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    Wisconsin, USA
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    Nightwish (duh) and other symphonic metal, anime, Power Rangers/tokusatsu, knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, writing, drawing

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    Sushi, anything spicy
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    Any non-diet variations of Coca-Cola or Mountain Dew
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    Purple, but I also like black and green
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    Anywhere I can be myself.
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    US (of course), UK, France
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    Sparingly--I have a very low tolerance level.
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    Nope--can't stand the smell.
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    CDs, DVDs, all sorts of action figures/toys
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    Seven cats!
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    I played the clarinet pretty badly in middle and high school, but quit after that.
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    Large crowds, bad storms/natural disasters


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    Through a fan-made anime music video that used "10th Man Down" in 2002.
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    Never, but I'd like to change that someday...
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    Er...discovering them, I guess?
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    I can't think of anything specific.
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    I can't pick just one!
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    Amaranth, Escapist, I Want My Tears Back, Ever Dream, Sleeping Sun
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    Hmm...too many to choose that I like...
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    Nemo, Sleeping Sun 2005
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    End of an Era
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    Angels Fall First
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    Hard to pick any.

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    Loreena McKennitt, "The Mummers' Dance"
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    Never been to enough concerts to have a favorite.
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    It's hard for me to pick just one!
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    Yoko Kanno
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    Besides Nightwish? Within Temptation, Sonata Arctica, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Loreena McKennitt
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    Mainstream pop, country, rap/hip-hip, nu-metal


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    The Crow, both Power Rangers movies (*cough*), Harry Potter series, Avatar (Cameron)
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    Doctor Who, Power Rangers (*cough*), Avatar: TLA, many other animated series
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    Lord of the Rings series, Transformers movies (score), Pirates of the Caribbean series
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    Belgariad series (David Eddings), A Wrinkle in Time (Madeline L'Engle)
  • Favourite Comic Book/Anime
    Sailor Moon, Gundam series, Fullmetal Alchemist, Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, and many more
  1. Khandri

    Nightwish Merchandise

    I know I haven't posted in a long time, but I just got my copy of Imaginaerum today, which my fiancé bought for me as an early birthday gift. But he ended up pre-ordering what ended up being the Scandinavian version before there was an international version made available. And upon getting it, I noticed that the Blu-ray was listed as Region B, and the DVD as Region 2. I live in the US, where players are Region A/Region 1 respectively...this despite the shop listing it as all-region. So which is right--the discs themselves, or the shop? Because if it's the discs...well, then they're worthless to me, since that means they won't play on my player. And in case things weren't complicated enough...I'm in the US, and he's in the UK, which makes a possible return/exchange...potentially difficult, even though I haven't opened the shrinkwrap on the discs. So does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? If nothing else, I've suggested to him that I just send it to him to keep (since it's at least in his region), and he gets me the international one.
  2. Khandri

    Nightwish Confessions

    Aye...I love the song, but at the same time, it still makes me so sad because I went through the same thing growing up. The name of the girl may be different, but whenever I listen to it, it might as well be about me anyway.
  3. Khandri

    Imaginaerum - Movie

    My phone woke me up around 7 this morning with some kind of e-mail, but I didn't get a chance to actually check what it was until after getting up an hour later, and what a pleasant bit of news to wake up to! I've been waiting for something like this for a while now, though I couldn't actually watch the video until just a little while ago (and the anticipation was killing me all morning). Consider me thoroughly teased. More, please!
  4. Khandri

    Nightwish Confessions

    I...actually like the 2005 version of "Sleeping Sun" more than the original, mostly for the instrumentation (I vastly prefer Marco's bass in it to Sami's in the original). ...I'll be right over here, awaiting the lynch mob. >_> <_<
  5. Khandri


    ^ Indeed. That there was no orchestral version of "I Want My Tears Back" listed (nor was one part of the posted samples) was already a clear indication to me that this would only be the orchestral tracks and not new arrangements, since that was the only track on the original album that didn't have one. I'm not disappointed in the least. Nonetheless, I do look forward to the eventual movie soundtrack itself with the new arrangements. It's one more excuse to give the band my hard-earned money.
  6. Khandri

    tell us about your avatar

    My new avatar is of the titular mecha from the Gundam X anime series, which is my favorite series in the entire Gundam franchise (despite it often being considered the red-headed stepchild of the franchise and still no legit US release of it). I've been re-watching it again lately, something I hadn't done in a number of years, and I'm finding myself falling in love with it all over again.
  7. Khandri


    ^ Yeah, that about sums up my feelings as well. I'm still holding out hope for the rest of the album being worthwhile.
  8. Khandri


    Man, those samples gave me chills in the best way. I can't wait to hear the full tracks. But gaaah...I haven't pre-ordered this yet, and yet I've currently got all this other stuff I have to worry about financially that I don't know if I can justify it right now.
  9. Khandri

    Sonata Arctica

    Sounds pretty good; I'd agree that those samples sound very reminiscent of Winterheart's Guild/Reckoning Night, both of which are among my favorite albums of theirs. And...out in the US on May 22nd? That's the day before my birthday! That just makes me want it even more!
  10. There are many places around the world that haven't yet had the pleasure of hosting a Nightwish concert. While you as a band don't exactly have a say in where you perform, are there any of those places--whether countries in general, specific cities, or even specific venues--you yourself wish you could include on your tour?
  11. Khandri


    Thanks for posting that. It's absolutely beautiful. Now I wait for my copy to arrive. No idea how long it's going to take, so the anticipation will be killing me.
  12. Khandri

    Nightwish Off Topic

    I listen to them daily too. A day hasn't gone by yet where I haven't listened to Imaginaerum since it came out (and no, I've not grown sick of it yet by any means!), and much of the rest of the band's back catalogue is in my playlists on my PC at home and on my iPod to listen to at work and in the car. A day without at least one Nightwish song feels...incomplete to me. Then again, I find listening to music a very important part of my daily life, so of course they're going to be a big part of it.
  13. Khandri


    Ooh. Nightwish apparently really wants my money with all the awesome things we're getting treated to with this album. And I'm more than happy to give them that money too.
  14. Khandri

    Nightwish Merchandise

    And here I thought I was the only one who noticed something amiss with it. The very first time I wore it, I found white ink coming off all over the inside of my jacket and hoodie. I work in a shop that does screenprinting, so I kinda know how some of these things work, but was the ink just not dried enough after it was applied or something? Because that's the only reason I can think of as to why it would do that; I know that at work, when not dried in a big heater-type thing, the ink we use can stay wet for a really long time. It's rather disappointing, to say the least. With as many shirts as I've got and that have held up extremely well (my NW-Shop exclusive DPP shirt still looks like new), I really expected better for something like this.
  15. Khandri

    Two Steps From Hell

    Oh, I LOVE Two Steps From Hell! Their stuff is epic, and it's always fun catching various movie and TV ads (among other things) and being able to pick out which track of theirs is being used. "Heart of Courage" is one of my top personal favorites, but the list of all the other tracks I like would probably be a mile long--there's just so much to love. If you can find their two commercial releases, Invincible and Archangel, it's worth every penny to get them. (I know at least the first of those is on Amazon.) A lot of their best work can be found on those.