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  1. Fun fact that no one here has yet mentioned, in his book Marco namedrops one of the "finalists" back then (alongside this British Olivia and an unnamed Canadian), the vocalist of a relatively well-known Finnish nineties schlager/pop/techno band Aikakone. Says that in reality she's much more of a rock person than her public image and that her voice fitted really well in certain songs but that in the end her capability wasn't quite enough for some of the more high and loud stuff.
  2. Him and Troy. You can hear Tuomas pretty clearly at one point.
  3. Seconded. That song would propably also benefit from Kai's more dynamic drumming and Marco or Troy accompanying Emppu for the clean intro.
  4. Albanyssa pieni lisäys settilistaan.
  5. End of All Hopessa tulee soolo kahteen kertaan, onkohan tässä joku ajatus taustalla vaiko puhdas kämmi kyseessä? Kuulostaa suht kummalliselta. Voihan myös olla että vika on vaan spotify-versiossa, en ole (ainakaan vielä) fyysistä hommannut. Tosiaan, muutenhan matsku kuulostaa aivan hyvältä
  6. Näillä näkymin olen näkemässä kaksi keikkaa, ehkä useamman, joten päätin ennakkoon pysytellä mahdollisimman kaukana settilistoista ja varsinkin videoista. Uteliaisuus tosin tällä kertaa voitti ja pyörsin päätöksen noin sekunnissa ja voi huhhuh onpahan toimittamista. Nyt on sellainen setti että maistunee ihan kelvolliselta myös ilman yllätyksen elementtiä. Sikäli muuten kun on luotettava lähde niin Norfolkissa oli mahdollisesti vedetty Tosin tuo nyt on muokattu edestakaisin jo kertaalleen että hieman varauksella kannattanee suhtautua. //EDIT: Väärä hälytys, enkkupuolella joku tiesi kertoa että ei soitettu.
  7. Don't know what to think about that. I think (or hope) that the reviewer mixed Troy's vocals for those of Tuomas. On the other hand, it's been twenty years since he last sang lead vocals publicly and he's propably gained some self-confidence along with maturity so let's wait.
  8. Here's a translation of a Tuomas interview from Helsingin Sanomat last week which I found a nice read. Finnish original here: Latest record sucked out the creativity from Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish - it was brought back by crosswords that also became a sidejob Having stepped away from the world of fantasy metal to science side, Nightwish returns from a year and a half long break. Tuomas Holopainen still considers Nightwish a metal band even though his own inspirators are mostly from outside the field of heavy rock. It is lonely at the peak of most internationally successful Finnish bands. When HIM called it quits at the end of last year, only Nightwish remained. By autumn of 2016, future was not looking too bright for that either. Artistic leader, keyboardist and songmaker Tuomas Holopainen was fed up with music. New songs had been constantly born for the last 20 years but now there was nothing. "There were no stories to tell and I could't have cared less about the keys. Neither about listening to music", Holopainen recalls. He's sipping morning coffee at a hotel at Vantaa. After the interview, a rehearsal days lies ahead. As has been for the last three weeks. Nightwish has come back. In the beginning of March a compilation album will be released and the band will fly to the States. The world tour starts from Atlanta and lasts until the end of the year. For the setlist, the band is now rehearsing newly-arranged versions of it's early songs. Many of them have not been performed in 15 years. For the same Nightwish-rush, a new book called Nightwish - We Were Here written by Timo Isoaho, was just released. Book documents the phases of making the latest record and the subsequent world tour. There are not that many albums or tours that would function well as a subject for a great story, but Endless Forms Most Beautiful by Nightwish from spring of 2015 was a significant step out from the decorative format of symphonic metal. After wallowing for 20 years in different fantasy worlds, Holopainen made a record inspired by the evolution theory of Charles Darwin and especially The Ancestor's Tale written by Richard Dawkins in 2004 that follows the evolution of human and life backwards in time. Holopainen says he's been thinking about the conflicts between evolution and religions for ten years already. He describes himself as an agnostic atheist. "If one asks if I believe in god, I answer no. If I'm asked do I know that god doesn't exist, I answer no. Nobody knows. I always call for healthy skepticism, questioning and discussion." The book by Richard Dawkins made such an impact on Holopainen that he wanted Dawkins himself to guest appear on a Nightwish album. 77-year old British professor had no kind of concept about modern rock music but he happened to have an assistant who was into Nightwish. "Dawkins said he liked Elvis", Holopainen says. Dawkins was attracted to Holopainen's way of popularizing the accomplishments of science. He undestood that Holopainen sees poetry in evolution that can be turned into music. Dawkins appeared on Endless Forms Most Beautiful -album as a narrator and did the same on a sold-out Nightwish show at Wembley Arena of London. 12 000 people fell silent as Dawkins stepped on stage. Holopainen and Dawkins gave interviews together and ended up on the covers of not only rock magazines but also mainstream media like The Times. "It was totally thanks to Dawkins", says Holopainen. Along with the mainstream media, the subject matter woke the interest of some fundamentalist Christians who believe in creation that are also well-represented on Nightwish's large fanbase. As the strongest opposition, an American fan shared a video on social media in which he/she burned his/her Nightwish albums. Holopainen says that the reaction from extreme Christians has been exaggerated. Nightwish has a vast amount of fans in the Catholic countries of South-America and Europe, but there were only a handful of cases of negative feedback based on belief and those were from the States and Finland. "Vakaumus (belief, conviction) is the ugliest word in Finnish language." Born on Christmas Day of 1976 at Kitee, Tuomas himself was baptized into membership of Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, as most of the children were at that time. "Religion is defined by which time and place one happens to be born", he says. "If religion was true, it wouldn't be geographically and culturally bordered." In Finnish rock scene, Tuomas Holopainen has played the role of some kind of a subdued hermit. Outside touring he spends his life at Kitee with his wife, singer Johanna Kurkela. The couple has recently finished their co-album that has been long in the making. The line-up is called Auri and is completed by third member Troy Donockley, the multi-instrumentalist from Nightwish. Going well with the hermit culture of Eastern Finland, Holopainen and Kurkela like to solve crosswords at home on their spare time. Now they are not only solving, but also making those. Since January 2017, Holopainen and Kurkela have been frequent assistants for the crossword magazine Punainen pelikaani. Their crosswords have also been published on Ilta-Sanomat and Soundi. Holopainen makes up the words and clues, Kurkela is responsible for the layout and drawings. Few years ago in the middle of a tour, Holopainen realized that he has read all the books and solved all the crosswords that he had with him. "It occured to me that could I make some crosswords by myself", he recalls. According to him, designing crosswords and writing songs have a lot of in common. "In both cases you create experiences for people and yourself out of nothing. When you can make those long words meet in a way that makes fancy words go everywhere, it's art at its finest." Because of the longer break, making the Auri record, and possibly even the crosswords, Holopainen has been able to make music for Nightwish again as well. Seven new songs are already done and the rest will come after this tour. In two years time we may have a new album at hand. "It opened up like a ketchup bottle - as I believed it eventually would."
  9. Oh, come on, now, people. To paraphrase George R.R. Martin, at the end of the day the writing will be judged by its quality, not its speed. Although to be fair, Martin's writing speed or lack thereof is incomparable to anyone... Anyhoo, Tuomas has time and again said that he's not comfortable writing songs on the road. He has six songs now and he'll propably write another six after this run - maybe he even gets inspired from playing older songs again - then they'll have their traditional summer camp and do recordings there. They have always had a writing break before studio sessions. Last year's hiatus was a separate matter - they decided to have a break simply because they could. They've been doing something for twenty years and now they were able to have a longer breather. Auri album was not the reason for the break, the break was reason for the album. And to say something on topic, I'm seeing them twice this year, Lahti and Wacken
  10. I'm not that fond of just mindless listing but for fun I tried to create as anti-climatic setlist as possible by trying to pick two (as boring and predictable as possible) songs from each album and came up with: Dark Chest of Wonders She Is My Sin Ever Dream Stargazers Amaranth Bless the Child Storytime Angels Fall First Élan The Carpenter Alpenglow Nemo The Poet and the Pendulum Wishmaster Walking in the Air Over the Hills and Far Away Last Ride of the Day I think this would still be quite decent and interesting-ish
  11. Tuomas sang backing vocals also on Indica's A Way Away and he's barely audible there. You can hear his oohs in Precious Dark at least if you pay attention I don't think he'll take a much larger role on this one singing-wise.
  12. Speaking of Troy's guitars, it would be cool to see him and Marco team up with Emppu for those triple acoustics of AFF or Lappi...
  13. I believe Finnish National Television has the rights for that show as they aired it a year or so ago. They may decide to show it again for band's 25th anniversary in 2021 or something.
  14. Kai may or may not be there, as right now he's apparently recovering from his hand injury. He's usually been substituted by Timo Häkkinen but as he is also occupied now, drums have been handled by Rolf Pilve. And whenever tour dates clash with Stratovarius shows, their fourth choice Heikki Saari (Finntroll, Norther) steps in. So you will see either someone of these gentlemen or someone else on drums
  15. My guess it will most likely be something like this: 2018-2019 the retro tour, length unknown. Tuomas is not likely to write songs on the road. 2019 or 2020 summer camp (they propably want to hold on to the tradition) That would mean the new album would be released at 2020 or 2021 at the very earliest. But yeah, who knows, they keep saying they have a detailed plan for three or so years.