish in Europe before now. I'd love to see a Nightwish+Sabaton tour here in the UK. Particularly if Nightwish are going to continue to do arena tours here - I think they could use a bigger opening band to draw in more people (Manchester Arena was pretty quiet when I saw them), and I don't think Sabaton are quite big enough to be playing arenas here themselves (though every time I've seen them it's been to a progressively larger crowd, so perhaps they're not too far off).
  11. Himiko

    The Marco thread

    Haha, I remember those days. At least once a week there would be an excited new member joining up and posting about how they'd found a leak of new NW material. I don't think it helped that there were a lot of rumours after the split that Liv Kristine (who was Marco's co-vocalist on Day for Ghosts) was going to be the new singer anyway - apparently it was taken so seriously that at one point Tarja and Marcelo actually rang her up to congratulate her and wish her luck, I think?
  12. Himiko

    Within Temptation II

    I always thought Tarja opening for them would be a good move, especially in countries like the US and UK where she doesn't have a huge following/ recognition. People who are into WT but aren't necessarily familiar with Tarja's solo work are probably a good potential audience for her, it means she can gain more fans without having to tour loads of tiny venues, plus they've worked together before and know they get on, and it would give them the opportunity to play Paradise live as a duet.
  13. Himiko

    Within Temptation II

    I don't know, is Nightwish "bigger enough" for Within Temptation to open for them? I was always under the impression that they were at a similar level of popularity with Nightwish having the edge in terms of numbers. That said, I can only judge from UK popularity. Both have played Wembley Arena - Nightwish sold it out and WT didn't, but WT played other dates on their tour here and it was the only show for Nightwish. On their last tour, WT didn't play arenas and NW did, but NW didn't sell them out this time. Both have headlined a day at Bloodstock in recent years (though NW closed the festival out, which I would say gives them the edge). Could be a very different story in other countries. That said, given that Nightwish won't be touring until next year at all, and given that they always start with the US these days, I'm guessing we won't see them in Europe until next spring/summer, so they're probably not the band that WT is talking about. Doing a more singles/EP based approach might be a good idea. It takes the pressure off them to come up with a full album of work every time, and means that the fans get something rather than waiting years for new material.
  14. Himiko

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    I tend to agree with this. Those "updates" were absolutely interminable. Don't get me wrong, I love Nightwish's music, I'm curious to see how the next album will turn out (and I'm hopeful after revisiting more of their back catalogue and utilising Floor and Troy in different ways on the last tour that we get to see more of their potential on the next release compared to EFMB), and I hope we'll see them in the UK again on the next tour. But in terms of what the members do day-to-day, socialising, hanging out, going shopping etc. I'm sorry, but I just don't care. The same way that I love hanging out with my friends and family, but I'm not particularly anxious to see them release an album. If the band wants to keep the music super secret until the first single/ full album release, power to them. Work on the album and drop us some news when they have some they're willing to share. In the meantime we'll have the Decades DVD release to tide us over - I'm looking forward to seeing how that turns out, if we get any bonus features etc. Assuming that comes out later this year, that only leaves us a few months to wait before the next album.
  15. Himiko

    Doctor Who

    I'm enjoying the new series too! In fairness, the viewing figures still look pretty healthy, so I would guess there are plenty of others out there who are enjoying it too, they're just less loud about it than the negatives. I think the main issue for me is what I feared it would be in advance - Chris Chibnall, as well as establishing himself as a new head writer with his own style, has to introduce a new Doctor (and one under even more scrutiny than usual because of the gender swap), three new full time companions (which is more than any other season of NuWho, I believe?) AND every enemy from the series (excl. the NY special all of the creatures are brand new to DW, I believe), as well as putting over the guest stars etc. That's a lot to introduce in a short series, and whilst I've enjoyed the new main cast so far, I think we have lacked some really defining moments for 13 and her team in the way we have with previous Drs. A lot of the standout episodes for me (in particular I'm thinking of Rosa and Demons in the Punjab) have revolved more around the guest stars. That said, I think the cast have been solid, so now that they are more established I'm hoping we'll get a chance to really focus in on the character of the Doctor next season. I'm actually the exact opposite. I couldn't get on board with Clara and 11 at all - it got a little bit better in the specials, but I thought that the series proper treated Clara more as a mystery to be solved than a character in her own right. It felt like the show was holding her at arm's length because she had to remain a mystery for the Doctor (and the audience) to discover at the end of the series. Her as a character though... I mean, she's nice, she's got a crush on 11, and she lost her mother. That's all I can really remember of her from that series. Even the resolution of the mystery wasn't about HER, it was about the role she played to the Doctor. I know that Clara became quite a divisive companion under 12, but I actually quite liked that they tried something a little different with the companion and had it go a little darker. We've seen the companion become the "conscience" for the Doctor, and become "better" for their time with them - so it was interesting to see a companion actually becoming more like the Doctor but in a slightly darker way. Becoming less "human", more reckless. Clara never becomes a villain, she's still overall good. BUT it was definitely a darker/ more complicated take on the Doctor/Companion relationship. In a lot of ways Clara came the closest to being the Doctor's equal - see the difference between the "memory wipe" storylines with 12/Clara and 10/Donna.