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  1. Dark Artist

    The sad case of Michael Jackson

    I didn’t get to read through the report in detail, but I did glance through it. It seems to me that there was a lot of photographic material involving children found, but no child porn necessarily. He was into a lot of weird stuff but I didn’t seen any porn involving kids or even naked kids, even though the article suggests it. This would seem in keeping with his defense that he always maintained — that he was just innocently obsessed with children to the point where he always wanted to be surrounded by them, because they made him feel like a child, and his childhood was non-existent. The guy was profoundly screwed up mentally, to the point where he drugged himself into an early grave, but the report isn’t quite as shady as it seems. There are more boobs in there than anything else. I don’t know if he’s guilty or not. He was a total weirdo, but if this evidence is everything they had to go by I’m not surprised he was acquitted. Edited to remove swearing. Please refrain from swearing outside of the Speakers Corner area. - Dandelion
  2. Dark Artist

    Oha Cade

    Oha Cade is my endeavor, influenced by symphonic but also progressive, avant-garde metal, pop and electronic music. My instrumentation is all digital and I'll be releasing my first 2-song EP digitally on July 15th, but much more in the works! Please check out the first song from my EP below, follow me on Facebook and let me know what your deepest thoughts are. facebook.com/ohacade
  3. Dark Artist

    Seventh Wonder

    I don't think there's a new album coming any time soon. They're referring to their live DVD in that post, which I'm surprised they're still releasing since Tommy voice was unfortunately not in good shape at that show - my own opinion of course, judging from YouTube clips.
  4. Dark Artist

    Anette Olzon

    Well, IF the song is about her, I never got the impression they were insulting her voice. If you're referring to the line 'a hollow voice ruin with a roof', then I think you'd be interpreting it very literally. Also, does anyone know what she's so mad about then?
  5. Dark Artist

    Anette Olzon

    I've read some opinions that Yours Is an Empty Hope could be about Anette. I found this angry post from her on Instagram a week ago- do you think that this is her response to it? https://instagram.com/p/0m-WinLEfs/
  6. Dark Artist

    Ancient Bards

    Excellent band from Italy. Fast power metal with choirs and orchestra. I'd describe them as a mix between Dragonforce and Rhapsody but I think their biggest strength is their lead singer Sara Squadrani and her incredible melodic voice.
  7. Dark Artist


    Ha I totally called it </smug> The video itself isn't bad - I think it's Simone's performance could be a little more intense considering the song. Her general demeanor is very casual. The director should have encouraged more out of her.
  8. Dark Artist


    I don't think that's true, or at least I haven't noticed it from the outside. I think both men and women have to earn the respect they get in the metal scene because metalheads in general are very pretentious and demanding, they have a lot of good music to choose from and they need to be convinced you deserve their praise. Also, I think Elise is very girlie girlie, she looks and acts like a pretty princess and metal is not the place for that, most of the women in metal are more "one of the guys" type because metal is a more male-oriented genre (even though the symphonic-gothic area has a lot of female fans, from what I've seen in concerts in Romania the majority is overwhelmingly made out of men, even at bands like Therion or Nightwish where the distribution is more balanced, but still male-oriented). I don't think that's sexism, it's just that metal is by definition an aggressive genre and aggressiveness and delicacy don't go that well together. That means that naturally there's less room for very feminine women like Elise. I know you didn't mean it this way, but that mentality - 'girls who are girls don't have a place in metal because feminine women are not aggressive enough' - is really part of the problem. To say metal is not the place for her to embrace her femininity is part of the problem. To say that there's no room for delicacy in metal is also not very open-minded, considering the plethora of metal bands out there that do not focus their sound on aggression, and the fact that the contrast between heaviness and delicacy is what made bands like Nightwish so popular. Metal (and the entire music scene for that matter) has moved past having such juvenile boundaries. Elize is a girly pop diva in a metal band and it's that very role that she has successfully owned in order to make an impact. It's what makes her special. Of course there is room for her and any other girl who wants to show off her femininity without having to be harassed for not being one of the guys.
  9. Dark Artist


    I would like it if it were Reverence, but I think there's a good chance it could be Victims of Contingency since it's so catchy.
  10. Dark Artist

    Nightwish and Richard Dawkins : EFMB

    My opinion is that it just comes down to the fact that Tuomas happened to read some of Dawkins' work and be inspired by it. He invited Dawkins to do the spoken word because it helped give authenticity to the message behind the lyrics he has written. Tuomas probably isn't even aware of most of the stuff that's being debated in this thread, - i.e. Dawkins' alleged opinion on child abuse or sexism. He's probably only read up on the stuff that's relevant to his interests, which is the atheist writings. Most inspirational and well-known quotes were made by people who probably took some unsavory stances on unrelated topics. If it were any other scientist or politician being featured on the album, there would be a similar backlash. People find what they will to make a protest. I'm trying to emphasize that the whole point of Dawkins being featured on the album is to support the subject matter, which is an artistic choice, and should be looked at from that standpoint. The decision to include him should only be judged based on what he actually ends up saying on the album and how it relates to the songs. This is an ideal situation, and certainly what I'd prefer, but I know it's unrealistic since there are a lot of people out there who can't help but be offended by unrelated things Dawkins has said or done. Changed part of text size back to default. -HooPee-
  11. Dark Artist


    I'd also consider them one of my top favorite bands, but to be honest I think most of their lyrics are meaningless banter to give emphasis to the catchiness of the sounds. There's nothing subtle about their music beyond the surface. This is something I really have no problem with. I think it works, it's what makes them great light entertainment. I saw them live with Within Temptation recently and they have improved a lot since the first time I saw them. Lots of energy and dancing around the stage. It's good to see them having fun. The first time I saw them it seemed they were a bit rigid and too concerned with hitting notes. I listened through the new album once today and I love it. Every song is solid. On the last album I felt there were too many generic tracks but every song on this album seems to have some thought put into making it hit extra hard. Delighted! Digital World, Unreal and Danger Zone are standouts.
  12. Dark Artist


    I'm really liking the new single and I'm excited for the album. There is a certain change to the sound but I can't pinpoint exactly what it is. New screamer is good. The video sucks, as usual. I hate everything Patrick Ullaeus does. He's getting a lot of gigs with various metal bands recently but his directing is completely tasteless to me. I guess it's who you know.
  13. Dark Artist

    Seventh Wonder

    I checked out the album Nine and I liked it a lot. I especially like the song 'The One' - but that's a discussion for another thread
  14. Dark Artist


    I was at the New York show and the ReVamp set was just amazing. I was surprised at the fact that they got such a great reception but it was well deserved. I got a photo with the whole band too - didn't have anything to sign but they had $1 'Wild Cards' for sale (literally just a card with the album artwork) so I had them all sign that. Very brief and to the point but there were others waiting! It's such a shame that the set was so short because they're so good live. That dirty riff in the chorus for The Limbic System just killed me!
  15. Dark Artist


    Yeah it just doesn't make sense at all. I think it's hurting the release more than helping it. I'm going to wait until the full album is available before listening to anything, just because I prefer to have my mind blown as much as possible all at one time. Hopefully they'll hurry up and get it together I'm happy to hear that you like the new songs. They should really form a real band and start doing shows already, although I know Sander has reservations about that due to his burnout. It's a shame though. Songs like Pedestal shouldn't be left to rot in an mp3 folder somewhere!