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  1. Harvest


    Hans Zimmer's Pirates of the Caribbean- medley. Jack Sparrow's theme combined with the love themes of the movies, ending with the title cue He's a Pirate. Guthrie Govan on the guitars, btw.
  2. Harvest


    Speak for yourself. Finland will never qualify for a major football tournament. Faroe Islands, yes, Liechtenstein, yes, Greenland, yes, United Penguins of Antarctica, yes. Finland, no. Actually Japan played nice football. They forgot every tactical aspect of the game except borderline lunatic offense against Belgium and that was entertaining to watch.
  3. Harvest

    Poepmonsters Pub

    Hottest days of this summer coming up here in the land of thousand lakes. It has been a very warm and sunny and dry summer so far, Finland has been baking in sun ever since May started with only a few rainy days during that time. Lapland had +30 degree temperatures couple of days ago and next week is starting with a heatwave arriving from Sweden. 30 egrees and over temperatures are expected all over Finland and sun is shining from the near cloudless sky. Even the nights are expected to be "tropical" (meaning temperatures won't drop under 20 even during night time). Not quite 2010, which was the warmest summer ever measured in country, but getting rather close. Like the old folks always say, if you don't get a good, cold winter, don't expect a nice summer, either. The winter of 2009-10 was very cold as well.
  4. Harvest


    @hunebedbouwer, Yeah, I know people who swear in the name of today's tactical and physical football and think this change is welcome in football (or hockey for that matter). I agree that this has happened on the expense of players skill. You just don't see those "goals of the century anymore" (just imagine "el Diego" trying that same stunt during today's game, oh my, they would kick him out of his football shoes). The goals are mostly scored from free kicks or corners, you just don't see those long, beautiful pass chains that end up in a goal any more. Couple of passes -> somebody lying on the ground ->free kick and so on. Well, maybe guys like Mbabbe could be the answer. Fast, agile, sharp, creative, athletic.
  5. Harvest


    I guess you can also say that the players are much more athletic these days. Guys like Socrates used to smoke like a chimney and guys like Gazza used to be heavy drinkers. This wouldn't fit the requirements of players fitness in today's football. There is just no room for fancy tricks any more. The defensive tactics are way more disciplined and the players are faster and in better shape. During the first games of this tournament, the Finnish national broadcasting company played clips from the old games and compared them today's games. The difference was like day and night. Back in the day a player could carry the ball for a long time, now there's a pressure from defense in a heartbeat. Pretty much the same with hockey, btw. It wasn't that long ago, when a heavy smoker like Sergei Zubov could score 70 points in NHL. Nowadays you need to be exceptionally fast and athletic. Connor McDavid is basically hockey's version of Mbappe. His acceleration speed makes all the difference. It's basically impossible to stop him once he gets the puck at full speed, without taking a penalty. But agreed, I don't want more teams, either.
  6. Harvest


    Like us and Sweden in ice hockey, then. You must remember that there will be other tournaments. And chances for payback. But I can understand your view. Because May 7th. 2003, it never ever happened. It's just a bad dream. Not real. No. In fact there's no May 7th in calendar. I skip that day. My wish would be Belgium-Croatia. But, realistically speaking that France-England is the most likely to come. Croatians have now played two overtimes, their key players must be exhausted. Like you said Russia put them through hell of a test and the players cramping all over the place. Belgium's defense against the disciplined game of France. But one can dream. At least for a couple of days.
  7. Harvest


    Congrats to Croatians. They've taken the long road for semi-finals and there has been lots of drama. I'm personally wishing for Croatia-Belgium final. These two teams have earned it. And Luka Modric is one fine player, btw.
  8. Harvest

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    Zimmer's crescendos Chevaliers de Sangreal (Da Vinci Code) Journey to the Line (The Thin Red Line) Time (Inception)
  9. Harvest


    They say Iceland's game is boring. Sure it's based on tight defense, but these guys attack very fast and straightforward. And actually create nice amount of good scoring chances. Tikitaka is really boring, when they just pass the ball around, without making any attempts for scoring chances. Now a days they are going towards much more straightforward football again (Liverpool being the biggest "test laboratory") and this tournament has seen a remarkable march of this style so far. For the first time ever I'm actually going against Brazil. Throughout my whole childhood Brazil was my favorite, players from Zico and Socrates to Romario and Ronaldinho. But now, again, I just can't stand that grasshopper called Neymar. I hope Mexico kicks them out of the games or at least Belgium after that. Croatia was surprisingly tame last night. I was sure that Denmark would win the penalty kicks after Modric failed against Scmeichel in the end of overtime. But that Croatian goalkeeper was fantastic. Although I that ref let the goalies "steal" a lot during the penalty kicks. But, at least it was the same for both of them. Even if the start was a bit lukewarm for me, this tournament has been a rather interesting one so far. Lots of surprises and new stars. I like that. And pheeww, what a game between Japan and Belgium. Japan deserves all respect for their effort, they made a game from this and put Belgium against the ropes with that 2-0 lead. The Belgians ruled the airwaves, though and had lucky goal by Verthongen. Even after that Japanese refused to back down and defend the lead, instead they kept trying. Eventually the odds turned against them and Belgium first tied and then took the lead with beautiful goal just a few seconds before the game ended. I wish football was always like this. No foul play, no complaining, no diving. Just two teams doing their best. Big applause for Japan. And I hope Belgium kicks Brazil's butt big time.
  10. Harvest


    Neymar not only dives, but he's also a quite dirty player himself. And it doesn't take much for him to start yapping to everybody on the field. Some might call that temperament, but I call it juvenile conduct. Each and every talented forward gets "special treatment" from the opposing teams defense. But not all of them are acting like this clown. Nice meme floating around in the internet:Neymar rolling And yeah, Ronaldo. Why, oh why does he do that stuff with his shorts, when he is giving a free kick. Showing of his quadriceps, or what. Well, luckily Ronaldo and Portugal are out. I got a feeling that France and Croatia will be very strong this year. Like you said Croatia has played very solid football so far and Luka Modric is just a gem. France woke up against Argentina and that young fellow, Mbappe, is slowly becoming one of my favorite players. That speed..... Yeah, I remember that game between Portugal and the Dutch very well. And to be completely fair here, I just couldn't stand van Bommel, either. Classic example of a player, who always played dirty, but then fell down from a breeze of wind, when somebody gave him his own medicine.
  11. Harvest


    Hmmm, Belgium is on their way against Brazil (if everything goes by the books, that is). Perhaps one particular victim more for the hair-do guy. Yeah, I know I'm a horrible person, but my dislike for Neymar has reached a crisis-level. Yeah, must be hard after all the success your team has had. I can imagine. At least when our national team sucks, it's just a normal day in the office.
  12. Harvest


    Slowly becoming my favorite team in the tournament. Sure, mentally they might not be the toughest team out there, but I like their style of playing. Fast, offensive, beautiful goals. Plus this guy's hairdo is just fantastic. You want to bet? Even if the Dutch are out this time, this is still Finland we are talking about.
  13. Harvest

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    Listening to movie soundtracks by the late James Horner. On the other hand the man was responsible for two love ballads guilty of causing more diabetes than Mars bars (I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You and that Celine Dion-song they keep playing on the radio). On the other hand, he also managed to create one of the most testosterone-fueled movie themes of all time for 48 Hrs (he later recycled this motif in his soundtrack for Gorky Park, btw). Which is kind of the thing I like about this guys scores. His ability to go from one end of the emotional spectrum to another, whether it be tough guy-theme or a lovey dovey ballad. His music is a perfect partner for sudden mood switches in film, whether it be Diego de la Vega losing everything he has in this world or Jack and Rose cuddling on the deck of Titanic, while the spotters see something floating in the horizon....Or Bishop, Ripley and Newt just barely making it before everything gets vaporized. Yep, Horner was one the great ones in my books. Up there with guys like Morricone, Williams, Elfman, Silvestri and Kamen.
  14. Harvest


    They should start giving yellow cards to each and every one of these diving clowns in a row. It's starting to be so annoying that I, a loving, caring individual, am starting to wish that somebody actually kicks these clowns kneecaps to dust for real. I do believe the referees know their stuff and they have videos and so on. So you don't need to embellish all the time, you get fouled and you get a free kick. And if the game is 1-0 or 1-1 and we hit roughly 75 minute marker, god help us. That mark is like a signal for every player in the field to start rolling around on the ground like there's no tomorrow and wasting time. They should start throwing these clowns of the field, every "repair" should be off field. When you get warned or kicked out of the field for a couple of minutes every time you start rolling all over the place, it should end this trend pretty quickly. Nice compilation (that nr2. spot, Adryan, should receive "the dumbest looking embellishment of all time"-award for that one, btw) Like Lineker put it: In the end Germany wins. Sadly, it would be great to see an underdog winning the cup, but as this tournament progresses the big ones will get better. Germany had lots of bad luck and missed so many scoring chances. So I guess Mexico woke up the beast (well at least Sweden will be the team facing them next. )
  15. Harvest


    The international embellishment and clown jump contest known as FIFA World Cup 2018 has started and I've all ready counting the time difference between actual football and some clown rolling all over the green, because his shin pads got hurt. Sad really, because Mexico, Iceland and Switzerland have done wonders so far. Is it just me or is this god damn trend getting worse and worse in football. Neymar jr. being the biggest clown in this tournament so far.