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  1. GeorgeKyr

    End of an Era

    I never said the band is nothing without her, on the contrary I said Anette is great and in fact the DPP album is one of the best I've heard in Symphonic Metal, in general. I'm not a "Tarja fan" but a "Nightwish fan", so you don't have to be rude with expressions like "I pity you, etc". I'm 49 years old and perhaps less flexible to changes (it comes with age ). Sorry about this. I merely expressed a question. Thank you for your reply, we agree on most of it, maybe you misunderstood me.
  2. GeorgeKyr

    End of an Era

    Great new album! Anette is great and Marco should be singing more often. Having said that (I have been a Nightwish fan ever since 1997) I would like to express some conflicting emotions about Tarja leaving. Tarja gave Nightwish a unique identity. Her vocal abilities are incomparable. Imagine Iron Maiden without Bruce Dickinson, Metallica without James Hetfield, Within Tempation without Sharon del Adel, Epica without Simone Simons, Leaves' Eyes without Liv Kristine..... They would no longer be the same. A new start, change of music style, are ok but... without a unique talent like Tarja makes one feel a void. In "I wish I had an Angel" the duet of Tarja and Marco is perfect! Why Nightwish without Tarja???