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    Seeing them in SF With my niece and her son
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    My Once era Tshirt, my wrinkled autographed poster, EFMB tour venue shirt.
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    Probably the new one when it comes out Edit: After hearing it a bunch of times I'm 80% sure it is.
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    Dark Passion Play is my least played? I think does that count?
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    Such a thing exists?

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    Thriller, Smooth Criminal? I don't pay much attention to music videos....
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    Wata from Boris and Emppu
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    Tori Amos
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    Colors of The Wind
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    I've only seen Janet Jackson, Tori Amos and Vienna Teng live. All were great.
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    Too many lol
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    Michael Jackson (What? He DID compose a lot of his music. :P) Nobuo Uematsu, Jeremy Zuckerman!
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    MJ and Nightwish! I guess The Jackson 5 count as a band too...
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    I have musical dislikes? Gallhammer? Yeah let's go with them.


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    Angelina Jolie
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    I'll get back to you...
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    Xena! Hercules.
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    Interstellar probably?
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    Anne Rice
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    If you've got any to recomend let me know...
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    Wonder Woman, Sailor Moon
  1. It's not working for me either. I click on the read more and a page pops up but it's just the tiny part I already read. Could be the browser. I used chrome. I'll try a different one and see if it works.
  2. Amrai

    Nightwish Confessions

    Not a fan either. But if she likes the look, more power to her. It is less apparent in life. Speaking of her nose ring. I confess that I love it but every time I really notice it it makes me miss the nose piercing I had. I had a nose stud but it fell out and I haven't been able to get my nose pierced again yet. I also confess - I really like the live version of She Is My Sin with Floor. It's on par with the original for me. - I really like the addition of Troy to the band. PIPES! - It's been very difficult to listen to Nightwishs CDs since I've seen them live. It hasn't even been that long but I miss them a lot.
  3. I didn't think it was going to be a lyric video, so at first I was kind of surprised like ? But anyway, after watching it twice and paying attention, you can see that it's on a budget. I like how you can see the cog wheels in the background. I like the close ups and everyones outfits, and Floors make up reminds me of Skyrim. I think the main thing that's bothering me is the text. Either the font or the color but to be fair at least it's a font that's easily readable. Not my least favorite (that would be Bye Bye Beautiful). For what this is as far as lyric videos go it's fine. Has Nightwish ever really been known for spectacular music videos anyway?
  4. Am I the only one who doesn't like Decipher that much? It's good but... I feel like Floors voice has grown so much since then. Exploring her high register would be interesting though. It's kinda hard for me to see where they could go after EFMB but I'm sure it'll be great whatever it is.
  5. Amrai

    Nightwish Merchandise

    So there's new shirts. This time they have a sextant on them. There's also a long sleeve and a ladyfit one. (Thankfully. I'm still mad there's no ladyfit for the snapping turtle or the jellyfish one.)
  6. Amrai

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    Hoping a recording of The Islander in SF pops up. Marco forgot the lyrics for a second. I love little mess ups like that.
  7. Amrai

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    Sorry if there's any typos I'm on my phone. Had a great time last night. I'm still too tired to articulate much but the accessible seating wasn't bad at all. I mostly stood during Nightwish so I could see, but probably pushed myself too much as my body is regretting it now. Anyway my only main complaint, was the time between Sabaton and Nightwish. But besides that the venue staff were very attentive, probably some of the most helpful that I've ever encountered while being in my chair. Sorry if any fellow concert-goers got their feet ran over, by the way. I missed most of Delains set unfortunately but what I saw was really great! Sabaton was great too. The crowd was really into them and my niece and her son loved them, even though they knew less songs than I did. Nightwish was Nightwish. My little nephew fell asleep after Stargazers though. It had been a long day lol he was kind of bummed out he missed Dark Chest of Wonders, so at least there's YouTube. Speaking of my little nephew shout out to whoever gave him the sticker. And sorry to anyone near me, I couldn't help singing along to pretty much every song. I'll probably write more later but I'm still very tired, we didn't get home until 4 a.m. but we all had an amazing time. If you have the opportunity to see Nightwish and you haven't I recommend you do so.
  8. Amrai

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    I have a question. Apologies if it's been asked already, or seems like an obvious question. So the SF show has doors open at 7 right? What time should Delain start playing? The concert starts at 8 so...right then or does Sabaton come on first?
  9. Amrai

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    Cool to see Alpenglow finally. I just hope they play IWMTB in SF or Slaying The Dreamer. because my little nephew likes those songs a lot. But I love Alpenglow. So I don't know...hmm.
  10. Amrai

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    Thanks for sharing your experiences everyone. Yikes about some of the Sabaton fans though. I really like Sabaton But I hope the fans aren't like this during the San Francisco show :/ or the rest of the shows for that matter.
  11. Well I'm finally home so here's a transcript. Forgive any grammar mistakes yeah? Troy: When we were little we loved fairy tales. Well all kids do. And we still do from classical heroes to mythological monsters…through witches and wooden boys, to Hobbits and Jedi Knights. Now thanks to our adults we learned when things got a bit scary and difficult to understand we could relax because they were just stories. Now this was a real comfort when you had vampires trying to get through your bedroom window. But some stories from old tribal traditions they were equally as fantastical, weird and alarming, were taught to us as real. Which was incredibly confusing because we instinctively knew that there was no difference. But you have to trust the grown ups in the world you’re born into. And that’s not easy. You see its really difficult to know where you are and what’s going on while being obedient to both actual and imaginary things. Dragging the weight of this forced betrayal of our natural skepticism and sense of reason for decades can really do you in. It dulled our appreciation for the quite mystical beauty of life as it actually is, as shown by the glorious revelations of science. Through living with such denial it’s inevitable that we would end up swinging between sporadic bursts of happiness and misery and self pity. Tuomas: Which gets really boring. Troy: Doubt and self investigation are the tied bed sheets out of that dark prison. So now, instead of being confused, slightly angry and quietly terrified… We are happy, happy, happy people! So come on in. The water is fine. Tuomas: My name is Mr. Holopainen And this is my good friend Mr Donockly of the band Nightwish and we are openly secular.
  12. If you'd like I'll type up a transcript of it (if no one else wants to) I was planning to anyway for accessibility reasons. It'll probably be a while though because I'm not home at the moment.
  13. Well if that's what they believe (or don't) good for them. Just no need to put others down about such things. You can still appreciate beauty in this world regardless of beliefs. One of things I like about living is meeting people of different beliefs and ways of living and things like that. (To me the many differences in people are part of "every form most beautiful" so to speak) I still don't see how science and faith are in such conflict with each other for some. Both can be flawed? but whatever. Side eyeing the site for it's use of "atheist closet" though but that's another topic. Troys got a good voice and I like the background....? When I first watched it for a moment I kinda felt kinda crappy for actually believing in something (how ever vague that may be) but I'm going to guess they weren't trying to put people down for that. Anyway like I said, good for them. People should be able to be open about such things.
  14. I'm sorry for those of you who haven't got your copies of the album yet. I got mine on the 30th despite a email from Mad Supply about delay. Put simply I love it. I'm still trying to put all my thoughts together but I really love it. Many of the songs are catchy, the band sounds great Floor included. The orchestra seems more prominent? But just enough. It's hard to get my thoughts together because there's just so much I love that I don't know where to begin. I had high expectations at first way before the album came out but after a while I realized that I should just keep it in check because having my expectations too high wouldn't be fair to the band. But even after developing a "whatever happens I'm sure I'll at least like it but I bet it's going to be good" attitude...after reading some peoples reactions, I worried for a moment. I'm glad I was able to shake that off. It's gone way above and beyond. From the first listen I love almost everything about this album, the lyrics, the band themselves, Floors vocals, the orchestra, the fact that the album doesn't sound like this huge wall of sound... Each time I listen I notice something even though I've probably listened about 30 times now, most of them being several in a row. I don't understand how some people say Floors vocal abilities were under used. She used so many different styles in this album. I am a fan of NW since 2004 and I became a fan of After Forever around the same time. I follow ReVamp too so I already know how Floor can sing. It's refreshing to hear her sounding different and challenging herself even if she makes it sound effortless. And speaking of Nightwish, it's been great to follow the evolution of their music and the band itself even if it hasn't always been smooth. While I miss the previous vocalists very much Floor fits perfectly, and I honestly can't imagine either of the previous vocalists singing the songs on this album. Maybe I'll be able to put my thoughts about each of the songs down eventually but there's not one I dislike. Some I like more than others and then there are some I can't stop listening to. Unfortunately instances like this aren't that uncommon :/ As someone who is also disabled I feel ya. I'm going to the show in San Francisco and I got lucky because apparently my tickets are accessible, and I'm taking my wheelchair but I'm still hmm about it....Because even though places say are accessible they aren't always or only slightly. Plus I'm sure wherever am sitting is like at least 25% guaranteed to suck (and I'm sure my bad eyesight won't help either) but I really hope not. However it'll be my first Nightwish (and my first metal concert) so at this point I'm trying to stop worrying about it and just be okay that I'll be in the same building as them...Anyway, hope you're able to call the venue and work something out. Best of luck.
  15. Great now that ya'll are trying to figure out the lyrics I want to listen and have a go at it.... hmmm. I wanted to wait until the album is out....but...we'lll see. I'll probably cave lol. But Floors voice is low in the mix? Makes me wonder if the whole album is going to be like that.