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    Ghost Love Score (Floor)
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    Bless the Child
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    Vehicle of Spirit
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    Angels Fall First

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    Amy Lee
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    Lithium - Evanescence
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    Epica - London 2017
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    The Holographic Principle - Epica
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    Nightwish, Epica


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  1. Yoshee

    Within Temptation II

    Well the full version of the song is now available to stream, luckily didn't take as long this time as it took for the full version of RYB. I listened to it and quite like it! Definitely a better first impression than Firelight, though I do like that one a lot now.
  2. Yoshee

    Within Temptation II

    Maybe they should find a different label then, after the release delay and all these single edits. I haven't checked UK iTunes as I don't use it. I know at least on Play Music it's only the single version that's available, haven't checked Spotify yet.
  3. Yoshee

    Within Temptation II

    I really don't understand why they need to have a "Single Edit" for all of these songs they're releasing. OK, RYB has a fair bit more length for the album version so I guess it makes sense to cut it a bit for radio play, but the album/regular version of In Vain is only 4 and a half minutes according to the album's Wikipedia article. Am I outdated for thinking that's a pretty standard length for a song? Is there a rule that they all have to be under 4 minutes these days? I wouldn't mind as much but on the streaming service I use (not sure about others), the Single Edit is the only version currently available to listen to. I was quite looking forward to getting a new song, but if I'm going to listen to yet another song before the album itself is out (that's 7 out of 10 we've got in some form now), I'd like it to be the full version. Honestly I'm surprised they chose another so-far-unheard song to release and not one of the other 3 they've been performing live - surely it would make sense to preserve as many tracks as possible for fans to hear the first time they listen through the album as a whole? I can't wait to hear the studio versions of Mercy Mirror and Endless War, for example. So I'm going to hold off on listening to the new track. I'd rather not spoil myself too much before the album comes out, and I'd rather my first listen be the full track and not a version that has been needlessly cut down.
  4. Yoshee

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Well, yes, I didn't mean crowd-pleasers as a bad thing! It was more a response to those I've seen commenting here with things along the lines of "why are they still playing IWMTB/Nemo/etc. when they could replace it with [insert song here]???" Anyone who was in the crowd last night when those songs started playing wouldn't be asking that now! I get that everyone has a specific song they want played, but these more well-known songs help to balance the setlist which, indeed, is quite bold this time around. And they peppered in the more well-known songs nicely (Wish I Had an Angel, Élan, IWMTB, and Nemo all made appearances) to strike that perfect balance (insert Thanos meme here ).
  5. Yoshee

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Was also at Wembley last night, after seeing them there 3 years ago, and what a show. Last time was really good but they definitely topped it this time around. I know some people were worried they wouldn't fill enough of the venue but there was quite the turnout - there were some empty seats right at the back but apart from that the venue was pretty packed, and considering they've got 2 other UK dates this time that's quite impressive, since last time part of the draw was no doubt that it was their only UK show. The band were all in good spirits and really looked like they were having fun. During the times when they spoke to the audience, there were some great lines such as Troy saying The Carpenter was a song comissioned by Pontius Pilate, and Marco calling the Devil (in D&tDDA) a "bit of a fuck-up". But yeah, it was an amazing setlist, amazing production, and the band were on top form. It was awesome to hear all the older songs - please keep Dead Boy's Poem on the setlist in future! They also need to keep Slaying the Dreamer as the energy in the crowd during that song was so good. Speaking of, as much as I see complaints on the forums here about the "crowd-pleasers", the popular songs that get played the most, there's nothing quite like the whole crowd going wild during the back-to-back party of I Want My Tears Back and Last Ride of the Day. And even though Greatest Show is a loooong song, once it gets to The Toolmaker it's something else entirely, and the climax of "We Were Here!" was just as amazing this time as it was the first time I saw them back in 2015. Then ending with Ghost Love Score was the perfect way to finish. Such a good show. I can't wait until they're here again, next time with more brand new songs.
  6. Yoshee

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I like Eva. If I'm being completely honest, I never really got the hype for Escapist. Yes, it's a good song, and better than some of the DPP album tracks, but from the way some fans talk about it you'd think it was the greatest song since GLS. DPP as a whole is still a great album if you ask me. It has some true classics like The Poet and The Islander, arguably their best instrumental track, as well as other fan favourites like Sahara and 7 Days, and underrated tracks like Cadence and Meadows of Heaven. (And I'm one of the few that actually really likes Master Passion Greed, Marco nails it and the instrumentation is awesome.) If I were to pick any song from DPP that I'd love to hear performed with Floor (that hasn't been already), it would actually be Meadows of Heaven. I love the album version and think Floor would sing it beautifully. Maybe one day... (Of course, the next addition should still absolutely be Beauty of the Beast. We need it, Tuomas, WE NEED IT.)
  7. Yoshee

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Here's the full song: It's funny that even with songs that we say don't suit her voice as much, Floor still gives an amazing performance like this. Also for what it's worth I love Amaranth and hope to see this setlist or something very similar at Wembley, with each album represented by at least one song.
  8. Yoshee


    Ahem. Don't worry, it's ok to be wrong sometimes.
  9. Yoshee


    Well, Epica is now single-bandedly responsible for both of my two favourite concerts I've been to (so far). It's really not fair on other bands.
  10. Yoshee


    I think this is definitely one of those albums that shouldn't be judged on first listen. It's gotten better and better for me over the last couple of days as I've listened to it more. It's not as immediately gripping for me as Haven was, and I can see some of the comments and complaints that have been raised about it, but as it stands right now I'm still really liking it, even as I'm still discovering all the tracks. And funnily enough, Phantom Divine has grown on me hugely since I first heard it.
  11. Yoshee

    Decades World Tour 2018

    According to setlist.fm they added another song to the setlist last night (without removing any of the others). Before you get your hopes up, it was supposedly My Walden. Anyone got any video footage that can confirm this? https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/nightwish/2018/myth-maplewood-mn-63ef6af7.html
  12. Yoshee

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Wow, the past few pages of this thread were a trip to read. I do hope Troy isn't reading any of this. Stay classy, people. Getting ON topic, so glad to see they annouced UK dates at last. On the one hand the Wembley show and production was really good last time so will hopefully be even better the second time around. On the other hand I was kind of hoping for something a little more intimate this time. Now to decide whether to get a ticket to one of the other shows too...
  13. Yoshee

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Glad to see plenty of nitpicking now that we've got the praise out of the way, wouldn't want the band to think we're too happy. Honestly, the band can perform these songs how they like. The fact we're getting some of these songs at all is amazing, and I honestly don't think Marco sounds bad in most of the choruses or with Floor in general. Maybe he could be used less in some songs, but none of them sound even close to bad if you ask me. Can't wait to see what other treats they bring out throughout the rest of the tour.
  14. Yoshee

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Found a video of GLS from last night. I love how no matter the show, every time Floor nails that part at the end Emppu fangirls. Every time. But then, I would too in his place. Also love Floor and Tuomas' synchronised headbanging at the end. God Nightwish, announce UK dates already!
  15. Yoshee

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Unfortunately it would be an empty hope. I'll add my voice to those calling for a DVD/Blu Ray release though, these are songs the band haven't performed in years and Floor's first time tackling them. It's too good an opportunity and we'd all buy it in an instant. (Just maybe switch IWMTB for a DPP song since we've already got plenty of live recordings of that song with Floor now).