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    Ashes to Ashes (Bowie) Avalanche (Cohen), Ma solitude (Moustaki) and a milion moreand many more
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    David Bowie (Sound and Vision), George Moustaki in Alcalá de Henares, Nightwish in Wembley Arena (2018), Víctor Manuel in Alcalá de Henares, Nuevo Mester de Juglaría in Madrid, Candeal in Alcalá de Henares and many more
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    Revolver (Beatles), Blackstar (Bowie), Various positions (Cohen), Bahane (Sezen Aksu), La Voz de la Ciencia (Aviador Dro), Coplas de la Raya (Candeal) The Album (Abba) and a million more
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    David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Tuomas Holopainen, Schubert, Bach, Benny Andersson, Bob Dylan, Servando Carballar, Moustaki, John Lennon, Manolo García, ...
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    Nightwish, Leonard Cohen, Beatles, Lene Lovich, Triana, Alameda, David Bowie, Sezen Aksu, Natacha Atlas, Manolo García, El Último de la Fila, Joaquín Díaz, Kraftwerk, Blondie,Patti Smith, Abba, Bjork, Aviador Dro, George Moustaki, Mecano, Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac, Candeal, Tarika, Status Quo, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Sade, Eduardo Paniagua, Francis Cabrel, Javier Krahe, Bob Dylan, No me pises que llevo chanclas
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    One Direction, Justin Bieber or any other indutrial product


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    In The Mood Of Love
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  1. Cristermo

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    The fact is that when I got to know Floor was pregnant three years ago I automatically thought that would inspire Tuomas to write a long song (the style of TGSOE) about the conception and development of a new human being in her mother's womb. It's an epic journey indeed. I still think it's a possibility to open the next album.
  2. Cristermo

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    I didn't say anything degrading about people with autism at all, but who knows?, sometimes the offense is in the eyes of the beholder. It's a sign of the times; some people tend to find offenses from anything, probably filtering the information through a collander made out of their own prejudices and demons. I just said that people with autism, at least those whom I have met (a great deal, I must say) are perfect victims for manipulators because they really believe what they say and are able to fight for their ideas more strongly than other people. And that is a trait that can be very good in certain situations, but dangerous in others, that's all. If you find that a patronizing way of talking, you are free to believe it, I don't care, but let me tell you it's ludicrous; it's as if I said that being tall is very good for some things (playing basketball, for example), but not so good for others, like being able to find a pair of trousers of your size. Is that offensive? I actually think your comment is much more offensive and patronizing, by far. And yes, I have got some friends with these diagnoses. In fact, I work in a school and some of the students have been diagnosed with autism in different levels. I see them and try to help them everyday (it's my job anyway), so I can say I know them quite well and even have emotional emotional ties with some of them. By the way, I'm surethey wouldn't feel offended if I showed them my post, so don't worry, they don't need your sword to fight invisible enemies. And, anyway, if some of us think that all this Greta show is just a marketing strategy concocted by renewable energy companies to influence people and make profits out of it, you'll have to accept it and, if you want it, retort, and that's all. I would like to think that there's still freedom of speech and thought on this forum. But I'll go on thinking that I prefer listening to an actual scientist rather than to any of Greta's emotional speeches, moving but empty. No, I wouldn't like a song mentioning Greta on the next NW album, which is the origin of all this discussion, but it would be interesting to find lyrics dedicated to Boyan Slat, Afroz Shah or Sasina Kaudelka in order to make their work visible, because they actually do something for the environment without the support of the money of big corporations. Apart from that, I would like more Marco on vocals, particularly songs where he and Floor combine their voices in a theatrical way, like DATDDO, Phantom of the Opera or Ghost River. More Empu, of course, and yes, and one or two of those epic songs, like TPATP. Not so much to ask taking into account we have been waiting for the album since 2015, too long. As for Floor, I have never thought she had been underused in EFMB, I love her rendition on that album, so I wouldn't mind if they kept the same formula with her. But also here I know I'm in clear minority
  3. Cristermo

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    If Greta is mentioned in the next NW album as a poor girl exploited by her parents and by renewable energy companies it will be OK, but if her name is used as an activist who tries to save the planet, it will be a big mistake, because she isn't that at all. If NW wants to mention somebody who really works in that direction they could put their eyes on Boyan Slat, for example. He is really working to try to solve serious environmental problems, like cleaning the oceans, but the difference is that he's not a puppet unable to answer any easy question in a press conference (like Greta), he really knows what he says and does, but his project is not profitable enough to gain publicity. No economic interest involved, therefore, no spotlights, no BMW or Swiss banks sponsoring , just a young engineer trying to make a better world. By the way, Greta deserves all my respect, I don't blame her for anything, on the contrary, I clearly see she's a victim. I am a teacher and I have worked with many Aspergers and know what they are like, what are their capabilities and their vulnerable points, and know how easily they can be manipulated, basically because they strongly believe in what they say and will fight for their ideas till the end. They can be geniuses in certain things but their critical capacities are very limited, let's say that they are unable to see the other side of the coin, so any unscrupulous adult can take advantage of them very easily and effectively.
  4. Cristermo

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Guilty? Why? We are just talking about what we would like and what we wouldn't like to find on the next album, that's all. No bad vibes involved.
  5. Cristermo

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    I haven't said a band shouldn't preach. I have said I don't want to listen to a band preaching, which is not the same at all. They are free to do whatever they want and I'm free to listen to whatever I want, that's it. I'm fed up with artists behaving as Apostles of Truth when they don't have the culture, education, knowledge and moral integrity to sustain a coherent political agenda, and end up being the visible face of a particular party or preassure lobby, puppets of the system. As for global climate change, that's even worse, because that's a subject none of us are prepared to have a well founded opinion. If mass media tells us A, we believe A. If mass media tells us B, we believe B, It's the perfect issue to manipulate people and the fact they are using a child like Greta makes very clear that they don't want to inform us, they just want to move us and make us believe something in the same way that religions do, feeling without thinking. I recently read and article where a group of Chinese scientists try to warn us of imminant global cooling and they supported it with a lot of statistics, graphics etc. What grounds do I have to believe they are wrong? Are we heading for a global warming, for a global cooling or for a global what? In the seventies (I'm old enough to remember it) mass media tried to convinced us that we were approaching to a new glacial age. Even nowadays there are a lot of scientists who are not sure what we are facing to, if we are really facing something worthwhile to worry about, because climate has always changed and there are so many variables involved that it's really difficult , almost impossible, to make credible predictions. This issue takes up that territory where fishermen who like fishing in troubled waters feel at ease and those who rule the world are experts at it, that's the source of their success. I don't want a band preaching, I want scientists informing me and I don't think Tuomas or any other member of the band can say sometyhing worthwhile about it, apart from repeating common places or empty clichés we have listened to a million times already. I don't want another Imagine (John Lennon) with simplistic childish lyrics that most people can sing like a flock of sheep. I will understand (and will probably like it) if in the next album they treat the problem as a dystopian fiction (that would be something creative and that's what I demand from an artist) but with Greta (and all the propagaganda attached to her) out (that's politics and economical interests). I don't need preachers of global economical interests. If those who spend their lives and their money sailing in luxury boats to preach a new lay religion invested their money and efforts in actually cleaning the planet our future would be brighter. That's sure.
  6. Cristermo

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    No, it's a scientific issue and the moment politicians put their hands in it science takes a back seat and other interests take the reins. I don't say artists can't talk about political issues, they can talk about anything they feel like, I just say I don't want to listen to a band preaching, that's all. I don't want to attend a concert and run into a political meeting full of slogans and superficial hymns.
  7. Cristermo

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    I'm not sure if music is the best way of discussing political and social issues. If somebody wants to have a real opinion about something the best way is inquiring, reading, looking for information etc and that's usually something beyond the range of action of a song. I usually dislike those songs that become hymns and which, in general terms, simplify reality and turn it into slogans that end up being superficial and banal. Anybody is free of listening whatever he/she wants, but I prefer another kind of lyrics.
  8. Cristermo

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    I don't mind if NW deals with the issue of pollution in our planet or things like that, although that's a much more complicated issue than media and politicians (and even some scientists) portrays day in day out, but, please, I hope they leave Greta out. I really feel sorry for her, because I hate when children are used and abused in that toxic way. I remember seeing her in a press conference, fragile and lost, unable to answer the easiest questions the journalists asked her and looking for the help of her escorts. Children should be protected from the ambitions of their parents/politicians/tycoons and all the selfish interests of the people around and that doesn't happen too often. Anyway, taking into account the history of the band, I hope Tuomas is more interested in a more poetical point of view.
  9. Cristermo

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    I just hope Nightwish don't get involved in political issues. I just don't like bands or songwriters preaching from the pulpit and treating their audience like a flock of sheep. That's not what music is supposed to do. That's not what music is supposed to be. Environmental problems worry me, of course, but I'm fed up with the manipulation and instrumentalization of issues like global warming and stuff like that, with so many dark economical and political interests behind. I just don't want Nightwish to be a part of that. It would be really disappointing.
  10. Cristermo

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Oh, no. That would be terrible. I really hope not.
  11. Cristermo

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    Most songs are from the early times and yes, they have been rearranged and Floorised () which is absolutely great. I attended to the Wembley concert and was an amazing experience, so I'm really looking forward to coming by this blue-ray. And, being honest, technically speaking there is a new song (Elvengij), it's a cover but it's new. And, anyway, the live versions of The Carpenter, Tenth Man Down, Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean, Deep Silent Complete or Dead Boy's Poem are so different and captivating that this blue ray is like a new album to me.
  12. Cristermo

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    As far as I remember they said somewhere that they wouldn't make a video for the upcoming album, that they would use a different way of promotion.
  13. Cristermo

    The Floor thread

    This time I agree with you but, as Icebreaker has stated, all NW members have side projects and freedom to develop themselves artistically (and plenty of free time since NW makes an album every four or five years) Northward is a good example. And Marco has just released a solo album. I don't think she is restricted by NW, but it's obvious that in the band she's the vocalist and the creative area has been hogged by Tuomas so, if she wants to develop her creativity she must do it somewhere else. Sooner or later she will release a solo album and I don't think the band will be to blame if she won't. As far as I know, when the next tour ends Tuomas and Troy will retake the Auri project, and that will be a perfect moment for her to do something different and more personal.
  14. Cristermo

    The Floor thread

    Well, I absolutely love Floor, to the point that now I can't imagine NW without her, but I don't think you are being fair. Nightwish owes her a lot, but she owes the band a lot as well. In fact, she was really down when the band asked her to join and I'm sure that if that call hadn't taken place, probably now her situation would be different and less thriving. Nightwish has given her the peace of mind and the economic tranquility to develop herself as an artist and as a person.
  15. Cristermo

    Nuevo Álbum 2020?

    Sí, más o menos. Teniendo en cuenta que en mayo ya andarán de gira, el lanzamiento será entre marzo y abril. Esta vez la verdad es que se están andando con demasiado secretismo. Me pone un poco de los nervios tanto misterio.