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  1. Well, yeah. But it's the first rapper collaboration in the symphonic metal world. Let's take 1997 WT/NW/ToT and all their children onwards. Sharon openly said that she likes LP music, and also follow the band on Twitter and Instagram. When Chester died she dedicated an Instagram post to him and stated that "The Silent Force" was heavily influenced by LP music (I guess she meant "Meteora", 2003, a year before TSF release date). So, your point is quite correct, the influence was there the whole time, it's just that it took some time to them to find a suitable song to combine their style with a rapper.
  2. But this is not a marriage (just using a term the band used for the Anette conflict), it's just a band. I don't want her back in NW because I really love her solo work, and NW would be time consuming when not in hiatus. But I agree that a one night show (specially for THIS Decades tour) will definitely work. It's very unlikely that she might want to be their singer again, for various reasons, but it's happened with other bands where the singer went for a solo project and then they were back: Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, GNR, to name a few. My point is that it CAN happen even though I think it won't...ever.
  3. Mmmm, it was part of the regular Latin American setlist for the Imginaerum tour, the last 10 concerts of the world tour. Then it was even less frequent in the LA tour in 2015 (it was played in Bs As and Rock In Rio, for sure). So we can expect its comeback in September, maybe. While I was checking that info, I found that the Elvenjig is not the first traditional cover of the band featuring Troy https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/nightwish/2012/centro-de-convenciones-plaza-san-miguel-lima-peru-63da1ac3.html "Featuring" as he wasn't part of the band back then. I'd enjoy Wishmaster once again but I also wouldn't mind if we have another pre-DPP song instead.
  4. I'm planning to go to the Summer Breeze Festival, so Nuremberg is definitely on the list. I think I'll let the festivals take the lead, I'll visit every nearest city as much as possible. Summer Breeze takes place in Dinkelsbühl, I think Nuremberg is the nearest city. Just WOW, so many places and so little time! I was googling all of them while reading your post. Fell in love with the caves from the southern part of the Netherlands, Heidelberg looks so beautiful, and Bonn is a must if I go to Phansialand. Maastricht also looks promising after going to Phantasialand. It'll be easier and well, logical, if I choose only one or two cities per country, so I don't have to take my luggage everywhere (as I said before). So thank you VERY VERY much for your help, I'm finding it extremely useful, and YES I'm enjoying every single tip from your posts. Now I have a better idea of where to go and where to stay at. The original plan was going down from Hamburg to somewhere in Belgum, then back to Madrid to take the plane back to this side of the world. But the Southern part of Germany has sooo many awesome places that the Summer Breeze may be possible and convenient now. So far, it'll be sth like: 1 week, Madrid; 2 week, Wacken, 3 week, Southern part of Germany; 4 Southern part of the Netherlands/North of Belgium. Ohh....I know Utrecht because of my beloved Dutch bands I'll be glad to hear some more about that place even if I can't make it there.
  5. No, it's not. And there's a lot of people who may agree with you on that. I don't Mmmm... I like all of them (I'm in love with WLB photoshoot), the only one I don't like at all is CITD (who wouldn't?), although the pics from the booklet are nice. My choice for Act II was: 1- LP 2- CD 3- Digital 4- DVD -> this one was my favourite too.
  6. She's done sth similar before, during a Revamp concert when a guy in the front row was recording with his camera closely under her dress, so she slapped the camera away. Then the guy uploaded the video on Youtube and Floor replied to him in the comment section asking him to delete the video and cut it off. Seems like no one dares to do that to her again. Funny thing, she slapped the camera angrily right before the growling part on Wild Card. Oh, so it's part of the show then. I thought someone was getting a dismissal letter for not sharing the bottle of wine
  7. Wait what? Are Floor and Tuomas fighting over the bottle of beer at the very first seconds of that video?
  8. Here in Argentina the album is sold as imported, so the price is ridiculously high.
  9. Same old story: ttps://www.setlist.fm/setlist/kamelot/2018/mercury-ballroom-louisville-ky-5becef34.html It looks quite similar to the Silverthorn Tour setlist. No surprises. No golden oldies. "Sacrimony" as the only one from Silverthorn album. They're playing exactly the same songs for the last 6/7 years. I'm more enthusiastic about the new DVD, and I know this setlist will be alright for Tommy, there's a lot of his 'era' and it's really awesome to have another live recording of these people after 12 years. Too bad Casey won't be the official drummer there, maybe one or two songs as guest. That sucks
  10. Todo puede suceder. No sé si quiero cambios de los golden oldies (sería CC inc. para atrás), pero cualquier tema que agreguen es más que bienvenido.
  11. I recall reading some comments on their videos, many religious people saying "I'm christian/*insertotherbranches*, but I love this band". Glad to know not all of them are narrow minded and understand the whole sarcasm of their songs.
  12. For 2 year I've been attempting to open a new topic for them, but lazyness always won I love this band so much. I like the way they don't take all the religious stuff seriously, and the songs and the videos clearly reflect this position. My faves so far: Zombie Queen, Cirice, He Is, Year Zero, Square Hammer, Ritual. I think I'm very fond of their "happier" songs, with the 70/80 style. I don't care about the band's conflicts, Tobias Forge ambition$ and all that. I can't really say I'm his fan, I like the Papa Emeritus character better. As regards the Ghouls, my only concern is to know if it was TRUE that Dave Grohl collaborated with them on stage (he's been playing a role in the first album IIRC), but it's so hard to know as he could have played drums or guitars. Last year they came to Buenos Aires but I couldn't make it to the show. I'll regret for it all my life. But another door was open, so I'm going to see them with full production and everything at the Wacken festival Can't wait! I'll leave you the first Ghost song (a classic cover, though) that made me fall in love with the band instantly.
  13. ¡Argentina! Entradas a la venta a partir de mañana (no hay horario establecido, pero estén atentos): Los M&G se venden 25 (creo) por Ticketek, y 25 en el local Liverpool, el precio es de $2000 ARS.
  14. Last time they played here, the producers could get one of the videos from the venue's recording, it was TGSOE. I wish they could repeat it as a Christmas present for the fans again.
  15. Ya lo dije antes, lo dudo muchísimo. Sobre todo en Argentina, para mí es imposible acá. Aparte Tuomas lo dijo en uno de los trailers de Decades: la pirotecnia en los shows de Europa.