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  1. Harvest

    Poepmonsters Pub

    Sky cleared a moment ago after a week of thick mist and rain. Sipping beer, watching hockey, sauna warming up, tomorrow a day off. Some forecasts forecasting colder and clearer and I'm waiting forward. This darkness and me, we are not meant for each other. Tomorrow more rain, but @hunebedbouwerat least It's Dancing with the Stars-evening. I haven't been in disco's in years, my time was way before this current smart-phone-era. Luckily, God forbid if someone would have recorded my moves.
  2. Harvest


    A good thing about being a pessimist is, that nothing disappoints you. Sometimes you might be pleasantly surprised, though, but don't wait for it to happen. Just watch if it does. You take last spring, for example. Everybody here thought that the Finns had zero chance. Everybody was pessimistic. We were just counting the NHL-players joining the other teams. Adding their career points in NHL, comparing their wages and NHL-points to the wages and NHL- points of Finnish team. Blaming our coaches for this. Because it must be their fault, if our rich NHL-players didn't join the team . And, then we won. All of them. Of course not. It was just there to highlight a fact that Finns have tried to advance to a major football tournament pretty much as long as we tried to win the ESC. And pretty much failed miserably about the amount of times we have failed in the ESC. But, now that day finally might happen..... ESC is another good example, btw. People hated Lordi. I heard comments, that people were ashamed of them (as if sending a bunch of masked rockers would be something to be ashamed about in a song contest like ESC.). And then, the exact same people were dancing on bar tables, when they won. Every Finnish success story begins with pessimism.......
  3. Harvest


    It's Finland, anything can still happen. Finland-Hungary 11 October 1997. Qualification to FIFA World Cup -98. The Finns needed victory over Hungary to secure a spot on the play-off round. And they we're leading 1-0 just a few minutes before the final whistle. The Hungary had a corner and this happened........ Well, on the other hand, the playoff-lottery put Hungary against former Yugoslavia and they got their ass kicked 12-1 in that two-part game. So, even if this is one of the most bittersweet sports-moments in Finnish history, it would have been highly unlikely that Finns would have made it to FIFA -98. Former Yugoslavia was just too strong team for Finns. But let's see if hell freezes over this time. It has been 13 years since we won Eurovision Song Contest, so it's about time something of this caliber should happen. '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' The obligatory Hockey Minister-stuff: HPK against Tappara today. If HPK's start for the season has been rough so far, Tappara on the other hand has been very impressive. They are leading the league and they have won 11 out their 12 games so far. And that one loss was after penalty shootout. So up until now, Tappara hasn't played a single game without having at least 1 point. They have scored 48 times during those 12 games. Everything is possible, though. HPK stopped their final-streak last spring, maybe now they will put on end to their current point-streak. You can always hope...
  4. Harvest

    Poepmonsters Pub

    These professional dance teachers may look nice, dress nice and dance nice, but they actually put these celebrities through a boot camp during the rehearsals. There have been professional athletes who say discovered muscles they hadn't used before, there have been people losing +10 kg's of body weight in just a few weeks. That's actually the thing that makes me enjoy the show. People with two left feet discovering a completely new talent. Just a bit of entertainment in the middle of this increasing darkness.
  5. Harvest


    Doha World Athletics Championships over and nothing much to tell in Finnish front. On Javelin, Lassi Etelätalo was 4th. Our trio of women in 100m hurdles made it to semifinals, Nooralotta Neziri being 14th with her season best result. Triple jumper Kristiina Mäkelä finished 14th. And that's just about it. @hunebedbouwer, feel bad for Dafne. But that's the life of an athlete. You train and train for months and then something snaps and that's it. On hockey front, HPK has had a disappointing start for the season. They are all ready out of the Champions Hockey League and in Finnish League they have now dropped to 10th spot with six losses in 10 games. Last springs hero's are now mere mortals. One of the best defensemen in last springs games, Arto Laatikainen, took a 6 game suspension because of a completely idiotic hit and our top defenseman, Petteri Nikkilä, is wondering in the shadows. The only thing going for us right now is two youngsters, Valtteri Puustinen and Filip Krivosik and center Cody Kunyk, but a few birds don't make a summer yet. It about time this team starts to realize the season has begun, they are the ruling champions and now everybody's after their scalp. Well, I can still reminisce last spring games. With this rate next spring will be a lot shorter....
  6. Harvest

    Poepmonsters Pub

    @Figment-of-me, We that same show in Finland, but it's called "Vain Elämää" (Such is Life or something in those lines). The first couple of seasons we pretty nice to watch, something refreshing instead of those endless talent-shows, but pretty much after that it turned into this professional sob-fest.People are always crying, no matter how bad the version is. And it's kind of a same deal here. The most eclectic group of musicians are avoiding the show, instead the same pop-stars are doing their second run (or third, I've lost count) on the show. An of course sobbing to the songs and praising each other like there is no tomorrow. I'm not too big on reality-shows, but I have to admit I have my guilty pleasure. AKA Finnish version of Dancing with the Stars. That's pretty much the only reality television I follow regularly. Season 12 started a couple of weeks ago and we have already lost former Finnish Parliament member Mikael Jungner, because he broke his leg during his first dance, while his professional instructor, Janica Saari, sprained her ankle. There has been numerous accidents like that during the shows run, Finnish news anchor Kirsi Alm-Siira fainted on the floor after her dance and so on. And Finnish actor, Timo Lavikainen, nearly dropped his teacher, Kia Lehmuskoski, to the floor during the closing spins of their Jive. Who says dancing isn't hard work.
  7. Harvest

    Devin Townsend

    That's how music works. I've always liked that transition from that marchy opening riff to Anneke's beautiful chorus. I always felt the song kind of disrupted the flow on an otherwise perfect record, I guess. But on the other hand, I'm with you with those live-performances. Those live-performances actually make me like the song. If this makes any sense.
  8. Harvest

    Devin Townsend

    Thanks. And, from the vault this gem. 11000 views, at least 1000 of them are mine. 4 minutes-> what to say. Thanks for Devin for checking out that E-mail she sent. And after that, coming to that logical conclusion that her voice just might fit this record. It did, it really did.
  9. Harvest

    Devin Townsend

    Well, I tried my best to enjoy Empath. But, it's that same-old-same-old with me and Devin's "Circus-metal"-stuff. This goes to the similar vein with the whole Ziltoid-stuff, Deconstruction, Retinal Circus and that kind of stuff. And I just can't force myself into liking it. There is clearly lot's of work and thought and everything. But when it doesn't work, it doesn't work. Luckily enough, there are tons of records in Devin's catalogue better suited for my musical taste. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' And, since it's the 10th (well, the recordings ended in September, it was released in November, but let's cheat a bit) Anniversary of Addicted!, I decided to recap this one. It's been quite a while since I have listened to this one. Addicted! is one those "best records of all time" for me, but even the classics deserve a little rest every once in a while. This record has enhanced my life in so many ways I can't even count them. It has been in my I-pod, when laid in a hospital bed for a couple of months, it has been with me during those endless night shifts at work. And the first time I listened to it, was actually the spring of 2010 and that time it was a cure for my hangover from an evening with a floorball-team I have been playing for years. So, I can't do a completely objective review with this one, either. True classics are molded by time. True classics bring back memories, good and bad. As the party record of 4 record straight (Ki, Addicted, Deconstruction and Ghost), Addicted is also the most condenced one, clocking almost half an hour shorter duration than the other parts of this saga. And this works for the records benefit. It's tight, focused, grabs you by the throat and doesn''t let go. As for the theme of the record, Devin has had problems with substance abuse and mental health in the past and Addicted is kind of a celebration to his sobriety and the change in quality of life in general that followed. Becoming a father and about leaving behind those things that hurt him. A bit of a celebration for life so to speak. And, of course, It's not the first or the last time someone decided that Anneke Van Giersbergen would be a perfect vessel for channeling feelings like this through their music. The opening trio of Addicted, Universe In a Ball and Bend It Like Bender hints toward that disco dance floor-medley thing by tieing the songs together with transitions. We might remember those Disco-medley's which always ended with the most brainwashing chorus you can think of, right. Well, that's Bend It Like Bender. Universe In a Ball, well in this context Ball means testicle. Shortly it is kind of a cute song about Devin finding out what kind of life change becoming a father is. Supercrush is nowadays one of Devin's best known songs. Wonderfull verses sung by Anneke, combined with Devy's chorus. Ryan Van Poederooyen also shines in here. Next song, Hyperdrive, was actually the song that brought Devin and Anneke together. Annie had covered the song in her gigs with Ague De Annique and sent Devin an e-mail of the performance. Devin liked it and as it happened he needed a female singer for Addicted. On Addicted this Ziltoid-song is much more bouncy and rocky, which also works very well. Resolve is a nod towards Devin's old band the Wildhearts. The verse is basically borrowed from their song Vanilla Radio. Another rocky song before the obligatory ballad, Ih-Ah. Ih-Ah has been the weak point of this record for me, but during time, I have learned to appreciate it as well. I guess at this point the record needs a little breather as well. Before arriving the the closing trio, which I find is the highlight of this record. That trio starting with The Way Home, which is based on guitar riff by Devy's bass-player, Brian Waddell. One of the highlight of this record, for sure, this thing grows from a quiet start to massive ending and has some of Devy's best vocals I've heard. Awake is another bouncy song with a great chorus and as a cherry on the cake has a long outro with all kinds of sudio trickery which ends in Devy's little epiphany. And then there is that song in middle. This record has so many great moments. Moments that get something stuck in your throat, moments that make you headbang, moments that make you dance. But somehow Numbered! just surpasses everything, being not only the highlight of this record. I think its one the highlights in music I've heard in general. This song is just absolutely stunning. From the melodies to the song structure to the pacing of the song to Devys beatiful arpeggios to the vocals. This this thing is just one wonderful thing on top of another. And even still, Anneke Van Giersbergen clears the table with that absolutely stunning vocal impro in the end. Hat's off. So happy upcoming 10th and many more to come. Still going strong.
  10. Harvest


    Jan Rechberger better have his energy-drinks with him. Co-headlining, that must be around three hours or more/night and that schedule is also rather heavy. Kudos for him. That new song sounds promising btw.
  11. Harvest

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    A little bit of carrying fire wood to the basement. It's really warm and humid outside, so a couple of beers as well. And Sauna. Today it's basics when it comes to beer, meaning Stella Artois Lager. Only fitting that the choice of music is basics, as well. Now look at that crowd jumping.....
  12. Harvest

    What are you watching?

    On a nostalgia-trip and recapping The Matrix, since it turned 20 this year. Time sure flies. I still remember watching this for the first time in local movie theater. It was the spring of -99, I had just finished school, found a job, didn't have to worry about mortgages or oil prices and couldn't care less about Y2K-bug. Well, Y2K came and went and nothing happened, I'm still in that same job (a small miracle with all the layoffs), I've paid my mortgage and I don't give a crap about oil prices anymore. But one thing hasn't changed, this movie still looks great after all these years. The visuals were out of this world for that time. And compared to these modern CGI-fests - well, there's no competition. The sequels were a 5 hour long philosophical mumbo jumbo-fest and I didn't like them at all. But the first one catches something essential of that era of late 90's. The soundtrack, that fear of upcoming change to computer-dominated world and so on. And, of course Carrie Anne Moss,.
  13. Harvest

    Poepmonsters Pub

    Latest GFS-run for Sunday and Wednesday. We all need rain, but this is a bit overscaled. Normally these models even things out as we go (and there are still uncertainties if these storms happen at all). And I hope they do even out, because these amounts of extensive rain means flash flooding in Southern cities for sure. Hoping for the best, fearing the worst.
  14. Harvest


    Well. at least Anneke loves these cars. We use to call SAAB 96 "retki banaani". Or "trip banana". On topic. Lots of deadlifting, squatting and othe gym activities ahead. The summer is coming to end and I'm going to start another 3 months of workout in a few days.
  15. Harvest

    Your TOP-5 of ANYTHING

    Oh my, those are some numbers. I've grown to like this: Strong beer (7,3%) with some juniper in it. Of course a couple of bottles is enough, this is very strong beer, but I like the taste. Malmgård is currently my favorite of these small breweries in Finland. Anyways, back to topic. Since Tool is releasing more music, it's time for my top 5 Tool-songs: 5.Parabol/Parabola 4.Flood 3.Sober 2.Reflection 1.Schism