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  1. Harvest


    What the hell happened in women's final? As far as I know the game, that was a good goal. The US goalie jumps into the legs of Hiirikoski., is outside the crease, is even getting a penalty. Still no goal. Now I've seen everything. But hats of for the ladies for winning the silver. At least now they know they can beat every team. And HPK made it to finals by winning Tappara 4-3 in their home arena. Against Oulu team Kärpät. Interesting series to see, Finnish national team's assistant coaches Mikko Manner and Antti Pennanen against each other. I've been through those agonizing seasons between 2010 and 2016 when HPK was in a death spiral. Economy was bad, coaches were bad, basically everything that could go wrong went wrong. Firing coaches, signing players that couldn't make it in Finnish league level. That all changed, when HPK hired Antti Pennanen as their head coach. Now three seasons and he has turned this franchise into a potential candidate for championship. A year ago they also hired Mika Toivola for Sports Manager, with that move Pennanen could focus more on actually coaching the team instead of player signing and that has been the second major difference. Toivola has done a good job so far, most notably signing Niclas Lucenius to the team. Lucenius was once a very potential young player, but he has had some difficulties with off-ice activities and that has kept him in leagues below his pay grade. Rumor has it, that the guy likes to party a bit. That doesn't fit well with sportsman-like life. But HPK took a risk with this player, gave him a chance and now that decision is paying dividends. Lucenius is a bit on the artist-side of hockey-players, an old-fashioned center with lots of creativity and great passing skills. Sometimes these guys can be a bit difficult to coach, but there's also that upside. Lucenius thanked for the chance he got and now he scored the deciding goal of that Tappara-series. This is how this team should operate. When you don't have the financial means to compete, you have to think differently. You have to grow the players. You have to take guys like Lucenius and give them a chance. You have to compete with tactics, have a good coach to do that. This is the way this team did things back in the day, when they were constantly one of the best teams in the league. Have good people in right spots.
  2. Harvest


    Congrats. Our ladies are against the Canadians in the semis, so it's the bronze game again. There's still hope. Nothing but home victories so far. I hope IFK ties the series next Monday in Helsinki and then it's anyone's game. HPK-Tappara now tied 2-2. HPK couldn't beat the ongoing Hakametsä-phobia and lost in overtime. Back to Hämeenlinna and bad news hit, because the team had a flu going on, which sidelined our best player Teemu Turunen, nr. 1 center Niclas Lucenius and top defense man Niklas Friman. The team took a few junior-level players on their roster and played like there was no tomorrow and managed to tie the series, also on overtime. God dammit, this is not good for my heart. Hope these guys can play tomorrow. Tomorrow, if Hockey Gods should allow, maybe finally HPK wins in Hakametsä. It's now 8 losses in a row in Tampere. This has got to end. EDIT. Our ladies won their game against Canada and made history. This is their first final. Congratulations. And HPK finally managed to beat Tappara in their home rink. Series is now 3-2 to HPK. But, if there is one team in this league, which can still turn things around, it is Tappara. The series is over when it is over.
  3. Harvest


    It started snowing again after couple of weeks of absolutely beautiful spring weather. I live in the south so the worst of that goes north off us, but in the central parts they are predicting half of a meter of that stuff. Two things: road dust has been a major problem lately, since it has been so dry and people still drive with their winter tires with spikes in them. The raining should clear the air. And of course now I have a good excuse to locking myself indoors and start preparing for tonight's game. It's HPK vs. Tampere-team Tappara in the semifinals, then. A little recap, Tappara (meaning Battleaxe) has been Finnish leagues top team for years in a row now. They have an ongoing , six season-long streak in the finals and that's a record in Finnish league. They have won the title twice (2016, 2017). Against HPK, Tappara has dominated for years now. During the era of our current coach, Antti Pennanen, HPK hasn't won a single game in Tampere in last three seasons. And since the best-of-seven-series started in Tampere, HPK needs at least one victory in Tampere, while beating them in their home ground. Two games in to the series, there are promising signs, though. The first game in Tampere went by following the usual manuscript. Tappara had the upper hand, HPK couldn't create good scoring chances (Tappara is always known for their rock solid defensive game, it's a franchise trademark). And HPK was careless, the younger players took a few stupid penalties. One of them cost the game, when Tappara scored a powerplay-goal 4 seconds before second period ended. And that was enough. That's how good that Tappara-defense is. They just need one goal to win. The next game in Hämeenlinna started with that same manuscript. HPK just couldn't find a cure for that Tappara defense and on the other hand Tappara created a few good scoring chances of their own in the first. Until HPK-winger, Markus Nenonen, scored a goal after HPK won a offensive-zone face off. And I think that was the "yes we can"-moment for the younger, more inexperienced HPK-team. This is a series between David and Goliath and HPK needed something to boost their self confidence. Tappara tied the game, but still all in all HPK started turning the series around. And the third period was best the HPK I've seen in years. HPK was basically all over the older, more experienced Tappara. Three goals, two goal posts, at least half a dozen great scoring chances saved by Tappara-goalie Christian Heljanko. Tappara was basically in the ropes for the whole period. But, the fine thing about these playoff-games is that you need four victories to clinch a series. And today it's Hakametsä-arena in Tampere, again. It's been three years since HPK has won in Hakametsä and as a HPK-fan I do know how agonizing these kinds of loss-streaks can be. Back when now KHL-team, Jokerit from Helsinki, was still playing in the Finnish league, HPK had a similar fear for their home rink, Hartwall-arena. I don't remember how long these streaks off losses could get, but basically it didn't matter how well HPK played, they always ended up losing in Hartwall-arena. They could play a fantastic game there, but still there would be those couple of lucky bounces for Jokerit. It was frustrating to watch and I can imagine how bad that was for the players. No matter what you do, you will just lose. Before this turns into a similar nightmare, this young HPK-team must win their phobia for Hakametsä. And tonight is a great change for them after that last games domination. The manuscript will once again that rock-solid defense by Tappara, but at least this time HPK-players now how to break it. And they have that self confidence, they actually know they can break it. It's also a fact that every streak will end someday. HPK has an opportunity to end their streak in Hakametsä. And they also have an opportunity to be the team that finally dropped Tappara from the finals. Let's see how this goes. The another semifinal-series, Kärpät from Oulu vs. IFK, Helsinki is tied at two victories for both. Kärpät is another top-team of Finnish league. Since they returned to the league in 2000 after a decade in lower levels and a bankruptcy, Kärpät have established themselves as team for "half of Finland". It's the northernmost team in Finnish league and thus they have a wide area for picking promising juniors. And Oulu has also been a rather vital financial crossing in Finland, so their financial means are also much better than the rest of the league. So they have won 7 titles since their return to the league (2004,2005,2007,2008,2014,2015,2018), lost two final series (2003,2009), won bronzes twice (2006,2016). During the era of Tappara-finals streak, there have been three Kärpät-Tappara final-series already (-14, 15 and last season). Of course it isn't the team's fault that they overrun a league, but it would be refreshing to see something else for a change. So with this series I'm actually in the bandwagon of IFK. Not only because IF this would turn out to be a HPK-IFK final-year, HPK has lot's of great memories of IFK as an opponent in playoffs. Most of all 2006, when HPK won their only championship after beating IFK in the semifinal-stage. And secondly, for some reason, HPK vs. IFK games have always been very audience-friendly, offensive-minded, physical and entertaining hockey. But first things first. Couple of cold ones to the freezer and towards tonight's game. I hope it's a good one. And to get in a right mood, HPK's entrance song in Hämeenlinna. A7X - Shepherd of Fire
  4. Harvest

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    Since it's April and we actually could use some rain:
  5. Harvest


    Not that many actually. But it isn't a completely unusual surname, either. But this Kakko is truly one special talent. Experts are saying he will be drafted to NHL as nr. 2 overall. Being the fourth Finn to be drafted as nr. 2 (goalie Kari Lehtonen, center Aleksander Barkov jr. and winger Patrik Laine being the other players). Some speculate he could even be the first ever nr.1 Finnish draft pick, but I'm putting my money on USA-player Jack Hughes. But we will see. And. After 8 seasons of waiting HPK finally did it. It's semifinals this year. The fifth quarterfinal went overtime, but the captain of our team, Otto Paajanen, scored a sudden death goal. It's either Kärpät from Oulu or Tappara from Tampere (depending on how the ongoing series between Lahti team Pelicans and IFK from Helsinki will end), in either case these teams are the biggest favorites to win the championship yet again. Kärpät has won 3 titles in the last 5 years and Tappara has been in the finals for 6 seasons in a row, winning two championships. You might call these teams the Real Madrid and Barcelona of Finnish Hockey League. So I'm not really putting my money on HPK. But sometimes weird things happen and there is a thing called fool's hope. Yeah, it often draws your attention, when your countrymen start to be successful. Personally I haven't followed F1 since the days of Häkkinen vs. Schumi. Back in those our commercial channel MTV3 had the rights to F1, so F1 wasn't on pay-per-view. Nowadays you have to buy some package full of channels you don't need and I don't want that. Plus I've never cared for Räikkönen that much. So, in this case I lost my interest to these events for many reasons. Schumacher's dominance also being one of them . Those bicycle-drivers must be in top shape. I've never really followed that sport, but now I have a mountain bike and there are all kinds of trails in the woods nearby. Maybe I should try that as well during the summer. By comparison, modern WRC-cars have around 300 horse powers. B-group cars had, in some cases, more than 400 (and in some cases, like the Lancia Delta S4, even 600+). Some of them, like that 037, were still a rear-wheel drive. You put that much power on a rear-wheel drive. The steering, the suspension, all old -fashioned by modern standards. The cars were mostly plastic, modern safety measures were still in the future. The gas tanks right in the middle, just under the drivers. Jesus, those drivers really had to know what they were doing. And to make it even worse, that crowd. I saw an interview on one of those clips. It was Michéle Mouton, a crazy French woman, driving the Audi Quattro (and btw. nearly winning the championship). She said she started thinking that the crowd was trees and stones and other stuff. The logic behind that being that you try to avoid hitting trees and other stuff while you drive. Thinking that these were living, breathing human beings was just too harsh for her. On the other hand you had to drive really fast and try to win, on the other you don't want kill anyone. It never should have been that way. I don't know why we Finns are so good in motor sports. Maybe we are just that crazy. Even the B-series era with those monster cars was dominated by Finnish drivers. You had Mouton, Walter Röhrl and Stig Blomqvist as top drivers, of course. But then there was the Finnish bunch: Markku Alén, Timo Salonen, Ari Vatanen, Juha Kankkunen, Hannu Mikkola and Henri Toivonen. Those were the times. Crazy cars, crazy drivers, crazy audience.
  6. Harvest


    HPK is now leading the quarter-final series against TPS with 3 victories to 1. Friday they have their first shot at semifinals. That would be the first time since 2010 HPK has made it to semifinals. Keeping my thumbs up. Young TPS-player, Kaapo Kakko, will be a force to reckon with in the future. Wouldn't be surprised at all if this guy will be a superstar in the NHL-level in few years. @hunebedbouwer, Motorsports.....still remember the "killer b's", Hune? I've been on a memory lane and watching lots of clips from that era of motor sports lately. Back in the 80's Group A meant a lot of restrictions concerning the weight and power of the cars. And the base models of the cars also had to be mass produced. Group B was established as a competition for Group A, with far less restrictions on the design, weight and power of the cars. They also allowed so called evolution-models. What happened wasn't a surprise. The cars got lighter, with much more horse powers and all kinds of new inventions were established, starting with revolutionary four-wheel drive by Audi, legendary Audi Quattro. The peak of the B-Group was a monster by Lancia. Lancia Delta S4. Turbocharger combined with supercharger to get rid of the turbo lag, four-wheeldrive with +550 horse powers. The car was very light and went from 0 to 100 in just under 3 seconds. Finnish driver, Henri Toivonen said in one interview that this car was too fast for human brains to digest on those roads they were driving. During this time rally also became very popular. The crowds got bigger and mayhem ensued when spectators were standing everywhere on the road, even trying to touch the cars when they were flying past them. Moving away in the very last second. The scene was just crazy. Of course, it didn't take long until the bodies started piling up. Finnish driver Ari Vatanen drove his Peugeot 205 of the road in Argentina and spend 18 months recovering. Attilio Bettega crashed his Lancia 037 in Corsica and died. During the Portuguese Rally of -86 Jorge Santos tried to avoid hitting a group of spectators and this caused him to lose control of his car. His car the slid of the road and hit a bunch of spectators. 3 were killed. And then in Corsica, year after Bettega's fatal crash, Henri Toivonen plunged of the road with his S4. The car burned and Toivonen and his co-driver, Sergio Cresto both died. This marked the end for Group B, which was deemed too dangerous and the next season the car manufacturers returned to A Group rules. I never had the opportunity these monsters live. The first thousand lake rally I ever saw was right after B Group had ended. Nowadays the cars are even faster, but I guess they are also more manageable due to modern technology. For many fans of motor sports this was the ultimate era of driving. Sad it had to have it's casualties as well. And am I the only one who thinks that Lancia 037 was the best looking sports car of all time? An old clip, Markku Álen testing 037 in Finland.
  7. Harvest

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    Nice year so far music wise:
  8. Harvest


    Pretty common phenomenon going on these days. Roids are for beginners. True warriors use Oat Meal. Come to think of it, that's also one thing coming out my ears. Watching this one again: This is for AMERICAAHH!!!!!
  9. Harvest


    And after playoffs, it's world championships-time. It's hard to be a hockey minister. . But hockey actually offers some escape from my real endeavor at the moment. I'm trying to improve my deadlift and front squat results and I have been lifting and squatting stuff so much lately that my head is actually full of barbells at the moment. Talk about upcoming midlife crisis. What's next, Harley Davidson and a skull tattoo on the chest? Hockey helps to clear your head. And Dutch heavy metal as well.
  10. Harvest


    Just goes to show that sometimes muscles aren't the answer for everything. Muscles are also heavier and you end up being in situation when the tail wags the dog. You have to gain more power to be quicker and that means more muscles and more weight. And so on. And training your ass off isn't really the wisest thing, either. It's that holy triangle of proper training, proper nutrition and proper rest. Rest is a weapon as they say. Our young hurdler-talent Nooralotta Neziri found that out the hard way, when she started suffering from symptoms of severe over training a couple of years ago. At her worst, she couldn't run a half a mile because of these symptoms. You have to be careful when you train. Sometimes less is more. And the obligatory hockey-stuff, since I'm the hockey-minister of the forum. Regular season ended in Finnish league today. In their last game of regular season HPK won Tappara (means Battleaxe in english) from Tampere and ended up in fifth spot after regular season. This was their first victory against Tappara in I don't even remember how many years (Tappara has been in the finals for 6 seasons in a row now and won 2 championships). So the team has been a huge obstacle for HPK during this decade. They start their playoffs against TPS from Turku next Thursday. Financially this season has all ready been very successful. Eventually the team ended having the second best spectator average (from the time we have records). A few youngsters had their breakthrough seasons, most notably 20-year old Jere Innala, who scored 24 goals during the regular season and ended up in 4th spot in leagues scoring. Future looks very bright now and I've all ready heard rumors of rather nice contracts for next season. Which is also HPK's 90th birthday-season. Most importantly they've also managed to continue contracts with players like Innala and also other key players from this team. And there is also a couple of very promising youngsters ready to start their careers. Yes, future looks sunny, now. That's what you get, when you hire right people for the right spots. You can do miracles even with limited means. But first things first. The playoff-format in Finnish league has a "wild card" round first. 7th after the regular season (a team called Lukko, means Lock, from Rauma) meets the 10th (JYP from Jyväskylä). The 8th (Ilves, means Bobcat, from Tampere) is against the 9th (SaiPa from Lappeenranta). This stage is played with best-out-of-three format (aka two wins required to clinch the spot to quarterfinals). The winners of their wild card rounds will go to quarterfinal-stage against the winner and second after regular season (Kärpät, Oulu and Tappara, Tampere). 3rd after regular season (Pelicans, Lahti) meets 6th (IFK, Helsinki) and 4th (TPS, Turku) meets 5th (HPK, Hämeenlinna). Quarterfinals, semifinals and finals are played with best-out-of-7 method. Meaning 4 victories is required to win the series. So, in theory it's possible for a "wild card"round team to play a 24 game playoff-spring. And the 10th after regular season can win the championship. But of course that's very unlikely. And the games are also sudden death-games. If the game is a tie after 60 minutes of hockey, they will play 20-minute overtime-periods until someone scores a goal. The longest game played was Ilves-IFK during the spring of 2015. It finally ended after 134 minutes of hockey. So it's time to start growing my playoff-beard. It's hopefully one and a half months of thriller after thriller.
  11. Harvest

    Nightwish Off Topic

    Now this guy does a pretty fantastic job, if you ask me....
  12. Maybe it's because I'm a Finnish person and I'm used to that kind of horrible pronunciation. The thing we call "rally driver English" here. Even our president has a horrible pronunciation:
  13. 7 Days has been my favorite song from DPP (with Sahara) since the get-go. And those live-versions with Floor made a completely different beast from that song. From Wishes to Eternity.... How to put this. Ever since they started their decades tour, I've noticed I have returned to that one more frequently. And, I'm enjoying it more and more again. For 6 years it was Floor and more Floor for me, but now it has changed a bit. I actually enjoy those raw, Stratovarius-esque, guitar-keyboards songs with Tarja's classical voice more than these "modernized" versions with Floor (and I've disliked Tarja's singing for years now, Victim of a RRRRRRRRITSUAAALLL, god). And now I have resolved that favorite singer problem once and for all: Live-versions with Oceanborn & Wishmaster songs - Tarja Live-versions with songs from CC onwards - Floor. Of course my opinion, someone might have a different opinion, but these people are wrong.
  14. Harvest

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    Currently addicted to Age of Shadows by Ayreon. Found this very well done clip from YT. Especially that "Annie Van Giersbergen singing binary"- bit is very well done. I have to admit I'm not an expert on binary code, so that explained a lot. Help.Forever. SOS. Chilling.....
  15. Harvest


    Next song-by-song clip. This time The Silence is Mine and it's a song by Timo Somers. And based on those snippets in that clip, it's going to be a very good song indeed. Something vey different.