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    I used to play piano


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    through Evanescence (I was 15)
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    when I met them in Buenos Aires
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    Once, signed by Tuomas
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    Romanticide (Floor), Ghost Love Score (Tarja)
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    Ghost Love Score
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    Passion and The Opera, Dark Passion Play
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    Sleeping Sun 2005
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    Ariën van Weesenbeek
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    Isaac Delahaye, Julián Barret
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    Doug Wimbish
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    Tuomas Holopainen
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    Kingdom of Heaven (Epica)
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    Nightwish, Tarja, Epica, Within Temptation, Linkin Park (all of them in 2012)
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    Design Your Universe, Hybrid Theory, Wild Card, Parachutes, Nevermind, etc, etc.
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    Tarja, Tuomas Holopainen, Mark Jansen, Thomas Youngblood, Floor Jansen
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    Seriously? haha
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    Cumbia, Reggeaton......


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    Ellen Page

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  1. Damian

    After Forever

    Mark Jansen being fully responsible for that I loved how Floor was capable enough to mantain the philosophical and introspective themes, they just kept out the (anti)religious stuff. It also took me a few years (3, I guess) to get into AF, and it was also Floor's voice that didn't convince me back then. Of course, I just listened to "Energize Me" and "Emphasis". A friend of mine who happens to be a HUGE fan of Floor since AF times was pretty much insistant to make me listen Floor's real talent, so I gave Prison of Desire a chance and I was mindblown by all those outstanding vocal melodies and powerful tracks. True fact. Actually, I met a lot of non-metalheads who told me they sound exactly the same.... just because there's a female lead vocalist, a band doing some noise at the back, bombastic orchestra and some choir here and there (well, in Epica case would be some choir ELSEWHERE in any track). They can't even notice the difference between power/melodic metal from death metal, an epic latin choir from just a few instances of a choir saying nothing but "oh" (as in those few NW songs who features a choir), the song structure and don't even get me started with the lyrical content. Same goes for AF, except for a couple of songs in their last album.
  2. Damian

    PLASTIC EUKARIOTE - 2018 Forum Awards

    OK..... I did it, finally. Still I feel a bit out of place cause I don't go around the off topic section. I'll let you decide if my votes count or not. 1) The AWOLLY (Absence Without Official Leave) - award........which member(s) have you missed the most in or during 2018? @Cristermo for sure 2) The MOSQUITO - award...........whose stingy posts and remarks were the most annoying ones for you? - 3) The BUZZYBODDY - award.........which member did spend the most time posting and replying on this forum? Can't remember precisely, sorry 4) The JOLLYGOODFUN - award...........who made you smile, let you laugh the most this year? @hunebedbouwer @Imagineer 5 ) The ROOKSTAR - award..........which newcomer/greenhorn did impress you the most? They impressed me because they're Tarja fans, I mean, what you guys doing here? @Encaitar @Sophia 6) The DUOPENOTTI - award.........which 2 members get on well, often confirm each other´s opinion, complement each other? - 7) The AVASTAR - award.........who has got/had the best avatar this year? @NighttimeBird for obvious reasons 8) The MOTFU (Master Of This Forum´s Universe) - award........who do you think was the BEST poster on this forum in 2018? @Himiko long posts FTW 9) The AH - OH - AH -award.........(yes, you got them on every forum) who is the biggest drama queen? - 10) The PHRASIER - award.........who wrote the best post/remark/phrase in 2018 and what was it about? Dah, I can't remember, must have been sth Baki said, but I can't recall precisely 11) The TOPGUNNER - award.........(different from no.8!!!) who is your FAVOURITE poster? @Afrodite thanks for keeping all the non-Finnish fans updated 12) The HYENA VS LION - award.........which 2 members like debating each other till dawn and won´t give in an inch? @Ahasverus vs @Symphoniker it's a classic here. I enjoy reading them. 13) The PIT of 2018 - award...........what do you consider to have been the worst thread on this forum during this year? - 14) The CLASS of 2018 - award.........which thread was your favourite during 2018? Decades World Tour 2018 <3 15) The OFFTOPICCALLER - award........which member continously posts above, under and next to the thread subjects? @hunebedbouwerKing of The Off Topic 16) The MUSICKFREAK - award........who do you think has the most CD´s/LP´s/DVD's at home? - 17) The EXPLICITATOR - award.........who was the most in-your-face member of this year? @Baki @Magnus 18) The POSTERFAN - award..........which member should post more? @CenturyChild625 @Stargazer_Voyager A) The best album of the year 2018 in your opinion? Ayreon Universe B) The most enjoyable song that was released in 2018? "(F- A) Silver Lining" - Panic! At The Disco C) What was the best thing you saw or heard on YOUTUBE this year? "Gente Rota" series. D) What was your favourite Nightwish-moment of the year? The show in Buenos Aires, "I Want My Tears Back" was one of the best highlights if not THE BEST from that night E) The best film you´ve watched this year? Avengers 3: Infinity Wars F) What was the most delicious animal you´ve eaten this year and for veggies & vegans the most delicious vegetable? A good asado will always do G) What was your best live music experience in 2018? Wacken Open Air - Day 3 (12 hours watching bands on stage with no breaks) H) IF Floor decided to become a farmer´s wife, who should replace her? (I know it´s a IF-question, but fun nevertheless)? Dianne van Giersbergen I) What was your favourite sports moment of the year? Maradona high as hell celebrating(?) Messi's goal J) Best thing you watched on TV during this year? Pasapalabra K) Who would you vote Personality Of The Year (worldwide - can be anyone) personally? Tough one.... I'd go with Floor Jansen. This woman inspires me every year with her professionalism and dedication and passion. L) What´s the best place you did visit this year? Nürnberg. Lovely city.
  3. Damian

    The Old Era

    No, there was some disagreement between both parties NW - Turunen/Cabuli. So they ended up uploading only a full instrumental version of GLS on Youtube as celebration of the 10th anniversary.
  4. Damian

    Nightwish Off Topic

    I didn't have the slightest idea about it. Anyway, I'm not a NW collector so I don't really care.
  5. Damian

    Hello from a Canadian fan!

    Welcome to the forum! Nice story. I can't recall reading someone finding NW through Anneke, except for Floor herself (well, Mark Jansen or someone else handed over her the Oceanborn album, but she knew The Gathering before). I think you have a long road ahead with the most improtant symphonic metal concerts : End of An Era, From Wishes to Eternity (NW), Black Symphony, The Silent Force Tour DVD (Within Temptation), We Will Take You With Us (Epica), and maybe After Forever's Pinkpop 2004 performance (not a DVD, but it's a good memory from a very young Floor Jansen).
  6. Damian

    Decades World Tour 2018

    OK, I admit it: everytime I watch D&DDO all my attention goes to Floor and Marco. I can only spot Tuomas and Kai when the fast-tempo section comes. And when I'm finally at the end section "we shall cooome", it's like my attention just drops and I'm out of the song. And I guess that's why I've never seen Troy playing the guitar in THAT part. I just watched the Bloodstock performance and I heard a guitar that NEVER wasn't there for me, I was like "ok, that's new!!", then I saw Troy on stage. Has he always been there for this particular song?
  7. Damian


    It's my favourite track from the new album, so far. I'm glad it had its own video.
  8. Damian

    Within Temptation II

    I don't know how Universal works with other artists, but Tarja has gone through similar awkward situations with them. From release delay to new tracks replacing others (I mean, we could've had "Love to Hate" in 2010 instead of IFI), video shootings she wasn't confortable with, and actually not distributing physical copies of WLB in countries like France. Maybe they don't like symphonic metal women so much.
  9. Damian

    Decades World Tour 2018

    He should ask Floor for some advice on that
  10. Damian

    Nightwish Off Topic

    I've always loved their version of Amaranthe "aaaaf thaaaa daybriiiiick" TPATP too.
  11. Damian

    The Old Era

    Yes, it was the same clipped version.
  12. Damian

    The Old Era

    A while ago (like 8 years ago), I was a GIF addict and made a lot of GIF images from videos I liked. Like this one and Tarja's weird dancing
  13. Damian

    Arch Enemy

    Oh, come on. There wasn't any circus/drama thing since Leave's Eyes/Live conflict. Let us have some fun with this one.
  14. Damian

    Arch Enemy

    You got a point there. Even though the woman already got what she wanted (attention, likes, followers, clients, etc.), he could've asked for it to be removed first. Instead he went to the other option: ok, use it, but only if you pay me. It's his art in first place, so I think he's on his right to make any reasonable claim for his work. Sounds like mafia to me. Or even childish, like "Ok, you win, but we won't be friends anymore". Not proffessional at all, imo.
  15. Damian

    Arch Enemy

    Actually, not. The guy was unfairly banned from working with agencies or promoters related to AE under the reason of trying to get paid for his own work? That's not right. Exactly. Also because this is not the first time Angela reacts this way. I don't know, some breathing techniques, meditation before replying an email? None of this would've happened if Marta from Thunderball Clothing had read the email PROPERLY. At least, she recognized her mistake. Come on, she just read "alissa", "$500" and "copyright" and immediately forwarded the email to AE?? The problem was with her since the very first second, AE shouldn't have got involved in the matter, but they did it in the worst way ever.