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    Poepmonsters Pub

    It's been a long term tradition since the old days many moons ago on the official forum that this classy "Ole English Pubbe" become a spot for the members. Come in, take a pew and if you've got something that just doesn't fit in to any topic, or you just have a completely random thought come on in and join us in the pub. Incidentally, it has been way too long since anyone sighted our original landlord, where is he these days?
  2. Jaime Lankyster

    Nightwish Forum Awards 2015

    So kind and polite of you both for asking
  3. Jaime Lankyster

    Lankys Lair

    So since I can't stand more artistic writing places I wanted somewhere to dabble on my various little poems, short stories and anything else I get inspired to do creatively, might as well come back here since I have fond memories of the old poetry contests (even if my picks weren't too popular ). I'll open the topic with one of my favourites. I always enjoy writing "to demand" to see what sort of things people throw in the air and one of those came through this forum where someone wanted me to write a poem about a flugelhorn playing cat... So here it is! Mittens the Flugelkitten. Those cats are a funny breed Just going round spreading seeds Thus the reason they’re all spayed Very few instruments played But then there’s little Mittens Smarter than most kittens Once shy and twice bitten The worlds first flugelkitten She’ll stalk around often tooting Often receiving flying booting But that don’t stop her music That little furry lunatic While most cats lick their paws Fighting territorial wars She won’t sniff feline bums She’ll play her little drums You no doubt think that’s all perchance? I’m sorry but no, not a chance Jump on walls with perfect footing Banging, meowing and tooting She’ll play in any old garden A musical feline bin Laden She’ll play without recompense Playing balanced on a fence I’m towards the end of the tail With gags beyond the pale Some rhymes were close to forced But at least it’s not too coarse!
  4. Jaime Lankyster

    The Ladies' Topic

    Agreed, walking in heels is easy. Only worn them a few times but found myself dancing with no problems by the end. Which is especially impressive since I can't dance without heels anyway.
  5. Jaime Lankyster

    General Borderlands Thread

    Saw a couple of you mention it in the general topic so figured not a bad place to start. Picked this up from Sainsburys last week (as a bonus they were selling preorder copies to everyone so freebies) and been having a play around. First character I played with was a Gunzerker which was good fun, running around dual weilding shotguns and causing havoc has become pretty much my staple. Also started up an assassin but still very early days on that character, using a preorder sniper rifle there and one shotting most things that come near me with a good aim. Observation so far is that they've taken what worked and multiplied it, especially like now that the various weapon manufacturers actually have a real difference. Teridore guns being a highlight, when you need to reload the gun you hurl it at an enemy and it explodes like a grenade and rematerialises in your hand. Useful in a fire fight. Anyone else picked up, how're you getting on with it?
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    The Hunger Games Trilogy

    Taken from the "what are you reading?" topic as it was beginning to get conversational and could run and run! The film got more ridiculous, I know it's mainly to enhance the menace of President Snow for the future but it actually made it funnier and harder to take seriously. "old man feels massively threatened by little girl and does all he can to DESTROY her!". All she's done is look quite good at shooting an arrow and he fills his pants. If it was due to her showing some sort of disregard then fair dos, but it's instant. Again it's like the stereotypical Arnie cheese, there's no REAL menace, most characters are fairly cardboard cut out (how well rounded are "the careers" except "we like killin' things y'all!") or in the case of Snow outright pantomime villain (Sutherland clearly stole my audition video to get the character across). Which again as per original verdict, is fine. It kind of works. My reason for picking up the books was eventually "ok, is this actually anything special?" after seeing the film, I do it with every "omg this defines a generation!" type thing that comes along. Everybody was going nuts over "Battle Royale USA" so, is it really that culture defining? My verdict remains negative, it's not really a cleverly written novel, it doesn't do anything particularly big or clever and like most things you're told you must pick up it has fallen flat. Yet I can carry on reading it, it hasn't been a book lobbing disgrace at all. It's just an enjoyable enough popcorn read, there's no real thinking required, there's no real terror for characters, you can just pick it up. Flick through it for a little while before bed and put it down and think no more on it. Is it complete tripe? Not really. Is it worth the hype? Certainly not. Will I ever want to reread? Not on your nelly. Do I want to rip my eyes out rather than read another page? Nah, it just doesn't really do anything for me. It's just "I've started, so I'll finish".
  7. Jaime Lankyster

    What are you watching?

    Then you're both better off scrapping around and watching something else then as it misses all of the above. Although I like Lass' suggestion Bosworth Field wasn't Fought between Henry Tudor and the original Tricky Dicky
  8. Jaime Lankyster

    What are you watching?

    Quite right, thus specifying season one as that season is the one with more grounding in reality it's probably the best one to watch if you've a passing interest in history and the War of the Roses period. I'm sure there'll be a decent drama depicting the events since it's such an interesting period but right now all we've got is a couple of fantasy shows. <_<
  9. Jaime Lankyster

    What are you watching?

    Better off with Game of Thrones season one. Less fantasy than TWQ and more accurate at depicting the events.
  10. Jaime Lankyster

    What are you reading now?

    Some of the latest Pratchett books are very depressive and social oreinted. Reaper man (especially Death storyline), Hogfather, Night watch, Nation (not Discworld but one of the best Pratchett books) , at some point Thud (well, most of the city watch series)... I think this tendency in his writing is connected with his illnes (you know he has Altzheimer) I wouldn't say it's really connected, it's always been in his work and if anything he's got more... at ease(?) with death and the side effects as he's come to terms with his illness and his suicide when the time comes. You have however reminded me it is way too long since I read Night Watch, currently close to finishing Men At Arms on my reread through the series to get ready for The Iron Hippo in October, though I'm looking at directing Maskerade soon so that might hold me up even longer!
  11. Jaime Lankyster

    What are you playing now?

    In the event you told me I could buy a next gen console at a cost that will likely end up being sub £300 I'd have thought you were taking the Michael so that alone is a big selling point. Add in that Sony have listened to what people have been saying and given what we want, some decent looking games and that's that preordered. There's talk you'd need to have PS+ to play online but really PS+ is a bargain so no worries with that either.
  12. Jaime Lankyster

    Eurovision 2013

    Most times when we see neighbour/political voting it is just people voting themselves. A lot o the time it'll be Turks, who live in Germany voting Turkey as the easiest example. It's natural and to be expected, Ireland and the UK have sent so many bad songs it's not worth voting ourselves anymore though . I do think it'll be better balanced now you've got the judge vote but on that one it does open up to the other type of voting patterns. Most notably bribing officials is a standard. Still though most times the "best" song will still come out unscathed. It is always entertaining however when people cry corruption when these nations loathe eachother.
  13. Jaime Lankyster

    Eurovision 2013

    Top half not much different from expectations, I had Bonnie in 20th so angry at her over achieving <_< Regarding Greece - It was the only fun song in the final and near the end so was always going to go well. It wasn't going to win but the top half a dozen was a good shout.
  14. Jaime Lankyster

    Doctor Who

    Going to quote myself and spoiler based on last nights episode.
  15. Jaime Lankyster

    Eurovision 2013

    Norway decent shout. Once Denmark became unbackable they were the only people really making moves. Hilariously the German song has got shorter since people decided to "sabotage" it by trying to bring Cascadas playboy shoot to people's attention, obviously people prefer her without clothes on!
  16. Jaime Lankyster

    Eurovision 2013

    So basically people are expecting a landslide win for Denmark at the moment with Norway leading the pack. Spain, Lithuania and France leading the way for nil points. Interesting to see if there's any change over the next 30 hours on that but basically people think the only way Denmark won't win is if there's a power cut during their song.
  17. Jaime Lankyster

    Contacting the Mods

    IN short, you never discussed it. Look, you got a new mod, she was over excited and tried to get noticed by going by "THE LAW" which meant doing some actions which actually were not against said law but it was done with good intentions. Let's be honest Zomg is just a random noise, unless in this case Em has major issues with Zimbabwe which doesn't work within context. Banning a letter from the alphabet wasn't required. I have to say it's a crap decision.* NB - Crap is acceptable as per discussions with the admins when one wanted to use the synonym which began with an s (abbrev allowed? citation needed). It was decided it could be toned down accordingly to comply with said rulings.
  18. Jaime Lankyster

    Game of Thrones

    Okay I've just seen the best quote from a non-reader ever SPOILERS if anyone asked or more details so I'm tagging it! I've only just stopped giggling maniacally to my self
  19. Jaime Lankyster

    Game of Thrones

    The end credits one was easily better than the version we got where the Bolton Male Voice Choir errupt into this lovely neat little song. Yeah, the modernised electric instruments obviously wouldn't be played but as a song it was much more like Ihad got reading the books and certainly a lot more pub dwelling peasant appropriate! Most complaints seem to be built around when it queued in on certain streams. It's been a good way to see who watches on TV and who streams it! This episode was good I thought overall, I don't like that they're pushing Marge so early as there's no way she'd be living beyond this series but relatively small scale. Not sure how they'll keep up the momentum they've built around Dany as she's very much a slow burn and with her being such a ocus and judging by general non-reader reaction I worry about many more "oh, I appear to have misplaced a dragon again!" moments!
  20. Jaime Lankyster

    Game of Thrones

    I can't really say much more but in Dance a lot o what we're seeing is implied as happening when the books return to the north. Not strictly canon but yeah, there are reerences to what we're seeing. Rather than a complete tangent I think it's coming across okay. Except the physics breaking things but that is the "tv and movie people have never seen a weapon so just used what may look awesome" that turns up in visual media all the time so can't blame GoT on these!
  21. Jaime Lankyster

    Game of Thrones

    Not sure I understand why people don't know what's happening with Theon. It's pretty much the exact plot we already read The seasons doing okay. It's hard to get into most o the characters when they're not the ones I like (Three episodes in and the Jaime/Brienne wench count is 0? ) and I'm sitting here with zero sympathy knowing what's going to happen to Robb and Cat (and Bonesaw please!) but I'm not excited or the reset that will come at the end o this season. I must apologise to Nocturna however that Jon Snow scenes are getting the "womens match" treatment and I'll likely be skipping them. The character o Snow isn't that exciting anyway but with him being less interesting, Kit Harrington only showing one expression and the supporting characters being "meh" I don't believe I'll miss anything.
  22. Jaime Lankyster

    Game of Thrones

    Without seeing where his plotline goes in later books it's hard to say. I can see some potential issues in that
  23. Jaime Lankyster

    Game of Thrones

    I have a query. That said, it was a pretty good episode all things considered, even if I thin they've pulled QOT back a wee bit. Blame Downton for that!
  24. Jaime Lankyster

    Game of Thrones

    I thought that, but surely by openly revealing his scheming side to her even earlier, that would surely make her LESS likely to make her trust him? I think I can see where the changes are going to lead to (book spoilers, though I'm assuming by that you've read beyond this book!)
  25. Jaime Lankyster

    Game of Thrones

    YEah, well the character in keeping with GRRM's "distilling" from history is clearly a mixture of Florence Nightingale and Bonesaw (as wonderfully portrayed by the late great "Macho Man" Randy Savage) from Spiderman. I fully expect her to say "oooooohhhh yeeeeaaaah" more often as the series progresses. Mark my words <_< In other delayed observations... RE - Littlefinger and Sansa