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  1. Alpenglow is soo amazing! One of the best Nightwish songs ever. I took this photo 2 weeks ago. Sunset above the Alps on an airplane...
  2. Listened to it for the first time. Too early to give my impressions but I instantly loved SBTB, EMFB, Alpenglow and TGSOE.
  3. I don't get the people who say Sagan is better than Elan. For me they are not even in the same league. Elan has so much better melodies, creates more feelings and lyrically it is miles ahead. Generally it creates a totally different atmosphere full of excitement and joy. Sagan is a very simple and empty song that sounds like it just had to be written because Tuomas wanted to pay tribute to Carl. Thankfully it didn't make it to the album!
  4. pap-x

    Past Nightwish Albums

    Whaat? Half of these songs are among my favorites. I don't think there are filler songs in any album after the WM.. Well I skip them all the time so for me they are filler songs nothingn special or exciting about those Well that means you don't like them A filler song is a song with no other purpose than to fill minutes in the album. There are many songs I don't like and I skip in every album but I don't consider them fillers. I know that some people are going to like them.
  5. pap-x

    Past Nightwish Albums

    Whaat? Half of these songs are among my favorites. I don't think there are filler songs in any album after the WM..
  6. I liked Elan very much, especially on the second listen. It's such a positive song filled with energy and optimism. I imagined listening to it while driving on a big highway in a forest. Beautiful!
  7. Judging by the comments of Floor it is not an unfinished or unmastered version. It's the real one but it's at low quality. I only listened to the first 30 seconds to ease my anxiety, I will wait until next week for the official release.
  8. A translation for this one please: Rated: 6/10
  9. Interesting song titles to say the least. Why am I afraid that "Yours is an empty hope" will have to do with religion?
  10. I think it's time for me to get a new sound system. Or at least some expensive headphones..
  11. Great cover! I didn't understand the title though. The word forms is a noun or a verb?
  12. There can't be many trailers left. I think the next one will be the last one and it will cover the mixing progress. Maybe we'll get a couple of videos here and there of the band talking about the album and the songs.
  13. Hahah...Troy trying to look badass... I think Tuomas' hat is awesome!
  14. I smell evolution... A celebration of life on earth?