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    The blue coats (based on American Civil War)

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    @Harvest Van harte gefeliciteerd!! Indeed unbeattable combination.....cream, cake and strawberries. But..........but you ate that cake all by yourself?????? If so, my greatest admiration..............
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    @Essexboyinwales I've got a little read for you.......I think the Guardian 'as-it-happened'-thread from that day is by far the best way to really understand what happened...........Full time English professionals against Dutch barkeepers, butchers and postmen........ The tension of that last over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! England cricket team England v Holland - as it happened! John Ashdown @John_Ashdown Fri 5 Jun 2009 14.14 BSTFirst published on Fri 5 Jun 2009 14.14 BST Shares 0 Ryan ten Doeschate of Netherlands celebrates victory with Edgar Schiferli as Stuart Broad looks on. Photograph: Tom Shaw/Getty Images Preamble: Firstly, the good news. The rain that has drenched London this morning and in the first part of this afternoon is forecast to move away to the north (so while that's good news for cricket fans, I suppose we ought to concede it's pretty bad news for anyone hoping to host a barbeque in the East Riding this evening). It's particularly good news for England, as a no result would leave Paul Collingwood's men, if we're feeling pessimistic (and let's face it, we usually are) needing to beat Holland's net run rate in defeat to Pakistan, certainly not a certainty. Now for the bad news: weather forecasters don't always get it right, and looking out over north London towards Lord's it's grey, damp and murky. Oh, and there's an opening ceremony for us to get through too. Things get warmed up properly from 4pm (ish), so in the meantime, why not read Duncan Fletcher's take on England's World Twenty20 hopes and Mike Selvey's preview of the tournament or while away a few Friday afternoon hours with the greatest internet games of all time, particularly this little beauty (317, since you ask). Slightly concerning dept. After a couple of admiring emails expressing disbelief at my marathon knock of 317, this rather worrying missive arrived from Georgie Lewis. "Without wishing to boast, my high score is circa 2100 runs," writes Georgie. "I'd like to suggest that the Little Master game replaces the sudden-death style extra over being used to decide tied games in this competition. It'd go down well with the techno-savvy eight-year-olds the format is aimed at, and would improve my chances of being called up as a specialist computer-batsman by about a million percent." In other, equally troubling, news it's still very grey over St John's Wood. Meet England's opponents this afternoon: Dirk Nannes has been the focus of much attention this week. The Victoria fast bowler was a team-mate of Collingwood's in the IPL with the Delhi Daredevils, where his captain, Virender Sehwag (somewhat hyperbolically one imagines) described him as the fastest bowler he has ever faced. He, along with the all-rounder Ryan ten Doeschate, are Holland's great hopes. The Oranje can also call on the youth of Alexei Kervezee (62 from 59 balls against Scotland this week), the experience of Bas Zuiderent (a county championship winner with Sussex in 2003), and, less reassuringly, the sort of bowling that allowed Herschelle Gibbs to do this. Oddly, Daan van Bunge, Gibbs' hapless victim, also once broke the MCC Young Cricketers record for the fastest ever century, with a 38-ball ton against Surrey Under-19s. Other than that (from an hour or so of internet research), there's little to write home about, though I stand ready to be corrected. One other thing: they will most likely open the batting with Robert Key's dad. According to Wikipedia there are "6,000 cricketers in the Netherlands, making it the 25th most popular sport". So what are the other 24? Football, tennis, golf, handball ... er ... boule? Real tennis? Anybody? A heart-warming tale, apropos of nothing, from Andrew Sparrow: "My lad played his first ever competitive game of cricket last Saturday at the club where van Bunge (and ex Netherlands skipper Tim de Leede) ply their trade. He made eight runs, took one for five in his two overs, and dropped two skiers (but at least he got his hands to both of them and didn't nesh out like most of the other kids tend to do). We won by 27 runs, and yours truly got far more of a jolly from scoring two 18 over innings of U10 cricket than I would have thought possible." ... hockey, volleyball, baseball, rugby union, cycling , speed skating, figure skating, athletics, equestrianism, swimming, judo(?) ... that's still only 15 ... "Badminton, basketball, korfball, kiteboard, gymnastics, darts, surfing, ice-skating and a few others," adds Robert Kimmels to our list of Dutch sports more popular than cricket. "The exact order is unknown to me, but football - tennis - hockey is the top three." That's 23 in total by my reckoning. And, really, is this sort of thing actually more popular than the noble game of cricket? Some pretty jolting team news: Kevin Pietersen is OUT, Robert Key is IN. It'll be a straight swap, with Bopara and Wright staying at the top of the order. Key will bat at three. Further down the order, Adil Rashid replaces Graeme Swann. An interesting bit of team selection, then, with Key preferred to Dimitri Mascarenhas as KP's replacement. And no news yet as to whether Swann is injured or if Rashid is in on merit. Equally excitingly* we're just minutes away from Alesha Dixon and the opening ceremony. *PLEASE NOTE: May not be exciting. At all. In fact, it won't be. Believe me. In fact, anyone chomping at the bit for 'The Boy Does Nothing' and 'Breathe Slow' will have to wait for a while. It's drizzling at Lord's so health and safety have put their foot down and delayed the opening spectacular. Just as well really - poor old Alesha would be belting out 'Let's Get Excited' to a handful of schoolchildren and a couple of bemused pigeons at the moment. The ground isn't exactly full. It begs the question, what should we be calling this live coverage of the opening ceremony? Cringe-by-cringe? Pyrotechnic-by-pyrotechnic? Any offers? Alesha and co are now scheduled to do their thing from about 5.10pm, so the start time of the game itself has also been put back. I believe that means the cricket will get underway at around 6ish. The covers are slowly being peeled off. Which is nice. This is already getting a little farcical. They're aiming to rattle through the opening ceremony and get the game underway, on time, at half past five, or in 27 minutes time for anyone not in the same timezone as London. Maybe Alesha will have to cut any planned Meat Loaf-esque 17-minute opus from her setlist and stick to the hits. "Re: the opening ceremony minute-by-minute. I'd go for non-event-by-non-event," writes Phil Sawyer. "Or shambles-by-shambles." Sounds about right. Looks like the rain is coming down again. We could get a reduced overs match if this malarkey carries on, the bottom limit of which is a five-overs-a-side 30-ball tear-up. That would surely play into the hands of the Dutch side. I'm (slightly grudgingly) prepared to accept that Twenty20 is far from simply a game of luck, but much less than that and you might as well start rolling dice. BREAKING NEWS!!! The opening ceremony is gone! Out for a duck, clean bowled by the band of low pressure hovering over the south-east. Unfortunately that doesn't bring the start of play any closer - it's still chucking it down. Those teams in full England: Wright, Bopara, Key, Shah, Collingwood, Morgan, Foster, Rashid, Broad, Sidebottom, Anderson. Holland: Smits, Reekers, Kervezee, ten Doeschate, Zuiderent, van Bunge, de Grooth, Borren, Schiferli, Nannes, Seelaar. We're now due to kick-off at 5.50pm, with the toss coming any time now. Holland have won the toss and will have a bowl, thank you very much. A sombre-faced suit stand on a podium and gravely announces to the Lord's crowd that the opening ceremony is off. Then the Duke of Kent, a strangely melty-faced fellow, drones "family-friendly .. blah, blah .. world-class cricket ... blah ... declare this tournament open". Cue deafeningly muted applause. Click-clack, click-clack ... the sound of spikes echoes off the pavillion steps. We're about to get this World Twenty20 business going. FOR GOODNESS SAKE. CAN WE PLEASE GET ON WITH THE CRICKET?! As the players entered the field of play, each was handed a small child to hold hands with, and now they're lining up football-style for the national anthems ... 1st over: England 9-0 (Bopara 8, Wright 0) Dirk Nannes gets the cherry (should the white ball really be a cherry?) and his first is a wide full toss, clipped away square by Bopara for four. A couple of dots follow, but then the left-armer drops a touch short and Bopara works it away for four more through the covers. Top shot, that. Nannes overcompensates with a leg-side wide. Not the most impressive start from Holland's No1 seamer. 2nd over: England 17-0 (Bopara 11, Wright 5) Schiferli trundles in and offers Wright a leg-stump half-volley first up, put away very neatly by the batsman, his chin-strap dangling rakishly. Bopara works another couple into the leg. "I attended the You Are The Umpire Q&A event at Guardian Towers on Wednesday evening as a guest of Paul Trevillion," writes Matt Share. "It was a great evening with some fascinating cricket chat from John Holder and a load of great stories (some cricket related) from the artist - if your readers are interested I made a recording of the event which can be heard here." 3rd over: England 23-0 (Bopara 15, Wright 6) Nannes is working up a little steam here, restricting the batsmen to a couple of singles with some genuinely quick stuff before giving away a wide with a bouncer. Bopara responds with a couple more away to the square leg boundary and then runs one off the face for a single. Good cricket all round. Six off the over. 4th over: England 29-0 (Bopara 20, Wright 7) Schiferli's action doesn't inspire a great deal of confidence - the run up is timid, the delivery stride tentative ... it's a good job he's got a bit of whip in his upper body. Even so, he's far from express and at that pace he can't afford to offer Bopara the sort of gravy he's just served up. Lofted down to cow corner for four. 5th over: England 38-0 (Bopara 24, Wright 10) Ten Doeschate replaces Nannes and wangs one down the leg side to send Smits scrambling to prevent four byes. No wonder the keeper is standing back. A carbon copy follows, and Wright has seen enough - he's going over the top. Ten Doeschate fools him with a slower ball, though, and Wright is lucky that Nannes can't quite get to the catch in the outfield. Bopara, looking far more assured thus far, clips the final ball away for four past point. 6th over: England 51-0 (Bopara 24, Wright 21) "Can you provide some insight on just how excited we're allowed to get about Ravi Bopara?" writes Steve Kocher. "Cricinfo just described him as "Tendulkar-like"... with your permission I'd very much like to permit myself to get carried away Mickey-Owen-in-1998 style." Permission granted. Wright humps Schiferli over the top for four over mid off, but he's not quite timing it just yet. A couple of balls later he's a little fortunate again as the ball drops safe. THAT'S MORE LIKE IT! A glorious forehand swipe that wouldn't have looked out of place at Roland Garros - four more. 7th over: England 55-0 (Bopara 26, Wright 25) Pieter Seelaar's left-arm finger spin gets a first outing. And it's a decent over - Wright and Bopara forced to work the singles. "Thanks very much to Matt Share (nice to see his nature matches his moniker)," writes Phil Sawyer. "I've already got it queued up ready to listen to after TMS finish their match coverage. Yes, I'm spending my Friday night listening to some people talk about cricket, followed by a session of listening to some people talk about cricket. Can't understand why my ex-wife decided the bright lights of Brighton were a more attractive proposition than life chez Sawyer Villas." 8th over: England 67-0 (Bopara 28, Wright 29) Some nicely mixed pace from Peter Borren, a dibbly-dobbling medium pacer, again restricting England to singles. Wright almost loses his leg stump missing a sweep, but gets four wides for his troubles. England looking good for a 200-plus score here. 9th over: England 78-0 (Bopara 39, Wright 30) Seelaar continues, keeping Bopara largely tucked up until ball No5 when a bit of width allows the England opener to free his arms and hammer a boundary through the covers. "What could you call the white ball if not a cherry?" ponders Cory Hazlehurst. "A mothball perhaps. Or a mint imperial." 10th over: England 90-0 (Bopara 40, Wright 40) Ten Doeschate returns, Wright dances to leg and lofts the ball over extra cover for four, flat backs straight for two more, hooks awkwardly for another couple, wafts embarassingly at a wide, slower one, and gets lucky again with a miscued slash that drops safe. Up until this over England had been quietly going at about nine an over (if that's possible), but there was nothing quiet about that. Wild, flailing eye-candy for those with an aversion to a good old-fashioned straight bat. 11th over: England 100-0 (Bopara 44 Wright 47) Borren again and he's let down by Daan van Bunge in the field, his long barrier full of holes. Wright brings up the 100 with a straight thump for four more. WICKET! Bopara 46 c Seelaar b ten Doeschate (12th over: England 106-1 (Wright 48, Shah 3) Bopara attempts to bring up his half century with a six ... and can only plop the balls into the hands of Seelaar in the deep. Owais Shah is promoted up the order at the expense of Rob Key. Apologies - I have to admit I missed most of that over due to technical issues.* *PLEASE NOTE: 'Technical issues' may mean 'drifting off into a revery about the dream I had last night' which may or may not have involved Jodie Marsh and Richard and Judy. 13th over: England 110-1 (Wright 50, Shah 5) Borren keeps it tight, again mixing up his pace intelligently. Just four come off the over, with Wright bringing up his half century from 37 balls with a flick into the leg side. "Nice to see some selfless play from Bopara. A decent score and now someone else gets a chance to play," writes Claire Davies. "Does that sound sarky? Yes, because it is. Grrrrr." WICKET! Shah 5 c de Grooth b Schiferli (14th over: England 116-2 (Wright 54, Morgan 2) Wright is fortunate once more with a skewed swing, the ball again dropping safe. Holland are offering him the boundaries behind square, confident that he prefers to play in a wide V in front of the wicket. Shah, who should be more adept at working the gaps, instead holes out at deep square leg. Hmm. Holland have caught their breath and got themselves back in the game here. 15th over: England 124-2 (Wright 60, Morgan 4) After just 16 runs from the last three overs, Nannes returns for the Dutch. He raps Morgan on the hands with a short one, the batsman responds by pulling - to long on - for a single. And next up Wright produces one of the shots of the day - shimmying away to the edge of the pitch on the leg side and then, on the move, crunching the ball through the gap in the covers. You need some serious hand-to-eye co-ordination for that sort of thing. At close to 90mph. WICKET! Morgan 6 c Zuiderent b Borren (16th over: England 128-3 (Wright 61, Collingwood 1) Morgan, who looks like a Wahlberg brother (though I'm not sure which one), hasn't really got going here. Oh - AND NOW HE'S GONE! Borren offers a full toss, Morgan plays a reverse sweep and catches it so sweetly he's caught at backward point. Since the loss of Bopara, Wright's shot in the last over apart, this has been pretty ordinary from England. 17th over: England 140-3 (Wright 67, Collingwood 7) "We've hit a bit of a hiccup, but we'll be fine," opines Ravi Bopara from the boundary. He reckons "160-180" will be a decent score, and you can't really disagree with that. Collingwood shows his confidence is well-placed with a clever lofted drive for four (helped by some very average fielding on the extra cover boundary) and Wright follows it up with a straight thwack for four more. Seelaar has half a chance for a catch off the last, but it's thumped back at him so hard, he's got little hope. WICKET! Wright 71 c Borren b ten Doeschate (18th over: England 149-4 (Collingwood 9, Key 3) Wright shows another string to his bow by getting down on one knee and scooping ten Doeschate away for four. Next up he's after his first six, but succeeds only in finding Borren in the deep. A fine Twenty20 innings - not always pretty, often pretty fortunate, but effective all the same. And finally - here's Robert Key. Is it really neccessary in Twenty20 to pick a batsmen who, after a good start, you move down the order because he can't score quickly enough? Seems bizarre to me. He's off the mark straight away. WICKET! Collingwood c Schiferli b Seelaar 11 (19th over: England 155-5 (Key 7, Foster 0) "I've been waiting for this for the last three wickets. It's Fat Bob!" enthuses Clare Davies. He's having a little trouble keeping up with Collingwood's running, that's for sure. Single, single, single, single ... OUT! Collingwood attempts to get the scoreboard leaping forward rather than ticking over and can only find the fielder at long on. Key scurries a couple off the last ball of the over. 20th over: England 162-5 (Key 10, Foster 3) "We're going to lose," writes an increasingly despondent Clare Davies, seemingly this OBO's only reader. "This is proof that England can't play Twenty20." Not so sure about that Clare, but it's been very stodgy since the halfway point. It should still be enough, though. Nannes concedes three singles off his first three balls then frustrates himself and his team-mates with a wide. Key, having dusted himself down following a ground-shaking dive as Nannes shies at the stumps, swipes another single. Foster, a single. Key, a single. An underwhelming end - well-bowled by Nannes. Holland may fancy having a tilt at this. So have Holland ever scored 163 to win a Twenty20? Er, no. "Which team do you think will win it all?" wonders Amit Gupta. I was quite swayed by Dileep's blog bigging up Sri Lanka. WICKET! Kervezee c Broad b Anderson 1 (1st over: Holland 2-1 (Reekers 1, Zuiderent 0) Anderson finds Reekers leading edge first up, but it drops safe. Two balls late Kervezee isn't so lucky. He attempts a hoik over the top, but Anderson is simply too quick for him. Straight up, straight down. Broad takes the catch. Zuiderent takes one on the pad, but it's a half-hearted appeal. Excellent start for England, one that will settle any nerves. 2nd over: Holland 10-1 (Reekers 7, Zuiderent 1) Sidebottom cuts Zuiderent in half but the Holland No3 survives. He goes flailing over the top to get off the mark. At the other end Reekers somehow guides an overhead swipe for six over cow corner. It wasn't really a moo - more a mooohnosidebottomsfollowingmehelp. Great power to get it away, though. The Dutch aren't inspiring a great deal of confidence here. 3rd over: Holland 23-1 (Reekers 20, Zuiderent 1) A proper cricket shot - not seen one of those for a while. Reekers clips off his toes for four, wonderfully timed. Anderson responds with a toe-crunching yorker, dug out well. AND SIX MORE FOR REEKERS! Stand and deliver, an imperious clip over square leg. "England don't manage to clear the rope in 20 overs - the Netherlands manage it in 10 balls," noted Eddy 'Negative' Nason. "We are going to lose aren't we?" WICKET! Reekers 20 c Shah b Broad (4th over: Holland 28-2 (Zuiderent 2, De Grooth 4) Broad into the attack and he's done for Reekers, the opener attempting another biff over toward midwicket and holing out to Owais Shah. Bit of a shame that - could've got very entertaining. De Grooth carries on in the same vein, though, driving for four. "Remember that Zuiderent scored 54 against England in the 1996 World Cup?" writes a chipper Robert Kimmels. "I'll take a repeat of that, and then ten Doeschate to finish it off." 5th over: Holland 36-2 (Zuiderent 5, De Grooth 5) Sidebottom returns, and he's proving tricky to get away. De Grooth plays and misses outside off, but then the bowler drifts to leg and concedes four unnecessary leg byes. "I'm feeling a bit better now," writes Clare. "Though that might be the wine and spag bol kicking in." Can spag bol do that? 6th over: Holland 52-2 (Zuiderent 7, De Grooth 16) De Grooth pulls Broad for four and the Dutch fans are dancing like Lord's is Frimley Green. The celebrations get a further boost as Zuiderent inside-edges past Foster for four. AND SIX MORE! De Groot flat-bats over the bowler's head for a maximum. A few shivers tremble down the spine of England supporters. 7th over: Holland 60-2 (Zuiderent 10, De Grooth 21) Powerplay over, the debutant Rashid comes into the attack. Zuiderent works a single, then the increasingly impressive de Grooth reverse slog-sweeps for four more. He's then lucky to get away with a play-and-miss, the ball brushing the bails. Zuiderent scurries a couple off the last ball. The Netherlands are AHEAD of England's tally at the same stage. Gulp. "I thought this event was meant to be sold out? writes Phil Rhodes. "There are a lot of free seats at Lords and as for the members, well, textbook. MCC members in not attending shocker." 8th over: Holland 66-2 (Zuiderent 12, De Grooth 25) Luke Wright into the attack. Single, single, single, single, double, dot. "It's good to hear that Clare Davies is feeling better after the wine & pasta combo," writes John Starbuck. "I'm doing the same tonight only with gin and lager, as it's more appropriate. If England don't manage it, you can bet that someone will assert that T20 is the same, essentially, as any other form of the game. England losing at Lord's: what's odd about that?" WICKET! Zuiderent st Foster b Rashid 12 (9th over: Holland 79-3 (De Grooth 32, Borren 6) Relief for England. Zuiderent edges forward chasing a wide one, Foster, lightning fast, has the bails and the square leg umpire has his finger aloft. Borren plants his foot and swipes for four past deep midwicket - belting shot. De Grooth then cuts late for three, denied a boundary by some tremendous fielding from Broad. De Grooth then repeats his Borren's trick with another clumping hoik to leg. 10th over: Holland 91-3 (De Grooth 41, Borren 7) Willem van Schaik suggests some Dutch sport comedy. I've no idea if it's any good - I've not had time to watch it. Four more for de Grooth, this time cut past backward point - he's hit 36 from 19. And worryingly for England, there is rain in the air and the Dutch are ahead on the Duckworth-Lewis scores. 11th over: Holland 99-3 (De Grooth 47, Borren 10) - Holland need 64 from 54 balls Collingwood takes responsibility, bringing himself on. More singles from the Dutch, a faint edge from Borren pings away off Foster's shoulder. And then de Grooth pumps one away to midwicket for four! Collingwood follows it up with a rare dot. Things are getting very, very nervy. England desperately need a wicket. 12th over: Holland 104-3 (De Grooth 49, Borren 14) - Holland need 58 from 48 balls Sidebottom returns, offering de Grooth a low full toss that he can only put away for a single. Borren, who's swinging at everything, picks up another single. And another one for de Grooth - but Sidebottom is bowling well. Six from the over - a par score, nothing more. WICKET! de Grooth c Key b Collingwood 49 (13th over: Holland 116-4 (De Grooth 49, Borren 22) - Holland need 47 from 42 balls Holy mother, this is tense. I'm not sure if I'm nervous as an England fan, or excited as a journalist looking at a story. Collingwood continues. Two leg byes from the first. And a huge run out chance! De Grooth is stranded but Bopara can't gather and it's two more. Hang on - SIX MORE! Borren hammers one over square leg. A single - AND NOW DE GROOTH HAS GONE! A leading edge to Key. A modicum of relief for England. 14th over: Holland 122-4 (Borren 27, ten Doeschate 1) - Holland need 41 from 36 balls Nerves, nerves, nerves. Ten Doeschate almost runs himself out by slipping when turning for a second run. He gets off the mark though. And a wide from Broad. harshley given, but not what England need. A decent over, though, just six off it. 15th over: Holland 128-4 (Borren 28, ten Doeschate 6) - Holland need 35 from 30 balls An excellent over from Rashid, until he offers ten Doeschate a touch of width. The Essex man cuts superbly for four - a cracking shot and one that relieves a bit of the pressure. Another six off the over. "Thanks to Willem van Schaik for this (10th over)," writes John Starbuck. "It looks as if you really need two teams of two to play. Take a cricket pitch and put two pegs in, 22 yards apart. A 'bowler' sends a hoop down to the outfield (a la bowls) and his fielding team-mate has to retrieve it and return it to the pitch, where the 'bowler' rings the peg, by which time the opposing two have to stop running, a la cricket/rounders. Most runs wins, in a given number of 'overs' - which have to be switched from end to end to ensure fair conditions and take advantage of the slope, if any. It only wants a couple of pub teams to take it up, call it Van Shaking to make it appear suitably obscure, and MCC will start using it as an opening ceremony. The OBO community might adopt this as a signature pastime." WICKET! Borren 30 c Shah b Anderson (16th over: Holland 133-5 (ten Doeschate 9, van Bunge 0) - Holland need 30 from 24 balls Anderson returns. England should have run out ten Doeschate, but a horrible wild throw from Collingwood beats Foster - nobody covered themselves in glory there. More swiping, more singles. And another twist! Borren loses his head for a moment and skews one into the London sky. In the pouring rain, Shah takes the catch. 17th over: Holland 142-5 (ten Doeschate 12, van Bunge 6) - Holland need 21 from 18 balls Rashid again, Van Bunge forward defends. Ten Doeschate slices, Key shows a surprising turn of speed and, incredibly, saves four. Van Bunge follows it up with a clubbing cover drive for four. What a shot. Gordon Bennett! England might just lose this. Van Bunge c Wright b Anderson 8 (18th over: Holland 145-6 (ten Doeschate 13, Schiferli 0) - Holland need 17 from 12 balls "And I thought Pakistan were crap the other day," notes a disbelieving Hammad Rashid. This was supposed to be a quiet Friday night - where has all this nonsense come from? More singles for the Dutch, and this pair look like they can bat. Van Bunge, in particular, has looked very composed - no wild flailing, just good timing. Oh - and now he's holed out. Wright clings on to the catch - in the crook of his elbow. That'd be a fitting metaphor if England win this. 19th over: Holland 156-6 (ten Doeschate 19, Schiferli 3) - Holland need 7 from 6 balls A dot ball first up from Sidebottom, in harness with those from Anderson last over, mean England are probably favourites again. Then the Dutch batsmen collide mid-pitch, it should have been another run out. It's not. Morgan drops one on the boundary, saving a six but condeding a four. It would have been a stunner, but, having got there, he probably should have held it. A big lbw appeal off the penultimate ball, but instead it's too leg byes. A horrible full toss gives Holland two more. I'm not a fan of this form of the game, but this is truly breathless, all-action stuff. Seven to win. Let's go ball-by-ball shall we? 19.1 overs: Holland 157-6 - Holland need 6 from 5 balls Broad in. Wide. A swipe. A shy at the stumps. A single. 19.2 overs: Holland 158-6 - Holland need 5 from 4 balls Again the batsmen can't clear the pitch. Broad picks up the ball, dives at the stumps ... THIRD UMPIRE! ... it's very, very close ... but the impact of Broad hitting the deck has dislodged the ball from his hand. It's another single. 19.3 overs: Holland 159-6 - Holland need 4 from 3 balls DROPPED! A high full toss, thumped back. It would have been an amazing catch. I'm having palpitations ... 19.4 overs: Holland 160-6 - Holland need 3 from 2 balls A swipe, a miss, and a BYE! I feel dizzy ... 19.5 overs: Holland 161-6 - Holland need 2 from 1 ball Ten Doeschate pulls to mid on. Another single. Are we going to have a one over eliminator? I'm beginning to feel a little sick ... 20 overs: Holland 163-6 AN OVERTHROW! HOLLAND HAVE WON! Schiferli chops the ball into the turf ... the sprint is on ... Broad, on his backside, takes aim ... and misses! And with no one backing up, the batsmen scamper through for a second. Incredible stuff. Just stunning. Well, well, well ... Here's a rather excited Peter Leijsten: "We are the best in the world! We are the best in the world! We have beaten England in cricket!! It is completely unbelievable! We have beaten England! England, birthplace of giants. Lord Nelson, Lord Beaverbrook, Sir Winston Churchill, Sir Anthony Eden, Clement Attlee, Henry Cooper, Lady Diana - we have beaten them all. We have beaten them all. Gordon Brown can you hear me?" A four-wicket victory, then. With two overs to go, I thought it was all over. The 17 required seemed just out of reach. But missed run outs (too many of them to count), a dropped chance and a mess of a last ball gave the Dutch victory. Where did it go wrong? Probably in the second half of the England innings. They should have put the game out of sight, but the middle order utterly failed. The Dutch innings began drifting away from the moment Darron Reekers hit his first six, Tom de Grooth's superb 49 from 30 balls gave the Netherlands the impetus, while Borren and ten Doeschate were excellent in keeping the runs ticking. English cricket's most embarassing moment? Certainly one of them. Be sure to stick around for Paul Weaver's report from Lord's, and head over to the sportblog later this evening where David Hopps will be having his say. Thanks for all your emails. Goodnight.
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    Poepmonsters Pub

    One of the more urgent matters in the world....the recognition battle for having the steepest street in the world......New Zealand vs Wales. I have a particular interest in this, because I have walked the one in New Zealand, whilst not knowing it was the steepest then. I just stayed in the neigbourhood with friends. I did think that it would be quite horrible to live there can forget cycling! Street in Wales wins record for world's steepest Ffordd Pen Llech in Harlech beats renowned Baldwin Street in Dunedin, New Zealand Steven Morris @stevenmorris20 Tue 16 Jul 2019 00.01 BSTLast modified on Tue 16 Jul 2019 16.38 BST Shares 568 Play Video 0:56 Street in Wales wins record for world's steepest – video A meandering street in north-west Wales that challenges the fittest of walkers and cyclists has been confirmed as the steepest in the world. Ffordd Pen Llech in the historic town of Harlech – better known for its castle and rousing song, Men of Harlech – has been judged steeper than Baldwin Street in Dunedin, New Zealand. Residents have long campaigned for the Guinness World Records title and are planning a huge party to celebrate the accolade. It has been established that the street has a gradient of 37.5% at its steepest point, compared with Baldwin’s Street mere 35%. Gwyn Headley, who led the town’s campaign to claim the title, said: “I feel utter relief and jubilation. I feel sorry for Baldwin Street and the New Zealanders, but steeper is steeper.” Guardian Today: the headlines, the analysis, the debate - sent direct to you Read more Headley expressed regret at the timing of the announcement, following hard on the heels of New Zealand’s unfortunate loss in the Cricket World Cup final to England (and Wales – the governing body is the England and Wales cricket board) but said: “At least they have the Rugby World Cup ... for the moment.” Winning the title was a lot tougher than the townsfolk had anticipated. “Guinness World Records was ultra-specific in the criteria demanded for it to qualify as the steepest street in the world, and although we were confident in meeting or exceeding nine of them, we were worried about the 10th,” said Headley. The 10th criterion was that Guinness World Records required a blueprint of the street. The Harlech bid justified its absence because the street has been there since time immemorial, or at least 1,000 years, before there were such things as blueprints. A surveyor called Myrddyn Phillips, an expert on mountain measuring, did much of the hard work. He used a combination of hi-tech (a satellite dish) and low-tech (chalk to mark out key points and bricks to keep a tripod steady) to take a series of measurements on the street. At one point a volunteer dropped a brick and was astonished to see it rolling down the hill. To qualify for the title, the street or road also must be a thoroughfare that is commonly used by the public, who are able to drive vehicles across it. Ffordd Pen Llech is flanked by 300-year-old houses and an ancient route to the castle. Motorists do use it – and the unskilled often become unstuck. Located in an otherwise quiet valley of the South Island city, Baldwin Street in Dunedin has attracted daredevils and adventure sports enthusiasts, prompting the local council to upgrade infrastructure and residents to launch cottage industries selling food, drinks and souvenirs. Play Video Play Current Time0:00 / Duration Time0:00 Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% Fullscreen Mute Embed FacebookTwitterPinterest Kiwi daredevils drift trike world’s steepest street Some in New Zealand have appeared rattled, with one person suggesting it may be worth resurfacing Baldwin Street for the sake of the title, which has turned the neighbourhood into a tourist attraction. Craig Glenday, the Guinness World Records editor-in-chief, said: “The local community in Harlech has shown sheer willpower in their quest to earn Ffordd Pen Llech the title. We know the anticipation has been building for quite some time now and I’m pleased to see the outcome has brought such joy to the residents. “I hope Harlech enjoys the celebrations and that the new title brings lots of people to the beautiful town, to experience the world’s steepest street for themselves.”
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    @Essexboyinwales I only like 20/20 (my favourites have always been the WEST-INDIES and SRI LANKA, but they are, like cricket overall, in massive decline.) and when that's shown on an open channel. So basically never!!!! Nevertheless, congrats! (I did hope the Kiwi's would win though.........underdogs and all that) You surely do remember the 5th of June 2009 at Lords, don't you?
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    The Changing 50's

    James Brown - 'Try me' And sing they could........... Teddybears - 'To lnow him is to love him' Nina Simone - 'My baby just cares for me' Edith Piaf - 'Non, je ne regrette rien'
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    The Dancing 80's

    The story of Driver's seat' from Sniff'n the Tears The Hooters - 'All you zombies' Simpleminds - 'Hunter and the hunted'
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    Poepmonsters Pub

    A new side to our summer................rain appears to be heading our way in short bursts, but in large quantities! Can't remember anymore what it looks or feels like, so I'll be heading to the supermarket to buy bottled mineral water in rubber boots, swimming trousers and wearing an umbrella. All stations covered................hhmmmmm....maybe I should go in my boat........
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    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    Heard this song in a cycling video and loved it. Looked it up and it was Micheal Holborn with ´Mess with my mind´. Don´t know how describe this kind of style, but one thing though: it's much too short!!! @Harvest I know you (and @The Name Of The Wind for that matter) love that 'Anesthetize' song. But after listening to it many times, I still can't really get that magical 'feeling'. It's not a bad song by all means, but there's no connection for me. Sorry for the blasphemy! However, I will always be grateful that you introduced me to 'Sentimental'!!!!!
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    So, the World Cup for women is over and the USA won deservedly, but also very annoyingly, mixing up all kind of political issues with football. Also, the whole tournement left me somewhat hungry for good footballing entertainment. Quite nice that the NL reached the final and are going to the Olympics by reaching the semi´s. Good to see Sweden become third, but they need some fresh and young new players. Et maitenant: La Tour de France......................
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    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    This one (again): Porcupine Tree - 'Sentimental'
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    Favourite album from each year of your life

    @Essexboyinwales Well, I played the game in the end, but it was no fun doing it!!
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    Favourite album from each year of your life

    @Essexboyinwales O, it's a game??? You should have implemented very strict rules then to obide with! Sorry, I'll leave it up to you then to change my list............I did already spend far too much time on it!
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    Poepmonsters Pub

    @Harvest Have you seen this? A monster hail storm in and around Guadalajara, Mexico. In the middle of the summer. Up to 150 cm thick. Still, for a lot of people, these kind of freak weather events need to happen and witnessed themselves to convince them that climate is changing for the worse. Ofcourse, this should have happened in Washington D.C.
  15. Bye bye June. One more month to vote for your favourite NW-songs or to change your already posted ones! We say goodbye to June 2019 with this song: Tangerine Dream - 'Elf June and the midnight patrol'