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    A friend lent me his NW CDs back in 2003.
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  1. Spectre

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    Time and again I am baffled by the level of amateurism in the publishing industry. As a further example, Floor's first performance at Beste Zangers 2019 (the Vilja-Lied) was released under "Floor Hansen". In most other jobs, you would be admonished for these kinds of mistakes.
  2. Spectre

    Nightwish Off Topic

    Disagree. 3 totally random examples of Floor's non-NW collaborations: Floor blending perfectly in with Anneke and Marcela in a cheesy fusion of prog rock. A really beautful duet with Tom Englund IMHO. Floor being vocally drowned out by Soilwork's lead singer.
  3. Spectre

    The Floor thread

    ^I guess it's the same interview @xNishi recently posted on Twitter which seemingly was also published in the print edition of "DenD": Note the misspelling of her family name in flashy letters on the front page (edit: you can see it when clicking on the tweet)! Yellow press quality journalism as it seems. *facepalm*
  4. Spectre

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    ^It's a shame we don't get a video of Floor buying beer somewhere this time around
  5. Spectre

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Babylon Utopia
  6. Spectre

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    That's a great theory - I like it, and it would fit all the potential themes that have appeared / been referred to in relation to the new album so far (Black Mirror, Steampunk and Babylon). My thoughts were going in a similar direction but were a bit more dark-ish in terms of a potential album title: Netherworld (which is seemingly also part of the Sumerian mythology, though I also wondered whether the background in the tour poster has some bearing) There is actually also a connection to Carl Sagan who researched Sumerian history when preparing a scientific article on Direct Contact among Galactic Civilizations which later informed his bestseller book "Contact" (which I'm sure Tuomas must have read as an outspoken fan of Sagan). PS: I get the feeling that this whole cuneiform thing is kind of one of Tuomas's crossword puzzles.
  7. Spectre

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Still puzzling over the meaning of the cuneiform in the tour poster - one of you Finnish guys does not happen to know someone at the Ancient Near Estern Empires Centre of Excellence at the University of Helsinki?
  8. Spectre

    The Floor thread

    Floor is warning of imposters trying to sell fake tickets - sadly, the online world is also bringing out the worst out of some people.
  9. Spectre

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    Then again, the Bath under my bare feet is gone - the ElvenBath I massively enjoy the new heaviness and level of energy that is present in both Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean and Slaying the Dreamer. Hope that this carries on into the new album. While I enjoy a nice ballad or uplifting folky song here and then, it's a good omen to me that radio friendliness did not seem to be the main criterion when chosing the singles for Decades Live.
  10. Spectre

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    ^True, but they might not make Decades immediately available for streaming. It took quite a while until Showtime Storytime and VoS became available on Prime Video as far as I recall. Since I'm an impatient greedy fan I will resort to BluRay.
  11. Spectre

    Contacting the Mods

    Hi mods, I noticed that my access to speaker's corner has been revoked. Can you please reinstate it? Thanks!
  12. Spectre

    The Floor thread

    Do you mean that it was different than here: If so, I also wondered at some point why she did it differently at BZ but concluded that the way Floor and Henk performed it more beautifully reflects the moment between Erik and Christine in PotO. IMHO, the new version delivers great storytelling, in the Marco/Tarja and (previous) Joacim/Floor version the artists seem more detached.
  13. Spectre

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    I couldn't stop thinking about the signs on the tour poster recently posted by @GhostHell in the 2020 Tour thread: They are Babylonian cuneiform signs. My working assumption is that the album title is encoded in cuneiform - who knows, maybe it's even a kind of puzzle for the fans? Since we don't seem to have an Assyriologist among us it may indeed be difficult to solve. Some internet research yielded the following results: The first symbol resembles the cuneiform sign for "man", though the string attached to it at the upper right could obviously change the meaning significantly. The second sign is the DINGIR sign for "god", "haven" or "deity", sometimes it's also referred to as "star": Not sure whether this is of relevance here, but one of the greatest works of literature from ancient Babylon is the Epic of Gilgamesh. It includes many interesting and fundamental themes, such as Gilgamesh's futile struggle for immortality, his friend Enkidu's journey to the Netherworld and the Great Flood. One of the chapters of Carl Sagan's book "Contact" also refers to the Gilgamesh epic. I could see those themes playing well together with dystopian themes inspired by Black Mirror as well as the religious / transcendental issues suggested by other forum members. Really curious how this plays out!
  14. Spectre

    The Floor thread

    The big question for me is now: How do we get a professional live recording of Nightwish feat. Henk Poort in Amsterdam? Not immortalising that rendition of PotO would be a crime.
  15. Spectre

    The Floor thread

    Floor's last tweet ist intriguing as it could mean that Henk appears with NW - maybe at the Ziggo Dome? The twitter translator tells me that Floor suggested Henk to do Phantom for the duets and he said fine - if I can join NW on stage. She seemingly replied "we have a deal". 😀