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  1. I see no UK shows or even London...does seem strange after all the enthusiasm around the Wembley show!! Please dont forget about us over here, you do have a loyal fan base
  2. Anthonyjcq

    Vehicle Of Spirit

    This is a difficult one because having a 'best of nightwish live' dvd doesn't always work. Live compilation dvds aren't always the answer and a live dvd of a single concert works better in terms of flow and consistency. Personally I wouldn't want a meshed version of nightwish live patched together I think the band will release the Wembley show in its entirety and have a bonus selection of songs ( which were not played at Wembley ) from other concerts...still keeps everyone happy to a certain extent maybe
  3. @Hellblaze you sure dvds are a thing of the past? dvds are here to stay for a wee while longer
  4. Anthonyjcq

    The Old Era

    A lot of discussion around the music/musical style of Nightwish seems to revolve around the singers in the band and while a singer ( in this case Nightwish singers ) can inform the music and musical direction of the band in some respects, I don't think its the ultimate influence....I think Tuomas and to a lesser degree Marco and Emppu have greater input. I am more than happy with the band if they don't lose their heaviness altogether and the heavy metal aspect to their music. I was expecting EFMB to be a collection of succinct rock/metal songs and not slightly overblown/complex , but nonetheless excellent songs which appear on EFMB. A good example of the singer ( Floor ) not informing the direction of the music but in all aspects Tuomas's influence as we already know. I only hope Marco and Emppu have more of an influence on future albums because their backgrounds are essentially metal...bring me Century Child, Once and Dark Passion Play , bunch them together and you have one hell of a Nightwish the point and precise heavy symphonic metal
  5. Anthonyjcq

    Average age of Nightwish fans?

    I am 42 years young and have only been listening and following Nightwish for about 3 years. Not sure why I didn't 'discover' them years ago but hey ho. I am a massive Ritchie Blackmore fan and grew up with his music in my blood. I was a little surprised but glad to see people older than myself at the gig in Wembley...its great that a fabulous band like Nightwish can attract a broad range of age ranges
  6. Anthonyjcq

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016 pt. ll.

    @CenturyChild625 you mean you forgot about seeing Nightwish next month? ha Touring is where the money is to be made..there is no big money to be made these days in making albums. In effect a band like Nightwish could easily just tour and change their set lists every so often and still make money
  7. Anthonyjcq

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    @Slayed Dreamer I read that so-called 'review' and yes I am wondering too where he got his mushrooms from
  8. I'll keep that in mind when I buy my next orchestral album Baki haha
  9. Anthonyjcq

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    I would love another show but couldn't really see it happening. I guess the band will take a 6 months to a year off at the end of next summer after the festival dates..much needed rest. I only hope they don't leave it too long before the next great album they make.
  10. I am just looking forward to ( hopefully ) the dvd release of the Wembley gig and fingers crossed in 2017 another UK arena show though I am thinking they will take a year off..they deserve it
  11. Anthonyjcq

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016 one of my favourite Nightwish songs and was glad they played it on Saturday..I think the song encapulates nicely all that is Nightwish..thoughtful lyrics, heavy guitar riffage, double bass drum beats, orchestral arrangements and a huge chorus. @Bane I was more than happy to be yourself I am not the most animated of guys and I really enjoyed just sitting taking in this most beautiful of music that Nightwish play and admiring in awe the spine tingling atmosphere and stage show
  12. Anthonyjcq

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    Really glad you found it as epic as I did Anthony! Where were you seated man? Yeah I was seated in N7 section..don't think I could have done the standing , looked pretty cramped down there ha. What about yourself Bane were you seated or standing? Would be fantastic if the show is released on DVD and judging by the comments it seems it will be
  13. Anthonyjcq

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    Well what can I say and what needs to be said that hasn't been said already---what a bloody amazing show and experience. This band is seriously talented and if they don't go on to conquer the world to an even greater extent in the next few years then I don't know. The atmosphere at Wembley was fantastic and the energy from both the band and fans was, geez , there to be felt and seen To my own sins I only discovered NIghtwish a few years ago but they are my band forever now. Enough said I think for now. Long live Nightwish
  14. Anthonyjcq

    Who is going to the UK show?

    Would love to attend Carol but I am flying over on the Saturday. Probably do a bit of sight seeing in London then back up to Wembley for the gig. Staying in the Wembley area too
  15. Anthonyjcq

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    One of my other favourites is Scaretale from Imaginaerum though very much doubt they will play it. In fact I think the two albums from Annette on vocals are very solid. Anyway I am giving Once a spin as I write