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  1. Damian

    The Floor thread

    Woooow, I was thinking about this video yesterday, I swear. I was listening to Sweet Curse and this vid came up to my mind. Loved the relationship they had years ago, they looked like two "teen friends from school BFF"
  2. Damian

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    It's that moment when you realize the woman in the red dress in Nemo, with the yellow outfit in the DVD, is right there in front of you with a huge smile telling you to give her a hug Gotta love her. In fact, I've been in the same situation as you, my first pic with her somehow wasn't saved in the camera, so I had to come back and she was like "Suuuuure!! No problem, come here!". And I must admit I also like reading impressions of people/fans of their first Tarja concerts, specially in places she doesn't go frequently or plays there for the first time. This woman is as enchanting as a siren, even though some people compare her to a whale because of her actual voice
  3. Damian


    Cierto, me estaba confundiendo con 01. Sí, estaría bárbaro que esté Sharon. Se me había venido en mente lo de Floor también porque el año que viene no va a estar de gira. Vuur y WT probablemente sí.
  4. Damian


    Si el show es el año que viene sería genial para que estén Anneke y Floor, eso estaría copado.
  5. Damian


    Loved it. The devil part was a bit weird but it's great anyway Yes! The album is on Spotify right now. Let's give it a listen Omg, I loved the album too Now I can't wait for the lyrics, I won't be disappointed by that, I'm sure
  6. Damian

    Lacuna Coil

    Amé el final. Me encanta cómo incluyeron el fuego aquí. Pero no me termina de convencer lo del circo, no me llevo bien con esa estética y creo que ya lo dejé en claro en este foro jaja
  7. Damian

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Yes, with the new orchestral arrangements also.
  8. Damian


    Giving it a second thought, well.... those songs must've been overplayed there in Europe. But I'll need them here next time they come to SA
  9. Damian


    No Karma and no Center of The Universe in the new DVD?? And I'm also disappointed because Elize just got only one song, booo. Alissa got three, fair enough, I loved all of her collaborations with the band. And, yes, Tommy's outfit was so much better in his first tour as official vocalist. Even though I'm being a bit critical on them , I'm looking forward to this release (well, I've been waiting for it like... 6 years, I guess).
  10. Damian

    Decades World Tour 2018

    But Tuomas doesn't feel confortable while playing it, so I think it won't be back to the setlist. I'd love that too, althought it seems unlikely to happen. Thing is we don't have any professional recording of Wishmaster, as far as I remember.
  11. Damian


    Técnicamente no me parecía la mejor vocalista de Therion, por lejos. Pero me entretenía mucho en el escenario, voy a extrañar mucho su presencia escénica. Vamos a ver quién tomará su lugar Sé que en cuanto a técnica vocal es muy probable que la superen, pero desde mi lugar de fan voy a estar al tanto de la química que tenga con la banda en el escenario.
  12. Damian


    Last time they came to my country on March, I gave him a book containing a collection of short stories by one of the most important local authors which has a lot of mystery around the infinity as a point in space (Aleph) that contains all other points and anyone who gazes into it can see everything in the universe from every angle simultaneously. I really hope Mark gets some inspiration from it that'd be fun. Or at least enjoy the book and not getting covered by dust in his bookshell.
  13. Damian

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Yeah, for some people (like me, included) that should be awesome, but other people disagree on that, and it's on their right, of course. Chances are really few, specially for the shows in South America, Tarja will be touring with Stratovarious over Europe, so it's not gonna happen in the DVD, sadly, even though the producer who organises their shows here is the same. It'd be great to have her for the last show in Helsinki, she should be in Finland too by that time. So, who knows? We've witnessed lots of band reunions lately and all of them made me toy with the idea of a NW reunion. But apparently the odds are against.
  14. Thanks! Yeah, I think so. But I didn't want to disagree with her althoug I knew they've been playing those songs too. I guess she means that there won't be any new songs, so my hopes for Beauty and/of The Beast are all gone now.
  15. I had the honor and the chance to interview her again as part of NWM (the producer for the show in Argentina), but this time via Skype. Once agaian you may find some questions inteded to promote the show, that of course left me some questions I would've done as a fan aside. And also I included one or two questions from the Q&A section that I find interesting, so if she doesn't answer them in the Q&A you'll find the answer here Hope you enjoy it anyway. Hi, Floor! First of all, thank you for conceding us this interview. Secondly, how are you doing? Enjoying the break at home? Thanks for taking the time as well. Cool we’re coming back to Argentina, so it’s good that we can talk a bit. Well, actually I’ve just moved, so easy going time is not really happening. Plus, I’m doing tones of interviews for my side project. So, no rest. In the middle of this break after the festival season. How do you feel the reception of the public throughout the whole tour? (North America and the European Festivals) Yeah, it’s been great. It’s really cool to see the people appreciate the fact that we’re bringing back the old songs, but also the way we do it. It’s not the same sound, of course, as back in the days when the albums were recorded. Different vocalist, different setting, and then Troy and all his instruments. We bring the 2018 version of the songs, and the reaction to that is very very good. Most of the songs you’re now revisiting for this tour goes way back to the very first albums. Was it difficult for you to approach the songs with your own style of singing? Did it feel natural for you? Not really, because that’s what I’ve been doing since I started in Nightwish. So, there’s nothing different there. 20 years of one of the most important bands of the symphonic metal scene. You’ve been part of their story for 6 years so far. What does it mean to you to be part of this celebration? Yeah, it’s a huge honor, of course. Even more emphasis on the actual history of the band. Yeah, we’re all part of the history in a different way. So, a large percentage of that time I was a real fan, you know (laughs). And now actually sing those songs, it’s a huge honor. (super boring questions) Back to the celebrations, you’ve been part of the metal scene for 20 years, and you received an award from the “Buma Rocks Export Award” at Fortarock. Could you tell us just a little bit of information of what the award is about and how did you feel when you got this recognition in your own hands? Buma/Stemra is a right organization of music rights in the Netherlands and they hand awards to musicians. They have awards for different reasons, like there’s one to honour the Dutch artists for what they achieve. And in this case they gave me an award for my career, for bringing Dutch music abroad or being a Dutch artist who brings music from the Netherlands, or a person from the Netherlands travelling and making music abroad, and that’s a huge recognition. Specially because being Dutch, if anything I've been playing more outside of the Netherlands than inside, for one because the Netherlands is very small, but also because the metal scene in the Netherlands is very small, it's underground, and it's hard to get any form of recognition. We get it way more across the border. So for a not typical metal organization like this, that focuses on all music from the Netherlands, to give me this award, to say "we chose you for what you've been doing throughout your entire career", 20 years of what you do, that is a huge recognition. And the way that they gave it to me, the words that the chief of this organization, the way that he talked to, it was really really, great. I was so touched, also because it was during a Dutch Festival, where there were a lot of people came out to attend this, while it was nothing more than just me sitting there and talking, there was not a seat empty in the area where it was taking place. I felt very loved (laughs), it was really great! You’re also going to play at the Ziggo Dome in the Netherlands this November. Are you excited about this concert in your homeland? Yeah, very much. That’s another form of recognition. We’ve actually really been growing in the Netherlands as well. The whole tour is something to look forward to, but it’s definitely an extra for me going to my homeland. 20 years of career. Is there anything you dream about as a singer? At the moment, not really, ‘cause I’m already fulfilling all of them (laughs). But if there’s anything that I truly envision now is to keep the things that I have. It’s an achievement to get to where I am, but it’s also an achievement to stay where I am. That is my ambition. In ReVamp’s track “Wolf and Dog” you mention the balance between these two important parts of your life. Do you think you were able to find the balance after all these years? Yeah, I think so, actually. But also because Nightwish schedules are busy but not crazy. Now I’m having a couple of weeks at home, but you know, it was my own doing that I said “Ok, great, now we’ll move”. So it was all of a hassle, especially with a small child, but only for the better. But, yeah, I’ve been having a lot of time at home, a lot of time spent with family and friends. Then I’m gone and then I’m back. So I feel they’re very even at the moment. Both my dog as my wolf are properly fed (laughs). And the last celebrations I’d like to ask you about: Ayreon Universe. What can you tell us about the experience of sharing the stage with Arjen again, and also with that huge list of amazing singers from the metal scene? Yeah, super nice! It was my first time on stage since becoming a mom, which for me was a huge step. Coming out of a completely dog life – to stay in the metaphore there (TN: in reference to “Wolf and Dog”) – and back into wolf shape, doing complicated music, on a high level, directly surrounded by nothing but really really high level, great singers. Yeah, it was definitely a challenge. And Arjen is as perfectionistic as I am on work, so you want to do well for yourself, for him and the audience. So I thought it was really really exciting, but yeah, then it’s fantastic to see the professionalism in everybody involved. Things were just really really smooth. Everybody had to work, everybody had to focus, but as soon as the show started, it was just so much fun. I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved. When I see the DVD it’s like “YES! we did it” (laughs). Now, you finally found the right time to release something the fans have been waiting for for so long, your project with Pagan’s Mind guitarist, Jorn, under the name of Northwards. How would you describe this project and what’s the musical direction of it? It’s rock music. So it’s actually completely different from what you might expect from me, so it’s nothing like ReVamp, After Forever, Nightwish or Pagan’s Mind as you might know from Vigo’s work also. It’s a rock album with a lot of different styles of rock. It has a whole different field to it than you might expect or used to hear from me. Indeed it took a long time to finish. The songwriting was done 10 years ago, and even the drums were recorded 10 years ago. We now finally had the chance to record the rest – voice, guitars, bass - and to finalize it and release it. So what we’ll hear in the album are the old recordings and the new ones? Yes, so the music was written, the songs were all done 10 years ago. And as we finished the songwriting process, we started recording the album. But then we couldn’t continue. So, when we picked it back up, we listened to all the songs: “jeez! They’re still all up to date. Can we release them the way they are?”. And we were still very happy, we found only a few things. There’s one song where we changed the chords, and then there’s one song where I rewrote the lyrics entirely. But the rest is all the same and we recorded it all like that. Can’t wait for the second single which is coming out this Friday. The first one was awesome, I could even hear some bits that reminded me of Foo Fighters, and I loved it. Was it intentional to include those bits? Yeah, indeed in Friday! You’re well informed, cool! (laughs). It wasn’t intentional, but we had been listening to “The Pretender”. The song just got released around that time, and it’s pretty obviously a direct source of inspiration. Is there any live concert or tour with Northwards in the plans for the next year? No, because we’re gonna make a new album with Nightwish. This is a project with Vigo and me, so it’s two people. If we want to tour, we need a band. We need somebody to book the tours, we need transportation, we need a backline. We don’t have anything we need, set that up from scratch, and I don’t have that time. So, no. And future plans for Nightwish? We’re gonna make a new album next year and release that in the year after. So in 2020 we’ll be back with a new tour and a new album. Finally, something you would like to tell to your Argentinean fans? Well, we have high expectations, it’s been nothing but awesome in all the concerts before, specially the last time. And this time it’s gonna be even bigger, so we are really really looking forward to rock with you guys. And it’s not without a reason that we want to record a live DVD with you, because we know it’s gonna be great. So, be there! And let’s have a fun together.