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  1. Juichpet

    The Floor thread

    https://specialcdshop.nl/index.php?item=--cd&action=article&group_id=127&aid=14187&lang=NL#.XXtuSygzZhE looks like we're going to get Phantom....
  2. Juichpet

    The Floor thread

    I've seen the interview several times and only now I'm noticing she's not wearing her nose ring. I don't think I've ever seen her without it before?
  3. Juichpet

    Vehicle of Spirit

    Wish I ordered a 'backup' yesterday from bol.com. Now I have to wait until monday. And I'm not home monday.
  4. Juichpet

    Vehicle Of Spirit

    So much for pre-ordering. Package somewhere in Denmark, not going to arrive today. And I can buy it now, delivered today, in the Netherlands, for less the price I payed.
  5. Juichpet

    Loudest show you've ever attended

    My loudest show was In this Moment in Tivoli, Utrecht (Feb 26, 2015). So glad I was wearing ear plugs! Sound was not distorted though. Just so loud that the vibration of air by the bass made my clothes pulse in rhythm too.
  6. Juichpet

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016 pt. ll.

    Well, I don't see it (I know, I wasn't there). I think they were enjoying themselves very much: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEurPujAzeM. I think this is over-analyzing whatever it is you think you are seeing. But hey, that's just my opinion. of course, if this was the last song, they could be very happy to have reached the end
  7. Taken before the Prague show December 7, 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A95DfcmWSmc
  8. Juichpet

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    I went to both shows in Amsterdam, and... how I wish they would play there for another 5 nights or so.... First night I was about row 10, and although I'm not really short, the stage at the HMH is not that high so it's not easy to get a good view. The show is visually stunning, and the flames and fireworks are really hot and loud! I do think there was something not quite right in the mix the 19th, because starting around My Walden the bass was really distorted, and that kind of bugged me. Next to that, the drums are really loud, so sometimes it was like listening to those two alone.... The 20th however the sound was great! Could be because I decided to watch from a balcony spot. One thing that I'm not a fan of is those stroboscope-like lights. That's something that makes me wanna shut my eyes and turn around. Unfortunately they have a lot of those. But even with these minor 'complaints', it is probably the best live show I've been to. Like that means anything .
  9. Juichpet

    After Forever

    One of the best quality video's I've seen for After Forever: (Dreamflight) https://youtu.be/73-_F9prx4I
  10. For anyone thinking of buying the orchestral version: in my opinion you should! Although a lot of people here do not seem to be that much into EFMB, I think that the orchestral part is (one of) the best! Has anyone heard the alternative version of EFMB already? Also reinterpreted by Petri Alanko. It's on the 10" vinyl.
  11. Got my version of the new album today: 3 CDs, the earbook and... (I forgot about that) a silver vinyl version of "Endless forms most beautiful" - alternate version. Uhmmm... I don't have a player for that anymore... :blush:
  12. Juichpet

    Hi to all!

    Hi, New member from the Netherlands.... Little bit older, changing musical taste through the years from poppy to metal, shy girl, not very outspoken, reading everything, probably not very active responder....