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    A recommendation by another member on the Miranda Richardson Appreciation forum (which I had joined in order to talk about the 1998 miniseries, "Merlin")
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  1. Himiko

    Steeleye Span

    I've been a fan of this band for some years, no idea how big they are outside of the UK but was wondering if anyone else here was a fan? About the band (FROM WIKIPEDIA) Steeleye Span are an English folk rock band formed in 1969. Still active today, along with Fairport Convention, they are amongst the best known acts of the British folk revival, and were among the most commercially successful, thanks to their hit singles "Gaudete" and "All Around My Hat". They had four Top 40 albums and achieved a certified gold record with sales of "All Around My Hat". Throughout their history, Steeleye Span have seen many personnel changes. Their typical album is a collection of mostly traditional songs with one or two instrumental tracks of jigs and/or reels added; the traditional songs often include some of the Child Ballads*. In their later albums there has been an increased tendency to include music written by the band members, but they have never moved completely away from traditional music, which draws upon pan-British traditions. *The Child Ballads and variants thereof crop up A LOT in folk bands from what I can tell. They're a collection of ballads from England and Scotland, gathered into an anthology by someone named Child, hence the name. They tend to be on the darker side (or perhaps those are just the ones bands like to cover :P). They also have something of a link to Nightwish, as frontwoman Maddy Prior has released several solo albums, several of which are produced by Troy Donockley (he also appears as an instrumentalist on some of them). Current Lineup Maddy Prior – vocals (1969–1978, 1980–1997, 2002–present) Liam Genockey – drums, percussion (1989–1997, 2002–present) Andrew "Spud" Sinclair – guitars (2015–present) Julian Littman – guitars (2010–present) Jessie May Smart – violin (2014–present) Benji Kirkpatrick – guitars (2017–present) Roger Carey – bass (2017-present) Discography Hark! The Village Wait (1970) Please to See the King (1971) Ten Man Mop, or Mr. Reservoir Butler Rides Again (1971) Below the Salt (1972) Parcel of Rogues (1973) Now We Are Six (1974) Commoners Crown (1975) All Around My Hat (1975) Rocket Cottage (1976) Storm Force Ten (1977) Sails of Silver (1980) Back in Line (1986) Tempted and Tried (1989) Time (1996) Horkstow Grange (1998) Bedlam Born (2000) They Called Her Babylon (2004) Winter (2004) - Xmas album Bloody Men (2006) Cogs, Wheels and Lovers (2009) Wintersmith (2013) Dodgy Bastards (2016) Music Gaudete (live) All Around My Hat (honestly, this is probably amongst my least favourite songs of theirs, but it's also one of their best known, so... The Gardener (from their most recent album) I can't confess to being familiar with all of their albums, but what I do have gets a lot of playtime, and whilst she's maybe not always technically the best singer I really enjoy Maddy Prior's voice - I find it very distinctive. So, anyone else here a fan? Any preferences for certain songs/ albums/ "eras" of the band?
  2. Himiko

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I actually like IWMTB, but replace that with WIHAA and I'd probably agree to an extent. BUT, when bands play live they have to account for the fact that a goodly proportion of the audience aren't going to be hardcore fans who know every song from all of their albums + the bonus tracks- hence why setlists often tend to be heavily weighted towards their most recent album or two (in this case, Decades and EFMB), plus their most well known singles/ popular live songs (so, Nemo, Amaranth, WIHAA etc.) and then a handful of other tracks mixed in. With festivals that's even more amplified, as the band have to take into account that a good chunk of the audience may not be fans at all, and so may ONLY know the singles. It's a good oppurtunity to win round new fans with a good performance, but probably not the time to be breaking out the more obscure numbers. I would argue that leaving TGSOE on the setlist whilst sacrificing songs like The Kinslayer (which you would have thought would go down quite well in a live setting) etc. probably wasn't the best decision, especially when you've already got a lengthy song in the set in the form of GLS, but I think people who were expecting them to drop tracks like Nemo, Amaranth or Elan in favour of Deep Silent Complete, or even a new track that wasn't on Decades at all, might have been getting their hopes too high. This is why I was relieved that Bloodstock wasn't their only UK show on this tour, as I knew that some of the stuff I wanted to hear would probably get shafted on the festival setlist. EDIT: @WhiteLagoon, I don't think it's that Elan-the-song is inherently more suitable for festivals than Elvenpath-the-song or Kinslayer-the-song or even DSC-the-song (since as you've noted, both Elan and DSC are quite "calm" songs), but Elan is the lead single from their most recent studio album, and the others are not, therefore Elan is much more likely to be familiar to non-fans and therefore likely to provoke more audience participation amongst a greater proportion of the crowd.
  3. Himiko

    Decades World Tour 2018

    ^ Yeah, I'd guess we'll probably see some of the more obscure/ softer songs (such as The Carpenter) removed from the set to accommodate the shorter play time, but I'd be quite surprised if we got any new songs in the festival shows. I'm definitely not expecting them to drop Nemo, WIHAA, Amaranth, Elan etc. from the setlist, and GLS is probably going to stay put too, given that it's their current finale. TGSOE might go, simply because of the length - it's a big chunk out of a festival setlist, even for a headline slot.
  4. Himiko

    Eurovision Song Contest 2018

    So, does that mean that she thought that Lithuania's song was the second best in the competition overall? Because if so, I just lost a great deal of respect for Sharon But seriously, that song was insipid and the performance was dull. TBH, I watch Eurovision entirely for the camp OTT-ness of it all rather than the musical quality, which means that I am all there for dudes popping out of a coffin and playing a flaming piano atop a set of stairs, I am all there for chicken dances and rows of waving cat statues, I am all there for glowing dresses and silly costumes and big fiery explosions. Frankly, earnest young men with acoustic guitars, women in big dresses singing a power ballad, and MOST ESPECIALLY OF ALL: soft voiced people basically breathing into the microphone at extraordinarily slow speed and cooing sweet nothings at their RL partners are the things most likely to lose my interest completely. If I want to listen to that, there's plenty of it about the rest of the year (seriously, come December in the UK, you can't turn on the TV without tripping across some breathy half speed cover of an actual decent song stripped of all energy, you can find them the rest of the year too if you're particularly ... lucky....) But despite my rant above, I quite enjoyed this year's competition Just excluding the odd entry.
  5. Himiko

    Loreena McKennitt

    That's the kind of pricing I can get behind! In all honesty, I don't actually own A Winter Garden, but I have got A Midwinter Night's Dream, which contains all 5 of the WG songs plus a few others - I'm not sure if the songs were re-recorded for AMWND, but if they're the same version I've always been particularly fond of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" (in fairness, it's one of my favourite carols generally). All of them get regular rotation in my Christmas playlist though. The Visit is probably my favourite of the 3 you mention, it seems to be the turning point at which she really starts to weave more Spanish and Middle Eastern influences into her songs compared to her earlier albums which were in a more straightforward Celtic-folk vein. Highlights for me are probably All Souls Night and The Old Ways. An Ancient Muse is quite similar in style, maybe a bit more polished sounding, my main gripe with this album is that there's maybe fewer standout songs on it compared to her other releases. Penelope's Song is pretty beautiful though, and there aren't any songs that jump out at me as bad.
  6. Himiko

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I mean, if I were the band I wouldn't be that bothered by those complaints. Being able to release several successful live albums close together is surely a testament towards their live performances, and the love that fans have for their older material (whichever particular album or era that may be). Either that or it means that "NW fans are blinded and will buy anything the band puts out", but you could just as easily use that excuse against their studio albums as their live releases. Honestly, I was thinking that if VOS was intended to be their "Ultimate Live Release" to date or whatever, then it would have made a lot more sense, rather than releasing two shows from the same tour with similar setlists, to have taken one show from the EFMB tour (which focused largely on their later stuff, with a bit more weight to their most recent release) and one show from the Decades tour (which is, so far, focused mostly on their earlier stuff), and then do what they did on VOS anyway and have a bonus disc containing some of the songs from the EFMB tour that didn't make it in to the main setlist. Spreads their live releases out more, makes VOS a more attractive proposition for those fans who weren't hugely into EFMB, is a much more career -spanning release generally. But hey-ho, wishful thinking. I am thus far holding out hope that even if the band aren't keen to do a live release for whatever reason, NB might put their foot down as they did with including a live show on STST and be like "Yeah, no, you're making a DVD."
  7. Himiko

    Loreena McKennitt

    I just realised that this hasn't been posted about here yet, but Loreena has a new studio album out as of last week! It's called "Lost Souls", and it's basically a collection of 9 songs that she's written over the years that never made it onto any of her previous releases. I've only had a chance to listen to it a couple of times, but it's sounding lovely so far - it's up on Spotify (in the UK at least), and there's a few songs up on Youtube - below is the opening track "Spanish Guitars and Night Plazas", which I think is somewhat reminiscent of songs from "The Visit" or "The Mask and the Mirror". I also read an interview/ review where she mentioned having ideas for another album in her sights, which is somewhat reassuring given that there was a 7/8 years gap between Lost Souls and her last studio album, and an even longer gap since her last original studio album - her last album was comprised of traditional folk songs, whilst the one before that was her take on a number of well known Christmas songs. There's also apparently a tour planned for later this year. So, YAY for new Loreena!
  8. Himiko

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Honestly, I think it would be very short sighted of the band to release VOS and STST only one tour apart, given that several tracks appear on both sets of releases (in fact there's some that appear twice on VOS alone) and then choose NOT to release a live DVD of this tour when many of the songs have never been performed with Floor, and others have never been included on any of their live DVDs full stop, and most of the songs will probably be shelved again in favour of new tracks on their next tour (understandable, as that will be in support of an album). It will be particularly vexing if they skip this tour but make a DVD of the next tour, as I imagine we'll see a lot of the Imaginaerum/ EFMB tour songs rearing their heads again - surely that would be the one to skip? I'm not saying it has to be a VOS level production, but at the very least a live CD from this tour would be something. The band's attitude towards this tour seems a bit odd- on the one hand, as you say, there haven't been a huge amount of interviews promoting the tour, they're skipping out on countries like Australia etc. that they normally visit, and they seem very non-committal about the idea of filming a live DVD, which sort of implies that this was intended to be a small affair, possibly to placate fans and/or the record label during the between-albums gap. On the other hand, they've recorded brand new orchestral backing tracks for most of the old songs (that can't have come cheap), designed new animated backing screens for most of the same songs, and they're playing to some of their biggest ever venues - they are doing an actual arena tour in the UK, something that they have NEVER done before - hell, they only just sold out their single arena show last time, which implies that they think on some level this could be their most successful tour yet. I mean, I suppose it's possible that they ARE intending on releasing a live DVD, but they don't want to confirm it until they've got the details finalised so they're staying vague, but still....
  9. Himiko


    If they're bringing Mark in to do vocals, then maybe Cosmic Fusion from Into the Electric Castle, or Sixth Extinction from 01011001? Or perhaps they'll have him do the vocals at the end of Loser?
  10. Himiko

    Decades World Tour 2018

    ^ My personal theory is that the "epic" songs tend to attract more comments generally, and they also tend to often be held up as "masterpieces" and "album highlights" and "best song ever", hence why they also attract more criticism from those members that don't like them. So for example above - Symphoniker goes to TGSOE as an example of epic storytelling/ great lyrics from EFMB, so Ahasverus, who doesn't like the song, responds accordingly. Or why "Poet and the Pendulum" probably has more negative posts about it than, say "Master Passion Greed" - the former gets talked about more, and no-one (or, certainly far fewer people) are holding MPG up as a masterpiece. Personally, I don't think TGSOE is either terrible or one of NW's best songs, it's got some nice parts but it's overlong and drags in parts - the intro and the last two sections especially. And lyrics wise - I'm not sure that I agree that Tuomas made better lyrics when he was miserable. Maybe the more "science-y" lyrics aren't exactly amongst his best work, but I'd much rather have lyrics like "Elan" and "My Walden" than, say "Today in the year of our lord 2005....". And this is coming from someone who largely found EFMB underwhelming.
  11. Himiko

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I've always taken "Come Cover Me" to be a song about love between an elderly (or possibly middle aged) couple. Lines like "Young love must live twice only for us" in particular, which would suggest that they themselves are no longer young (but still in love), hence the need for young love to live again for them. Might just be my interpretation of course. But in that context, I've always taken the line "November dressed in May on your face" to be a similar reference - the person being addressed is getting old (November is near the end of the year) but either the singer loves them so much that they will always see them as young and beautiful (May, the height of spring), OR that the person being addressed is so happy and in love that it makes them appear younger/ more beautiful. The phrase "May-December romance" is sometimes used to describe a romantic relationship between someone relatively young and someone much older, it's used in a different context here, but yeah, that's how I interpreted it.
  12. Himiko

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Yeah, I mean, a song about a US school shooting, pretty irrelevant and out of date these days right? I certainly wouldn't mind seeing FantasMic return to the setlist, though. Regarding Wishmaster's "overplayedness" compared to Nemo and WIHAA - bear in mind that WM was released two albums/ tour cycles prior to Nemo and WIHAA, when the band had fewer songs to pick from their back catalogue, the fact that Nemo has overtaken it and WIHAA has nearly caught it would suggest that both of these songs have been substantially more well played since their releases. And as others have said, whilst it's appeared on specific tour legs since Floor joined, it's not been a live staple (as in, played at the majority of dates on the tour) since the DPP days. And, IMO, it wasn't one of Anette's best songs even then. I do think though, that playing a "well known" oldie like Wishmaster might let them drop either Nemo or WIHAA and maybe delve into something a little less overplayed from Once or DPP instead. And again, it seems to go down well live.
  13. Himiko

    Decades (The Album)

    Every album? I mean, yeah, I can see "My Winter Storm" (Enough) and "The Shadow Self" (Diva), but I can't think of any others off the top of my head that are obviously referring to Nightwish. Though in fairness it has been a while since I've listened to her solo albums so it could just as easily be me misremembering as other assuming that every negative Tarja song must be referring to Nightwish. In total fairness to Tarja, this did happen several years ago, so perhaps her decision would be different now. I do agree that it's a bit of a "cut off your nose to spite your face" move to block the release. And in total fairness to the NW FB admins, that is not even close to the most ill advised thing they've ever posted. Like, the tone is obviously a little snidey and exasperated, but I think their reaction to the Elan leak tops it. And THAT wasn't the most ill advised thing they've ever posted either. But there we go.
  14. Himiko

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I agree that Wishmaster is a little overplayed (though nowhere near their most overplayed song. Nemo and Wish I Had An Angel surely have that honour...) but it hasn't been a regular fixture in the setlist for quite some time now (was the DPP tour the last time it got frequent play?), and it has to be one of the band's most well known songs. Not to mention it always goes down well at a live show. Those of us who are fans of the band, we watch a lot of live videos and we know all the songs and so it's easy for us to roll our eyes and go "Ugh, Wishmaster/ IWMTB/ etc. AGAIN?" but for more casual fans at the show, it might be one of the few tracks they know, and they're excited to hear it. I mean, I LOVE End of All Hope, Gethsemane, Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean, Dead Boy's Poem, Slaying the Dreamer, Elvenpath, etc. This setlist is a hardcore fan's dream, because it's full of songs that have been retired for a while, or that were never played that much to begin with because they were never released as singles or anything. But it's not really designed with more casual listeners or newcomers in mind, hence why I would guess songs like IWMTB and Elan go down so well at the live shows. If TGSOE (a song from the most recent album) was to be replaced on the setlist, I can see the benefit to making sure that at least one of the songs taking over was either a fairly well known single (Amaranth, Storytime, Ever Dream etc ALL of which have been more overplayed than WM on the more recent tours.) OR a well known crowd pleaser (which I would say that Wishmaster qualifies as). All that said, I would be all there for Beauty and the Beast or Rest Calm as additions to the setlist. And if they wanted to add another slow song in, I would give a lot to see at least one performance of Turn Loose the Mermaids. I'm not convinced that Floor would excel in For the Heart I Once Had - I can see her doing well in the chorus, but the verses don't seem like her comfort area. I could be wrong though.
  15. Himiko

    Your own set of Desert Island-discs

    I'm curious as to where we're getting our supply of batteries from, because without them our CD player is not going to last 10 years, but I think that's just my own pedantry speaking... These choices will probably change within days, but probably something like the below: Helium Vola - Wohin? I really like Helium Vola's music, they're one of my favourite bands/ projects, they're quite relaxing but they have a few slightly more upbeat numbers. It was a toss up between this album and their second, "Liod", but in the end I came down on the side of this one as I feel there's a bit more variety in the songs, it contains some of my favourite tracks, and it's a double disk album so I get more music - gotta take that into account if this has to sustain me over a 10 year stretch. Trevor Jones - Merlin (Soundtrack) The film is an old childhood favourite, and since I can't take the film with me to this island, the soundtrack is very nice, too. Jessica Curry - Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (Soundtrack) I love this soundtrack. It's just beautiful music. And again, since I can't take a games console with me to the island, I'll at least be able to take a CD linked to a game. Jeremy Soule's "Skyrim" soundtrack was a close contender for this spot for many of the same reasons. Not to mention, if anything is going to prepare me for the total isolation, it will be the memories of wandering around in the peaceful post-apocalyptic Shropshire countryside. Blind Guardian - A Night At the Opera Pretty self explanatory - not going to a desert island without some Hansi Kursch to get me through, and this is one of my favourite BG albums. Bellowing out "Battlefield" or "Soulforged" or "And Then There Was Silence" will almost certainly help me to combat the crushing loneliness and despair - "LALA LALA LA LALA LA LALA..." Nightwish - Either Century Child OR Oceanborn I'm pretty torn between these two. They're my two favourite Nightwish albums. I would generally consider Century Child my favourite, but I think that Oceanborn is perhaps more consistent in quality (FY is pretty forgettable, POTO is nowhere near as good as the live version, and Ocean Soul is OK, but would probably still struggle against most of the OB songs). CC does have Beauty of the Beast, which is an underrated epic, but OB does have Gethsemane, which is my favourite Nightwish song of all time. Also, I'm probably going to want something cheerier than "My innocence is lost, hope is gone, turn out the light and let me pull the plug, dead to the world, let's climb into the sea!" (especially that last part, given the whole "island" thing), which does rule out a lot of CC... Ayreon - The Source OR 01011001 OR The Human Equation I love Ayreon and you can't make me choose... What if I hid all 6 discs inside one of the sleeves? I mean, The Source or the binary album would give me the oppurtunity to listen to some Floor, since my Nightwish will be early era. But I do like the mix of vocal styles on The Human Equation... I love The Source, but again with the "going down into the ocean" messages... Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Abattoir Blues/ The Lyre of Orpheus Honestly, I was struggling to pick just one Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album, so I just went for the double album because it was the longest It does also have some very good songs on it though, and it does have a good mixture between more upbeat, heavier stuff, and the softer more miserable music. I suspect I would come to miss "Murder Ballads", "Let Love In", "Henry's Dream" etc. pretty quickly though. Ye Banished Privateers - First Night Back in Port I will consider this as training for when the isolation gets to me and I decide to turn to piracy to commandeer some sort of vessel back to the mainland. I haven't even posted this yet, and I'm already panicking because I ran out of space for any Loreena McKennitt or Steeleye Span...