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    pizza, pumpkin, dairy
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    all of them
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    swiss, france, UK, ireland, spain, germany, belgium, liechtenstein, croatia, canada, bosnia i herzegovina
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    I live in a town where it's all about wine
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    Misanthropy is the way
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    horse chestnuts
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    two genetically impaired cats
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    I rape the piano, and I'm asked to shut up when I sing.


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    a friend lent me CC back in 2003
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    two, Milan 2004 and Milan 2007
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    had my first kiss during the 2004 show :P
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    can't choose, can't remember :P
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    Century Child
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    Sleeping Sun, Beauty of the Beast
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    CC/Shudder Before the Beautiful
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    Over the Hills, Sleeping Sun
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    From Wishes to Eternity
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    Dark Passion Play or EFMB?
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    Sleeping Sun 2005

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    Tori Amos - Spark
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    I liked Jukka a lot
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    Tori Amos, Jorn Lande, Roy Kahn, Tommy Karevik, Katharine Blake, Kai Hansen, Loreena McKennitt, Lana del Rey, Susanne Sundfør
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    Ritchie Blackmore, Olli Tukiainen, Arjen Lucassen, Thomas Youngblood
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    I love bass, but I'm still a noob at understanding it
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    Tori Amos, Jack Gibbons, Miro
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    Spark, my dearest love
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    Tori Amos, Royal Albert Hall 2012
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    Tori Amos - From the Choirgirl Hotel (I'm boring I know)
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    Alkan, Orff
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    Tori Amos, Poets of the Fall, Kamelot, Loreena McKennitt, Miranda Sex Garden, Susanne Sundfør, Trepaneringsritualen
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    well I don't like a lot of stuff


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    Lynch, Raimi, Whedon, Cameron, Tarantino
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    Aliens, Inland Empire, the Secret of Nimh, Army of Darkness
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    Breaking Bad, The Wire, Firefly, Black Sails, Community, Parks and Rec...I watch too many
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    not a fan of OSTs, but I'd say Black Sails
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    H. P. Lovecraft
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    Redwall, Emily of New Moon, everything Lovecraft, Die Welt aus den Angeln (Il primo inverno) by Philipp Blom
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    20th Century Boys, Monster, The Slayers

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  1. Calinn

    Your own set of Desert Island-discs

    Easy: Tori Amos - From the Choirgirl Hotel and my list could end here, but I go on because I can. Nightwish - Century Child Kamelot - Epica Loreena McKennitt - An Ancient Muse Katharine Blake - midnight flower Leila Arab - blood looms and blooms Susanne Sundfør - The Brothel Trepaneringsritualen - perfection and permanence
  2. I'm also disappointed with the new Kamelot (I liked Haven, tho). I feel like with Roy they would've gone in a much stranger direction (if Poetry for the Poison was a hint of a possible future), while after he left they went 100% straight cheesy power metal with some cool ballads. I love me some cheese sometimes, but the concepts behind Silverthorn and Shadow Theory are just BAD. And, yes I agree, they flattened a lot, stylistically. I miss Roy's melodies, and Miro. I really think Miro made much more tasteful choices than Oliver, keybord-wise. I'm also disappointed with the latest Poets of the Fall album, Ultraviolet. It's not downright awful but it's the first time I find no gems in a POTF record. Even Clearview left me much colder than Jealous Gods which I still like a lot (minus a couple songs that are just way too pop-AOR for my stomach), but it has some beautiful songs that Ultraviolet has not. False Kings is the only song that I feel like going back to, but it's not like it's THAT good.
  3. Calinn


    Yeaaaah! I really don't know if Conception will be my cup of tea, but I'm still very curious to hear what they've got.
  4. Calinn


    I already got my tickets for Milan, a gift for my husband who is a big Avantasia fan. It will also be a great chance to see live some musicians that otherwise we'd never get to see.
  5. Calinn

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Hi everyone, I'm considering going to the Milan show because around that time I'll have to go to Milan anyway, so I thought I could go see NW with my parents, since my dad happens to really like Nightwish and already attended Milan 2004. Does anyone know if there are rumors about who the opening act will be?
  6. Calinn

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Yes, that's my point. Good music can come out from any kind of feeling, and at the same time shitty music can come out from any kind of feeling. Sandness is not a guarantee of quality. I cringed when, yesterday, a friend of mine said that artists need to be sad to be such. I think that any emotion that's strong enough can drive great art. Love is a positive emotion and so many great songs have been written to express it. Longing is not a negative emotion in itself, and even melancholy can be smug. Hope is a positive feeling that gave us great songs. There are kinds of pain that are so overwhelming that leave no room in you head for inspiration, music or anything, because they're just too much to process and they crush you, and legitimately drain all your time and thoughts.
  7. Calinn

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Nah, we just have a healthier drinking culture. And more sunlight, which is good only when you like (or need) sunlight. And more elderly people because we apparently are so averagely healthy that we live too long and because of this our economic system is collapsing. As we say, "who has teeth has no bread and who has bread has no teeth". It doesn't take much to be unhappy, it takes a lot to be happy. We're the masters of our own fate I mean, I can say I'm fairly happy with my life, but I'm still a sucker for melancholic music. I'm happy, that doesn't mean I want to listen to happy moosic. I actually think happy stuff and parties are a mean to distract people from their hollow lives. But I know that's a generalization, I think that only because parties and drunk 'happy' people make me feel incredibly alone. When you're clinically depressed any kind of music will sound dull, depression makes you blind to the beauty of the world. It's horrible. There's one record from an artist I love which was clearly written when she was depressed, and it's a bad record. The live performances of that year are painful to watch, because there's nothing cathartic or artistic in a sick, anorexic woman singing about not jumping off a cliff only because the children. Let's not confuse melancholy with unhappiness, or worse depression. Remember that when Tuomas was angry and sad he gave birth to Master Passion Greed, and when was drunk and lonely wrote WIHAA. The Tuomas I like is the CC one: wanting for love, aiming at something. If now he is content and happy with his life, I'm ok. He already gave me something worth staying.
  8. Calinn

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    But what's happiness, then?
  9. Calinn

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Some high quality electronica would be too good, I don't expect it from NW. I personally have no desire for another Nightwish album, since they've gotten super cheesy and trite. I'm also not into Floor at all, I still follow this band because I feel like we've been friends for a long time, but our relationship is kinda dead. Auri is something more of my liking in this moment, I like Johanna's style a million times better than Floor's and I feel the compositions are far more fresh and interesting. Let's see what Tuomas will do.
  10. Calinn

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Also, I'm sure that switching from a register to the other like she's doing is very tiring and demonstrates she's not comfortable at all. You switch when your muscles can't help you belt amymore/you're afraid to push and hurt yourself. I don't think it's a muscular problem for her, but more an issue with habit. She's so used to sing in a certain way that her body goes naturally to classical singing while she wants to belt. And belting high is difficult and I guess super counterintuitive for a lied singer like she is. I think Simone has reached a very nice mix of the two styles, her transitions are very smooth (on record, at least). But I think she started to do it very soon in her career, while Tarja did it very late when her style had already settled.
  11. Calinn

    Tori Amos

    So, nothing interesting is happening, except that the From The Choirgirl Hotel reissue has been cancelled to my great disappointment. But today is T's 55th birthday, so I want to share my fav live performance:
  12. Calinn

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    If I'm not mistaking, Tarja herself said several times that when she was young one of her idols was Whitney Houston. It's quite clear where she wants to go, but she has some clear issues when it comes to 'placing' the voice. Her contemporary singing sounds airless, nasal, as if she's singing with her throat, which is SUPER weird for someone like her who has always had such perfect breathing. That thing she's doing does not sound like proper belting.
  13. Calinn

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    I feel less crazy now that many of you also hear that Tarja is sounding really bad. To me she started to sound awful in 2005 with some exceptions, recovered briefly in CITD [studio, not live] and then went back to sound like she isn't even trying to sing decently. I understand that she's trying to enjoy herself, but singing is her job. She's not a resort animator.
  14. Calinn

    10 Years ago ... Dark Passion Play!

    DPP is probably my second least favourite NW album, after EFMB. I liked the latter better when it came out, but now I feel no need to hear it, at all. DPP feels more heartfelt, despite being a total mess and musically super tacky. The tracks I prefer are Escapist and Sahara, Escapist being the only one I regularly go back to. Back then I was ready to give Anette a chance and I liked her input, especially in that moment when my love for Tarja's style was very low (I didn't like her performances during the last tour and I didn't like My Winter Storm). I also have the watermark trauma, I still hear that deep guy voice when I listen to TPOATP. This said, DPP has some of their worst tracks ever. Cadence, MPG, FTHIOH... ew. But still not worse than the EFMB titletrack. I don't understand how a guy could write that kind of crap when at the same time he was writing Auri's songs, that are just beautiful. DPP would've been a great 6 tracks EP.
  15. Calinn


    Well, I enjoyed it! I'm not 100% into Epica and I knew about 4 songs. The show started a bit late, so the crowd at one point was screaming "naked naked" and cheering to the lights guy that was constantly onstage. I wasn't expecting that amount of moshpits and I'm glad I escaped the wall of death... I was in 2d/3rd row and I have chronic pain disease, so 2 moshpits were far too much for my body to handle, and after walking all day my feet were already super aching. In the audience there was people that didn't seem to know how metal concerts are, so when the wall of death occurred a lady that I think was there with her daughter was hit to the ground and fell on my husband's leg. She was like "O_O wtf did just happen?". The acoustics in the front was godawful, so I mostly heard guitars, bass and drums. It was quite difficult to hear what Simone or Coen were doing. I really like their chemistry onstage, they seem to have a lot of fun! Coen and Isaac are a great duo Simone is so good <3 I could see she was suffering the tropical weather like us mere mortals (my friend said she never experienced such humid heat even when she lived in Mexico... terrible). One thing you can be sure about Vinci is that the heat will boil your brain before noon of the 1st day. At one point poor Simone was panting, but what I could hear of her performance was very solid. The only thing I'd change of her performance is the outfit, I don't know why dutch singers seem to enjoy this faux black leather leggings + tight black tunic dress + cut boots that makes them look like my aunt. I also liked the minimal setup, with one screen with a nice graphic. They did not play Attack on Titan songs and the cd was sold out, so I had to buy it on amazon :/ But there was a beautiful big moon.