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    pizza, pumpkin, dairy
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    swiss, france, UK, ireland, spain, germany, belgium, liechtenstein, croatia, canada
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    I live in a town where it's all about wine
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    Misanthropy is the way
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    I rape the piano, and I'm asked to shut up when I sing.
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    a friend lent me CC back in 2003
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    two, Milan 2004 and Milan 2007
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    had my first kiss during the 2004 show :P
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    can't choose, can't remember :P
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    Century Child
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    Sleeping Sun, Beauty of the Beast
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    CC/Shudder Before the Beautiful
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    Over the Hills, Sleeping Sun
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    From Wishes to Eternity
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    Dark Passion Play or EFMB?
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    Sleeping Sun 2005

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    Tori Amos - Spark
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    I liked Jukka a lot
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    Tori Amos, Jorn Lande, Roy Kahn, Tommy Karevik, Katharine Blake, Kai Hansen, Loreena McKennitt, Lana del Rey
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    Ritchie Blackmore, Olli Tukiainen, Arjen Lucassen, Thomas Youngblood
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    I love bass, but I'm still a noob at understanding it
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    Tori Amos, Hamelin, Gibbons, Palotai
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    Spark, my dearest love
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    Tori Amos, Royal Albert Hall 2012
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    Tori Amos - From the Choirgirl Hotel (I'm boring I know)
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    Alkan, Orff
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    Tori Amos, Poets of the Fall, Kamelot, Loreena McKennitt, Miranda Sex Garden. Trepaneringsritualen
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    well I don't like a lot of stuff


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    Lynch, Raimi, Whedon, Cameron, Tarantino
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    Aliens, Inland Empire, the Secret of Nimh, Army of Darkness
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    Breaking Bad, The Wire, Firefly, Black Sails, Community, Parks and Rec...I watch too many
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    not a fan of OSTs
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    H. P. Lovecraft
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    Redwall, Emily of New Moon, everything Lovecraft
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    20th Century Boys, Monster, The Slayers

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  1. Calinn

    10 Years ago ... Dark Passion Play!

    DPP is probably my second least favourite NW album, after EFMB. I liked the latter better when it came out, but now I feel no need to hear it, at all. DPP feels more heartfelt, despite being a total mess and musically super tacky. The tracks I prefer are Escapist and Sahara, Escapist being the only one I regularly go back to. Back then I was ready to give Anette a chance and I liked her input, especially in that moment when my love for Tarja's style was very low (I didn't like her performances during the last tour and I didn't like My Winter Storm). I also have the watermark trauma, I still hear that deep guy voice when I listen to TPOATP. This said, DPP has some of their worst tracks ever. Cadence, MPG, FTHIOH... ew. But still not worse than the EFMB titletrack. I don't understand how a guy could write that kind of crap when at the same time he was writing Auri's songs, that are just beautiful. DPP would've been a great 6 tracks EP.
  2. Calinn


    Well, I enjoyed it! I'm not 100% into Epica and I knew about 4 songs. The show started a bit late, so the crowd at one point was screaming "naked naked" and cheering to the lights guy that was constantly onstage. I wasn't expecting that amount of moshpits and I'm glad I escaped the wall of death... I was in 2d/3rd row and I have chronic pain disease, so 2 moshpits were far too much for my body to handle, and after walking all day my feet were already super aching. In the audience there was people that didn't seem to know how metal concerts are, so when the wall of death occurred a lady that I think was there with her daughter was hit to the ground and fell on my husband's leg. She was like "O_O wtf did just happen?". The acoustics in the front was godawful, so I mostly heard guitars, bass and drums. It was quite difficult to hear what Simone or Coen were doing. I really like their chemistry onstage, they seem to have a lot of fun! Coen and Isaac are a great duo Simone is so good <3 I could see she was suffering the tropical weather like us mere mortals (my friend said she never experienced such humid heat even when she lived in Mexico... terrible). One thing you can be sure about Vinci is that the heat will boil your brain before noon of the 1st day. At one point poor Simone was panting, but what I could hear of her performance was very solid. The only thing I'd change of her performance is the outfit, I don't know why dutch singers seem to enjoy this faux black leather leggings + tight black tunic dress + cut boots that makes them look like my aunt. I also liked the minimal setup, with one screen with a nice graphic. They did not play Attack on Titan songs and the cd was sold out, so I had to buy it on amazon :/ But there was a beautiful big moon.
  3. Calinn

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Is it ok for Blabbermouth to have that kind of comments under their articles? A site like that should have a moderation.
  4. Calinn


    On July 28th Epica will play in Vinci, and I'll surely be there <3 It's a fantasy festival so hopefully they'll play their covers of Shingeki no Kiyojin. On their website they wrote 'Vincy' instead of Vinci... so cute :3 From now on I'll forever write Leonardo da Vincy <3
  5. Calinn


    The Wicked Symphony is probably my favorite Avantasia album, and especially Crestfallen and Scales of Justice always cause me feels. I was just listening to Crestfallen and I can't stop thinking that it seems to be about some mental illness. The part where Jorn is singing "How can you hold on to your way in your mental disarray?" makes me think of OCDs. I probably have one (trying to find a therapist to fix it, after all my friends somehow made me see that there's a problem) and that sentence makes so much sense, the whole song actually. The fact of acting in a way that's strange even to yourself, as if there's someone else inside your brain always telling you how things should be done, but being aware that that person is not you, or like you were. Or that somehow that part of you has taken over and is not responding anymore, out of control. That feeling of confusion, of detachment from your perceptions. That particular verse has always meant a lot to me, always made me feel so sad, and I wonder if that was the reason.
  6. Calinn

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Isn't is weird that the sound of the crowd has been completely removed? It feels like a concert footage with a studio recording synced on. Or maybe their clapping was off time? lol The good is, she sounds better than I've heard her in ages, and while I don't know her new songs, this sounds nice.
  7. Calinn


    I hate CGI in movies, let alone music videos. I get why it is used, but I never liked it. Those videos are surely well done but imho CGI in music videos most of the times feels unnecessary and overused.
  8. Calinn

    The travel log - version 1.0

    I revive this topic, I love travelling. My husband is an anthropologist so we tend to go off track to find non-turistic beauties and get to know the local culture. FUTURE TRIP In a month we'll make a road trip to the Balkans. We will sleep one night in Zagabria and then head to our main destination, Sarajevo. Being a child of the '80s I can't dissociate its name from the war, and I think it's probably a city that has a lot to tell. If anyone has ever been there, what's your advice? What do we see, what do we eat, what do we do? We'll be there for 3 days, then we'll go to Mostar, probably making a stop at the Kravice waterfalls, and Split. Then well' go back north along the croatian coast. I hoped we could go to Rab, which is a place I really have in my heart, so that my friends could visit Goli Otok, but I guess Zara and some istrian town will be more likely, because taking the ferry could be too time consuming for our schedule. I'm really looking forward to this trip! MY PAST TRIP My latest big trip was my honeymoon. We took a road trip in the UK, our itinerary was: England: Salisbury (supercute), Exeter (beautiful cathedral), Devon (we went into Dartmoor - SCARY STREETS, but one of the most beautiful places - to Widcombe-in-the-Moor) and Cornwall (we mostly visited the Eden Project, super cool), Bath (where we took a bath in the thermal SPA because the line to get into the Roman Thermae was much too long, considering that in Italy we have roman stuff everywhere). Wales: Cardiff (we spent an hour at the post office to mail the keys back to our guest in Bath because we forgot to give them back, and then in the national museum, which was great. We didn't even manage to visit the castle We were super tired already), Aberaeron (LOVELY town, I'd live there), the beautiful Snowdonia and the town of Dolgellau, Portmeirion (the Village from the Prisoner, amazing place. Me and husband got lost in the woods), Caernafon, Conwy. Wales is wonderful. Then we went back in England, to York which is super pretty, probably my favourite among the cities we've visited, and then we went to the Hadrian's Vale: beautiful place, but the COLDEST and WETTEST of all the places we've been to. Scotland: Alba is big. We stopped in Moffat just for its name (we were into Doctor Who back then and we didn't like much what Moffat was doing with it) and headed to Edinburgh, where we basically only managed to visit the castle, which is huuuge. I'd love to go back to see something else than the commercial main street. Then we headed to Eilean Donan, briefly stepped on Skye and went to Inverness (on Sunday, so it was quite desert). It was a great trip! I have lots of pictures but I don't have them with me right now, I might add them later. MY HOMETOWN I'm actually from northern Italy, from a town near the Como Lake, but at 19 I moved to Tuscany to stay with my tuscan boyfriend. I lived 4 years in Siena. Siena is a beautiful city, if you're a tourist you'll love it. But don't you get the sick idea to move there. The senese people is, probably, the less welcoming I've ever known. Nothing good ever happens in Siena, if it happens. If I didn't had a bunch of really good friends (none of whom was a local, obvs) my years there would've been miserable. Terrible place for working. But yes, wonderful city. If you go make sure to visit inside the city hall in Piazza del Campo, it has some stunning rooms. Now I live in my husband's hometown, Montepulciano, which is now getting a bit famous because many tv productions and movies, after New Moon, are using it as a filming location. Last year we had Medici - Masters of Florence, Quantico, another drama about Michelangelo Buonarroti I guess, and something else. This year they'll film a Paul Verhoeven movie, Blessed Virgin. For me, this means no comfortable parking for 3 straight months. But whatever, Montepulciano is such a beautiful town. [my husband's office is one of those windows on the very left. What an awesome office, you'd say, but to get there you have to walk up a REALLY steep ramp and then another, possibly steeper but shorter, street, with all your bags and stuff under the scorching sun. Good for our bottoms, we say every time. And then there's a 3 storey super ancient slippery staircase, but in the end you're up there, where pidgeons dare.] I usually get to hate the places where I live, but I've been here for 8 years now and it's still amazing. It's not just the great wine (Vino Nobile, not to be mistaken with Montepulciano d'Abruzzo which is not produced here. At all), there's a lot of art (mostly renaissance buildings and artworks, the San Biagio Temple is probably the most beautiful example), a lot of music (there's a public music school and a music academy from Köln, which I think focuses more on chamber music, and the historical center is busker friendly, even if they get here with a piano. Montepulciano also hosts two big european music festivals: the Live Rock Festival, which is the only european festival of this size to be free access, and the Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte, which is a week of mostly classical and chamber music performed in the main square), food, nature, history, and often the touristic and local offers blend together. And theater! So many kids here play an instrument and do theater, it's really cool. There's also a faculty of the Kennesaw State University of Georgia somewhere inside the fortress. There's actually many foreigners living here, it's a very welcoming city and I like it. I live in the plain, near our swampy lake (if you like birdwatching or fishing, that's your place), and go up there only for work, but luckily I work a lot with events and I get to do a lot of fun things. Montepulciano is surrounded by a lot of beauty. On one side it has the Valdichiana, a vast plain rich of etruscan history, with the also beautiful Cortona, and on the other side the magnificent Valdorcia with Pienza, San Quirico and all its magical little towns, a desert of clay and bushes that's terribly hot in summer and so beautiful in spring and autumn. The area is also rich with natural hot springs (there are at least 6/7 nearby). So, if you happen to be around here, let me know so I can give you waaay too many informations about the place.
  9. Calinn


    I always try to avoid watching Kamelot videos, the bits I've seen in the past were super tacky. CGI music videos are THE WORST.
  10. Calinn


    Yeah I think Haven is vastly superior to Silverthorn but I really need to give the latter another chance. Right now I only like My Confession. It's likely that my big issue is with the lyrics/concept, which is something I give a lot of attention to. The concept was meh, just like The Shadow Theory, while Haven imho has stronger lyrics (and, I can't deny it, some songs fit some of the stuff I'm writing like a glove) and Fallen Star is a great opener. Anyway, I kind of miss Roy/Miro's keyboards. Oliver is great but I feel they used to put more sentiment in their melodies. And I know Thomas is capable of much better melodies than the ones on TST. Don't you think that the melodies written after Roy's departure are pretty much all similar? The other day I was listening to some songs with my eyes closed, and listening to a song from Epica and, right after, to a song from Haven... the difference in the richness of the arrangements is huuge. The newer songs sound much poppier, so smooth and airy... just listen to how the drums are mixed.
  11. Calinn


    Some albums took me over 10 years to appreciate them. Weird, peculiar records often do that. Sometimes you just expect one thing, get another, and get confused. Poetry for the Poisoned was something I did not expect from Kamelot, something I didn't quite immediately resonate with, maybe not something I knew how to listen back then. But I didn't hate it, I liked the tunes enough (and I still loooooove The Great Pandemonium). A record that I HATED was Ghost Opera, but now I love 80% of it and some songs are among my favourites. I still think that the Up through the ashes/Mourning Star/Silence of the Darkness sequence is pretty awful, but the rest is really beautiful. Maybe it's that the titletrack wasn't my favourite single... I'm always lukewarm about theatrical stuff, it gets cheesy really fast. But I did hate the album with a passion when it came out, and now I like it more than The Black Halo. Every record deserves a second, maybe even third, chance. I still have to give Silverthorn its second chance.
  12. Calinn

    Calinnz MULTIMEDIAL topyc!

    Thank you @Eilenna <3 I haven't been drawing much lately, I'm focusing on reading and writing. But when it's snail season I can't help myself. PHOTO SPREE
  13. Calinn

    The Art Debate

    I've always thought that art is how humans try to understand the world and themselves, a way for our subconscious to rationalize and analyze. There's no art that's purely thought, even the most instinctual forms of art are still a rationalization, physical or mental, of things boiling inside us. Art, imho, is a human need and there's no point in trying to label and categorize it. Copies of original pieces of art, imho, are not art but technical exercises. Variations, on the other hand, have an artistic value, because they're reinterpretations or expansions of other people's art, which is part of the world we need to understand and analyze. Copies are just study, it's someone taking something in without letting anything new out. Art would be that something new. On the other hand, I hate when people tries to copyright ideas. The copyright laws are, thankfully, aware that different people can have the same idea, but they have to express it differently to claim it as theirs. For example, you cannot claim a dictionary as your intellectual property, because you're just listing words that belong to a culture. You cannot copyright culture, therefore 'cultural appropriation' cannot exist, because culture does not legally belong to anyone and no single person can claim ownership on it. Art is an expression of culture and experiences within a single person, and this is what's right to protect. Still, anything that's closed and sealed is essentially dead. That's why it is important to share art and let others take inspiration, even pieces, of it, to let it evolve. Art is always expression of a given place in space and time, of people trying to understand what they're going through. So, basically, 'art' made for anyone else than its creator is pointless. That's why it doesn't need to be appreciated by anyone to be art. About the involvement of living animals and their killing, I think that's just attention-whoring. What they're doing is just exactly what anyone does when we get hooked by news of murder, mass shootings, disasters and we go hunting for pictures of it because we need to see death, we try to understand death. Those artists are, yes, expressing the fear they have inside them, probably, but if we justify the killing of one animal for this reason, how can we not justify murder, then? 'I was just expressing my rage, it's art'. Imho, art, just like everything, must never overrule anyone's freedom of choice about what happens to their body. Abuse cannot be called art, because if we do accept it, we can't justify human rights anymore. It is censorship aimed to the preservation of civilization, which is what basically keeps all safe and alive, and if a member of any society does not understand that, they're rather dumb.
  14. Calinn

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I am slightly photophobic, so I can't wait to be at their show in december and end up blind with an headache because of all the screens! Yay! I'll bring my sunglasses... they better pull out some Beauty of the Beast before then.
  15. Calinn


    I was listening to Poetry for the Poisoned just the other day and, honestly, even in it's weirdness and occasional blandness it still sounds more interesting than TST. Even the production alone is much less boring and stale. I like all the songs up to House on a Hill which, yes, it's nothing special but it's not that bad as a ballad. I feel PftP is one of those albums that requires a lot of time to be appreciated, because it's gloomy, somehow... muggy. But, honestly, I like most of the songs on it, even if I don't like them as much as I like the songs on the previous records. I still like them better than most of Silverthorn and TST. At this point I don't even know why I like Haven so much, it just sounds so much more interesting than those two, even if still garish and some of the post apocalyptic concept is 'wtf'? If they improve their concept ideas and start to write better sci-fi stuff, I'd be more into the new stuff. The STS concept is quite lame.