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  1. He doesn't like that "self-indulgence", which sometimes is the case when they play solos. In his mind, that solo must fit the song perfectly, it shouldn't be there just "because solo". He is. And has become way better ever since he quit all kinds of unhealthy habits in his life. He used to drink and smoked tons of pot and eventually that almost got the best of him. And their chemistry on stage as well. They really seem to like working together.
  2. Top 5 voices of male actors. Because sometimes is just the speaking voice that makes shivers go down you're spine: 5. James Earl Jones. Darth Vader and Mufasa. I don't need to say more. 4.Kiefer Sutherland. Every word that comes out of this man's mouth sounds sinister. 3.Jeremy Irons. A voice equally suitable for playing a Brittish gentleman and a complete psychopath. 2. Alan Rickman. Basically the same as Irons. 1. Morgan Freeman. This guy could read a manual for microwave oven and make it sound like it was the most important thing in the world.
  3. @hunebedbouwer, Yep, that's one great solo. Devin is pretty famous for his negativity towards solos and he doesn't have that many solo's in his songs. But on the other hand, when he actually plays one every now and then, they are always fantastic. And I actually like this short, yet effective solo on Universal Flame as well (2:50 - 3:05).
  4. Compassion for this weatherman.
  5. I hope that weather god has some spare time to move that spring to Finland as well. Now it's pouring sleet like there's no tomorrow. Well, at least it's melting the snow away rapidly. And there is some warm, sunny days in the near future, but we just have to hang on for a few days more. That colder period wasn't that bad, actually. Cool, clear, sunny days, it was nice walking outside. But this sleet crap is awful and there has been an abundance of that crap this winter.
  6. Having my hopes up, since this time we actually had a winter (well at least once it got started). Yeah last years spring was awful. And it didn't get much better during the summer, either.
  7. That's kind of alarming diarrhea......
  8. Yes, the spring is finally starting here. But the downside is, that it's starting with a nice blizzard. Motorist driving back from their Easter holidays are warned, Finnair is cancelling flights. Of course by tomorrow this will become a another major hysteria and nothing else besides standard Finnish winter blizzard will happen. They are forecasting 20 cm of snow and talking like it's the end of the world. But. This starts to become a little exhausting. First we had every form of water raining down from October to February. Then couple of months of colder than average dry air. And when it finally started to look like spring is on it's way here, another 20 cm of snow to be shoveled. Well, after this one: welcome spring, we've been waiting.
  9. And I thought my computer screen was broken. Either that or then I was hallucinating. And yes, please, change the colour. Almost anything else will do. Well, except diarrhea brown. And no more April fools jokes like this.
  10. Anneke doing a little Q&A. And yes, agreeing with Anneke, those couple of times I smoked weed back in my wild youth, I thought it was very boring, to be completely honest.
  11. Maybe it's because Adrian keeps stumbling on his cables and falling down....
  12. Going through all kinds of movie soundtracks from YT and found this golden oldie by James Horner again. Must watch this movie again pretty soon, it's been too long all ready. What a classic, both movie and the music. "Punch it, Bishop!!"
  13. Personally I don't even think that last high "FOOORR YOUUUU!!!! is the highlight. I think that fantastic build-up leading to it is. That's what gives me goosebumps.
  14. Hell Yeah!!!! Btw, I just love Floor's "low-key" singing in this. Once again a reminder that you don't have to scream you're head out, while singing. Troy's e-bow's are, again, a nice touch as well.