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  1. Nightwisher1381139589


    ___Please stay...__ What more do I have to say? Loneliness, don't leave me astray. What more do I have to do? Please, let me be like you. I feel the pleasure wind in me. My lord, please forgive my sins. It's already told, the soul is sold. Romance is turning to a dream. Dancing in the moon Ill be there for you soon. We're like swans, love in our hearts. Just stay, and cure my scars. Feel the symphony inside. Forever, I'll be in your side. It's already told, the soul is sold. Romance is turning to a dream. Dancing in the moon Ill be there for you soon. But would you be there for me?
  2. Nightwisher1381139589


    ___ My own "Slaying the Dreamer"___ Where, is the devils lair? Why, this isn't fair? You, are seducing me I, still feel for you Not too slow, not too hard But will we ever depart? Do you ever dream of me? We need a mirror, there you can see Your dangerous sin, and glowing skin. And everything between us. You missed me, would you go to hell? And even seduced me, shame your farewell You're slaying me. Is this your destiny? Im smiling, so I could seduce you. And then, you could cry You can get your gift. But beware, you're too weak. To put me down, it doesn't work. You just need to get a new life.
  3. Nightwisher1381139589

    Onnea, Emppu!

    Empulle paljon onnea, muista hymyillä niinkuin aina.. ;D
  4. Nightwisher1381139589


    ___Tuli sydämessäni___ Kuolema, tekikö se minusta taiteilijaa? etsin vain, oman laivansa purjehtijaa Turun saariston kalliolla istun Otavan tähdistöä katseellani etsin Näytä tunteesi sinisin vesin, harmain kallioin, vihrein metsin. Liittyä sinuun kun saan. Tuli sydämessäni palaa vaan. Siunaa lasta elämän polulla Iloisella, viattomalla pikku lorulla. Sivut kirjastani loppuvat. Tuomioon ne johtavat. Linnassa hän istuu vaan. Elämäänsä muistelee vaan. Empathica, viattomuus. Lunatica, kuun kaltaisuus. Amoratica, rakkaudentunnustus.
  5. Nightwisher1381139589


    ___Jos kohtaan kuoleman____ Jos kohtaan kuoleman. Haihdun pois. Elämään ikuiseen. Mitä siellä ois? Helvetin porteilla kuoleman kohtaan. Elämääni ikuiseen, loputtomaan sotaan. Kukkuloiden yli hypätkää. Rauhatonta menoa, nauttikaa! Nummet vihreät, sotilaat virkeät. Maljamme nostakaa, toivoamme elättäkää Kaiken surun loppu, se tulkoon. Myrskyn voimat tulevat, nuo Veren pisarat vuotavat, nuo Veden varat loppuvat, tuo Minulle vähän aikaa, luoda taikaa. Luonnon luomat lapset, liittykää yhteen Maailma loppua ei saa! Toivon sateet nyt kostavat Hiljaiset kukkulat uskon korkealle nostavat Kaunis maa peittyy veteen Vesi, tuo voitehista vanhin, mutta myös kaunein. Onko täällä oikeasti jotain rakastamisen arvoista, kysyit. Totta kai, vastasin. Mutta mitä? Mysteeriksi se jää... ___Menneitten sielujen luola___ Jääpuikot, nuo sydämeni kalterit Ne toivoni menehdyttivät. Menneitten sielujen luola. Mysteerejä täynnä on. Mutta miksi lähdit pois? Olenko sen arvoinen? Mutta miksi et vastannut? Jätitkin minut yksin. Voinko luottaa enää sinuun? Mikä menikään pieleen Voinko turvautua enää puoleesi? Valoissa yksin kidun, lopulta kuolen. Toinen rakkaus paikkasi haavani. Toivon lähteestä vettä juon. Vielä selviydyn, tulet sen näkemään Uutta toivoa ympärilleni luon.
  6. Nightwisher1381139589

    Onnea, Jukka!

    Onnea onnea vaan minunkin puolestani!
  7. Nightwisher1381139589

    Grattis på födelsedagen, Anette!

    I wish you very happy birthday, Anette! I hope that you have very beautiful day, full of sunshine and happiness...
  8. Nightwisher1381139589

    Maailman kaunein nainen/komein mies

    Kauniita naisia: Ruslana Lychytsko : Ani Lorak : Erna Siikavirta ( Lordin Enary) : Maya Liittokivi : Komeita miehiä: Elmo Karjalainen (Mr.Cerberuss, Deathlike Silence) : Eirikur Hauksson : Robert Plant :
  9. Nightwisher1381139589

    Paras Nightwishin kappale?

    Parhaat kappaleet omasta mielestäni ovat: Angels Fall First - A Return to the Sea, Lappi (Lapland), Know Why the Nightingale Sings?, Astral Romance Oceanborn - Gethsemane, Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean, The Riddler, Nightquest, Swanheart Wishmaster - Wishmaster, She Is My Sin, Crownless, FantasMic Century Child - Dead to the World, Bless The Child, Slaying the Dreamer, Feel for You, Beauty of the Beast Once - Higher than Hope, Ghost Love Score, Dark Chest of Wonders, Dead Gardens, Romanticide Dark Passion Play - Bye Bye Beautiful, For The Heart I Once Had, The Escapist, The Poet and the Pendulum
  10. Nightwisher1381139589

    Settilista keikoille!

    Oma settilistani olisi tälläinen: 1. Intro 2. Planet Hell (hyvä intronjälkeinen "jatko" introlle...) 3. Bless the Child 4. The Carpenter (herkkä välipala orkestraatiojärkäleen jälkeen...) 5. Romanticide (ja lisää orkesterijärkäleitä...) 6. Eva (mukava herätys todellisuuteen edellisestä kappaleesta) 7. She Is My Sin 8. Sleeping Sun (Marco & Anette duetto, olisi mielenkiinnostava tietää miten Mr.Hietala laulaa kappaleen) 9. Changes (Black Sabbath-cover, Marco ja Tuomas lavalla, Anetella, Jukalla ja Empulla tauko.) 10. Beauty of the Beast 11. The Poet and the Pendulum (mahtava loppukappale) Laitoin Changesin sillein jännäksi loppuylläriksi, ja että Anette, Jukka ja Emppu jaksaisivat vetää vielä kaksi loppujärkälettä.
  11. Nightwisher1381139589


    ___The Poem That Has No Headline__ As the night falls down by the river. I'm almost sleeping in my lair. I want to know all the things. Someone is waiting for me. I know what to do when all the broken hearts lose control. And all the dreams are victims of sorrow. I travel by a dream. You gotta believe in me. The longest name of a team. I don't care, but do you see? The heaven's care. About a boy. Who doensn't dare To play with a toy. He doesn't know. What he should've been. He cries for it. Of what the doens'nt seen. A life full of confusion. There's no time for illusion. I would be ready to help him.
  12. Nightwisher1381139589


    __Oh how calmful....___ The moon goes down like all of us. The flower of happiness Goes down when it's time comes. I always thought that things come easily. But I think it was wrong. So don't be looking for the answer too long. Try to understand the feelings that I hide behind. Things are changed, things are strange. But it seems that This is my destiny. __Desire__ Love isn't forever, or is it? Just come down ad sit. He watched me willingly. Like wanting me instantly. I'm not gonna go with someone like him. Something's burning inside of me. Should I say the things That I see? Inspired by someone Like you....
  13. Nightwisher1381139589


    ___ Me and a Boy vol.2___ The deep ocean calls my name, again. Dramatic are the changes, what it did to two little child... But if you walk to that beach, you can still see and hear What I drew to the lake's water. This story is forever, but this moment isn't... The New Beginning Driving to the lovely little summer cottage. I feel this will be the best holiday ever! Walking to the house, watching places My mum shouts my name, but I'm really into this place! Founding a poem, it's probably written by a little boy. Scared of it, because it was so old. Going to mum, saying: "It was so also cold!" Me and my mum going to watch it... Mum saying: "What the hell about a poem, there's only four swans!" I'm running to a forest, trying to solve the mystery... Finding four swans, and a poem I'm reading it, I've readed it once before! But look, there's coming a boy. It's the same boy! I walked to him in this same place a hundred years ago! Whose fault is this? This happened so strangely, and like deja-vu! Continueing The epic story goes on and on. "Would this stop now?", I ask from the mysterical boy. "If you just could free me from the past." I took a long jump an d went to the past... The Answer I turn invicible, so unbreakable. And the swans fly away. The boy is writing a poem, I'll watch it. It wasn't nice. So I saved him from a death. I just changed the future. But I'm going through changes...
  14. Nightwisher1381139589


    __Morning Born__ It's a morning, a peaceful morning. I couldn't live without these. It's the beginning of everything. Everyone are waiting for something big. The moment goes on, on, and on. I'm looking to outside. It could be spring, it could be winter. I just couldn't live without you. I see a shadow, it fastly disappeard. I'm thinking about you. We could do everything. Oh how I could wake up, sleep with you. Forevermore. I got an inspiration, thanks to you. I waited for you. And I'm still waiting. I don't stop believing in you. I know, someday we'll meet. And start a new, good world.
  15. Nightwisher1381139589


    ____Two Souls____ There's a soul. A restless soul. It's going away. Far, far away. The blue soul of life, is now painted to black. An indian. Her name is Lilian. Wandering through the desert. With dry, old lies. There's a place. where they go... No-one would know it. They're soul partners. They're going together. Walking through the ocean. Of life. One day they met. The mood that they set Was really for you. Day and night. Dark and light. They don't want to fight. Now they've walking together. Everything cleared. There's no fear anymore. Walking through the life, walking through the deep dark ocean...