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  1. Ahasverus

    Nightwish World Tour 2020

    They need to bring back - The Escapist - The heart asks pleasure first - The pharaoh sails to Orion - White Night Fantasy - Phantom of the Opera (so we can leave the last sacred cow really behind). - Angels Fall First That is all.
  2. Ahasverus

    Nightwish Off Topic

    Random thought. Is it just me or what makes Our Decades in the Sun special is not the fact that it's a "parent song", but the fact that it's equally sweet AND menacing. Like, there's these constant tension going back and forth in which the only "sweet refuge" are the words told to the parents, signifying the underlying love of the relationship, yet the peace goes away every time a word isn't being shared and it's replaced with darkness and anguishness, the same way that happens every time we don't speak to our parents, knowing they'll be gone one day. It's basically telling you "yeah parents are great huh,btw they're going to die, don't forget to call your mama". Tuomas tho. I sometimes feel the guy stopped getting good credit log ago. You know, he's good.
  3. Ahasverus

    Anette Olzon (2º part)

    The album does get better in repeat listenings. Could be better than the first?
  4. Ahasverus

    Anette Olzon (2º part)

    Very catchy, very cute, very still in the "acquired taste"- phase album.The songs are good but the arrangements are lacking. I feel like it got to the point it's heavier than it can be while using those kind of melodies and lyrical themes, with a few notable exceptions. I feel like there are quite the bunch of award-winning melodies in there, but they simply sound just corny when sung over "chugga-chugga" metal. The few songs that get over that template mostly work ("Get out of my head" is the most appropriate name song I've seen in a looong time). That said, there a few good, coherent songs "When it all comes down" is such a metal song, probably Anette's heavier? and it works really well (The self reference with the use of the melody from "Last good day" is a bit unearned but whatever). There's also some Evanescence-Within Temptation thrown in for good measure. It fits Anette, in a kitschy way. The last four songs are quite interesting, actually. Some of the songs feel "retro" for sure, Abba-metal is a good comparison even Anette makes. I can see it. It works when you're in the mood. They're a good band. They can take it further. Hope they keep at it for a long time. Anette really shines in a lot of songs. I'm always amazed at how her voice never gets to lose its "juvenile shine". This is, obviously, she sounding at her most mature but her voice keeps that energetic edge that give a timeless impression. That said, it shows that she's working with the Alyson Avenue guy in the studio, because there's this subtle "80's filtering" going on that she liked to use in those albums. It fits her voice, and sounds "good", mind you, but it might be prematurely aging a few songs, specially the most modern feeling ones. A good producer would make gold with these songs. Big producers too. I see a future for them. The songs, at least. Edit: the lyrics from "Silence between the words"' hit me hard. rip me. The song is kinda corny, however. So sorry. Not hearing it tbh.
  5. Ahasverus

    Anette Olzon (2º part)

    Their songs are starting to sound all the same to me and that's worrying. Their melodies are good, maybe they need to add some kind of arranger or new producer? She looks great though.
  6. Ahasverus

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    That's literally their job
  7. Ahasverus

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    It's like the people who mix the band's work actively hate the keyboard sound, when it was the keyboard which made Nightwish sound like Nightwish before the orchestra came in. And in some parts, as the aforementioned one in The Devil, they can't be replaced by a bunch of strings and horns without something getting lost in translation. I personally believe Tuomas should have a more active work in the mixing process. It seems that it's been lately been handled by the producers and even Marco, but it's TUomas who really knows how his songs should sound like.
  8. Ahasverus

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    I'm just salty the keyboards are so low in the mix. In the original, at 0:39 Tuomas does a great arpeggio that gives it completely different mood to the piece, same with 2:52, yet it's absent from the new mix. Tuomas obviously plays them if you watch the video, it was just decided by someone that they weren't important enough. And that person chose a disservice to the music itself. It's all about getting it.
  9. Ahasverus

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    Not happening in the "old man gives zero damns" phase the (male) band guys are going through right now. They've said they've been wanting to keep mistakes and stuff because they're human. And yeah that's cool. But maybe give us another version that ended up ok as a bonus, you know.
  10. Ahasverus

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    I'd dare to Say Floor is currently bigger than Nightwish with the general public right now at this very instant. It's not inherently bad nor worrying (from a band perspective, Nightwish would easily survive a parallel Floor mega star solo career due to a- Juicy finances and b- Long wait between albums and slowing touring) but it's a really weird thing considering its institution-status in the genre. Nightwish is Tuomas' life band, but with so few elements to draw what the band has been about for ages or the inexistent PR presence from Tuomas /the character/ in whom the whole "Nightwish Lore" rests on, we've ended up with "Nightwish the rock band that has hosted Floor lord have mercy Jansen (and doesn't utilize her much!)" for a bunch of years. The band with the coolest songs Floor Jansen sings in, no doubt, but not the only one, and some would say not the most interesting either. The presence of Nightwish as an entity, a band beyond name recognition is not there at this very moment (understandable, we're in a time just before new album), however that's an image thing that should have been managed and accounted for, if not for the artists themselves (you guys know we're here for the drama too right) or their label, yet it feels like the band is still in their End of Innocence days (2003) PR and management-wise. Even more, what I'd give for an End of Innocence-level documentary right now.
  11. Ahasverus

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    There's something really positive in the mix. I really like how they managed the crowd nose. It's there where it should (when the band is speaking and the song gets softer) unobtrusive yet still capable of transmitting the "live" feeling. Mad props for that. II just listened to the original version to compare and refresh my memory (honestly not one of my favorites, I find The Pharaoh way superior to the point I was surprised when it wasn't the resurrected obscure song from Oceanborn) and it sounds really small and amateur compared to this one. I think Floor nailed it. And Pip, I guess. I wish they would have recorded the version with Wilska guest vocals. Same with The Kinslayer, on this DVD (well) we'll get the version where Marco forgets half his lines, which is funny, but not the coolest thing in the new rendition of a super classic we're gonna get decades after the last one.
  12. Ahasverus

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    Imagine the Ghost team mixing Nightwish...
  13. Ahasverus

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    Can we take a minute and appreciate Kal? He's a monster. It legit sounds as if it was an electronic or pre-programmed drums. Pitch perfect technique.
  14. Ahasverus

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    Can't wait for Gethsemane
  15. Ahasverus

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    The performance is A++ But the mix is lacking again which is super disappointing. The drums have no impact, and the keyboard was more or less completely removed for some reason. Again. And the voices might be too loud too for they sound like the singers are in a different room than the band. However it's a bit better than the travesty that was the London show voice mix. Thank God. Nightwish is a 6 piece band which makes this apparent ever present incompetence to mix them live baffling. At this point I won't sugar coat it. They need a new label and they need new studio engineers. They can't keep being in the hands of mediocre technicians while being the hottest band in Europe.