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    By accident when I was 11
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    One, the best night ever.
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    Listening to the 3 DPP samples again and again
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    Dead Boy's Poem would kill me
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    Century Child as an album
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    Ghost Love Score, is there any other option?
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    I like the "Swampborn" haha. Decades is really cool too.
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    The Islander is magical.
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    Vehicle of Spirit
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    Endless Forms. Bleh.
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    Endless Forms Most Beautiful. Certified trash.

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    Thriller is dope
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    Kai "da gawd" Kajhto
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    Tarja Turunen (circa 2003) in women, Enrique Bunbury (circa 1993) in men.
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    Couldn't care less
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    I care even less.
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    Michiru Yamane
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    Too many.
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    Oh come on, Nightwish was perfect.
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    Michael Jackson's "The Essential"
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    Tuomas Holopainen
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    Oh come on..
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    Hip Hop


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    Merryl Streep
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    Christopher Nolan
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    Many, but I'd say "Vanilla Sky"
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    The Simpsons, Arrested Development
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    No idea
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    Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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    One Hundred Years of Solitude
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  1. Everybody has that one obscure song that nobody else likes and such will never be played live. Mine is Away (It was White Night Fantasy before but Tarja actually played it live so) and I've made peace with it. You guys stanning Crownless, Fantasmic, Two For Tragedy (I'm noticing a pattern here), Away, Dead Gardens, Nymphomaniac Fantasy.. let it go.
  2. I'm not seeing it. Nope. When they didn't play it at the gig I was in I was maad. Then I realized they traded it in for Alpenglow and I was happy haha. Stil, they better play it this year, because it's a very secial song for me.
  3. I don't think she was a finalist. Elise, the english singer I posted a few days ago (the best one tbh) and Veronique are all amazing singers and confirmed finalists in a way or another so I'm talking about them. Of course Elise was too young back then but the other two are quality.
  4. Every single finalist was better than Anette hahaha Still love her though.
  5. Period
  6. OMG this. That song isn't getting any better the more they play it. Bring Beauty of the Beast back or something haha
  7. Really dark places since not even google gets me a hint. Dammit. Instagram comments lol
  8. There have been rumblings about how the Cabulli family has been spun off into two, or at least is in process to. Of course they are from the dark places of the internet so who knows.
  9. Cabulli was the worst thing to ever happen to Nightwish, dear god. Wonder if the poison will get reduced now that, you know, those rumors.
  10. Not happening. It's a health issue, never forget that. Letitgo.gif.
  11. Kai is so much better than Jukka that it'd be like asking Sammi back over Marco. Besides, the man is sick. It's not the man's fault that old NW drums were written for the technical ability of a 5 years old. Of course he looks bored to hell. But sounds amazing so.
  12. High dynamic range. The new master has the volume levels and spatial location for every instrument in every track adjusted so a new sonic balance is achieved.
  13. Unless the new album was the literal the second coming, a 8 years wait would be overkill. That's be as long as the Tarja Era.
  14. She does this all the time, and in all honesty I don't like it. For example The original "Tell me why" was the climatic part of Slaying the Dreamer but she does this weird semitone and it just ruined it. The thing is that it's obviously and stylistic choice so we're out of luck.
  15. It is