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    Internet/YouTube in 2013
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    Endless Forms Most Beautiful Earbook
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    Ghost Love Score (Floor)
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    Endless Forms Most Beautiful, Imaginaerum, Century Child
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    Bless the Child
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    Vehicle of Spirit
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    Angels Fall First

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    Floor Jansen
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    Amy Lee
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    Lithium - Evanescence
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    Epica - London 2017
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    The Holographic Principle - Epica
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    Nightwish, Epica


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    Marvel Cinematic Universe, Harry Potter
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    Doctor Who, Game of Thrones
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    A Song of Ice and Fire

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  1. Yoshee


    Bumping this up since Opeth just released a new album. For me all their albums are new though since I'm just getting into them properly Tried them before but never really liked the death growls. This time they've clicked though and I'm really enjoying them. I've mostly been listening to the older stuff (Blackwater Park and Ghost Reveries especially) but did give some of their new album (In Cauda Venenum) a spin and also enjoyed what I heard there.
  2. Yoshee


    On the one hand I kind of agree, but on the other hand I really do love Joost's mixing/mastering when compared to a lot of others in the genre. I'm not really an audiophile, but there are much worse and muddier-sounding albums to me (*cough*Moonbathers*cough*), that even if Joost's mixes still sound loud (and I guess brickwalled), I find the instruments and vocals still sound clear and crisp and are well balanced in the mix most of the time and tbh that's usually enough for me. Just using DYU as an example, the original mix was just as bad in terms of loudness if not worse, and while the new version may still be "brickwalled", at least it overall sounds better in terms of how the instruments sound and how everything is more balanced in the mix. It's no Decades, but it's definitely an improvement. Maybe if they did remix or remaster Requiem they could make sure it comes out similar to the Consign to Oblivion remaster, which has plenty of dynamic range.
  3. Yoshee


    Yes, I think it was some of the first edition copies that were printed with the wrong version of the song. Oh man, you're in for a treat though, the "real" version with vocals is so much better! I think it's on streaming services so if you have anything like Spotify they should have the proper version of the song. I really wish the band would perform it live more, they've only played it a select few times but it's one of their best long songs and one of the best tracks on the album, it deserves to be performed more often.
  4. Yoshee


    How do you mean interlude? You are listening to the version with full vocals and not the instrumental version that was accidentally included on some copies, right? I agree completely about a Requiem remaster though. It's one of my favourite Epica albums already, but if they let Joost loose to work his magic on the record it would really do wonders for it. Oh, and I was another of those who always thought it was "Free World" and not "Word". I had to question my existence when I found that one out!
  5. Yoshee


    There's a choir in Tragedy of the Commons but I'm not sure if they've used one since then.
  6. Yoshee


    New single Burning Bridges is on streaming services! First impression is it's very good. It definitely sounds like Delain but a bit more modern and evolved, kind of like Masters of Destiny. Much better mixing than Moonbathers too if you ask me. Will definitely be killer live.
  7. Yoshee

    Within Temptation II

    The UK ticket was surprisingly cheap considering they're both pretty big bands and playing one of the UK's biggest arenas (£54 including fees). So excited for this though, and it's just before my birthday so kind of like an extra present for me.
  8. Yoshee


    I'm liking the new mastering on this. Simone's vocals in the choruses are definitely more apparent. I'm excited to hear how the rest of the album sounds!
  9. Yoshee


    Maybe there's hope for this one after all then. I wonder why they skipped a remaster of TDC though, seems like that one could do with a remaster with it currently being mastered the loudest.
  10. Yoshee


    Hmm, TDC definitely is definitely one of the louder ones, though the audio does sound slightly better quality (for lack of a better word) overall to me than DYU - I guess in that case I'd argue the mixing is slightly better on TDC. There doesn't seem to be the same level of... idk if it's clipping, but especially with the orchestra/strings in DYU the instruments sound kind of muffled or overwhelmed in the louder parts of the album, moreso I find than in Epica's other albums. Which is a shame as it contains some of their very best songs. I can't really say for TPA as I only have the re-release from 2013, I don't know if that one's any better? EDIT: Listening again now actually it's less the strings and more the guitars at the heaviest parts that sound a bit muffled, my mistake.
  11. Yoshee


    Agreed about the production of RftI. I love that album but it does suffer slightly because of the production (I guess it's the mixing?) I actually love the modern production of TQE and THP. I get why it may sound over-produced to some, but especially with THP I think it strikes a really good balance between the band, the orchestra, and the vocals, so you can pretty much hear everything without one part being too overpowering. But maybe that's just me. DYU... maybe it's just my copy but I actually think this one suffers the most from the "loudness war". If it had better dynamic range it could be pretty much perfect but as it stands I definitely hear a loss of quality when listening to some parts of it because of the loudness of the production. I'm sort of hoping the remastered version later this year may fix this a bit, but given that Decades is pretty much the only "remaster" I've ever heard to actually improve the songs in this way, I'm not holding my breath.
  12. Yoshee


    A Requiem song that ISN'T Storm the Sorrow? What madness is this?? I hope this signifies we may get more Requiem songs returning to the set in the future. I'd kill to see Monopoly on Truth or Serenade of Self-Destruction live. Reading the discussion on the past couple of pages... was THP really not that well received? I don't remember there being any big negative reaction or anything. It's been almost 3 years now but it still remains my favourite Epica album, possibly one of my favourite albums of all time. I love the variety in the songs (and think they flow into each other really well actually), the more intricate use of a full orchestra, the fact that every member in the band had involvement in writing and creating the songs (it really does feel like a band effort), and the fact that the songs are in general more complex compared to TQE - pretty much all the tracks are winners for me. TQE took a while to grow on me after first listen, and while I love it a lot now I agree with a few of you guys that a lot of the songs sound similar. Maybe it's the mixing, or the strings, or maybe the songs are just similarly structured? I don't know, but I would put it below DYU and THP in my rankings (and RftI but I'm in the minority for liking that one so much I think ).
  13. Yoshee

    Nightwish Album Rankings 2019

    Ooh I'm a little late to this, but as I've been going through a Nightwish phase again recently, here's my current rankings. Top 3 are all very close. 1. Imaginaerum 2. Century Child 3. Endless Forms Most Beautiful 4. Wishmaster 5. Once 6. Dark Passion Play 7. Oceanborn 8. Angels Fall First
  14. Yoshee


    Since it's Timo doing the screams on Hunter's Moon, I would be down to hear more of that on the next album! Not all over the album, just one or two songs. The growls in Art Kills are fine but nothing stand-out. I still like the song, but I agree that Alissa and George do it better.
  15. Yoshee

    Dream Theater

    New album "Distance Over Time" was released today! I'm on my first listen-through right now and I'm liking it a lot. I went through a Dream Theater phase upon discovering them the year before last and mainly listened to their albums from "Images and Words" through to "Black Holes". I really need to listen more to their more recent ones, so I can't really compare this one to the past three, but the new one seems to be getting a much better reception among fans than at least the last two, it seems. S2N is probably my favourite track so far, but I still have a couple of songs left to get through. EDIT: Pale Blue Dot is definitely the progressive showpiece of the album, and it's damn good.