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    Someone on a game I play sent me a youtube video
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    None, unfortunately
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    Dark Passion Play
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    Anything by Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz or any of that kind of music that puts me to sleep.

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    ants, needles

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    Within Temptation


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    I don't watch TV
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  1. NiennaLadyOfTears

    Nightwish Merchandise

    Pff, I only have 19% body fat and the girlie shirts are all too small for me. Because I've got huge boobs and a huge rib cage. The maximum bust of the largest girlie shirt is smaller than my ribs, and my ribs are visible. :/ At any rate, does anyone know if they carry Nightwish piano sheet music? Because I so want to learn to play some of the songs. :/
  2. NiennaLadyOfTears


    Call me dumb for my taste or whatever but my favorites in this order: 1. I Want My Tears Back 2. Scaretale 3. Ghost River 4. Storytime Very bottom is "Slow, Love, Slow" and I don't like the Arabesque much either. And what the HECK is "The Crow, The Owl, and the Dove" about anyway? It sounds okay but because I don't understand it it's near the bottom half of the list when it comes to how I like the album.
  3. NiennaLadyOfTears

    Community Roleplaying and Creative Writing Project Discussion

    I have never heard of elves being a slaving race ANYWHERE, even though orcs are changed from them originally (by demons.) I have heard of demons using orcs as slaves, however, and also heard of orcs being commanded by their masters to get other slaves also. And no, this is not the continuation of another story. That said, I thought we were creating the world as we went along and if it's just your own personal story idea that we may take some minor part in as long as it fits YOUR plan, I'm out. No, screw that, I'm out.
  4. NiennaLadyOfTears

    Community Roleplaying and Creative Writing Project Discussion

    Okay, I was kinda under the impression that WE are the ones creating this world, and that elements of other worlds will be included? Since I didn't see much for me to work with I added the "orc slavers" thing to give me something to do for my first post or so. You don't have to continue on that arc if you would rather not. It was more something to bring my character in. Also, I didn't know whether you wanted to discuss things out of character; I just figured for now you were just wanting us to show our characters as how they are and show what they do since we haven't actually started on the quest yet. So my apologies if I did something wrong but it seemed that the world was not filled out yet so I added what I could. Incidentally, I see the orcs as more intelligent than Tolkien's orcs; more like orcs in World of Warcraft but more evil like in Tolkien's.
  5. NiennaLadyOfTears

    CRPG - Vindocil and beyond!

    When the elf spoke, Revenwyn knew for certain that her hunch had been correct; he was indeed male, and she kept her thoughts about androgynous male elves to herself. She listened as he introduced himself and dismounted, tying Arien to a tree nearby. "What is your view of those powerful and ethereal spirits who some call gods and others call Nephilim? I ask with no malice or hostility, but I am a soldier in a war." She wondered a bit at the strange question. "gods..." she spat, "They're nothing but the evil spawn of demons and those poor souls that are captured by slavers. In fact, I had been tracking a caravan of these slavers, drawn by kodo, with about ten women in the barred wagon. I was unfortunately delayed when they attacked me and the one I traveled with, killing him and causing me to need to flee the area until they were gone." She took off her gloves and the firelight caught on a glint of thin gold around her ring finger. "I have ridden on the wind pursuing the caravan ever since; but now I see it is too late for the women; even if they were to be rescued now they would never obtain mastery of themselves again."
  6. NiennaLadyOfTears

    The Ladies' Topic

    The outfit I've recently custom ordered:
  7. NiennaLadyOfTears

    CRPG - Vindocil and beyond!

    Moraklis She couldn't stand the silence. The lone candle at the front of the hall. The mourners- what few there were- shuffled on tired feet toward the front to honor their dead kinsman one last time. She wished they were gone. She wished none of this was happening. Her Dorian could not be dead. Not yet. Not after just twenty-three years. They had been married for more than half of her life, he was her first love and she'd married him when she was just seventeen although he was already twenty-three. She'd given him twins, a son and a daughter who now sat by her side. They were grown now; her daughter married, her son now living the same life his father lived. The way they'd raised both of their children. For the first fifteen years of the twins' lives, they'd lived in Moraklis, with more than most but not as much as some. As the twins entered their mid teens, however, they left the city for the wilderness. The time had come to train the twins to follow the path of their forefathers. The twins had been on their own for the past two years, leaving Revenwyn and her husband Dorian to choose how they would live the rest of their lives. They weren't young anymore; Revenwyn was nearing forty and her husband had already passed that threshold. But unless age lessened their strength, they had decided they would die the way they lived; stamping out evil in whatever form it took. They had been tracking the slavers. Orc slavers, a few trolls were among the group as well. Their caravan consisted of a wagon pulled by kodo; a very large, dumb but usually gentle reptile often used as war mounts or for pulling wagons. This wagon was barred and the door on it locked, and several women were inside. There was not a single man; leading to growing suspicion on what kind of slaving this group was doing. They had to stop it. That's when everything wnet horribly wrong. For one, they were severely outnumbered. Perhaps if their son had been there it would have helped, but probably not even that would have saved Dorian. Then, in attempt to escape the slavers, she'd had to leave his body behind. His face was gone by the time she returned to his body; torn off by some savage beast. Although she'd seen much blood and even worse mutilation in her life, it was different this time. She lost the contents of her last meal as she prepared to do the only thing she could. There wasn't time for a burial, nor could she dig the grave herself. Not with hungry beasts on the prowl. And so, pouring forth tears, she made a large fire and burned the body. It was not the way he would have wanted his body cared for, but it was the only thing she could do. Carefully she collected the ashes, placing them in a small earthenware jar. Revenwyn came back from her thoughts, the mourners had gone, leaving just her son beside her. "What are you going to do now, Mother?" he asked her. Turning to him, she clenched her fists and muttered, "I'm going to find those slavers and I'm going to kill them, whether it ends me or not." Her son sighed but nodded; he knew it would do no good to try to dissuade her. He just fervently prayed that it would not be the end of her. In the foothills south of Darkmount For weeks, Revenwyn had tried to find the path of the slavers, to no avail. They had not come to Moraklis, nor had anyone heard rumor of them. But she had to find them. With cities few, she knew the general areas they would head. Even with her horse it took three weeks to get to Dragonjaw, and once there she heard the rumors. They were heading toward Darkmount. Leaving Dragonjaw without even bothering to stay the night, refill supplies, or water her horse, she pushed herself onward. But eventually, even she had to rest for some time. The land grew more desolate around her, the smell of brimstone filled the air. The Nephilim had taken over the land; and at once she knew that her cause was hopeless; there was no help for those women now. She knew their fate; forced to bear the demons' foul, corrupt offspring. But the caravan; the slavers themselves... THOSE she could find and kill. Seeing a small fire somewhere in the foothills, Revenwyn concealed herself in the shadows until she had studied the occupant of the area. A lone elf- male, she thought, though one could hardly ever tell at first glance- some sort of paladin from the looks of him. Deciding he would not be a threat, she edged Arien out of the shadows and into the elf's vision.
  8. NiennaLadyOfTears

    Community Roleplaying and Creative Writing Project Discussion

    Ok I guess I will have to observe what is taking place and see if it works out. I'm still confused. Here's the "formula" I've always used. 1) Basic quest goal. In one case the goal was to find the Palantiri (the plural of Palantir, the seeing stones in The Lord of the Rings) 2) Gather the group of heroes who are going to do the quest. 3) Stay in character and discuss options on where to go, how to go about it, etc. Or have an Out of Character discussion thread. Or both. 4) Let friendships or dislikes among characters grow as they will.
  9. NiennaLadyOfTears

    Community Roleplaying and Creative Writing Project Discussion

    Sounds interesting but different than I had invisioned. I thought we were going to set up an actual story and do things that way, which is why I put in my experienced character. Also not sure I'd get the references to the other nasties. :/
  10. NiennaLadyOfTears

    Community Roleplaying and Creative Writing Project Discussion

    Someone I know is registering for the forum right now and will add his character to this list when he is approved. Edit: He posted as Subcreator.
  11. NiennaLadyOfTears

    Community Roleplaying and Creative Writing Project Discussion

    Back in the day I used to do several of these sort of RPGs. I miss them. Not many message boards do them now. I will be using my seasoned character, way back from the year 2000. Character name - Revenwyn Race - Human Character appearance - About 5'10", broad shouldered and large boned. She may be large but is not overfat, but rather muscular. She weighs around 190 pounds, but her body fat would be around 19% even though her equivalent size would be a US 16. Her hair is slightly longer than shoulder length, red-blonde, and is usually tied back behind her. Her eyes are green. Her face is not ugly nor especially beautiful, though it is somewhat lined with the years of long travel and adventure. She dresses in shades of green and brown; forest green tunic over a chain mail hauberk, brown leather leggings and matching brown boots and gloves, well broken-in. A cloak of undeterminable color completes the outfit. Her primary weapon is the longsword, though she can use a bow at need. She has a silvery-grey horse named Arien. A skill - She is a Ranger and has some skill in healing. (Commissioned drawing; some of the colors are wrong but this is roughly what she looks like)
  12. NiennaLadyOfTears

    The Ladies' Topic

    I can't imagine ever being that small. I'm a size 16 and when I get down to a 12 my ribs are sticking out like I'm anorexic. But I'm 1/2 Cherokee and so I'm very large framed too. I went from a girl's 14 to a women's 14 in 6 months during puberty. At 19% body fat, I'm not getting any smaller.
  13. NiennaLadyOfTears

    If it can be called art

  14. NiennaLadyOfTears

    Within Temptation

    I was a WT fan. Not anymore. The thing that drew me to them was how she used her high range. Very unusual for music, I thought. I like that sound from her and I feel that she has just become a sell-out.
  15. NiennaLadyOfTears

    If it can be called art

    I'm neither really logical and thinking oriented nor am I very creative or artistic. Basically I don't have skill in either areas, though occasionally I have ideas and struggle to get them down into paper or words, or sometimes as art. I've been fiddling around with photomanipulation, oftentimes with less than satisfactory results but I guess this one is okay.