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    One, the best night ever.
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    Listening to the 3 DPP samples again and again
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    Century Child as an album
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    I like the "Swampborn" haha. Decades is really cool too.
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    The Islander is magical.
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    Endless Forms. Bleh.
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    Endless Forms Most Beautiful. Certified trash.

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    Thriller is dope
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    Kai "da gawd" Kajhto
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    Tarja Turunen (circa 2003) in women, Enrique Bunbury (circa 1993) in men.
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    Couldn't care less
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    I care even less.
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    Michiru Yamane
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    Too many.
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    Oh come on, Nightwish was perfect.
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    Michael Jackson's "The Essential"
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    Tuomas Holopainen
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    Oh come on..
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    Hip Hop


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    Merryl Streep
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    Christopher Nolan
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    Many, but I'd say "Vanilla Sky"
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    The Simpsons, Arrested Development
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    No idea
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    Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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    One Hundred Years of Solitude
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  1. Ahasverus

    The Floor thread

    I never thought I'd ever heard Floor singing in Spanish. I like hers more than Tarja's lol
  2. Ahasverus

    Anette Olzon (2º part)

    That sounds a bit formulaic. Nothing wrong with it, but it sounds like every other TDE song. The key change in the chorus is so transparent. I'm always impressed at how Anette's voice doesn't seem to age.
  3. Ahasverus

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    I hadn't seen it. What the hell lmao. She's playing hockey with middle aged moms in witch make up. That's literally the video. There's a disco ball and everything. Plus a grim dark grey filter too. Is it some surrealist art performance i'm missing or?? I just can't take her seriously. Which is hilariously the opposite of what Tarja's voice lends itself to to be appreciated.
  4. Ahasverus

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    It's amazing, best riff (and strings!) use in the whole album, for sure. I love getting the obligatory NW reference in every Tarja album. This time is Shadow Play's turn. Shadow Play is Tarja's "Poet and the Pendulum". It's she telling a story about herself. That's cool. I love the personal influence. But this paragraph raised my eyebrow: Alone, imprisoned by the echoes of the empty hall She made a deal with the enemy and let her fences fall From the dust she build a door to frame new memories Once a shadow, dancing with her fears Lights the darkness, now the puppeteer Very clever metaphor for "she went and got her own band". So yeah, the enemy. I dunno. A bit too serious. Specially after Diva was already parodying the thing. I dunno. Felt a bit off. But whatever, it's not that she's unjustified. Oh well, maybe next album.
  5. Ahasverus

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Look, the songs are good. Really good even. She's great. When they let her. Tarja just needs a more coherent vision and a better producer. Let's say, Silent Masquerade, it's probably one of her best song no doubt, but what the hell is that narration and early 90's school video piano?, no, just no. And what's with the constant changes between melody and heavy riffs that come from nowhere and go nowhere in songs like Serene (way to ruin the ending) or Dead Promises. And the thing is the whole album is like that, things almost never settle into something. The album doesn't keep a consistent quality, some exceptions notwithstanding (Railroads, You and I, Spirits of the Sea?). The songs themselves arent consistent with their own music. What starts with a devilish riff ends up changing to angelic melodic chorus in a minute and, so forth. It never settles, and it's too dissonant to itself, it's almost painful and uncomfortable to listen to. And that's a symptom of Tarja the artist. What is Tarja? What is her deal? Is it dark, scary rock? Then why the silly faces and dances and the overly sentimental lyrics? is it symphonic fantasy rock? Then why the american nu metal riffs slicing any semblance of melody? Is it just Tarja being Tarja both parts silly and majestic, then why isn't she more of both instead of going one way to the other in few seconds? Tears in Rain literally apes David Bowie's Let's Dance in the less appropriate use of a musical reference i've ever heard. It's about a super serious song that talks about a very painful separation. Were the red shoes necessary? There are some bright spots of course. Railroads is probably the most solid song on the album. Really coherent and musically pleasing. Amazing vocal delivery. You and I is a fantastic ballad that wouldn't be out of place in any movie or Tv series out there. Given Tarja's voice and timbre, that's a composition achievement. Spirits of the Sea is a great foray into the "epic serious dramatic" song type rock loves so much. It's not really there yet, but it's almost there, and when it works, it really works. Keep on doing that. But let's say, Serene and Shadow Play, they're both amazing songs whose weird instrumentation gets in the way too much. The first has some of te most tender lyrics of the album, but the music is scary and dark and dangerously aggressive for some reason. Shadow Play is also all symphonic, dark, sweet, sentimental and super noisy in a 30 second space. It's impossible to get in the mood for anything. The music can't decide what it is, and it comes across detrimental to even the management of expectations about what Tarja even is as an artist. I've came to the realization that this comes from the lack of a good producer. First, one that doesn't use 90's synths. Secondly, one that is able to ditch any incoherency from the songs, going against the "band" if necessary to keep musical coherence (totally normal thing, remember Nemo used to feature a rap section until Tero took it off). Thirdly, Tarja needs to better communicate whatever message she's trying to get across, define it and let us participate instead of confusingly wonder what the deal is. There's a really great, personal album in there, and the personal circumstances that inspired the lyrics are of such significance that it works as a great cathartic experience and artistic statement. But once you're getting into it, something takes you out. Something in the music, the instruments, the cadence of songs, the mix, the lack of dynamics, of textures.. I don't know. I'm not a producer. But modern rock is going through such an interesting sonic transformation that it's just a shame to see a great effort not being able to fully connect the way it is clearly designed to. my 2 cents. P.S: The obligatory NW diss was still stronger than I'd thought. "The enemy", really. They're never getting over that right. sigh.
  6. Ahasverus

    The Floor thread

    They seem keen on moving away from that, which is a shame. I just hope they replace it with great stuff. Floor's vocals are the most wonderful tool a songwriter could have and they were reaaaaally underutilized last time. We'll see.
  7. Ahasverus

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    What a dissapointment, people saying it's similar to CITD are tripping. This album is more like the unholy child of What Lies Beneath and The Shadow Self. She keeps running perfectly fine melodic songs with dissonant noise. It's a bunch of relationship drama (so much drama) and no self reflection, plus a few theatrical liberties here and there. This is Tarja flexing all muscles, but it's all flex and no real action. She's still battling between Nightwish and Korn and I'm not feeling it, and specially not after 10 years. I think I'm done.
  8. Ahasverus

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    I'm really impressed by the last 3 or so snippets. It seems like she's making an artistic statement now and that's refreshing to see. Her voice sounds really strong on the classical parts. The chest voice should go, but whatever. I'm hyped.
  9. Ahasverus

    The Floor thread

    The best part is that she's gonna blow them away again with her contemporary voice in the future
  10. Ahasverus

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    I'm getting some After Forever vibes here haha. Sad daily reminder that I'm as tall as Emppu.
  11. Ahasverus

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    I just want the music to be good and interesting. I don't want this long awaited release to be one we're ready to move on from 3 days after (Like EFMB). Pre-release hype is ok, but really, they need a killer album this time around. I'm not sure about how long the band will last, much less how many more albums we'll get with these 6 years long cycles. They need to kick it out of the stadium this time around, really.
  12. Ahasverus

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    I suspect it's gonna be about humanism in the modern dystopic world.
  13. Ahasverus

    The Floor thread

    Seeing her shining through that video is enough to get me hyped. Can't wait.
  14. Ahasverus

    Nightwish Off Topic

    I'm kinda sad, but knowing that Jukka is pretty much still working behind the scenes makes me happy. Besides, Kai Is a drums god.
  15. Ahasverus

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    The orchestra Is Nice and all but yeah time for a change. Maybe they can use some electronics like WT.