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    history - almost everything but The Eighty Years War and
    WW2 in particular

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    raw herring/sushi/cheese/fish/liquorice/fruit/whipped cream/braised beef/asparagus/new potatoes/Asian food/oysters/grilled squid/gelato
  • Favourite Animal
    giant albatross/Peking duck well prepared
  • Favourite Beverage
    Coffee/freshly squeezed fruit juices/Spa Marie-Henriette/bitter lemon
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  • Favourite Place
    Betty's Bay in South Africa/Rodellar in Spain/Wineglass Bay in Tasmania/the Dutch Wadden Islands
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  • Do You Drink Alcohol
    occasionly a glass of white wine, kriek beer, cocktail, port or Irish coffee
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    only to light fireworks
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    amor fati (embrace your destiny)
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    cd's /dvd's/books/
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    uninvited mosquitos in the summer
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    dishonesty, white beans, snakes and humourless people


  • How Did You Discover Nightwish
    you tube
  • How Many Times Seen Live?
  • Most Memorable NW Memory
    Mother and father-part of TPATP - Amsterdam 19/11/2015
  • Most Prized Nightwish Item
    so far showtime storytime
  • Best Live Song
    Song of myself at Wacken 2013
  • Favourite Album
  • Favourite Song
    Song of myself/Last of the wilds/Sleeping sun/Creek Mary's blood/The poet and the pendulum/Ghost love score/The islander/Stargazers/Fantasmic
  • Favourite Album/Single Artwork
    Dark passion play
  • Favourite Music Video
    The islander
  • Favourite DVD
    'Showtime storytime'
  • Least Favourite Album
  • Least Favourite Song
    a few from the early days

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  • Favourite Music Video
    BLOF & KODO-drummers -Aanzoek zonder ringen (in Japan on Kodo-island)
  • Favourite Drummer
    Jukka-I like his energy /Mick Fleetwood
  • Favourite Singer
    Leonard Cohen/Sinead O'Connor/Grace Slick/Floor/Roger Waters/Roger Hodgson/Cesaria Evora/Jerney Kaagman/Steve Wilson/Bruce Springsteen/Geoffrey Oryema/Ismael Lo/Mike Scott/Kaz Lux/Devin Townsend/Ian Gillan/Peter Gabriel/
  • Favourite Guitarist
    David Gilmour/Snowy White/Xavier Mas/flamenco guitarists
  • Favourite Bassist
    dont really have a favourite one, but I really like Marco for the way he plays and acts on and off stage
  • Favourite Pianist/Keyboard Player
    Jean-Michel Jarre/Vangelis/Rick van der Linden/Mike Pinder
  • Favourite Non NW Song?
    The heart of everything on The Black Symphony by WT/I'm so afraid (live) -Fleetwood Mac/Mary Mary - Inner Circle/Down man - Brainbox/Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen/Child in time-Deep Purple/Missing-Bruce Springsteen/Mother Earth-Within Temptation/Go your own way-Fleetwood Mac/Sentimental-Porcupine Tree/Tick tock III-Gazpacho/Red Army blues & The return of Pan-Waterboys/Onder in my whiskeyglas-Stef Bos/Biko-Peter Gabriel/Shout-Tears for Fears/Paint it black-Rolling Stones/El diablo-Grace Slick/Sorrow & On the turning away & Keep talking & Marooned & Comfortably numb & Us and them - Pink Floyd/Drink before the war & My love-Sinead O'Connor etc. etc.
  • Best Concert Attended
    Leonard Cohen in Amsterdam in 2008 ....just magical in the drizzling rain with rainbows, listening to a 74 year old genius!!!!
  • Favourite Non NW Album?
    Various positions-Leonard Cohen/The Black Symphony- Within Temptation/Graceland - Paul Simon/Night-Gazpacho/Rumours- Fleetwood Mac/Dreams-Grace Slick/Delicate sound of thunder-Pink Floyd/Amused to death-Roger Waters/The rising-Bruce Springsteen/The Joshua tree & The -Unforgettable fire-U2/Once upon a time in the west-Ennio Morricone/Amelie-Yann Tierssen/Oxygene & Equinoxe-Jean-Michel Jarre/Earth and Fire-Earth & Fire/Live-Fleetwood Mac/Wish you were here & Dark side of the moon-Pink Floyd/Acadie-Daniel Lanois/Moody Blues - A question of balance etc. etc.
  • Favourite Composer?
    Bach/Leonard Cohen/Roger Waters/Paul Simon/Sinead O'Connor/Mozart/Roger Hodgson/Mike Scott/Steve Wilson/David Gilmour etc. etc.
  • Favourite Band/Artist?
    Fleetwood Mac/Manu Chao/Pink Floyd/Nightwish/Within Temptation/Gazpacho/Supertramp/U2/Sinead O'connor/Earth and Fire/Grace Slick/Jean-Michel Jarre/Moody Blues/Roger Waters/Vangelis/Stones till 1982/Simon & Garfunkel etc. etc.
  • Musical Dislikes (Songs, Bands etc)
    jazz/modern r&b/dj-house-trance-music/uk and usa or any fabricated boys and girls bands/rap/hiphop/trash & speed and that kind of metal/schlagers/corny music/ with exceptions ofcourse


  • Favourite Actor/Actress
    jack nicholson/audrey tautou/julie graham/martin clunes
  • Favourite Director(s)
    Jacques Perrin/Sergio Leone/Roddy Doyle/Mike Leigh/Roland Joffe/Nick Park
  • Favourite Movie(s)
    Utu/The grey zone/Bangkok Hilton/Das boot/Les egouts du paradis/The day of the jackal/anything Wallace & Gromit/One flew over the cuckoo's nest/Amelie/Schindler's list/Good, bad and ugly/The mission/Once/The Polish bride/Jean de Florette/Once upon a time in the west/The killing fields/Tomten far alla barnen/Papillon/Sophie's choice/Deerhunter/Travelling birds/The great train robbery/Motorcycle diaries/Runaway train/Touching the void/Get on the bus/Into the wild/La meglia gioventu etc. etc.
  • Favourite TV Show(s)/Series
    'Allo, 'allo/Seinfeld/Coupling/2000 Acres of Skye/William & Mary/Chef/The world at war/The world of Boudewijn Buch(dutch)/Wallander series/Millenium series/Coast/Cold feet/Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall stuff etc. etc.
  • Favourite Movie Soundtrack
    Amelie/ Once upon a time in the west/La Califfa/Antarctica
  • Favourite Author
    Boris Akunin/Henning Mankell/Frederick Forsyth/Jonathan Israel /Leon Uris etc. etc.
  • Favourite Book(s)
    There are no snakes in Ireland/The day of the jackal/Papillon/The mutiny on the Bounty/a lot of adventurous and historically based books
  • Favourite Comic Book/Anime
    The blue coats (based on American Civil War)

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  1. hunebedbouwer

    Beautiful People

    I´m a bit in love with my fellow Dutchie Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado. Yep, a very typical Dutch name! Nah, she´s been adopted with her brother from the Dominican Republic when she was young. And turned to cyclocross of all sports!!! She´s still young, but already pretty good and feisty!!! Normally you only see her like this; But once free of all the mud, she´s really cute and pretty!!
  2. hunebedbouwer


  3. hunebedbouwer

    Within Temptation II

    @Imagineer Thank you. That cover is already done so often (the Original is a beauty though!) And 1 song of only 10 songs on the album being a cover would be way too much for me. Have a lot of live fun in Amsterdam!! Haven´t followed the discussion much, because I still want to be surprised by the whole album on the 14th of whenever.........
  4. hunebedbouwer

    Leonard Cohen

    TAKE THIS WALTZ Song from the album ´I´m your man´. This is the most intimate live version I know of. It´s from a bootleg, which covered a concert in San Sebastian. I got the bootleg and it´s not of a great quality, but the moment at 04.00 that Julie Christenen starts to accompany Leonard´s voice gives me the shivers every time...........perfect harmonies...........while the other female singer Perla Batalla is completey in trance (or stoned).
  5. hunebedbouwer


    @Harvest Yep, but these guys look even more ridiculous!
  6. hunebedbouwer

    Within Temptation II

    Yep. Pushed back to the 31st of January.............2020 that is! Well, 13 more months of anticipation!!! Not sure if Imagineer can handle this..........................he needs help by at least 12 months! I like 'Raise your banner'. I don't mind that's it heavy at all. But like 'The reckoning' it all sounds a bit too polished in my opinion. And that 'Mad world'-song....don't tell me that it is a cover of that Gary Jules song, is it?
  7. hunebedbouwer


    Oh Max......I would have supported you, when you had kicked Ocon in the goolies, but those pushes were pathetic!!!!!
  8. hunebedbouwer

    Poepmonsters Pub

    Before we are taking from the air's getting chilly here with still not much rain.
  9. hunebedbouwer

    Within Temptation II

    Just doing what Sharon told me to do....................................
  10. hunebedbouwer

    Within Temptation II

    @NighttimeBird Maybe the 'not-in-sync' was @Essexboyinwales problem at the concert as well If so, he should get his money back!
  11. hunebedbouwer

    Within Temptation II

    @Essexboyinwales Well, a smallish venue in a rough Birmingham neighbourhood doesn't sound great in the first place. About popularity in the UK, I reckon they are equal to NW, even giving WT a small advantage. Look at their chart successes and radio playing times. I think, it's a choice for WT and NW how they organize their tour in the UK.......ONE big gig in Wembley/O2 or touring along 4/5 much smaller venues from north to south. I don't think a 3000 big venue is that small. Haven't heard a negative sound review that often from WT. Also, the Birmingham reviews are fine. Maybe you went with too much expectation (or hearing problems) to the gig. Overall, metal bands are way too loud (bass) for my liking anway. I'll suggest, you go to a good Dutch venue like Ahoy, O 13, Ziggo Dome or so to get a good vibe. It would be a pity to see your appreciation of the great WT live reputation limited to one 'bad' concert. I think I'd rather not return to bad venues than not to see favourite bands again. @Imagineer Man, you're an impatient customer..............!!!! Especially picked for you......their first single......the year was 1997.
  12. hunebedbouwer


    Not much news or live videos from the Norwegian guys, apart from this 'Black Lily'-video, filmed in Germany. So, an official video of 'Desert flight' from 2010 woulldn't go a miss really.......
  13. hunebedbouwer

    Movie Recommendation Thread

    Especially if you're a lover of very good British (costume) drama, this series is quite wonderful: THE FORSYTE SAGA (GB - 1967) and the equally excellent remake of 2002. It's based on John Galsworthy's books of the same title, which won him the Nobel prize for literature in 1922. Both series are riddled with excellent actors and actrices. The extended Forsyte family live a more than pleasant upper middle class life in Victorian and later Edwardian times. Two main characters are Soames Forsyte and his cousion Jolyon Forsyte. Soames is a sollicitor, all proper and straight laced. Living by all of those ridiculous, weird and pre-set English societal lines. His love for the beautiful and also unreachable Irene seems to be his only weakness, as this merely turns out into a obsesssion. He just can't handle Irene's rejections as she simply doesn't love him. His other weakness is his daughter Fleur, who gets spoilt rotten obviously. Jolyon couldn't be more different. A free-thinking artist type of guy, who leaves his wife and children to live with his children's nanny. All very shocking in Victorian England. Their lives and children's life intertwine through the family in bad and good times. Soames does eventually marry Irene, but basically buys her as Irene agrees on the commitment as Soames saves her family from financial disaster. Not a great way to have a relation, which shines through all of the series, ending in drama, murder, bitterness and family feuds. It's a lovely classic drama and the acting and stages are just briljant. A lot of questions are asked by yourself what you would do in similar circumstances........morals, principles, lust, money, jealousy, family ties. Combine those with the very strict, divided and conservative English society of that time and it's almost impossible to feel the same emotions, like 'I would never have done that' or 'that's imossible to accept'. But that is ofcourse Always very easy in hindsight and specially in very rigid societies. Like I said before, both series are equally good, but I have got a slight preference for the older one, but then again, the later one has better watchability. Both series are quite cheap to buy at Amazon. First series.....26 episodes in black and white. Remake.......19 episodes in colour.
  14. hunebedbouwer

    Classical music

    Amazing music..... Philip Glass - Crouch End Festival Chorus 'Changing opinions' 'There are some men' 'In liquid days'
  15. hunebedbouwer

    Leonard Cohen

    In 2006, Leonard Cohen released his 'Book of longing'. The first poetry collection since 'Book of mercy' in 1985. It's a collection of poems and drawings, mostly written and drawn at the Mount baldy Zen-monastery, but also some 'long forgotten' work from the late seventies. The next year, composer Philip Glass released his 'Book of longing', A cd with the description....... 'a song cycle, based on the poetry and artwork of Leonard Cohen'. He translated 23 of Leonard's poems into pieces of music. Some of the songs do include Cohen's spoken words. The works were originally produced for a festival in Toronto and Adelaide, but soon a worldwide festival/theatre tour followed. One way, it's a bit of weird (acquired taste - classic/musical/operatic) one, because of the kind of music, on the other hand it absolutely fits into Leonard's style, his lifestyle and who he is. I've listened quite a few times to's quite relaxing if you take the effort and time to listen to it, but I do clearly prefer his normal albums. You do come across original song lyrics all over, which is quite pleasing. It makes you connect more to the poems and music. 'Prologue - I can't make the hills' 'The night of Santiago' 'You came to me this morning'