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  1. I actually bought a great 5.1 set last month and yeah it's better than the stereo mix, but still, the bass is too damn loud. It really feels like it's mixed by the bassist lol and they made Floor Goddamned Jansen sound dry and bland so props to the horrible engineer they contracted by a penny and a bag of peanuts. The backing tapes are not low at all, specially compared to the last two releases where they were all but non-existant, making the songs sound incomplete as hell. That would be thw only thing I'd say they did "well" in the utterly unbalanced mix. That and the drums, as you say. Sadly they sound well at the expense of not having many dynamics all around. The overloud bass still haunts my nightmares.
  2. It's horrible, don't bother, unless you want it for the 5.1 sound (Which I think the DVD also has?) All in all there is no good HD NW concert. EOAE is dome up scaled DVD, ST/ST is slowed down for some reason (!) and VoH has a horrible mix. Nuclear Blast, man. Imagine Nightwish under a competent label. Only imagine.
  3. Eh, I hate almost everything about that album, I was just commenting about the guitar sound which sounds pleasant for the first time since Century Child. What I find is that there has always been the "Nightwish is metal" camp and the "Nightwish is... Nightwish" camp in the fanbase. I wonder, however, how does the first group manage to even like the band 18 years after they dropped every pretense to be a "serious" metal act. Must hurt be disappointed again and again for so much time.
  4. Disagree on the first part, the "metal band" part is arbitrary. NW is a bunch of musicians that make music, not metal or whatever. That their main sound influence is metal is one thing, but they should not be enclosed or obligated to meet some arbitrary genre standards. But the guitars sound a bit sloppy on Once, I agree. However they sound HORRIBLE in both DPP and Imaginaerum l like, they're a bunch of TV static that works against the rest of the music, for they cover every single other instrument. I might not be convinced by EFMB's general mix compared to other top class bands, but they nailed the guitar sound. Oh how I wish Nightwish worked with an actual good producer in LA or London. They could get the actual attention they deserve. Imagine Nightwish albums sounding like those of Ghost, with pristine yet full sound. I'd die happy.
  5. As always you judge Nightwish as a rock band. Nightwish is a sound, that's why people go to see them live even if 70% of the music is in tapes. The idea of the Nightwish itself is a sound beyond what 5 long haired dudes can play. Limiting the orchestration to what a keyboardist can play is not only played out to hell but mildly mediocre, in that the music isn't allowed to expand however it wants to. Once's orchestration is fantastic not because it's minimalist compared to later albums (would anybody call GLS or CMB's orchestration mininalist?) but because it fits every song, and the songs that don't need it don't have it, but don't long for it. DPP's orchestration was just a bunch of horns and strings playing when they shouldn't (Did we really need that counter melody on Amaranth's chorus?) and absent when they're needed (7 days' verses deserved better than some bare, lazy choir aaahs) That said, the sound of the orchestra in NW's work is phenomenal and the best in class. Of course, they use a world class orchestra AND studio, resulting in such quality. But compare every symphonic metal orchestra (dime in a dozen) to NW's and the difference is astounding in both interpretation and sound quality. I for once can't wait to hear what kind of crazy arrangements they will Come Up with for the Oceanborn stuff like The Devil and Gethsemane. I loved both Stargazers' and Wishmaster's arrangement and don't think of them as inferior versions at all. In the end, as Tuomas has repeatedly said, the orchestra was there in spirit since the beginning, I mean, the main melody from Elvenpath, the very first song in the first album is supposed to be played by strings. That they were a bunch of teenagers that couldn't afford the London Symphony back then doesn't mean the songs couldn't suit it. In other news, NW's management is, and has always been a mess. Jesus Christ.
  6. The orchestral mix on Century Child is a mess, but it's understandable because a) It was a cheap orchestra b) Tuomas did the arrangements himself and he's not well versed, or at least was, in classical instrumentation c) It was their first try. D) They recorded it and mixed it in house. The deciding factor between the quality between CC's Orchestra nd the rest of the (Late) albums is that the recording and mixing was done by /them/ in Finland. The latest arrangements have been recorded /and/ mixed in England. In fact that makes Nightwish the band with the defacto best sounding AND playing orchestra in the business. (ib4 some dude comes in with whatever Band is considered "Virtuous" in their orchestral arrangement, missing the point). Who would have thought that putting the sound mixing into the hands of people who are at the top of their game makes a difference huh. Meanwhile their band recordings are stuck in "eurojank" territory. Also, I dunno if you have noticed but Ever Dream has a brand new orchestral arrangement (Maybe not arrangement but recording) since the past tour.
  7. Eh, I think they nailed the orchestration in Once; DPP's was excessive, Imaginaerum's was fine and EFMB's was as bland as the album was. To say no old song could sound better orchestrated is disingenuous. It depends on the arrangement and the song. I think stuff like The Carpenter would work very well with a minimalist orcheatration a la The Crow, the Owl and the Dove.
  8. I mean, I listen to Roxette, Tuomas' voice sounds like Pavarotti's compared to Gene's, so yeah, I can stand it.
  9. Yours and mine both lmao
  10. The crux of my initial disdain for this project was that Scrooge was so, so, so, so good thay I felt it drained every ounce from Tuomas' creativity, like, EFMB was insultingly mediocre compared to the universal excellence of Scrooge. I'm afraid the same could happen with this, and these 5-6 years wait for a NW album is painful to expect a mediocre work again, but hey, the man says he's revitalized so maybe we got some kind of Christmas miracle.
  11. I'm not a metal listener nor do I feel the need to reinforce my masculinity and/or beliefs through music etc. And I really, really don't give a damn for NW being metal or not. They could do a gregorian chants album next, or a duet with Pitbull, I really don't care. I liked Nightwish because its lyrics cut deeper than anything else I'd ever read and the melodies/instrumentation resonated with me very well. EFMB had bland lyrics and a blander instrumentation which brings me to my disdain for it. Some would call the old Nightwish whiny or girlish (which is sexist) or overly dramatic, whatever, that's why I like them for. And I still have Ghost for when I need to rebel against religion and they're actually having fun while doing it.
  12. There is good anti religion stuff and bad anti religion stuff. When you rock an atheist hymn against the oppression of religion, freedom, corruption etc in a strong, theatrical manner, that's delicious. When you go all "wake up sheeple" it's not. Honestly, I was more offended about how boring the whole album was. It was not even the themes. Stargazers is a fantastic song about planet earth. EFMB really read like a textbook, down to Eukaryote and Luka and god knows how much boring stuff. If Auri is Tuomas reconnecting with Humanity again so be it. Otherwise I'd actually, you know, watch Cosmos instead.
  13. Him thinking The Greatest Show On Earth is some kind of peak makes me sad. It only showed how tired he was. I'm gonna be honest and say the few snippets of Auri sound right up my alley. If this means Tuomas will pour some emotional fuel into Nightwish I'm all for it. I won't stand another science textbook or atheist manifesto ever again.
  14. I'll believe it when I hear it tbh