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    Nightwish, Leonard Cohen, Beatles, Lene Lovich, Triana, Alameda, David Bowie, Sezen Aksu, Natacha Atlas, Manolo García, El Último de la Fila, Joaquín Díaz, Kraftwerk, Blondie,Patti Smith, Abba, Bjork, Aviador Dro, George Moustaki, Mecano, Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac, Candeal, Tarika, Status Quo, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Sade, Eduardo Paniagua, Francis Cabrel, Javier Krahe, Bob Dylan, No me pises que llevo chanclas
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    In The Mood Of Love
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  1. Astral Romance es otra de mis favoritas y me encantaría que la tocaran. No la han incluido en el recopilatorio, por lo que dudo mucho que la toquen en vivo. Lo mismo digo con respecto a Beauty of the Beast. No entiendo como semejante temazo no ha sido tocado en vivo desde hace quince años. Y otra que echo mucho en falta es Dead to the World. Claro que si hay una canción que creo que sería brutal en directo sería Hilma Ja Onni, ese cover que hicieron de una canción de Jaakko Teppo. Absolutamente brutal en la voz de Marco, para poner patas arriba el local.
  2. The fact is that I don't know who you are, but I have taken a look at your profile and I have seen you mention Glass Spider by Bowie as one of the best concerts you have attended and that means you have my respects and deserve my "like" point. Glass Spider is one of my favourite concerts ever.
  3. Podríamos estar meses discutiendo lo que deberían hacer y no nos pondríamos de acuerdo. Lo que hay que tener en cuenta aquí es que una cosa somos nosotros como individuos y otra son ellos como banda que tienen que ofrecer un producto digno que complazca a la mayoría de los fans. Si yo pudiera elegir todas las canciones del setlist sin duda quitaría algunas de las que se supone que tocarán (porque están en la recopilación Decades) y pondría otras, pero es una tontería. Tal y como parece que va a ser no me parece mal. Han elegido temas de toda su trayectoria y algunos que realmente me apetece escuchar en la voz de Floor, como Slaying the Dreamer, Tenth Man Down, Dead Boy's Poem, End of all Hope, Kinslayer o Gethsemane. No creo que se pueda pedir mucho más. Si puedo ir a algún concierto en la gira, estoy seguro de que me lo pasaré bien.
  4. Probably next year we should add a category: MyForum Alumni most dearest. But for this year I think I will count these votes for Lord/Lady Wishnight, unless you have something against it
  5. Eh, pues a mí me encantaría que tocaran My Walden, Elan y Nemo. Amaranth me da igual y además creo que es de las canciones que peor le van a Floor, pero las otras tres son excelentes
  6. Scrooge is great,I agree. Tuomas feels comfortable doing metal, but, at the same time, it's obvious he needs a escape from time to time. But I don't agree with you about EFMB. I understand some people don't like it, but it's not mediocre at all. A matter of taste, anyway. I basically agree. What I mean is that Tuomas is bolder when he writes long songs: the structure, the themes..., as if his ideal project was to make an album with just one long epic track. When he writes other stuff, songs like Nemo, Elan etc, he's good, really good, but he limits himself to more simple structures, the typical ABABCB progression.Nothing against it, some of NW's most memorable tunes follow that pattern: She's My Sin, Kinslayer, Nemo etc, but when I really feel Tuomas inside me is when I listen to TPATP, GLS or TGSOE
  7. I absolutely agree. I think Tuomas is better at long epic songs than at shorter ones. Sometimes I've got the feeling he writes songs like Elan or Nemo for commercial reasons (I love them too, don't misunderstand me) and long songs to actually express himself.
  8. Hahaha. I was just kidding. Truth is that I wanted to reach my 1000 post and since I didn't have anything interesting to say I read your discussion/argument/conversation with Ahasverus and thought both of you were running off the rails and wrote something quickly That's all. Don't take it seriously.
  9. Glad to hear Tuomas is writing music for NW again.It means that after the tour of this year they will record it and that's what I wanted to hear. Glad to hear he's so happy about EFMB, I almost agree with him. When I read or listen to him he sounds more mature than he used to sound and that's good news for NW music
  10. Sorry to cut in your interesting discussion/argument/conversation, but since this is a thread about Auri, I just wanted to say I'm looking forward to listening to it. I'm not sure whether i'm going to like it, but since I loved the Scrooge album I've got good expectations. And now you can go on with your discussion/argument/conversation about metal masculinity, sexism etc
  11. I was just speculating. I basically agree with all you say: I know EFMB is not anti-religious and that Dawkins is on the album as a biologist etc etc, but it's a fact that some people from the fanbase freaked out about it. And the "Christian" fans have often mentioned Gethsemane and The Carpenter as two of their favourite songs, even on this forum, I remember it perfectly because I took part on those discussions saying exactly what you say here: that the religious imagery they use is symbolic or that Weak Fantasy is not actually an anti-religious song and things like that. I'm not sure that Gethsemane is such an obvious choice or, I'd better say, it's not more obvious than others. And the same goes for The Carpenter. Well, probably this one has been chosen because it's perfect for Troy's voice, I don't know. I was just speculating that, probably, they wanted to de-escalate tensions, but not because they feel guilty or something like tthat, but just to show they are above those things. But I could be wrong.
  12. Está claro que si cualquiera de nosotros hace su tracklist ideal no coincidiríamos ninguno. A estas alturas del partido NW tienen tantas canciones buenas que habría que hacer undisco cuádruple para meter todo lo que valga la pena, y aun así, estoy seguro de qu habría quejas. Esta recopilación está preparada pensando en la gira de este año. Han puesto dos o tres canciones de cada álbum (incluido el EP que hicieron antes de Wishmaster y el demo original) que han considerado representativas y punto. Supongo que cada miembro del grupo habrá aportado algo. Por ejemplo, en una entrevista a Marco leí que una de sus canciones favoritas era Devil and Dark Deep Ocean, y aquí está. A Floor la escuché en cierta ocasión decir que quería cantar End of all Hope, y aquí está. Troy necesita material para lucirse en el escenario, pues ahí están Elan, My Walden, I Want My Tears Back, Nightwish (demo), Gethsemane y hasta The Carpenter para que pueda cantar un rato. Además, saben que hay gente que echa en falta canciones no tocadas desde hace muchos años, pues ahí están Dead Boy's Poem, Sacrament of Wilderness, 10th Man Down, Kinslayer o Elvenpath. Además tienen que poner unas cuantas canciones largas, épicas, y también lo han hecho.No se puede tener todo en esta vida. Es cierto que suena raro no encontrar en una recopilación canciones como Wishmaster, Ever Dream, Last Ride of the Day, She's my Sin, Dead to the World, The Islander, Dark Chest of Wonders o Stargazers, pero si las ponen tienen que quitar otras. El disco está pensado para la gira y querían que hubiera al menos un par de canciones de cada disco. Pues eso es lo que hay.
  13. IWMTB and My Walden are clearly included in honor of Troy. If he wasn't a full member they would have probably chosen Last Ride of the Day and Shudder Before the Beautiful. What I find peculiar is the inclusion of Gethsemane and The Carpenter, as if they wanted to reverse (or at least subdue) the atheistic atmosphere created by EFMB, the Openly Secular video and Dawkin's contribution.
  14. I think the basic setlist will be the same as the tracklist of the compilation, at least at the beginning. Later on, as the tour goes on, they could include two or three new songs, but I don't think that, in general terms, it will differ a lot from the CD.
  15. I don't understand how somebody can expect a compilation album and a tour based only on rare songs. It was obvious from the beginning that they would play some of their best known material peppered with several less known or old songs. But does anybody really think that the people who attend a NW concert would accept a whole show without Nemo, Storytime, Ghost Love Score, I Wish I Had an Angel etc? They can afford skipping some of them (She's My Sin, Ever Dream, Wishmaster...) but not all. A concert setlist which includes The Carpenter, Devil or Nightwish (the song) is rather bold, I must say. It's not my ideal selection, but it's OK since 10th Man Down, Dead Boy's Poem, Kingslayer and Slaying the Dreamer are there. A shame they have forgotten Astral Romance or Beauty of the Beast, but we can't have all. On the other hand, it's clear that Troy's presence has a lot to do with the selection of My Walden,I Want My Tears Back, Nightwish or The Carpenter. Those songs would have probably been taken out if Troy wasn't a member of the band. Anyway, in the concert I attended in Madrid, I Want My Tears Back was probaby the highest moment of the show; people really enjoyed it. And in Wembley (just take a look at Vehicle of Spirit) happened more or less the same.