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  1. Harvest

    What are you watching?

    On a nostalgia-trip and recapping The Matrix, since it turned 20 this year. Time sure flies. I still remember watching this for the first time in local movie theater. It was the spring of -99, I had just finished school, found a job, didn't have to worry about mortgages or oil prices and couldn't care less about Y2K-bug. Well, Y2K came and went and nothing happened, I'm still in that same job (a small miracle with all the layoffs), I've paid my mortgage and I don't give a crap about oil prices anymore. But one thing hasn't changed, this movie still looks great after all these years. The visuals were out of this world for that time. And compared to these modern CGI-fests - well, there's no competition. The sequels were a 5 hour long philosophical mumbo jumbo-fest and I didn't like them at all. But the first one catches something essential of that era of late 90's. The soundtrack, that fear of upcoming change to computer-dominated world and so on. And, of course Carrie Anne Moss,.
  2. Harvest

    Poepmonsters Pub

    Latest GFS-run for Sunday and Wednesday. We all need rain, but this is a bit overscaled. Normally these models even things out as we go (and there are still uncertainties if these storms happen at all). And I hope they do even out, because these amounts of extensive rain means flash flooding in Southern cities for sure. Hoping for the best, fearing the worst.
  3. Harvest


    Well. at least Anneke loves these cars. We use to call SAAB 96 "retki banaani". Or "trip banana". On topic. Lots of deadlifting, squatting and othe gym activities ahead. The summer is coming to end and I'm going to start another 3 months of workout in a few days.
  4. Harvest

    Your TOP-5 of ANYTHING

    Oh my, those are some numbers. I've grown to like this: Strong beer (7,3%) with some juniper in it. Of course a couple of bottles is enough, this is very strong beer, but I like the taste. Malmgård is currently my favorite of these small breweries in Finland. Anyways, back to topic. Since Tool is releasing more music, it's time for my top 5 Tool-songs: 5.Parabol/Parabola 4.Flood 3.Sober 2.Reflection 1.Schism
  5. Harvest


    This is basically an equivalent for UEFA Champions League. Grand total of 32 top European teams divided in 8 groups of 4 teams. After groupstage round of 16 (home and abroad) and so on. IIHF has tried this kind "European Champion"-tournament for decades all ready, this current version started during 14-15 season. This is the first time HPK participates. 2CV. We call it "Rättisitikka", "Ragcitroen". "Sitikka" being the often used nickname for all Citröen cars in Finland. Without a one of the most iconic looking cars alongside Volkswagen Beetle, Citröen DS and Saab 96. The vibe is good. Watched three training matches so far and everything seems to be in order. Again, this team isn't the strongest team if you just look at the names in the roster. Our goalie Joona Voutilainen will have huge shoes to fill after Emil Larmi left the team. Somebody has to step up and fill the shoes, or skates to be more on the hockey side, of Teemu Turunen and Otto Paajanen. This duo played almost three seasons together and became one the best duos in the league. But that's how this team rolls. Somebody always has to step up. This team can't compete with salaries with richer teams, we have to give younger, upcoming players that chance to grow. And again, there are a few looking for their chance to break through.
  6. Harvest


    The Champions Hockey League introduction-video for HPK. Kind of a city tour of Hämeenlinna (the medieval Häme Castle, Aulanko Park, restaurant Piparkakkutalo or Gingerbread house 1:08 and so on) mixed with stupid humor. I like this all ready.
  7. Harvest

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    After 13 years Tool is releasing new music. First song out and this reminds me of Reflection from their record Lateralus. Which is nice.
  8. Harvest

    Poepmonsters Pub

    Based on modeling the most usefull tool during August in Benelux-countries, UK and Scandinavia+Finland will be this: The NAO is turning positive. North Atlantic Oscillation drives our weather. Basically it means the difference of air pressure between the Icelandic low and Azores high. If this difference is very low, we talk about negative NAO. It favors the kind of weather we have had. Jet streams are weak and thus are the westerly winds. Blocked weather systems, meaning those "heatdomes" during summer and "Beasts from East" during winter are to be expected. Once the air pressure difference grows (we enter the positive phase of NAO), the Islandic low and Azores high both are stronger, this all changes. The westerlies become more stronger as the jetstreams become more stronger. Much more low pressure activity in the Atlantic and UK, Benelux, Scandinavia and most of central Europe will get much more rain. Mediterrian on the other hand will be dry. So, now postive phase of NAO is beginning to form. How long will it last, that's anyone's guess. But much more unsettled weather coming our way. Here's a usefull tool: WXCharts It updates the latest GFS-models a few times a day. And some other models as well. There is all kinds of stuff from expected rain amounts to air pressure to CAPE-index (means Convective Available Potential Energy - high CAPE ->thunderstorms to be expected) and so on. Use it with caution, though. Ground rule is that 3-5 day forecast are pretty accurate, but after that things become much more uncertain. The 16 days out predicts only that large scale possibility. But, i'd say these are improving as well. You can't predict whether a storm will hit Eindhoven in mid-august or not, but you can at least forecast the large scale weather patterns at tha time. If it says rainy and stormy until later part of August, it will probably be the case. This model did predict the upcoming heatwave of July couple weeks in advance.
  9. Harvest

    Movie Recommendation Thread

    Listening to the soundtrack of the original Lion King and it really features some of the best work Hans Zimmer has ever done. The stampede combined with Simba finding Mufasa it's just brilliant. And I still can't listen to these without the voice of Jeremy Irons in my head: "Long....Live....The King!!!"
  10. Harvest

    Poepmonsters Pub

    From hot to cool. Helsinki recorded their all-time high temperatures, but in Ilomantsi, near eastern border, they recoded all time low July tempereture for North-Karelia area (7,1). Days of cool north-western winds ensued as the low pressure system located near Kola Peninsula was almost stationary and spinning northerly winds to Finland. This is now changing as the North Atlantic oscillation is beginning a positive phase and low pressures start coming across the Atlantic. How long this will last, it is a mystery. Some longer models I've seen all ready predict yet another block high for Scandinavia for September, but we will have to see. The longer models are always just probabilities. But IF that would happen, it would mean clear skies and beautiful, sunny, relatively warm weather for September. The drought is beginning the be an issue on the other hand. There are active forest fire-warnings all over southern Finland, it hasn't rained substantially in a month in most parts of southern and central Finland. We could use some rain all ready and that would have to be the longer period-type. Showers and thunderstorms don't recover the gound water supply any more and if that September high would happen, it's the second year in a row of way below average precipitation for Finland. Maybe Donald J. Trump would help us, since he seems to know everything about the "forest raking" we do?
  11. Harvest


    Ice hockey-season starts tomorrow for me, when HPK face KHL-team Sibir Novosibirsk in a training match. It's beginning to be a tradition all ready. Summer is passing by again and the start of season 2019-2020 is just a few weeks in the future. HPK will have to defend their title and now that they are ruling Finnish Chapions, there's also Champions Hockey League, which starts in the end of August. So, lot's of hockey coming our way, again. HPK renewed themselves quite concervatively during the off-season this time. Our best forward Teemu Turunen and our captain Otto Paajanen left to Helsinki, playing for IFK next season. Goalie Emil Larmi signed an entry level deal with NHL-team Pittsburgh Penguins and probably starts his North-American career in the AHL. Defencemen Niklas Almari and Jesper Lindgren also left to North America. HPK managed to secure lot's of players from the champion-team. Important defencemen Niklas Friman, Petteri Nikkilä and Arto Laatikainen all continue their careers in HPK. From the offencemen, beside Turunen, Paajanen and Eetu Tuulola (who also left to North America), all the key players continue. And HPK managed to sign centers Cody Kunyk and Tommi Tikka from other teams in the league, so once again we have a very competitive team. This season will also be the last for our coach Antti Pennanen, who will be coaching our national U20-team in the future. I miss this guy all ready, it was his work that made HPK what it is today. It didn't happen over night, there were difficult times, but in the end the hard work paid off. Wouldn't be surprised if his career would some day continue in our national team.
  12. Harvest

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    @hunebedbouwer, Your feeling is correct. Very interesting band, I'm been listening to that record a few times and it seems they have a new record coming out as well. Must check that out as well. Thanks. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Currently addicted to Jeery Cantrell's Degradation Trip Volumes 1&2
  13. Harvest

    Poepmonsters Pub

    @hunebedbouwer, . Yesterday 33.3. Of all the places you could imagine, Meltosjärvi Ylitornio. Near Rovaniemi in Lappland. Today is going to be hotter. The nearest official weather station I can find just surpassed 30 degrees. And it's only noon, hours of warming still left. The thermometer inside my house is at 28 degrees. Our other cat has found an unusual tactic to survive this heat. He sleeps under a blanket. As if it wasn't hot enough. I know cats like warmth, but that's kind of ridiculous. The other cat is sleeping in our basement and that I can understand, since it's cooler down there. Now that they sleeping during the day, they will probably running all over the place during night time.
  14. Harvest

    Poepmonsters Pub

    In the bathroom? Belgium, Netherlands and Germany all had record temperatures. In Finland we are still waiting for the worst to arrive. Saturday and Sunday will be the hottest days of this summer. How hot, it remains to be seen. Probably not a record, but 33-35 degree temperatures are to be expected. Currently, Vaasa is the hottest place in Finland with 29 degrees before noon. After that it gets a bit chilling. During Monday we will have a significant change, when the winds turn North-East again. Temperatures will drop about 20 degrees with nice cooling northeastern wind. And that will be it for this summer. The long models indicate that this cool air will stay for at least a week. By that time we are approaching mid-August and according to statistics, the highest of temperatures of summer season are mostly over by then in Finland . Above 25 is of course possible during later part of August and even during the start of September, but +30 degree temperatures are highly unlikely. Finland has been in the middle of cooler arctic and warmer tropical air masses for the best part of the summer. We have had a bunch of very hot and humid days, but on the other hand long periods above average cool air from the north. Thunderstorms have also been quite feisty because of this. But those thunders haven't helped the ground water situation. It's been very dry for a longer period of time all ready. Lapland being the exception. But in south, the ground is very dry at the moment. Hopefully mother nature doesn't correct this situation with a bang, once the autumn starts. Nobody wants flooding events.
  15. Harvest

    Movie Recommendation Thread

    Now that we are in the dubbed versions, here's the Finnish one (Scar voiced by actor Jukka-Pekka Palo). Hungarian and Finnish language have some kinship and you can hear some similarities in the pacing. And btw. that voice actor for Scar in that Hungarian version is doing a fantastic job. And to change the subject to Aladdin. I usually go for the original dubs, but Aladdin is one those exceptions in the rule. Finnish actor Vesa-Matti Loiri, who voiced the genie, got even Disney's attention for his work. Some sources mention Disney awarded Loiri for the best dubbed version of the Genie, but it's hard to find conformation for that. Anyways, for many Finns he even surpassed the legendary original by Robin Williams.