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    I used to play piano


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    through Evanescence (I was 15)
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    when I met them in Buenos Aires
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    Once, signed by Tuomas
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    Romanticide (Floor), Ghost Love Score (Tarja)
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    Ghost Love Score
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    Passion and The Opera, Dark Passion Play
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    Sleeping Sun 2005
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    End of Innocence

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    Ariën van Weesenbeek
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    Floor Jansen, Tarja Turunen, Roy Khan, Tobias Sammet, Bruce Dickinson, Anneke van Giersberger
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    Isaac Delahaye, Julián Barret
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    Doug Wimbish
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    Tuomas Holopainen
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    Kingdom of Heaven (Epica)
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    Nightwish, Tarja, Epica, Within Temptation, Linkin Park (all of them in 2012)
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    Design Your Universe, Hybrid Theory, Wild Card, Parachutes, Nevermind, etc, etc.
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    Tarja, Tuomas Holopainen, Mark Jansen, Thomas Youngblood, Floor Jansen
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    Seriously? haha
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    Cumbia, Reggeaton......


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    Ellen Page

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  1. Damian

    Nightwish Off Topic

    Thought I was the only one having Irum as his less favourite NW album for that same reason. My reaction to the Storytime video was like "OK, this is NOT what I wanted from NW, but it's not THAT bad..." and kind of tolerated the song until the album came out. Then, Ghost River and IWMTB became instant favourites from the album, but stil I wasn't 100% satisfied with the overall sound and Anette's voice (specially live). I bought my tickets for their show in December 2012, my intention was giving myself a chance to see them live at least once and then part ways with the band. Floor changed all my plans for good. So, I had little sympathy for Anette back then, a feeling of "Ok, it is what it is, no more no less. Just that.", so putting all her efforts and contribution to NW aside was natural to me. I admire her for being brave enough to go out on stage and tackle all the pressure, burden from the past of the band and stand there to do her job anyway.
  2. Damian

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Indeed. They hadn't played TGSOE full version in South America before, so, yeah, it was a plus for us. But for the European crowd who had enough of TGSOE and GLS, I think most of us were expecting a couple of changes or additions for these recent shows. They did it in 2012 with Floor as guest (not an official member back then). No belting there, sorry.
  3. Damian

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Some of us noticed the same when the tour started earlier this year. The whole phrasing is different and I'm pretty sure it's not because of the pitch being lowered. I think someone in here left the Twitter account of the guy (if I'm not mistaken or daydreaming anyway) who originally recorded the song, but I didn't dare to ask him.
  4. Damian


    I think I've said exactly the same few pages back. And I still can't get over that video from the recording session of that specific part. She's singing her soul out (I don't even know if this expression is correct).
  5. Damian


    Finally! I missed this guy's voice so much... Thanks Antichrist(?) or whatever made him spend his time and efforts in this new record and the future full length album.
  6. Damian

    The Gathering

    Silje's harmonies on "Leaves" are so lovely. This duet version is amazing.
  7. Damian

    The Old Era

    Yeah, and the new booklet containing unreleased pics from the Once session. Sounds more tempting to me, I'd totally go for it instead of the instrumental album. That's right! And that's why I won't take any sides here because I can't agree with any of their reasons. I'm just choosing the best offer, again, to me.
  8. Damian

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    I remember when she was using the micro-site blogs for each album, way back in the days, and she was REALLY upset with the label when she went to France for a show. The fans didn't have the chance to buy her album WLB because Universal hadn't send the copies there. She posted a picture of a grocery store saying sth like "Universal promoting my album". There was also another problem with the videoclips recorded for the singles. She already had an idea of the clip for Until My Last Breath, but Universal decided to kill two birds with one stone while recording I Feel Immortal. I guess they didn't like it when she decided to release a video with Third-Eye Prods. Thanks god Ear Music came to the rescue... (and that makes me still hoping for a collaboration with U2, Bush or Gamma Ray )
  9. Damian

    The Old Era

    I don't think that's possible, she made it quite clear that she doesn't want the instrumental version only. I must admit that the whole package that she and her husband proposed sounds more tempting than the instrumental album only.
  10. Damian


    OK, that was unexpected. First part reminds me of Cowboy Bebop's opening theme. I'm still trying to figure out what they were actually trying to do with the whole battle thing. It's like the Jazz people vs The Orchestra vs Epica fighting for their own place in the song. Mark vs Jazz part sounds hillarious, but fits in the "battle" theme, in my opinion.
  11. Damian

    Gira Decades

    Tenías un solo trabajo, Wacken, un solo trabajo: Devil, Gethsemane y TGSOE. Desperdicio de video.
  12. Damian

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Basic choice of songs..... too basic choice of songs. As if there weren't enough live videos for Nemo and Wish I Had An Angel...
  13. Damian

    Nightwish Off Topic

    She's also been backing Tarja in "Sleepwalker" at the Eurovision contest, is that right?
  14. Damian

    Within Temptation II

    Ohhh poor Sharon, not again. Seems she can't deal with all the feelings going on in that song. On a selfish thought, I'd really like to listen to that song live in their next visit to my country. But if they decide to leave it out of the setlist, I'd understand her decision, and more than anything I want her to feel better. The Howling is more than welcomed in its place . Any classic will do.
  15. Damian


    To me it sounds like the chorus of Hypnotize by SOAD. I am crazy, but it did remind me of it. Edit: ERR, wrong song. I meant Bridle Passion.