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    Fan since 2004; bought Once without hearing a single NW song prior to that
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    Wembley arena concert and meet&greet with the band before that concert
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    Probably Dark Passion Gallery, signed by the band
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    The Greatest Show on Earth
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    Depends; switches between Oceanborn, Century Child and Once
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    Ever Dream
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    The Siren
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    The Islander
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    Vehicle of Spirit, since I'm featured as the winking girl at the end of IWMTB at the Wembley Arena.
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    Hard question. Have the least emotional attachment to Imaginaerum so I'll go with that one, even though objectively it isn't bad.
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    For the Heart I Once Had

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  1. Lord, this is such an amazing performance. If by some godly intervention the next album finds a wildly inspired Tuomas plus vocal lines for Floor which sound like these, that piece of work could be one of the defining albums of the genre as a whole. There is so much untapped potential in the Nightwish - Floor Jansen union.
  2. I just burst out laughing at The Deep & The Dark (new song) intro, total Storytime rip-off. It's 2018 and feeding off Nightwish still seems like a correct career path to bands of this genre.
  3. Thank you! I agree completely regarding Simone. Arjen does have a knack to draw the absolute best from the vocalists he works with, it's almost ridiculous. A man of many talents. Didn't know Eriksen sang with Kamelot! Makes perfect sense, at first listen almost everyone would think he is channeling Roy in some dark-magick manner. Now that I'm more accustomed to his voice I can hear its individual characteristics but at first I almost fell to my knees thinking it was Roy. Thanks for the album recs, I will definitely check those out. One other thing, the part Nils K Rue sings - for some reason, each time I listen to that part, I think Jorn Lande would fit perfectly as a vocalist. Not that Nils is bad, he is pretty good, but that passage brings Jorn's voice to my mind immediately.
  4. I have made a YouTube video comprising of all clips Arjen posted on his Facebook page. I was a bit annoyed with the need to press play on each single snippet so I compiled them all in one place. Floor's part absolutely blows me away and it's my favourite of them all but oh, Michael Eriksen is such a discovery. Amazing voice. I put timestamps in the description as well.
  5. Seems like Floor will guest on the new album! (there's also a small chance this might be Irene, their voices do sound very similar (doubt it, though))
  6. Quick question, if anyone might happen to know - for which songs from Once and DPP were orchestral versions released? Looking through my digital NW collection I've found Creek Mary's Blood, Kuolema and Nemo for Once and Meadows of Heaven, Eva and Amaranth for DPP. Are there any more from those albums?
  7. The Angry Metal Guy site review lists the album's DR rate as 5.
  8. They put the songs out because they needed a new release for the NA tour. And it probably didn't have anything to do with them or the people wanting to hear any new songs, it was the label's decision, as it is in many other cases when things "coincide" like that. No news here, of course, labels do this sort of promotion/cash-grabbing all the time and everywhere. Doesn't make it any less cheap in my eyes. Yeah, sorry, didn't get this kind of an impression hearing Suckerpunch and Turn the Lights Out. And hearing actual music is the only thing I base my opinions on; Suckerpunch is much reminiscent of WATO, TTLO has a few interesting details which make it a better song than the aforementioned (noting the instrumental section before the last chorus and the outro as well) but still falls behind most of the material from The Human Contradiction, quality-wise. That album marked a more mature sound for them, still remains to be heard how this one will fare. I must admit, even though a lot of people might call Lucidity safe and at times even generic sounding, it still remains my favourite Delain record. I like the cryptic lyrics and the subtle atmosphere, it's done with a lot of taste and style, leaving the actual songwriting aside. Fail to see the connection between the two. I'd call it the-band-having-fun-and-releasing-a-record-out-of-it-because-why-the-hell-not-we-release-a-ton-of-stuff-all-the-time-anyways.
  9. Both songs from the Lunar Prelude EP ending up on the album as well? Suffice evidence of the cash-grab nature of that EP in the first place, being how it was released coinciding with their latest NA tour. And what's up with the artwork Glenn Arthur does for this band? Usually his work has a high dose of sophistication but the stuff he does for Delain looks so cheap in comparison. Hoping the music will be a continuation upon the better characteristics of the previous record but judging from the songs we already have we're probably getting an album much closer to WATO, unfortunately.
  10. I've read the whole topic from the time when Scrooge came out to see if anyone posted about it but seems it's not the case - there's a part at the end of Glasgow 1877 which closely resembles the part from the very beginning of the prologue in Disney's Beauty and the Beast (the music was done by Alan Menken). The part I'm referring to (from Glasgow 1877) comes at 05:30 in the YT video below. If it was any other piece of music involved I would mark it coincidental but given how it's from the Beauty and the Beast I figure it might be a little hommage made by Tuomas I've noticed it the first time I heard the song, being a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast myself and I think it sounds beautiful. Is it similar only to my ears or I'm not alone?
  11. Excellent video, truly a "culture act", as posted above Although, there is a mistake, if I might point it out - the A3 note at the beginning (Ayreon's "E=MC2") isn't Floor's, it's Marjan Welman from the Dutch band Autumn. Regardless, very educating and thorough work on the video.