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    pizza, pumpkin, dairy
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    all of them
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    swiss, france, UK, ireland, spain, germany, belgium, liechtenstein, croatia, canada, bosnia i herzegovina
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    I live in a town where it's all about wine
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    Misanthropy is the way
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    horse chestnuts
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    two genetically impaired cats
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    I rape the piano, and I'm asked to shut up when I sing.


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    a friend lent me CC back in 2003
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    two, Milan 2004 and Milan 2007
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    had my first kiss during the 2004 show :P
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    can't choose, can't remember :P
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    Century Child
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    Sleeping Sun, Beauty of the Beast
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    CC/Shudder Before the Beautiful
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    Over the Hills, Sleeping Sun
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    From Wishes to Eternity
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    Dark Passion Play or EFMB?
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    Sleeping Sun 2005

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    Tori Amos - Spark
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    I liked Jukka a lot
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    Tori Amos, Jorn Lande, Roy Kahn, Tommy Karevik, Katharine Blake, Kai Hansen, Loreena McKennitt, Lana del Rey, Susanne Sundfør
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    Ritchie Blackmore, Olli Tukiainen, Arjen Lucassen, Thomas Youngblood
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    I love bass, but I'm still a noob at understanding it
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    Tori Amos, Jack Gibbons, Miro
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    Spark, my dearest love
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    Tori Amos, Royal Albert Hall 2012
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    Tori Amos - From the Choirgirl Hotel (I'm boring I know)
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    Alkan, Orff
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    Tori Amos, Poets of the Fall, Kamelot, Loreena McKennitt, Miranda Sex Garden, Susanne Sundfør, Trepaneringsritualen
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    well I don't like a lot of stuff


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    Lynch, Raimi, Whedon, Cameron, Tarantino
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    Aliens, Inland Empire, the Secret of Nimh, Army of Darkness
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    Breaking Bad, The Wire, Firefly, Black Sails, Community, Parks and Rec...I watch too many
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    not a fan of OSTs, but I'd say Black Sails
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    H. P. Lovecraft
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    Redwall, Emily of New Moon, everything Lovecraft, Die Welt aus den Angeln (Il primo inverno) by Philipp Blom
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    20th Century Boys, Monster, The Slayers

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  1. Ok, I'll try. Nightwish (x2) Tori Amos (x6) Loreena McKennitt (x2) seeing her this weekend again Gamma Ray (x2) Helloween Avantasia Kamelot Epica Blind Guardian (x2) Poets of the Fall Nanowar of Steel Labyrinth Vision Divine Freedom Call Sonata Arctica Angra Rammstein Ludovico Einaudi Nicola Piovani Seth Lakeman and a bunch of other bands in random concerts and weird alternative festivals, like Fast Animals and Slow Kids, Akua Naru, Shame, Pere Ubu, Willie Peyote, Lo Stato Sociale, Elio e le Storie Tese etc. Met: Tori Amos, Immanuel Casto (and a few others I don't know well).
  2. Calinn


    So, okay, I saw them live yesterday. The festival was super small and I was front row... I'd never thought I'd see Kamelot from front row! Freedom Call played before them and they were quite fun! I hadn't heard one of their songs in over 10 years but they are surely fun to see live. I didn't have super high expectations for Kamelot because I didn't like the new album that much, but I must admit they've put on an almost perfectly balanced setlist. I could've made with 1 less Haven song (and maybe Fallen Star) and 1 more Epica or 4th Legacy song, but it was indeed satisfying. I liked their presence onstage, they're all very charismatic and dynamic, and Lauren Hart is a hell of a guest! They interacted a lot with the crowd: at one point Tommy came to the front row to shake hands, stopped before me, gave me thumb up and shook my hand (I guess because I looked very much in love with the songs, which I am). The new drummer also came down to shake hands at the end, he was very good! I also like how jumpy Sean was, I like jumpy bassists I had never seen them live before, so I really can't make comparisons with the old members. Tommy is veeery good live, he's got great technique and looks like a very reliable singer. He's not as theatrical or expressive as Khan was, but I can't think of anyone who could've filled those big shoes better than him. At one point I got a bit teary eyed because they were using (if I'm not wrong) the original backing tracks for the old songs with Kahn's voice, and because I've listened to some of those songs so many times that it was incredibly cathartic to see them performed live and sung by a crowd with such passion. There wasn't many people (less than 200, I'd say), but it was a noisy audience for sure metal shows are the only occurrences that can make me appreciate the italian noisiness. Drums wise, I have never been a huge fan of Casey's style, so I'm curious to hear how the next album will sound like.
  3. Calinn

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    M A S T E R P I E C E Corazón vikingo de Santo Domingo La iglesia quemada, la piña colada Vamos a bailar con “Det som engang var” Guerrero cubano, bailarín pagano Tomando mojito en el sacrificio Vamos a bailar con Hellhammer y Varg
  4. Calinn

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    I think Tarja needs a better producer. IMHO many of her songs have potential but have poor production (and I think it was very evident in WLB, much less in CITD). Do you know if she's her own producer or if she worked with someone else?
  5. Calinn


    I'd go with Epica and The Black Halo, but you can also check out their setlist on and listen to those songs. Many are from their last 3 albums, and I admit I don't know them too well either lol I'm seeing them in July and I'm very happy, even if their new album is my least favourite.
  6. Calinn


    Thank you, I'll try. Btw, the picture of Roy and Tommy together is really sweet.
  7. Calinn


    Do you think the pledge platform is safe? It has no FAQ, very little privacy policy explained (it's like 'hey, trust us') and doesn't accept paypal. It's a very bare website and IDK, where's their shipping and refund policies? If I have to put my CC number in there, I want it to be safe.
  8. Calinn

    Within Temptation II

    The ethical dilemma is: should we tolerate the intolerant? I'd rephrase it like: "Should we tolerate those who want to prevent others from enjoying their human rights?". Why would anyone ever tolerate behaviors that hurt others? Tolerance is just closing an eye on something you disapprove and dislike, it's not understanding, it's not acceptance. It's not respecting the other. You shouldn't tolerate gay people, you should let them live their lives and respect them as equals. On the other hand, how can anyone respect a person that tries to interfere with other people's private lives? Why should anyone tolerate abuse?
  9. Calinn


    I think he damaged his voice all through his career, and the effects showed up just after The Black Halo (one reason I didn't immediately like Ghost Opera was his voice). The way he sang in early Conception was very cool but not very healthy, I guess. Raspy vocals = unhealthy. Then, as @Junasaid, I think that he strained his voice to achieve dramatic effects, and that's unfortunately something I see happening a lot with singers that put expressiveness too much before a healthy technique (still, I greatly appreciate the sacrifice). I think of Bjork, Tori Amos and all those singers whose voice deteriorated dramatically after their 40s. You don't go back from that kind of damage, unfortunately, but Roy has such a fantastic tone that I'd listen to him sing literally anything. About his look, I was thinking the other day... he still looks badass. He is indeed a pretty man with a lot of charisma, even if we're all prettier when we're younger.
  10. Calinn


    At one point I think I tought it was about Kamelot too, exactly because of that last "they're doing quite alright without me".
  11. Calinn

    Eurovision SC 2019

    I have no memory of it, but it's very possible. I'm trying to convince the universe to make them perform next year at the Live Rock Festival (which isn't really a rock festival but a 'random, possibly weird musical genres festival') in my town. They can afford Anna Calvi, they totally can afford Hatari. I want to interview them really bad.
  12. Calinn

    Eurovision SC 2019

    Meh, I still think Iceland and Norway were the most interesting things. Australia I think had the most difficult song to perform, very cool too. I'm happy people liked Italy's song so much. As I said before, it isn't really the kind of music I listen to, but it has great lyrics/meaning (the whole song is about his relationship with his father, who left him and his mom but kept coming back asking for money) and Mahmood is not only a great singer but a very down to earth guy. I feel for him for the questions he's asked in interviews... like "don't you miss your homeland Egypt?" (he's italian, born in Italy, lived in Italy, his mother is italian) "do you live in a ghetto?" "aren't you afraid to sing arab lyrics in Israel?" So, I'm glad people loved the song, he was very happy. Hatari is causing a big commotion after they displayed pro-Palestine scarves and have put the palestinian flag on their instagram. Their communication got me very intrigued and I listened to interviews and read a bit of the debate (mostly aggressive) that their actions sparked on the social networks. I think they did a great job as provocateurs. To promote love they presented a song that only talks about what hate does, they ignored the 'don't get political' Eurovision rule by stating that 'the very fact that Eurovision takes place in Tel Aviv can be seen as a violation of the Eurovision rules, as it's a political statement. If you choose to stay silent, that's a political statement too". I appreciate that, since I'm a strenuous defender of the right (and duty) of everyone to be political always and everywhere. Our life is shaped by politics, I believe we all should care about it. I feel that the modern void of capable politicians/leaders and the inability of the people to well understand politics is partly caused by the lack of political debate in our daily lives. I appreciate that they did what they did not to specifically side with Palestine, but to spark debate on human rights violations and war (their whole poetic is anti-war, isn't it? Most of their fanbase are children), causing it to reach a whole new audience of people who, normally, wouldn't care so much about political issues. I feel that's one of the roles of art: to provoke, record, mold present politics. They're doing their peculiar, provocative, satyrical and imho fun way. People commenting their posts was very sided one way or another, and very few or none at all could acknowledge that there is no right or wrong in war, only interest, being war a mere instrument of politics (as Clausewitz masterfully theorized two centuries ago), and that every actor in a war is both perpetrator and victim. So, interesting.
  13. Calinn

    Eurovision SC 2019

    Agree. I'm always ready to root for Switzerland as I almost consider it as my second country, but this song is just terrible and terribly overrated
  14. Calinn

    Eurovision SC 2019

    Tonight I really wanted Albania to qualify, so I voted for her <3 I'm quite disappointed by the insane amount of sober emo ballads with boring lyrics about love, before Albania and Norway it was a huge snoozefest.
  15. Calinn

    Eurovision SC 2019

    Yes this stuff here they 100% belong to the Canale Italia repertoire.