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  1. Himiko

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Last of the Wilds more musically interesting? Meh, I've always found it pleasant but slightly repetitive. I mean, in a sense it's no more repetitive than IWMTB, but because there's no lyrics to differentiate the different parts or to sing along to it just means the repetitiveness is highlighted a bit more for me. I enjoy both My Walden and I Want My Tears back (though the title/chorus of IWMTB is a little bit..well, yeah, cringeworthy, I agree), and I wouldn't mind them swapping these songs out for each other on the setlist sometimes. But like I say, audiences seem to like IWMTB overall - I wouldn't be surprised if it sticks around for a while yet. I'd judge you for looking at your watch but I did something similar during Poet and the Pendulum, so there we go. At least your "Is it over yet?" song only lasts 5 minutes :P Really looking forward to this DVD - I'll be seeing them on this tour but it will be nice to have a permanent recording of these songs performed live. Even if it doesn't have Beauty of the Beast on it.
  2. Himiko

    Decades World Tour 2018

    In complete fairness, they're only playing part of the song - the last two sections are consigned to the outro (which is a bit of a disappointing outro IMO, doesn't really fit with the "Decades" theme in the way that it did with the EFMB but anyway). I would be surprised (and disappointed) if they don't change the outro for the next tour, which leaves the live version of TGSOE as not actually much longer than Poet and the Pendulum. That said, I agree with you that they should retire it. As previously mentioned, I'm assuming that Tuomas will write another long epic that will probably end up on the setlist - which might be presumptuous, but given that he's said previously that he finds it easier to write longer songs than the shorter more radio friendly lengths, and given that there has been a 10+minute epic on every album since Century Child (and Wishmaster has "FantasMic" which is slightly shorter but a similar multi-part "epic") I think it's a safe bet. Even if he doesn't, they have better epics more suited for their live shows. And by this I mean I still haven't forgiven them for not including Beauty of the Beast on this tour. :P I would love to see more Imaginaerum songs return to the setlist, but I'm not sure how likely IWMTB is to retire. It's a lively song and audiences always seem to respond really well to it. It wouldn't be the song that's stuck around the longest by a long way.
  3. Himiko

    Decades World Tour 2018

    My guess is that they're using this tour as a "testing ground" for the old songs - I suspect they'll probably drop some of the songs (I'm guessing The Carpenter is a safe bet), and keep some of the songs that they've really enjoyed playing and/or the audience have responded well to, and mix them in with their sets on future tours. It would allow them to mix it up a bit more when it came to the pre-Once material, rather than playing the same songs over and over (which I suspect is part of the reason why songs like Ever Dream, She Is My Sin, Stargazers and Sleeping Sun have been left out of this tour). OR they could be planning to retire GLS or TGSOE for a while - particularly if Tuomas is penning a new long epic for the next album/tour. I'm not sure that would be a case of "never playing live again" though, given how much the band likes them. Who knows, they might surprise us all and retire Nemo or Amaranth I think they did consider dropping Nemo on the Imaginaerum tour, before someone (Anette?) suggested doing an acoustic rendition instead, but I could be misremembering.
  4. Himiko

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    ^ Indeed, and I believe that Petri Alanko was also responsible for Imaginaerum: The Score (I mean, obviously the soundtrack was a reworking of the Imaginaerum songs which were predominantly written by Tuomas, but the arrangements/ electronic elements that were added to the soundtrack were set up by Petri Alanko)? I think electronic sounds can work very well, depending on how they're implemented. But the alternative version of EFMB just sounds messy to me, and frankly I found AURI pretty underwhelming, so I'm not entirely sure I trust Nightwish to deliver on the electronic front...
  5. Himiko


    This sounds pretty much exactly as I expected from the descriptions posted previously. I like it, particularly Floor's vocals - though I am biased, as aggressive, rocky voiced Floor is my favourite Floor and I think that style was underutilised on EFMB, so a whole album of pretty much that style was probably always going to get a thumbs up from me. The chorus definitely sounds more than slightly reminiscent of "The Pretender", so I'm not necessarily expecting the most musically original album.
  6. Himiko

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Can't really comment on the AURI point since I never really got into the album and haven't listened to it in months. But: 1) You act as though EFMB/ AURI are the only albums Tuomas has ever been happy whilst writing. As far as I know, the only albums that we know for sure that Tuomas was in a "dark mindset" when he wrote were Century Child (following Sami's firing and the whole "loss of innocence" thing), and Dark Passion Play (following the firing of Tarja and subsequent media circus). That leaves 6 Nightwish albums (AFF, OB, WM, Once, Imaginaerum and EFMB), plus the Scrooge album and Auri. Now, if you think CC and DPP are their best albums and all the rest are tripe, then fair enough, different tastes and all that. But I would have to disagree. EFMB might not be their strongest outing, but OB, WM and Imaginaerum are amongst my favourite NW albums and DPP is my least favourite. 2) Not sure where this "Troy doesn't like metal" thing comes from? I mean... dude's in a metal band? Is it because his background is from outside of metal? Or because he was involved in the Auri album (and for some reason he seems to get all the blame for this project from certain quarters despite the fact it's a 3 person project)? Or have I just missed out on some interviews, because honestly the only thing I can bring immediately to mind that Troy's said about metal is that he didn't really listen to it until Pip Williams showed him "Once" and connected him with the NW guys, and that metal fans are some of the most openminded fans in the world (I'm going to be honest, not quite sure that I agree with him on this point, but hey ho, that's an entirely different discussion) 3) I'm taking the orchestra comment as a cautiously good sign for now - I think they reached the pinnacle of the super-symphonic, soundtrack-esque sound with Imaginaerum, I don't expect them to get rid of the orchestra but perhaps downsizing it/ using it more sparingly might be a good step towards refreshing their sound slightly. Overall though I'm not going to get too excited or too dejected until we actually have some concrete information/ samples. Regarding the discussion about a heavier sound, I would be completely in favour of that. They have a lead vocalist who can really do justice to those parts, and if the orchestra is being used differently it might give the oppurtunity to beef up the metal elements of their sound. I'm not going to get my hopes up though, as above I'll wait until we have some more concrete information.
  7. Himiko

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Yeah, I think one of the most frustrating things about Tarja is that she still does have that incredibly powerful classical voice. It would be one thing if her voice had degenerated over the years and she just couldn't sing like that any more, that would be pretty forgivable, but she can. You can hear it on her Xmas album, or in places on her rock albums and in live concerts. But instead she uses her contemporary vocals a lot of the time. Which a) her live performances in this style can vary wildly in quality, b) the style really highlights her pronunciation issues and c) Whilst her contemporary style on album has improved over the years IMO, it still lacks the power of her classical voice. I do get curious about why Tarja and those around her don't seem to notice the issue. TBH though, this is nothing new, look back at interviews when "Once" came out and you hear both Tarja and Tuomas talk about how it was Tarja's best vocal performance on the NW albums, and IMO it's probably her worst. But it's also her most contemporary. I wonder if it's because Nightwish were one of the first bands (and probably the most well known) to use this specifically classical female vocal style on a metal album. Obviously they paved the way for others and now it's not a particularly unusual style to see. But perhaps Tarja and Tuomas (and probably others) who didn't grow up listening to that combination of music/vocals still had/have that mindset of "Well, on a metal album the vocals should be mostly contemporary" and keep working towards that end, rather than what actually sounds best with their vocalist. Not really a problem for NW going forward, since both Anette and Floor were/are strong contemporary singers, but obviously more of an issue for Tarja since she's still the vocalist in her current work. Obviously this is all idle conjecture. I think if Tarja's determined to utilise her contemporary vocals she would do better to work with coaches who specialise in that singing style, but at the same time I would personally rather see her just use more of her classical style, since it's clearly where she excels.
  8. Himiko

    Anette Olzon (2º part)

    Given that this is more of a "side project" for Jani, and that Anette is primarily concentrating on her non-musical career, I suspect that we probably won't see much in the way of touring from TDE. But it looks like they might make up for that side of things with some fairly prolific album output if the current rate is anything to go by. I enjoyed the first album and I'm still listening to a fair few of the songs nearly a year later, so yeah, I'm looking forward to hearing some more. Wouldn't mind Jani trying a few experiments with the song structures this time around though. And I wonder if Anette might contribute some lyrics/ music to this album (especially the ballads, no offence to Jani but yeah...)
  9. Himiko

    Within Temptation

    I would argue that TSF has something of the opposite problem - it's almost too cohesive, in the sense that a lot of the songs seem to blur together into one. If the songs come up in my shuffle playlist I'll happily listen to them and enjoy them, but when I try to listen to the full album I get bored about halfway through and end up skipping to Jane Doe (which was my favourite song on this album for years, just because it sounds different - I'm guessing this was maybe left over from another recording session?). I think THoE definitely improved on this, as it keeps the symphonic/ bombastic aspects for the most part, but also plays around with some of the song lengths, Sharon tries out some different vocal styles, etc. Each song stands out as more of it's own thing.
  10. Himiko

    Decades World Tour 2018

    ^I'm still quite surprised that Come Cover Me made the cut at Wacken and 10th Man Down didn't. It seems more metal-festival-friendly. Maybe because they've played Come Cover Me a few times on the DPP and Imaginaerum tours they thought the crowd might be more familiar with it. Still, maybe we'll see some pro-shot footage of a longer show at some point? Either way, it's pretty much guaranteed to be on the DVD at the latest. Wondering if Wilska might do another guest appearance for whichever show/s they record for the DVD? No offence to Marco or anything. If I'm honesty I think they should have cut TGSOE from the festival setlist all together. Together with GLS it just takes up too much of what is already a shortened set time. And since GLS is their big finisher for this tour that's obviously staying on the setlist. It's not the thematic fit that it was on the previous tour. And looking at the crowd at Wacken during TGSOE compared to Nemo, or WIHAA or GLS (where you can actually hear the crowd singing along), or even I Want My Tears Back, and most of them just don't seem as into it - though in total fairness, that might simply be down to unfortunate editing, it's hard to tell from only occasional wide shots. I get that the band loves it and thinks it's their best song ever, and whilst I would respectfully disagree with them on that I get that it's going to stay in their main setlist. But in a shortened set? In that time they could have played 10th Man Down AND a crowd pleaser or two like Wishmaster, Sleeping Sun, Storytime etc. (which would probably have gone down BETTER with a casual audience than TGSOE and still fit the Decades theme). But obviously they disagree, so that's fine, I can just sit in my corner and grumble, and skip that song when the DVD comes out. Also re. the Jukka and Kai discussion: Wow, if playing drums risks Jukka's life, someone should probably have told him that before he got on stage with them for a guest appearance But yeah, I doubt he'll be coming back to the band in a full time drummer capacity, since apparently touring makes his insomnia quite a lot worse from what I understand. I can understand the urge to keep Jukka as "part of the band", since he's already really involved with the business side of things and probably no-one wants to make the call and say "You can't be in the band anymore because of your health". At the same time, it kind of feels like if Kai's going to be the drummer for a second album and third tour, and there's no recovery for Jukka in sight, they should just make it official with Kai.
  11. Himiko

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    ^ I personally don't enjoy either Tarja's solo career (with the possible exception of CitD) or Nightwish's later stuff (with the definite exception of Imaginaerum) as much as their earlier stuff together, but I don't think that's anything to do with them splitting up (I didn't love Once either, TBH) and more to do with both of them going down paths that appealled to my ears slightly less. I agree, I don't think we'd have another Oceanborn or Wishmaster had Tarja stayed in the band. I enjoy both careers well enough to be going along with. @Stefan2k4Honestly, let's be honest here, both sides stand to benefit in commercial/ publicity terms if they ever decided to let bygones be bygones and do some sort of show together/ guest appearance etc. Tarja probably more so but I don't imagine (again, from a purely commercial sense) that either party would be ignorant about the positive publicity around being able to advertise a guest appearance between Nightwish and their original (and still most prolific in terms of album appearances) vocalist, about being able to publicly bury the hatchet etc. Not to mention the potential for picking up a few of the Tarja/ Tuomas ride-or-die types (by which I mean die hard fans of either party who refuse to listen to the other's subsequent work on principal, not the shippers :P) in album sales if the public rancour was seen to have cooled. That doesn't mean that Tarja's solo career isn't successful (it is), or that Nightwish's recent stuff has no fans (it does). Obviously that's not the only thing to take into consideration, there's the mental wellbeing of the parties involved, too. Perhaps they would all benefit from letting bygones be bygones, or being able to actually sit down and talk out what went wrong all those years ago rather than the public attention clamouring and grandstanding in song form that went on at the time. Look, I'm one of the first people to say that the open letter was an objectively terrible thing to do, regardless of what else went on behind the scenes, and honestly, yeah, Tarja would probably be well within her rights to say "Yeah, no, I have no interest in ever seeing you again." But at the end of the day she knows what is best for her, and she hasn't said that. We know she has remained on friendly terms with Floor. We know that she and Marco have worked together, and have plans to work together again. We know that whilst she and Tuomas probably aren't ever going to be friends, they have exchanged emails, so they are at least on some level back in touch. Whether matters go any further than that is the business of the people involved, but as a Tarja fan maybe trust her to make her own decisions based on what she thinks is best, rather than speculating on the eeevil intentions of Nightwish, yeah? @GreatEye OK, so when Tuomas spent years getting asked about Tarja, that was because he was secretly asking the interviewers to do so for publicity, yeah? Or is that just a dumb idea? Honestly, I'm with Imagineer here. Some fans seem to be a lot more invested in carrying on a grudge against Tarja/ Tuomas than the people themselves are. I mean, on one level I'm glad that Tarja and the band are potentially on the road to reconciliation, and that maybe one day we'll see Tarja guesting at a couple of Nightwish shows (give it another ... um, 12 years and maybe we'll see a show featuring all 3 Nightwish lead vocalists :P), but on the other hand it really does seem to have got the bitter types riled up.
  12. Himiko

    The Old Era

    I'm sort of in both camps on this one. On the one hand, I agree that not all bands are going to have the on stage energy of, say, Sabaton or Skindred, and not all music suits that style of performance anyway. I think Nightwish overall could maybe stand to interact with the audience a little bit more, but I think they put on a reasonably solid performance overall. But I also don't want to see band members sulking around the stage and glaring at each other because they had a falling out before the show, or looking like they don't want to be there because they woke up in a bad mood that day etc. Looking back at some of the videos from late on in the DPP tour there are points where most of the band look like they just don't want to be there, and whilst that might be understandable given that they were reaching the end of a tour that they later admitted was too long and intense, it's not particularly professional - putting on a good show for the audience is part of the job. So in that sense, I definitely prefer "fake" enthusiasm to an "honest" bad show, if that makes sense.
  13. Himiko

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Yeah, my assumption was that it was something around the Decades album release. Maybe since Marco and Tarja had buried the hatchet and performed together Tuomas decided it was better to try and open direct channels of communication regarding the release of Decades, rather than going through their respective managements (since the guys' problems with Marcelo are pretty well documented and I get the impression that Tarja wasn't exactly Ewo's number one fan either). Which I think is definitely a positive development from over 10 years of no direct contact, and maybe a little further down the line we'll get some sort of live guest appearance or similar. But I think that people expecting them to end up as friends again might be getting overly hopeful - they parted ways acrimoniously, they haven't spoken in over a decade, and the open letter was penned by Tuomas (or at least was written as though it was), which probably puts a particular strain on the prospect of friendship between those two. At the end of the day though, Tarja and Nightwish have spent years being asked about the possibility of reunions and the state of relations between them, it makes for potentially juicy interview topics. It seemed like the questions were eventually dying down after years of no change in answers, but with Marco and Tarja singing together, and it seems like Tarja is doing more Finnish publicity/ touring on this tour, I'm not that surprised that the questions are being raised again.
  14. Himiko

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Set time was for 75 minutes as far as I can see? The next band started 90 minutes after Nightwish, but there's always a gap between bands to allow for soundchecking, stage setup etc. At most festivals it's longer in my experience, but since Wacken has 2 main stages right next to each other, they alternate the bands across the two stages and the band can get most of the stage setup done during the previous band's set. And yeah, the lineup works differently too. When I went a few years ago, the headline for the first "proper" day, Thursday, was basically the biggest band at the festival. They played until about midnight, then that was it for the main arena for the night (think a couple of acts might have continued on the smaller stages). Looks like it was similar this year, with Judas Priest taking the main slot. Then on the other two days, the main stages continue until 2/3 in the morning, the headliner or headliners for the day usually play earlier in the evening and then a smaller-but-popular band will close out the stage for the night. So, no, Nightwish aren't playing as an "opening act" for In Flames in the way that we would understand it as a normal gig.
  15. Himiko

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I don't think it's that casual fans don't like the heavier side, particularly at a metal festival - I'm sure if DatDDO had been the lead single from their most successful album ever, or from their most recent album, or even if it had been a setlist staple for the last few tours, they'd be going just as wild for DatDDO. But as it is, DatDDO is a reasonably obscure track from their second album that was never released as a single and hadn't been played live for well over a decade before the start of this tour, so most of the people there outside of the core Nightwish fans probably don't know it. That's what I don't get about complaining that songs like Nemo get heavier play at festivals. I mean, if you want to criticise Nightwish for not choosing heavier tracks for their singles, fine, but there's not a lot they can do about that right now On the other hand, if you want to complain about them playing TGSOE and taking up 15 minutes out of a shortened setlist that they could be using to play 3 other tracks, then by all means, sign me up for that!