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    history - almost everything, but The Eighty Years War and
    WW2 in particular

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  • Favourite Food
    raw herring/sushi/cheese/fish/liquorice/fruit/whipped cream/braised beef/asparagus/new potatoes/Asian food/oysters/grilled squid/gelato
  • Favourite Animal
    giant albatross/Peking duck well prepared
  • Favourite Beverage
    Coffee/freshly squeezed fruit juices/Spa Marie-Henriette/bitter lemon/Irish coffee
  • Favourite Colour
  • Favourite Place
    Betty's Bay in South Africa/Rodellar in Spain/Wineglass Bay in Tasmania/the Dutch Wadden Islands
  • Countries Visited
  • Do You Drink Alcohol
    occasionly a glass of white wine or kriek beer,in summer/cocktails/Irish coffee
  • Do You Smoke
    only to light fireworks
  • Do You Have a Motto
    amor fati (embrace your destiny)
  • Do You Collect Anything
    cd's /dvd's/books/
  • Do You Have Pets
    uninvited mosquitos in the summer
  • Do You Play An Instrument
  • Phobias
    dishonesty, white beans, snakes and humourless people


  • How Did You Discover Nightwish
  • How Many Times Seen Live?
  • Most Memorable NW Memory
    Mother and father-part of TPATP - Amsterdam 19/11/2015
  • Most Prized Nightwish Item
    so far Showtime Storytime
  • Best Live Song
    Song of myself at Wacken 2013
  • Favourite Album
  • Favourite Song
    Song of myself/Last of the wilds/Sleeping sun/Creek Mary's blood/The poet and the pendulum/Ghost love score/The islander
  • Favourite Album/Single Artwork
    Dark passion play
  • Favourite Music Video
    The islander
  • Favourite DVD
    'Showtime storytime'
  • Least Favourite Album
  • Least Favourite Song
    a few from the early days

General Music

  • Favourite Music Video
    BLOF & KODO-drummers -Aanzoek zonder ringen (in Japan on Kodo-island)
  • Favourite Drummer
    Jukka-I like his energy /Mick Fleetwood
  • Favourite Singer
    Leonard Cohen/Sinead O'Connor/Grace Slick/Floor/Roger Waters/Roger Hodgson/Cesaria Evora/Jerney Kaagman/Bruce Springsteen/Geoffrey Oryema/Ismael Lo/Mike Scott/Devin Townsend/Ian Gillan/Peter Gabriel
  • Favourite Guitarist
    David Gilmour/Snowy White/Xavier Mas/flamenco guitarists
  • Favourite Bassist
    dont really have a favourite one, but I really like Marco for the way he plays and acts on and off stage
  • Favourite Pianist/Keyboard Player
    Jean-Michel Jarre/Vangelis/Rick van der Linden
  • Favourite Non NW Song?
    The heart of everything on The Black Symphony by WT/I'm so afraid (live) -Fleetwood Mac/Mary Mary - Inner Circle/Down man - Brainbox/Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen/Child in time-Deep Purple/Missing-Bruce Springsteen/Red Army blues-Waterboys/Onder in my whiskeyglas-Stef Bos/Shout-Tears for Fears/El diablo-Grace Slick/Sorrow & On the turning away & Keep talking &Comfortably numb - Pink Floyd/Drink before the war & My love-Sinead O'Connor etc. etc.
  • Best Concert Attended
    Leonard Cohen in Amsterdam in 2008 ....just magical in the drizzling rain with rainbows, listening to a 74 year old genius!!!!
  • Favourite Non NW Album?
    Various positions-Leonard Cohen/The Black Symphony- Within Temptation/Graceland - Paul Simon/Night-Gazpacho/Rumours- Fleetwood Mac/Dreams-Grace Slick/Delicate sound of thunder-Pink Floyd/Amused to death-Roger Waters/The rising-Bruce Springsteen/The Joshua tree & The -Unforgettable fire-U2/Once upon a time in the west-Ennio Morricone/Amelie-Yann Tierssen/Oxygene & Equinoxe-Jean-Michel Jarre/Earth and Fire-Earth & Fire/Live-Fleetwood Mac/Wish you were here & Dark side of the moon-Pink Floyd/Acadie-Daniel Lanois/Moody Blues - A question of balance etc. etc.
  • Favourite Composer?
    Bach/Leonard Cohen/Roger Waters/Paul Simon/Sinead O'Connor/Mozart/Roger Hodgson/Mike Scott/David Gilmour etc. etc.
  • Favourite Band/Artist?
    Fleetwood Mac/Manu Chao/Pink Floyd/Nightwish/Within Temptation/Gazpacho/Supertramp/U2/Sinead O'connor/Earth and Fire/Grace Slick/Jean-Michel Jarre/Moody Blues/Roger Waters/Vangelis/Stones till 1982/Simon & Garfunkel etc. etc.
  • Musical Dislikes (Songs, Bands etc)
    jazz/modern r&b/dj-house-trance-music/uk and usa or any fabricated boys and girls bands/rap/hiphop/trash & speed and that kind of metal/schlagers/corny music/ with exceptions ofcourse


  • Favourite Actor/Actress
    jack nicholson/audrey tautou/julie graham/martin clunes
  • Favourite Director(s)
    Jacques Perrin/Sergio Leone/Roddy Doyle/Mike Leigh/Roland Joffe/Nick Park
  • Favourite Movie(s)
    Utu/The grey zone/Bangkok Hilton/Das boot/Les egouts du paradis/The day of the jackal/anything Wallace & Gromit/One flew over the cuckoo's nest/Amelie/Schindler's list/Good, bad and ugly/The mission/Once/The Polish bride/Jean de Florette/Once upon a time in the west/The killing fields/Tomten far alla barnen/Papillon/Sophie's choice/Deerhunter/Travelling birds/The great train robbery/Motorcycle diaries/Runaway train/Touching the void/Get on the bus/Into the wild/La meglia gioventu etc. etc.
  • Favourite TV Show(s)/Series
    'Allo, 'allo/Seinfeld/Coupling/2000 Acres of Skye/William & Mary/Chef/The world at war/The world of Boudewijn Buch(dutch)/Wallander series/Millenium series/Coast/Cold feet/Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall stuff etc. etc.
  • Favourite Movie Soundtrack
    Amelie/ Once upon a time in the west/La Califfa/Antarctica
  • Favourite Author
    Boris Akunin/Henning Mankell/Frederick Forsyth/Jonathan Israel /Leon Uris etc. etc.
  • Favourite Book(s)
    There are no snakes in Ireland/The day of the jackal/Papillon/The mutiny on the Bounty/a lot of adventurous and historically based books
  • Favourite Comic Book/Anime
    The blue coats (based on American Civil War)

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  1. hunebedbouwer

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    This one...... Rory Gallagher - 'A million miles away'
  2. hunebedbouwer

    Nightwish Off Topic

  3. hunebedbouwer

    Nightwish Off Topic

    @whitenoise It wasn't e-biking but i-biking.........................for the rest:
  4. hunebedbouwer

    Nightwish Off Topic

    @suomi usa and @whitenoise Yup, you were right about that 'Sleepwalker'-promo cd. Didn't like like it though, so I binned it during one of my house cleaning sessions. They can turn out a bit extreme sometimes. A bit of a shame of all that money though. Would have paid a big part of my new E-bike.........
  5. hunebedbouwer

    Your TOP-5 of ANYTHING

    @Essexboyinwales As sad as it is, I completely agree with you, but I would add an enormous amount of very indecent adjectives towards those imbeciles which can't be posted here. Regarding your user name, I would advise you to stick where you are now and apply for Welsh citizenship as soon as you can for I can see an indepence coming not to far away. May the Owain Glyndr army be with you Seeing that list of top-100 Welsh people of all time, I think I'd vote for Catherina Zeta-Jones everytime! So, my top-5 of favourite Welsh people: 1) Catherine Zeta-Jones (who wouldn't follow her in battle?) 2) Owain Glyndr 3) Anthony Hopkins 4) Llywelyn the Great 5) Dafydd ap Gwilym
  6. hunebedbouwer

    Your TOP-5 of ANYTHING

    @Harvest and @Essexboyinwales My TOP-5 of favourite TOOLS.......: 5) my Opinel fruit knife 4) pair of pincers 3) axe 2) screwdrivers 1) hammers
  7. hunebedbouwer


    @Harvest O, the VW Beetle...................for me it has/had the most iconic car sound ever...........absolutely love it! While the Saab 96 has no iconic status over here, this one has that as well....the Renault 4...... It is referred to as 'cookie tin' And yes, the Citroen DS is an epic car as well.... So, here are the Dutch nicknames for them.... VW Beetle - 'kever' = beetle Citroen DS - 'snoek' = pike Renault 4 - 'koekblik' = cookie tin Citroen 2 CV - 'eend' = duck O, and ofcourse there is the Fiat 500. We really don't have a nickname for it as it barely fits 1 Dutch person. It's adorable. The Dutch have also a classic..........the DAF 33. I always found it a horribly designed car, but a lot of Dutchies adored it! It was the first car with automatic gears though to DAF's defence. Thankfully they stopped designing horrible cars and they concentrated on very good and succesful trucks. The last one must be the old Mini Cooper. Iconic British and kind of adorable too. Thrice as good as the Fiat, I reckon. We have also no nickname for this one too. And then there is the Trabant. So far the autosport part of this post.
  8. hunebedbouwer

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    Hypnotizing and mesmerizing............
  9. hunebedbouwer

    Your TOP-5 of ANYTHING

    My top-5 things of this summer: 1) Scary record temperatures of 40+, beating former record of 37, 6!!! 2) the best ice-creams to eat during these high temperatures are still these kinds: Just water with fruit 3) There is just SO MUCH (way too much!!) sport on the tv nowadays! 4) I haven't read that much at all.........10 books at the most, which is an alltime low. Couldn't find good ones and just didn't have the feel for it this summer! 5) Drank more beer than ever in my life..........mostly a 2% Amstel Radler, which has a distinct lemony flavour. Instead of the annual 10-15 bottles of beer, I must surely already have drunk 30 bottles this summer!!!! My goodness, I must be an alcoholic now!!!
  10. hunebedbouwer


    @Harvest Is that the national league or the European one (if there is such a thing - quite possibly)? It's funny enough to have spend time and money on during the summer!! If that 2CV has any relation to the squad's atmosphere, the club must have an excellent vibe at the moment. I love the iconic looks of those French cars (we call them 'ducks' in Dutch), but they were/are horrible to drive and a big NONO for safety!!!! Give me a Peking-duck anyday
  11. hunebedbouwer

    Songs with great guitar solo's

    The Waterboys with a incredible rendition of ´The pan within´, with an almighty solo from 6.20 it!!!
  12. hunebedbouwer

    Poepmonsters Pub

    July 2019 was the hottest month ever recorded over here. But summer has not been so insufferable hot as last year. Still August and September to come though.......maybe we will get 30+ in December....who knows....?
  13. hunebedbouwer


    @Harvest The next ice-hockey for me will be in February 2022. The next ice cream will be tonight
  14. Well, ofcourse we´ll have to say farewell to July 2019 first and I want to do that with this song: 'July morning' by Uriah Heep..... So, we all had 6 months to post the songs we like the most and here are the results. The amount of voting members are between brackets. 1) Ghost love score - Buenos Aires (4) - 17 points 2) Beaty of the beast - album version (4) - 13 points 2) Song of myself - Wacken 2012 (4) - 13 points 4) The poet and the pendulum - Wembley 2016 (3) - 12 points 5) Ghost love score - album version (4) - 11 points 5) The poet and the pendulum - album version (4) - 11 points 7) Sleeping sun - album version (6) - 10 points 8) Ghost love score - Wacken 2012 (2) - 9 points 9) Sahara - album version (3) - 7 points 9) Slaying the dreamer - album version (3) - 7 points 9) The greatest show on earth - Tampere 2015 (3) - 7 points 9) The poet and the pendulum - Mexico City 2015 (2) - 7 points 9) Ever dream - Wacken 2012 (2) - 7 points 14) Pharaoh sails to Orion - album version (3) - 6 points 14) Beauty of the beast - Amsterdam 2002 (3) - 6 points 14) Dead boy's poem - album version (3) - 6 points 14) 7 Days to the wolves - Wembley 2015 (3) - 6 points 14) Wishmaster - End of an era (2) - 6 points 14) Devil and dark deep ocean - Lahti (2) - 6 points 14) Stargazers - album version (2) - 6 points 21) Ever dream - album version (3) - 5 points 21) Dark chest of wonders - album version (3) - 5 points 21) Romanticide - Wacken 2012 (2) - 5 points 21) Story time - album version (2) - 5 points 25) Escapist - album version (3) - 4 points 25) The kinslayer - album version (2) - 4 points 25) Scaretale - album version (2) - 4 points 25) Elvenpath - album version (2) - 4 points 25) Dead to the world - album version (2) - 4 points 25) Planet hell - official live (2) - 4 points 25) Song pf myself - album version (2) - 4 points 32) Feel for you - album (3) - 3 points 32) Angels fall first - album version (2) - 3 points 32) Yours is an empty hope - album version (2) - 3 points 32) Last ride of the day - Hartwall 2012 (2) - 3 points She's my sin - Wacken 2012 (2) - 3 points I just left all the 2 and 1 pointers for what they were. Another nice statistic is the cumulation of points and versions of the most mentioned and appreciated songs. 1) Ghost love score - 45 points across 7 versions 2) The poet and the pendulum - 31 points across 4 versions 3) Greatest show on earth - 22 points across 3 versions 4) Song of myself - 20 points across 4 versions 5) Beauty of the beast - 20 points across 3 versions The relation LIVE-songs vs ALBUM- songs is: 63 vs 55
  15. hunebedbouwer

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    @Harvest Got a feeling you might like this band........Riders Of The Universe. I came across it during a German (WDR) touristic special about our newest province Flevoland, which was claimed by the sea. It's a Dutch band (had never heard of it) and one of the founders was interviewed during the programme, because he owns a very special camping site. He's a very extraordinary guy in general with many futuristic and innovative energy ideas. He then showed the film crew his hobby: a full size studio for (t)his band called Riders of the universe. It sounded quite good. I then investigated further........ They made an EP in 2012 called 'Sooner or later', which is only available on i-tunes. Their second album 'Amen road' from 2014 is available on their website. This is where the videos are posted from. They got a new album 'Right in front of you' coming out soon. All info on their website Their music is a bit Ayreon-like, but with much more guitar time, sometimes quite heavy. I like it. It's one of the great pleasures in life in how many ways you can discover nice music!!! Hope you like it too. 'We are riders part I & II' ´All that is´ ´Consolation´