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  1. Myrow

    The Tuomas thread

    They only have a 75 minutes slot at Wacken so I at least hope they'd shoot it at a headliner show.
  2. Myrow

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Don't know about streams but usually the main stage shows are filmed and released at least partially by Wacken.
  3. Yeps, and let's be frank, music videos have never exactly been what this band does best so would that really be that big of a loss... The Islander is gorgeous but other than that I think the overall quality has been somewhat... eh... inconsistent. Although as was pointed out, Nuclear Blast might have a thing or two to say about it, exploring other platforms sounded interesting, whatever that means.
  4. That's propably not the case. I believe the local orchestra and studio in Budapest simply were considerably more affordable than the London ones and they just wanted to go with that as they were looking for "just" live enhancements and not making album - as the orchestrations for Wishmaster and Stargazers were most likely recorded while making DPP and EFMB. Pip propably did the arrangements though. Nice interview! Good to hear about Jukka's situation. As much as I wish him a speedy recovery, I really wouldn't mind if Kai'd be drumming on the next album as well.
  5. Myrow

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Doesn't Ewo kind of have a reputation for random stuff? Anyways, feels like that was not originally meant for general distribution - maybe as a juhannus greeting for some of their personal friends and then later on a whim uploaded to Facebook. Back on topic... I've for real tried to stay away from those live videos as I'm seeing them two or three times on this tour, but so far with little to no success. That StD was awesome. They seem to be on superb live condition!
  6. Myrow

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Well, depends on how do you define affiliated. Til Dawn They Count does management and booking for Nightwish.
  7. Myrow

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Hey, let's enjoy Carpenter while we have it. Haven't witnessed it personally yet, but judging by some YT-recordings, it's a solid performance. It is not my favourite either, but I get why they want to do it, considering it's special status being their first officially released song ever. I mean, yeah, there are better songs on AFF alone, sure, but the first single is the first single. It is a history tour after all. For the same reason, I believe, there's Nemo, being their first bigger "hit" and Greatest Show, their "magnum opus" and so on.... I'd personally pick different songs, yes, but I do realize why they play these. (They could, however, replace it with Nigthtwish the song from Nightwish the demo. Not gonna happen, I know. The song isn't any better and is even less-known but it has the same, if not bigger retro value.) Band has said that some of the songs they've dug up will not stick around for next tours and I'd say it's a relatively safe bet The Carpenter is one of them.
  8. Myrow

    Sonata Arctica

    IIRC, Tony said somewhere that The Ninth Hour was made in a hurry and that they'd like to give a bit more time for it's follower which could be ready and out by the end of this year or early 2019. To me as well, Ninth Hour sounds a bit rushed. All the songs are good but just good - not many special gems in there. And I don't like the way it sounds mixingwise but Pariah's Child already had that issue. Pasi seems like a cool guy and is one heck of a bass player but I wish someone else mixed the next album. This is a matter of taste, of course.
  9. Myrow

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Propably just shortened ones to accomodate the lenght of the slots they happen to be given. I'd guess they want to emphasise the live hits and fan favourites. On previous tours they've dropped the ballads from festival sets.
  10. Myrow

    Nightwish – Decades World Tour 2018

    Joo ei välttämättä kannata sen suhteen henkeään pidätellä, vaikka mukava yllätys olisikin. Toisaalta settilista on tällä hetkellä sitä luokkaa että vähän pöhköltä tuntuu vaatia muutoksia siihen. If something ain't broken, break it.
  11. Myrow

    The Floor thread

    I'm propably in the minority here but I'm satisfied with Floor's vocals on EFMB. Can't complain about anything, really. Sure, she is able to do this and that and everything with her voice but I don't think any of the songs would have benefitted at all from more flashy and extravagant vocal performance. Her versatility was utilized well enough on the album, prioritizing first what the material needs. And, to me anyway, she sounds better now than in any of these old clips people keep posting
  12. Myrow

    The Marco thread

    Indeed. And if is to be trusted, they played as many as two songs after finishing Poet (While Your Lips... and Symphony of Destruction). So they left the stage maybe 15 minutes after Anette...
  13. Myrow

    The Old Era

    Fun fact that no one here has yet mentioned, in his book Marco namedrops one of the "finalists" back then (alongside this British Olivia and an unnamed Canadian), the vocalist of a relatively well-known Finnish nineties schlager/pop/techno band Aikakone. Says that in reality she's much more of a rock person than her public image and that her voice fitted really well in certain songs but that in the end her capability wasn't quite enough for some of the more high and loud stuff.
  14. Myrow


    Him and Troy. You can hear Tuomas pretty clearly at one point.
  15. Seconded. That song would propably also benefit from Kai's more dynamic drumming and Marco or Troy accompanying Emppu for the clean intro.