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  1. Well, the Cranberries was pretty good. So was some bands from the grunge scene. Use Your Illusion. Division Bell. Black by Metallica. Red Hot Chili Peppers at their prime. Some bands from indie, alternative and Brit pop scene. Muse has done nice records. And so do many other bands in that same genre. U2 at their prime. I don't know if these make for 5%, but they have all been very popular, hence "pop music"
  2. Harvest

    Poepmonsters Pub

    And it appears that hope is gone. Florence might have weakened before landfall, but it is now stalling alongside the coast of Carolinas and dumping absurd amounts of rain to the coastal communities. Rainfall amounts of 1000 mm are to be expected, which is record breaking. Based on tweets by meteorologist Eric Holthaus rain like this occurs statistically speaking every 500 to 1000 years in that part of the world. This thing will have major consequences months after it's over. To add to injury, it has rained a lot on that region all ready and the water levels in rivers were high, the soil was wet. There's nothing to hold that rain fall and storm surge, either. And the Philippines are taking a hit as well, when typhoon Manghut is hitting with winds up to 80 m/s. Many people rmember typhoon Haiyan, which was one the strongest storms ever recorded and killed almost 6500 people in 2013. This one isn't as strong, but it's still very dangerous and millions of people are going to be affected.
  3. Harvest

    Your TOP-5 of ANYTHING

    Couldn't finish it because it was bad or terrifying?. Yeah, the topics in King's books are something pretty horrible and he can go overboard with certain things. But on the other hand he can create suspense.
  4. Harvest

    Your TOP-5 of ANYTHING

    Pet Sematary-remake coming out next spring. I have high expectations toward the film, since Pet Sematary is my all time favorite Stephen King-novel. While waiting mt top 5 King books turned into films 5.Dolores Claiborne - directed by Taylor Hackford 4.Misery - Rob Reiner 3. Carrie - Brian De Palma 2.Different Seasons. This collection of 4 novellas turned into three great movies: The Shawshank Redemption - Frank Darabont Stand By Me - Rob Reiner Apt Pupil - Bryan Singer 1. The Shining - Stanley Kubrick. What else the nr 1 could be? I know King himself hasn't liked this movie adaptation very much, but it's just a great film. Nicholson just fits for these roles.
  5. Harvest

    Poepmonsters Pub

    So, we've had 63 days of summer hotness above 25 degrees somewhere in Finland this year, which equals nr. 2 on our all time-list. 2002 had 65. time period from start of May to end of August was the warmest on record, though.Today will probably be the last warm day, since autumn is about to start with a bang next week. A series of low pressures is cooking up in norther Atlantic and that will bring the autumn rains. It has been very dry ever since May started and some rain is needed. I just hope that the rain accumulation this autumn isn't yet another "record breaker". Meanwhile in tropics, Atlantic hurricane season is becoming active after months of dry Saharan air layer and upper athmosphere dynamics killing most of the potential cyclones. Tropical storm Florence is strenghtening to hurricane and eventually major hurricane (winds above 50 m/s). It's possible that this one will make a landfall somewhere in the east coast of US and there is lots of warm water for this one to feed from. Hopefully nothing bad happens. And another two tropical systems are cooking up near Africa. Will these become hurricanes to effect land somewhere in Caribbean, time will tell. But systems like these have the potential to develop into very large and strong storms.
  6. Harvest

    Your TOP-5 of ANYTHING

    Currently I'm starting to add this bad boy to my training cycle. And god damn this is difficult. But also an absolute killer exercise: So my current top 5 gym moves: 5.Front loaded squats 4.Over Head Press 3.Barbell Rows 2.Planking 1.Dead Lift Training those should help Clean & Jerk as well.
  7. Harvest

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    More Zimmer from Prague. Nice combo of Crimson Tide and Angel&Demons. Talking about Crimson Tide this is one of my all time favorite movie scenes. Fantastic acting by Hackman and Washington.
  8. Harvest


    Very well said.
  9. Harvest

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    This relaxing song.
  10. Harvest


    Well, this goes straight to my alley. Energetic, straightforward, traditional (meaning in that 80's style) heavymetal/rock. Floor's voice fits like a glove for this kind of stuff. That chorus is indeed dangerously close to Pretender, though. Must check this one out. I like stuff like this.
  11. Harvest

    animal cuteness

    That's unfortunately the case. With an easy google search, while sitting on my ass and sipping beer, I found animal shelters from that region taking these unwanted kittens, sterilizing them, taking them to vet and putting microship on these kittens. And then passing them to someone who needs a cat. It's easy as hell, you don't even have to leave these kittens anywhere, just take them to proper organizations taking care of them. Moral vacuum, that's a nice way of describing these people.
  12. Harvest

    animal cuteness

    I think we should be used to the cruelty of Homo Sapiens by now, but god damn. Last week some jack ass threw a garbagebag filled with kittens to the middle of the road from his/her car in southern Finland. One the kittens died right away when a car ran over it and the others escaped to the woods near by. As always the biggest douchebaggery of human being is soon followed by the biggest showcase of kind heart and dozens of people volunteered to a mission to find and rescue the kittens from the wood. These two were found alive and they are now safe and sound in an animal shelter. It's kind of sad to hear that out of 354 animals in that shelter 300 are cats!! As a cat owner I'm quite allergic to some peoples tendency to get cats and then leave them wondering around without even sterilizing them. I Don't have the money to do that, I hear. Well, that kind of people shouldn't have a pet in the first place. Even cats cost money. They need food, they need vet, they need stuff to play with, structures to climb.. What if that cat becomes seriously ill and euthanasia is the only choice. What do these people do, put that cat in the sack with couple of stones and throw it to a lake? Cats are easy pets, I hear people say. Well more low maintenance than dogs for sure, but there's still work to be done with them. Domesticated cats come very attached to their owners and they are not something you just leave where ever you feel fit. Cats still seem to be the outlaws of pets, for some reason. Well, our two cats are now settled to the house perfectly and even our little female has found her spirit. She still runs away from strangers, but otherwise she has become a nice cat. Patrolling the house from window to window during nightime and sleeping the rest of the day.
  13. Harvest

    Poepmonsters Pub

    Yeah, same here. They are forecasting more warm days next week, but for now it's actually quite chilly here. Temperatures have dropped to 15 in daytime and has been rather windy day. There has even been below zero temperatures in the north all ready. Autumn is clearly coming. I was just collecting apples that had dropped from my apple trees and god dammit the amount of wasps flying around them. The warm summer was good for wasps here and there are a lot of them now. Now that the queens have left the nests, the workers are looking desperately for something to eat. And they are quite dangerous now, when they served their purpose. Luckily I didn't get stung, though.
  14. Harvest


    That original master of Lucidity has some dynamic range left. That remaster-version is louder. After that Delain's records suffer from overtly loud mastering. I guess what ever good things can be said from the sound quality of their records is mainly due to the production and mixing. HC and Moonbathers are way too loud and compressed, with majority of songs in that DR 4-5 area with waveforms shaped like a brick. They should have more room to breathe, but what can you do. Law of the land.
  15. Harvest

    Anneke van Giersbergen

    Didn't know that. Based on those clips that was a fantastic concept. I must buy that one.