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    history - almost everything, but The Eighty Years War and
    WW2 in particular

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    raw herring/sushi/cheese/fish/liquorice/fruit/whipped cream/braised beef/asparagus/new potatoes/Asian food/oysters/grilled squid/gelato
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    giant albatross/Peking duck well prepared
  • Favourite Beverage
    Coffee/freshly squeezed fruit juices/Spa Marie-Henriette/bitter lemon/Irish coffee
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    Betty's Bay in South Africa/Rodellar in Spain/Wineglass Bay in Tasmania/the Dutch Wadden Islands
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    occasionly a glass of white wine or kriek beer,in summer/cocktails/Irish coffee
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    only to light fireworks
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    amor fati (embrace your destiny)
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    cd's /dvd's/books/
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    uninvited mosquitos in the summer
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    dishonesty, white beans, snakes and humourless people


  • How Did You Discover Nightwish
  • How Many Times Seen Live?
  • Most Memorable NW Memory
    Mother and father-part of TPATP - Amsterdam 19/11/2015
  • Most Prized Nightwish Item
    so far Showtime Storytime
  • Best Live Song
    Song of myself at Wacken 2013
  • Favourite Album
  • Favourite Song
    Song of myself/Last of the wilds/Sleeping sun/Creek Mary's blood/The poet and the pendulum/Ghost love score/The islander
  • Favourite Album/Single Artwork
    Dark passion play
  • Favourite Music Video
    The islander
  • Favourite DVD
    'Showtime storytime'
  • Least Favourite Album
  • Least Favourite Song
    a few from the early days

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  • Favourite Music Video
    BLOF & KODO-drummers -Aanzoek zonder ringen (in Japan on Kodo-island)
  • Favourite Drummer
    Jukka-I like his energy /Mick Fleetwood
  • Favourite Singer
    Leonard Cohen/Sinead O'Connor/Grace Slick/Floor/Roger Waters/Roger Hodgson/Cesaria Evora/Jerney Kaagman/Bruce Springsteen/Geoffrey Oryema/Ismael Lo/Mike Scott/Devin Townsend/Ian Gillan/Peter Gabriel
  • Favourite Guitarist
    David Gilmour/Snowy White/Xavier Mas/flamenco guitarists
  • Favourite Bassist
    dont really have a favourite one, but I really like Marco for the way he plays and acts on and off stage
  • Favourite Pianist/Keyboard Player
    Jean-Michel Jarre/Vangelis/Rick van der Linden
  • Favourite Non NW Song?
    The heart of everything on The Black Symphony by WT/I'm so afraid (live) -Fleetwood Mac/Mary Mary - Inner Circle/Down man - Brainbox/Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen/Child in time-Deep Purple/Missing-Bruce Springsteen/Red Army blues-Waterboys/Onder in my whiskeyglas-Stef Bos/Shout-Tears for Fears/El diablo-Grace Slick/Sorrow & On the turning away & Keep talking &Comfortably numb - Pink Floyd/Drink before the war & My love-Sinead O'Connor etc. etc.
  • Best Concert Attended
    Leonard Cohen in Amsterdam in 2008 ....just magical in the drizzling rain with rainbows, listening to a 74 year old genius!!!!
  • Favourite Non NW Album?
    Various positions-Leonard Cohen/The Black Symphony- Within Temptation/Graceland - Paul Simon/Night-Gazpacho/Rumours- Fleetwood Mac/Dreams-Grace Slick/Delicate sound of thunder-Pink Floyd/Amused to death-Roger Waters/The rising-Bruce Springsteen/The Joshua tree & The -Unforgettable fire-U2/Once upon a time in the west-Ennio Morricone/Amelie-Yann Tierssen/Oxygene & Equinoxe-Jean-Michel Jarre/Earth and Fire-Earth & Fire/Live-Fleetwood Mac/Wish you were here & Dark side of the moon-Pink Floyd/Acadie-Daniel Lanois/Moody Blues - A question of balance etc. etc.
  • Favourite Composer?
    Bach/Leonard Cohen/Roger Waters/Paul Simon/Sinead O'Connor/Mozart/Roger Hodgson/Mike Scott/David Gilmour etc. etc.
  • Favourite Band/Artist?
    Fleetwood Mac/Manu Chao/Pink Floyd/Nightwish/Within Temptation/Gazpacho/Supertramp/U2/Sinead O'connor/Earth and Fire/Grace Slick/Jean-Michel Jarre/Moody Blues/Roger Waters/Vangelis/Stones till 1982/Simon & Garfunkel etc. etc.
  • Musical Dislikes (Songs, Bands etc)
    jazz/modern r&b/dj-house-trance-music/uk and usa or any fabricated boys and girls bands/rap/hiphop/trash & speed and that kind of metal/schlagers/corny music/ with exceptions ofcourse


  • Favourite Actor/Actress
    jack nicholson/audrey tautou/julie graham/martin clunes
  • Favourite Director(s)
    Jacques Perrin/Sergio Leone/Roddy Doyle/Mike Leigh/Roland Joffe/Nick Park
  • Favourite Movie(s)
    Utu/The grey zone/Bangkok Hilton/Das boot/Les egouts du paradis/The day of the jackal/anything Wallace & Gromit/One flew over the cuckoo's nest/Amelie/Schindler's list/Good, bad and ugly/The mission/Once/The Polish bride/Jean de Florette/Once upon a time in the west/The killing fields/Tomten far alla barnen/Papillon/Sophie's choice/Deerhunter/Travelling birds/The great train robbery/Motorcycle diaries/Runaway train/Touching the void/Get on the bus/Into the wild/La meglia gioventu etc. etc.
  • Favourite TV Show(s)/Series
    'Allo, 'allo/Seinfeld/Coupling/2000 Acres of Skye/William & Mary/Chef/The world at war/The world of Boudewijn Buch(dutch)/Wallander series/Millenium series/Coast/Cold feet/Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall stuff etc. etc.
  • Favourite Movie Soundtrack
    Amelie/ Once upon a time in the west/La Califfa/Antarctica
  • Favourite Author
    Boris Akunin/Henning Mankell/Frederick Forsyth/Jonathan Israel /Leon Uris etc. etc.
  • Favourite Book(s)
    There are no snakes in Ireland/The day of the jackal/Papillon/The mutiny on the Bounty/a lot of adventurous and historically based books
  • Favourite Comic Book/Anime
    The blue coats (based on American Civil War)

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  1. hunebedbouwer

    The Wounded

    One of my favourite songs of them, 'Atlantic', live in Krefeld, Germany. Come on guys, get in the studio and don't let us wait another 13 years!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. hunebedbouwer


    It's been a bit quiet around this great Norwegian band. After their last (very dissapointing) album, I couldn't find much about what they were up to. Now I found out they were doing a Nightwish-like cruise show/tour. I wonder if they were just relaxing and if they have left that ship........... It was organized in February, so it must have been in the Caribbiean or so, maybe Mediterranean Sea. A video of one of their gigs at was called Cruise To The Edge.
  3. hunebedbouwer


    The second song from their new album 'Tascam Tapes' called 'Blood meridian I'.
  4. hunebedbouwer

    Within Temptation II

    @Mainshow Hi there, They WERE the main act in Valencia and the performance was much longer, but there is very little good recordings from that concert. They opened for Iron Maiden in Paris a few days later. As all WT dvd's-releases go, you get a LOT for your money, but that Silent Force release is just ridiculous........hours on hours of footage of that tour with the JAVA-island (bloody brilliant!!!) as the cherry on the cake or should I say Schwarzwalder Kirsch.... One thing I learned from that dvd is, that their former drummer Stephen did not want to eat ANY vegetables. No wonder he looked so 'Pale'. Sharon must have written that song title with him in mind! Also, for what you get, the dvd is cheap as chips when you buy it nowadays!
  5. hunebedbouwer

    Within Temptation II

    @GhostHell They opened before for Iron Maiden during the 'Silent Force'-tour. At least once in Paris. It's on the Silent Force-extra's-dvd. I think it was after that mini-tour in Spain with that special performance in the Valencia railway station. Sharon looked radiant and exquisite that night!!!
  6. hunebedbouwer


    I'm absolutely digging this song by them!! It's gorgeous and of highquality.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's called 'Heavyweight champion'. It reminds me a lot of The Dreamside.
  7. hunebedbouwer

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    Pure via the 'Beste zangers'-performances of Floor, I followed a recommendation to one of the earlier years. Now, I don't like Eminem, I despise rap, but this is so enjoyable addictive. A mezzo-soprano doing a rap song and you can understand the lyrics.......!!!!! Now that must be a first too! It's so impressive the way she raps without noticeable pauses and loud breathing. It's getting used to in the beginning, but halfway you can't sit still anymore............very well done Maria Fiselier!!! I think everybody was impressed, also the Eminem-lovers reading the comments. Another jewel, a bit lost amongst Floor's contibutions, was this cover by Henk Poort..........'Despacito'. Makes you quite happy hearing it...............
  8. hunebedbouwer

    The Floor thread

    @Eilenna Freja is her only no.1 ???? Poor Hannes! @Figment-of-me Her almost professional football career...............never heard about that one. I suspect, given her posture, she might have been an excellent keeper (most modern female keepers are still way to small) or a warrior/amazone like top striker...........'don't mess with Floor when she tries to score Add a bit of Ghost Love and you know why she loves doing and singing 'Ghost love score'.........
  9. hunebedbouwer

    Movie Recommendation Thread

    Okay, now one of the best known and loved British comedy series of all time. In many UK polls, taken over the last 30 years, this series comes out on top with a rather large gap to no.2. It has been on repeat on almost every country since its end in 1979, that I assume there aren't many people that haven't seen it. Maybe the younger generation, because they're swamped with horrible American so-called funny series on tv. We're ofcourse talking about the one and only FAWLTY TOWERS. It's strange, but I always had the feeling that it did run for years and years, but there are only 12 !!!!!!! episodes of 30 minutes! Created between 1975 and 1979. Must be, because the endless re-runs I came across on different foreign and national channels. Here is the setting: Fictional hotel 'Fawlty Towers' is based in Torquay on the English south coast. Owners are Basil Fawlty and his very bossy wife Sybil. Basil is a rude and tense character, while Sybil would make any man completely nuts. Other important characters are the sensible chambermaid Polly and the hapless Spanish waiter Manuel. The brilliance of this series is, that out of very normal situations, these can and do into the most complicated and intense happenings, which mix all kind of prejudices, assumptions, misunderstandings and basically fear for Sybil into this hilarious soup of funny situations. One warning need to understand and appreciate British humor. Basil (John Cleese) came up with the idea when he stayed at the Gleneagles Hotel with the Monty Python-crew. The owner, Donald Sinclair was very eccentric, snobbish, stuffy and considered his guests as a mere hindrance. John Cleese himself wrote the script for the series, together with Connie Booth (Polly the chambermaid). They married at the start of the first series, but were divorced at the start of the second series! I just bought the complete series for the third time (gave away the other 2) at a recycling shop last week for 2,50 and this time I'm going to keep them till I die!!!
  10. hunebedbouwer

    Cover songs

    'Radar love', generally considered to be the ultimate driving song. has been covered more than 500 time by famous and less famous people. It was used by Bill Clinton in his election campaign in 1992 and is seriously funny, covered by Homer Simpson...........
  11. hunebedbouwer

    The Continueing 10's

    Got a tip from a friend about this band and song. Never heard of them before (although they are Dutch and exist since 2012). It has an attractive vibe to it and it's great, because it's something very different. My Baby (horrible band name though) with 'Remedy'.
  12. hunebedbouwer

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    Ofcourse Floor and Henk........... This new 'after death'-song from Leonard just finished me off today. Devin and Anneke making the most of ih-ah-ih-ah..............
  13. hunebedbouwer

    Poepmonsters Pub

    It has been an unseasonably gorgeous, warm, sunny and lovely day here!! More than 20 degrees!
  14. hunebedbouwer

    Leonard Cohen

    My heart crumbled to pieces and was overcome by waves of tears listening to this song and watching the video............ @Cristermo Thanks for posting. I do miss him a lot.......despite the hundreds of songs I can play of him.......just the thought of him not being around us anymore. Some people just don't get what Cohen is about............ Could be filmed on Mount Baldy.