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  1. Harvest


    So, 13th June Denmark-Finland, Copenhagen 17th June Finland-Russia, Saint Petersburg 22th June Finland-Belgium, Saint Petersburg Looking forward. Currently hockey is, again, my main fix on the sports front. After a lukewarm start to the season, HPK is currently on the right track again. Yesterday they beat Tappara 3-1 in their 90th Anniversary Ceremony game and slowly, but surely this team is starting to look like the team that won championship last spring. Mr. Pennanen has done it again. I'm going to miss this guy, since he is leaving the team to coach Finnish U20-national team after this season. HPK hired another young, but promising coach to fill his shoes. 32 year old Matti Tiilikainen will have big shoes to fill, but on the other hand, Pennanen was also once a inexperienced, yet promising coach...
  2. Harvest

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    Nope, I'm going to stay inside, drink lot's of coffee and watch how the trees try to stay up. Changing to Swallow The Sun. Because that's a fitting title as well.
  3. Harvest

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    I think it's only fitting since a big storm is approaching from the Atlantic during Tuesday and Wednesday. Remember to Respect The Wind.
  4. Harvest

    Poepmonsters Pub

    After four days of continuous rain, the sky cleared yesterday and it also snowed a bit. It's now calm, clear and it looks like proper winter arrived. For a few days, at least, next week will be warmer again, but this time it doesn't rain that much based on the modeling. We may even see a longer, drier period now. November has been nothing short of awful. Most of southern Finland has had about twice the amount or rain compared to the average and in Tavastia, where I live, it has been the rainiest November in 20 years. So this is a welcome change in pace, for sure. There are also signs of a sudden stratospheric warming event happening near Eastern Siberia. During autumn a large low pressure forms over the arctic. We call this low pressure-system, high in the atmosphere, polar vortex. A strong polar vortex carries the jet stream on a western path and those westerlies bring lots of low pressures with them. Sometimes a large amount of warm air from the south disrupts the vortex and the westerlies start to weaken. And in turn, the winds change in an easterly direction. Some of us might remember that "Beast from the East", a cold wave that hit most of Europe in February 2018. Well, it was associated with a SSW-event. Of course at this point it is still way too early to predict, how this will effect the weather in Northern Europe, but there are some signs of more wintry conditions coming up as we approach mid-December. Maybe Santa Claus can get the presents delivered with a sleigh, instead of a lifeboat? We'll have to see.
  5. Harvest


    Which happened after 4 years of waiting or something like that. It was club Tavastia in Helsinki with Danny Cavanagh in January 2013, I drove the 150 kilometer trip through sleet and road salt and the evening was nothing short of magical. This wait has lasted for even longer, so Delain has something to prove here. I will be on a critical mood in April.....
  6. Harvest


    So, this is what happens, when you lose your hope for actually seeing this band live in a club-environment. And stop following their web-pages. They of course announce club-shows in Finland. And of all the places, Tavastia. Bought my tickets to their Tampere-gig in April. Finally, after years of waiting, I see this band live.
  7. Harvest

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    @hunebedbouwer, So, you've found a way to express yourself in plain Finnish rally driver-English, I see. Again, I'm addicted to Zimmer's concerts. One of my favorites being Journey To the Line from Thin Red Line. Also, one of my favorite war-movies as well.
  8. Harvest

    Christmas songs!

    I'm going with the classics for now. It's dark, wet, muddy and misty, so Bing Crosby sings it best.
  9. Harvest


    So, it's either A or B group for the Finns. The Dutch are in C-group, so you Dutchies can relax now. No major, catastrophic 0-5 loss against the Finns next summer . If it's B-group, it will be Belgium, Russia and Denmark. If it's A, there are many options on the table. The worst possibility would place Finland in a "death-group" with Italy, France and Portugal.
  10. Harvest


    Yes, pretty much after that. That Eagle-Owl had spent it's time in Finnish Olympic Stadium for months and probably got irritated, because of the game and started flying all over the place. After the thing cleared, the Finns scored a goal and the nickname was born. To be completely serious, I'm not expecting much. I just hope they play a decent game. And most importantly, I hope this has positive outcome on the whole Finnish football scene. It takes time, patience and right tools to make this a tradition (god forbit, even making it to Wold Cup someday). The future shows whether or not this is only a one-off thing or truly start of something new in Finnish football.
  11. Harvest


    A good old fashioned "Litti-thumb" for that Please, let this happen. The amount of complaining about the refs, The Duchies unfair game, I would make on this forum IF the Finns should lose. I would most certainly name all the Dutch players who deserved a card, at least a yellow one and then call you guys cowards for hiding behind the refs. Look, it's all ready going in my head.
  12. Harvest


    @hunebedbouwer, I stand corrected. Well, let's see the results of the group stage lottery. As an utterly pessimistic Finn, I think they will probably end with Finland in the same group with France and Germany or something like that. On the other hand, please. The Netherlands, just this one time. Wouldn't that be nice.
  13. Harvest


    Well, it's official. Finland finally made it to major football tournament. Congratulations for the "Eagle-Owls" and looking forward for next summer. It has been a rather good year for Finnish team sports. This combined with Ice Hockey Championships, both the "adults" and U20.
  14. Harvest

    The Continueing 10's

    Fear Inoculum is becoming one of my favorite records of this decade.
  15. Harvest

    Poepmonsters Pub

    In Finland, winter has all ready started in Lappland. A bunch of low pressures hammered Finland during this week, one of them was that same one @The Name Of The Wind mentioned. Rainfall was immense (at least for Finland during October). Now it's calming down and next week will be way cooler. Some snow is expected even in Southern parts of Finland. Let's see how long it lasts. October has been very warm and rainy also in Finland. Cloudy, misty, not much sunlight going on in here. So, it would be a welcome change in pace, if we would have some sunlight, a bit of snow maybe. Like always, I hate this season of darkness and mud and I'm looking forward for proper winter.