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    drawing, music, comics, writing, anthropology, cooking, journalism, physics, astronomy, stuff.

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    pizza, pumpkin, dairy
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    all of them
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    red, teal
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    swiss, france, UK, ireland, spain, germany, belgium, liechtenstein, croatia, canada, bosnia i herzegovina
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    I live in a town where it's all about wine
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    Misanthropy is the way
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    horse chestnuts
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    two genetically impaired cats
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    I rape the piano, and I'm asked to shut up when I sing.


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    a friend lent me CC back in 2003
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    two, Milan 2004 and Milan 2007
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    had my first kiss during the 2004 show :P
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    can't choose, can't remember :P
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    Century Child
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    Sleeping Sun, Beauty of the Beast
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    CC/Shudder Before the Beautiful
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    Over the Hills, Sleeping Sun
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    From Wishes to Eternity
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    Dark Passion Play or EFMB?
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    Sleeping Sun 2005

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    Tori Amos - Spark
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    I liked Jukka a lot
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    Tori Amos, Jorn Lande, Roy Kahn, Tommy Karevik, Katharine Blake, Kai Hansen, Loreena McKennitt, Lana del Rey, Susanne Sundfør
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    Ritchie Blackmore, Olli Tukiainen, Arjen Lucassen, Thomas Youngblood
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    I love bass, but I'm still a noob at understanding it
  • Favourite Pianist/Keyboard Player
    Tori Amos, Jack Gibbons, Miro
  • Favourite Non NW Song?
    Spark, my dearest love
  • Best Concert Attended
    Tori Amos, Royal Albert Hall 2012
  • Favourite Non NW Album?
    Tori Amos - From the Choirgirl Hotel (I'm boring I know)
  • Favourite Composer?
    Alkan, Orff
  • Favourite Band/Artist?
    Tori Amos, Poets of the Fall, Kamelot, Loreena McKennitt, Miranda Sex Garden, Susanne Sundfør, Trepaneringsritualen
  • Musical Dislikes (Songs, Bands etc)
    well I don't like a lot of stuff


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    Lynch, Raimi, Whedon, Cameron, Tarantino
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    Aliens, Inland Empire, the Secret of Nimh, Army of Darkness
  • Favourite TV Show(s)/Series
    Breaking Bad, The Wire, Firefly, Black Sails, Community, Parks and Rec...I watch too many
  • Favourite Movie Soundtrack
    not a fan of OSTs, but I'd say Black Sails
  • Favourite Author
    H. P. Lovecraft
  • Favourite Book(s)
    Redwall, Emily of New Moon, everything Lovecraft, Die Welt aus den Angeln (Il primo inverno) by Philipp Blom
  • Favourite Comic Book/Anime
    20th Century Boys, Monster, The Slayers

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  1. Calinn

    Eurovision SC 2019

    I have no memory of it, but it's very possible. I'm trying to convince the universe to make them perform next year at the Live Rock Festival (which isn't really a rock festival but a 'random, possibly weird musical genres festival') in my town. They can afford Anna Calvi, they totally can afford Hatari. I want to interview them really bad.
  2. Calinn

    Eurovision SC 2019

    Meh, I still think Iceland and Norway were the most interesting things. Australia I think had the most difficult song to perform, very cool too. I'm happy people liked Italy's song so much. As I said before, it isn't really the kind of music I listen to, but it has great lyrics/meaning (the whole song is about his relationship with his father, who left him and his mom but kept coming back asking for money) and Mahmood is not only a great singer but a very down to earth guy. I feel for him for the questions he's asked in interviews... like "don't you miss your homeland Egypt?" (he's italian, born in Italy, lived in Italy, his mother is italian) "do you live in a ghetto?" "aren't you afraid to sing arab lyrics in Israel?" So, I'm glad people loved the song, he was very happy. Hatari is causing a big commotion after they displayed pro-Palestine scarves and have put the palestinian flag on their instagram. Their communication got me very intrigued and I listened to interviews and read a bit of the debate (mostly aggressive) that their actions sparked on the social networks. I think they did a great job as provocateurs. To promote love they presented a song that only talks about what hate does, they ignored the 'don't get political' Eurovision rule by stating that 'the very fact that Eurovision takes place in Tel Aviv can be seen as a violation of the Eurovision rules, as it's a political statement. If you choose to stay silent, that's a political statement too". I appreciate that, since I'm a strenuous defender of the right (and duty) of everyone to be political always and everywhere. Our life is shaped by politics, I believe we all should care about it. I feel that the modern void of capable politicians/leaders and the inability of the people to well understand politics is partly caused by the lack of political debate in our daily lives. I appreciate that they did what they did not to specifically side with Palestine, but to spark debate on human rights violations and war (their whole poetic is anti-war, isn't it? Most of their fanbase are children), causing it to reach a whole new audience of people who, normally, wouldn't care so much about political issues. I feel that's one of the roles of art: to provoke, record, mold present politics. They're doing their peculiar, provocative, satyrical and imho fun way. People commenting their posts was very sided one way or another, and very few or none at all could acknowledge that there is no right or wrong in war, only interest, being war a mere instrument of politics (as Clausewitz masterfully theorized two centuries ago), and that every actor in a war is both perpetrator and victim. So, interesting.
  3. Calinn

    Eurovision SC 2019

    Agree. I'm always ready to root for Switzerland as I almost consider it as my second country, but this song is just terrible and terribly overrated
  4. Calinn

    Eurovision SC 2019

    Tonight I really wanted Albania to qualify, so I voted for her <3 I'm quite disappointed by the insane amount of sober emo ballads with boring lyrics about love, before Albania and Norway it was a huge snoozefest.
  5. Calinn

    Eurovision SC 2019

    Yes this stuff here they 100% belong to the Canale Italia repertoire.
  6. Calinn

    Eurovision SC 2019

    I'm rather disappointed that they left most of the weird behind too bad people isn't into weird folk and prefers to vote for generic pop or raggaeton. I was all for Poland, Portugal and Georgia. I still hope Italy does good, we've got a nice song even if, unfortunately, it's no Eurovision weird. I want weird. I also liked Australia, but I still think it would be super weird if AU won the Eurovision "This year the Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Sydney"... yeah, uhm... San Marino's entry is the quintessence of that kind of italian music that is targeted to 50yo who like to do group dance at festivals, but with an italo-disco vibe. So far I root for Iceland <3 the weird will survive!
  7. Calinn

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    What? I wrote that because I was afraid I was going too ot, there wasn't malice in my words. Did you assume I was accusing you of something because I expressed myself poorly or because you were already on the defensive because of the discussion?
  8. Calinn

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    [You're a mod, so tell me if we're going too off topic and, if so, where we should move the discussion.] I have been, and this one is a really quiet one. I barely see any real flame wars, I've never heard of any die-hard fan stopping by to wish brain cancer upon the forum users because they were too critical of the artist's output (as I know for sure happened somewhere else), I never see people building flame wars over hyper-nerdy subjects. As I perceive it, people here is mostly polite and even shy when expressing their negative opinions, and it seems to me that even the most critical users are always ready to point out the good things they see, even when they don't like something. To be honest, I've always perceived this forum as excessively polite, but maybe that's how it needs to be, since it's very international. Forums are places to meet people that share your interests, but if your interest is Tarja Turunen, the fact that people is interested and like something Tarja has done doesn't mean they also like everything she does and worship her as their favourite musical artist ever. Everyone perceives the world in a different way: no one will like Tarja the exact way you do, everyone will always feel differently about something she does or say because they're not you, they live different lives and see the world through different eyes, from different perspectives. They have different (musical, aesthetic) needs than you and seek different things. I think we're all here because, at some point in our life, Tarja was one of our interests, but maybe not all of us feel the same way about her. Someone will agree with you, some won't. And those who won't will be more vocal about it because they'll always try to understand what is frustrating them or feel something is not right, and will want to confront more about it. Some will just need to rant, just as other will want to come in here and express how much they like something, but none can expect that everyone else will feel the same. Expectations are always bad.
  9. Calinn

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Tell me if I'm wrong, but you think that a healthy fan forum should see more posts of happy fans and less of critical fans? like, let's say, 5:3?
  10. Calinn

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Why do you think people is "criticizing just for the sake of it"? Is the language they use or the things they say that make you guess that? Couldn't others say that you "compliment her just for the sake of it"? Couldn't they ask you why do you invest your time in complaining about what they write if you think that everybody can have their opinion? Don't you think that, in a way, your complaining about other's comments is just like their complaining about Tarja's music? After all, you're both complaining about something you don't perceive as right.
  11. Calinn

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    I do it for pure entertainment. I don't even know a single song from her last 3(?) albums (lost count). The only Tarja album I own is Colours in the Dark because I think it's really good, while my feelings about most of her output range from indifference to downright dislike. I actually follow NW forum because sometimes I find interesting news about the stuff I care: Conception, Auri, Rammstein and my occasional interest in other bands. I can't bother following stuff on social media or other music forums. I barely care about NW at all. But I've been following NW and Tarja for 15 years so I guess it's become an habit of mine, but I don't even feel the desire to even go see them live. It's not that they're not good anymore, it's just not the kind of stuff I seek to hear nowadays. I want melancholic industrial/darkwave/prog/jazzy/alternative/electronica/metal/pianoballad/singersonwriter stuff now, not nostalgia hard rock in a gothic dress or film score fantasy metal. It's just a matter of how we feel about music, all personal, and I think everyone's reasons for doing what they do and feeling how they feel are legitimate. Geez, I don't even care about Game of Thrones anymore, and 14 years ago I even had dinner with GRR Martin (not me and him alone, of course...). I met my husband because GOT, and now everyone is hyped about it and I'm like "meh, I cared about it in 2003, I'll just watch the last 4 episodes after dropping the show at season 2 just because I've been waiting to know how it ends for 16 years". Our interest for stuff fades, but if it's been an important part of our life some emotional attachment will always be present.
  12. Calinn


    Don't tell me about it...
  13. Calinn

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    I still have huge problems with her uselessly wide open and nasal vowels, but that's just me.
  14. Calinn

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Unfortunately, to keep the mouth slightly open is an advice that models often receive from photographers. I guess it's to make the expression more spontaneous, but it just doesn't work with everybody: some people (like Tarja) keep the mouth too open an that gives them a very weird expression. But they think that's how you're supposed to act when you're photographed, so they all go
  15. Calinn

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Maybe it's just a studio thing, but her modern/belting vocals sound improved (in the verses). Overall generic hard rock song. I agree that her singles are often the worst tracks of the album, so let's hear what comes next.