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    Mexican and Japanese.
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    Anything as long is natural.
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    Home sweet home.
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    Argentina, Mexico, US.
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    Not really.
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    Nope, i'm asthmatic.
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    Yes.. To long to type it!!
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    well back in the day i used to collect trading cards from different animes like DBZ, yu-gi-oh! Etc.
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    Not at the moment.
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    Flaute, and keyboards just a bit tho.
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    Back in 2007-2008 with DCOW from EOAE i was amazed.
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    twice in mexico.
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    CC album was the first one i've got.
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    it changes from time to time.. Alpenglow at the moment!!
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    Sleeping Sun.
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    FWTE>>>>>> the rest.
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    TEOSG/My walden.

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  1. Phantommime

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Wow! he said so? I was pretty sure he waved that flag after releasing EFMB (talking about TGSOE) but i’ve been off.. so.
  2. Phantommime

    Liv Kristine

    No se si sea adecuado andar humeando en la vida romántica de liv... pero (jaja) parece que su corazón a vuelto a latir me alegro, andan circulando unas fotos de ella con su nueva pareja. después de tantos problemas es bueno verla feliz.
  3. Phantommime

    Tarja Turunen pt. III Steady body language from 1:08 is (in my op) is what she needs, she looks so into it. I know she likes to have fun and all that. But thats like her true form, for me... that’s what i miss the most from her live performances, i don’t care if she looks cold, unreachable or whatever.
  4. Phantommime

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    give me a hint afrodite
  5. Phantommime

    Ask Tuomas [OPEN]

    (i ask you since you're the leader of the band) is there a reason to not perform our decades in the sun? for you, wich is the most personal song from auri? will you be making another project like part 2 of: The Life And Times Of Scrooge or anothe cartoon? what about the book you're writing? we wanna know more about it! greetings from tepic, mexico. we'll wainting something special here at mx city arena!
  6. Phantommime

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    thank you so much afrodite!
  7. Phantommime


    let's talk about the lyrics of "desert flower" i find "Desert Flower" as the deepest and most personal song of the album What strikes me is, that it speaks in the past and not in the present jus one line in present. Aside that I'll say it's dedicated to his wife johanna. although i dont get why he is talking in past, along with the melody it just makes it feel so nostalgic. -All I wanted was For to see your smile break out A mirror for the sun And the early rising moon- describing the longing "was/break out" (past what i'm saying) to see that person by getting some reaction of their part. And the happiness that provokes in him just by looking at him / her and his/her reactions. in fact it is so much his happiness that mirrrors the most powerfull light "the sun" and the most magical moment of the moon. -All I wanted was All I wanted was Past the line, on the steps Follow you Hear me slowly breathe Cross the line, up the steps Follow you Hear my fading voice- all he ever wanted was to pass his/her "lineage (?) and his steps" have children with her/him (?). listen to him slowly breath meaning "sleep next to each other and listen each others breath like a copule would on a bed" once again he talks about this "pass on his legacy", the he changes to hear his fading voice (now as an old couple) before dying. what does not make sense to me is this part: -All I wanted was For to wake you from our dream The hope of kingdom eats Drifting out across this field All I wanted was- He / she wanted to awaken her from her dreams and that she could see the greatness of her kingdom that was already here? and then-- -Past the line, on the steps Follow you Hear me slowly breathe And we'll Cross the line, up the steps Follow you Hear my fading voice Once this morning has passed Once this morning you have gone- -All I wanted was For to cross the Rubicon Softly pull the fences down Cross the waves, across our lives- I do not know what the rubicon is but "pull the fences down" in my language speaks of putting aside problems, also talks about crossing the waves / distance that separate them -All I wanted was To go All I wanted was To go navigatio- tuomas wanted a break from his marriage or what? forgive my english.
  8. Phantommime

    Tarja Turunen pt. III anything interesting other that her and tuomas sharing some e-mails?
  9. Phantommime

    Anette Olzon
  10. Phantommime

    Tarja Turunen pt. III
  11. Phantommime

    Tarja Turunen

    Resulto trilingue naomi y apenas con 4 años jaja Por cierto marcelo habla ruso?
  12. Phantommime

    Tarja Turunen

    Espero que si.. ya vi que hicieron un nuevo micro sitio en su pagina. En una entrevista de hace tiempo escuche que tendria diferentes guitarristas invitados incluso menciono nombres pero no recuerdo la verdad, es de los proyectos que mas espero de ella. Ya hablando en general alguien vio el drama que se hizo por lo de la edicion de aniversario de once?
  13. Phantommime

    Dark Sarah

    porque el setlist tan pequeño?
  14. Phantommime

    Tarja Turunen

    el disco nuevo si es outladers?
  15. Phantommime

    El hilo de Floor

    ¿cuanto le falta a floor para dar a luz? por cierto ¿creen que comparta imagenes con su retoño?