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  1. Looks like the stage has new video screens under the members
  2. Did you mean to Tommy Karevik? Oh yeah, it would be awesome. Every piece of music this singer touches becomes masterpiece. About Charlotte, it will be also good, but I think Amanda fit better to the album. As for Roy, I don't like his voice so much, the same for Geoff.
  3. Ghostlights is amazing. One of the best albums I have. I really want all the regular guys in this album: Jorn Lande, Michael Kiske, Ronnie Atkins (whose voice is amazing), Bob Catley (and not only one song), Eric Martin... And please, Andre Matos again! Maybe some new guys, but I prefer the aboves.
  4. If we got a chance to any live video release, it would be from Hartwall Areena, WOA or Lahti. I think that the first option is the most possible.
  5. This week the European tour starts. Do you think they will start every show like they did in the US? I assume it will be more grandiose and impressive, considering most of the shows will be in open air festivals / big arenas.
  6. If they play Alpenglow again, I will scream. Seriously. That song deserves better. Not only to be played at the EFMB tour.
  7. and also an Intro and Outro
  8. My new obsession: I heard that these guys are very good. Two of them are members in some-Finnish-unknown band, but with quite good materials.
  9. Seriously, enough with this song!
  10. Actually, this is why I have hopes for new songs. The US tour always looked a bit different, more pleaser songs. I do think that they will have an improved setlist in the European tour. Don't forget that they will have also a short break to reharse and re-think about the future of the tour.
  11. Fantasmic, Crownless, and Fantasmic again! And if they do not wish to perform full Fantasmic, I agree that they will perform at as Elvenpath + Part 3 Though, Wishmaster is one of the NW "symbolic" songs for me.
  12. I want it to be played. Along with more songs from this album, Imaginaerum & EMFB. Come on, let's see you! I will pay nothing
  13. Ah I am happy it was a mistake. I really can't hear annoying My Walden another tour. Once I used to like this song but... I prefer Alpenglow, Shudder or Storytime instead to be played. Or maybe finally some other goodie from Wishmaster.
  14. About the hired gun, it was in 2001, the band was in split danger. But Tuomas then went to hike with Tony Kakko, came back and decided to fire Sami and go on with the band. I don't remember any "hired gun" 2007 scene