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    My now boyfriend used to message me over IM back in middle school. One day he sent me some lyrics from Planet Hell and a link to the Over the Hills music video in an attempt to flirt with me.
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    Debateable, but probably Oceanborn
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  1. Slightly off topic, but the reality of “looneys in evangelical America” is not some fringe issue that most people look on with disdain. Quite the opposite. You’d be hard pressed to find any non “progressive” church that won’t defend an “Intelligent Design” model that includes a literal 6-day creation story and a 6,000 year-old earth. (And by “progressive” I mean things like they have female pastors, or don’t think being gay = instant hellfire. The church I grew up in still considers those things highly heretical.) So to me, the subject matter and treatment of it in EFMB felt timely and true to my experience. But it makes sense that in countries where the majority of people are more sensible about the religion/science relationship, the album would feel unnecessary.
  2. I know next to nothing about Therion, and have genuinely never listened to any of their songs. I did, however, happen to watch their recent performance of “Din” in Madrid because they recruited the help of Elli Berlin, the singer of one of the support bands, Null Positiv. (I’ve been really in love with her voice & Null Positiv as a whole since they began a few years ago - thinking of starting a thread for them here at some point.) She also did the song with them in Bilbao and Lisbon. Anyway, I quite like the song! It’s short but pretty fun. Is Din in any way representative of Therion’s music? I know it’s from their 2010 album, and I’ve have read in a few places that some fans consider everything after Gothic Kabbalah to be trash...
  3. A Floor & Irene duet is more than I was hoping for, that’s for sure! I’m now officially PUMPED for this album!
  4. ^ Totally agree about Floor & ballads - there was a time when I might have agreed that “softer” songs aren’t her forte, but videos like this one made me eat my words! I also think her rendition of Sleeping Sun @ Tampere is THE version of that song!
  5. ^ I mean, that doesn’t seem quite fair. I like The Ghost and the Reaper, and as far as music videos go it’s pretty good, but if I didn’t that automatically means I’m not a fan of Nightwish? What? That makes no sense.
  6. I wish there was more pro-shot footage of Anette with NW. I’ve tried to gather all that I can find into one YouTube playlist, but it’s honestly very scarce, and what is there isn’t necessarily very good quality (despite being professionally shot). I would particularly love to see their whole set from Download 2012. This video has about 35 seconds of Storytime (starting at 23:40): No idea if more than this was even recorded, but if so it would be awesome if it somehow gets released someday. Another 30 second clip, this time WIHAA in Paris 2012: The quality seems great - hopefully more footage will surface!
  7. A bit off topic, but has anyone else seen this video? I’ve been known to spend some of my free time looking for pro-shot live footage of After Forever, but I’d never come across this performance at Lorca Rock 2004! It’s been remastered by the incomparable FloorMetallFans/Metallwish (seriously a legend - if you haven’t checked out either of his channels, run, don’t walk!) but still looks preeety grainy, so I can only imagine what it looked like before he got his hands on it! Apparently their whole show at this festival was plagued by technical sound problems, but the fact that all band members seem to be having an absolute blast is really endearing to me. Bas and Luuk are especially funny.
  8. Wow, that is odd. As far as I know, all NW studio albums except Century Child were on USA Apple Music, but I did check just now, and you’re right, Once isn’t there either now.
  9. Regardless of whether or not Tarja’s singing style is one where pronunciation matters, it does not change the fact that this particular performance of WITA, especially toward the beginning, is unpleasant to listen to. I guess you could chalk that up to personal preference. In my opinion though, I would bet that 99% of people would not like to hear “the people FAAAHHRRR below” sung in the shrill way she does. It’s not a bad performance by any means. I was just really off put by the few screechy words & syllables that snuck in there. Kinda jolted me out of the wintry Christmas mood!
  10. I want to enjoy her singing in this particular instance. I really, really do! But man, it’s just so...shrill? I hate to use that word, but her vocals are just plain harsh, especially in the beginning of the video. It gets better once they start singing together, but because I have the Oceanborn version burned into my brain I just can’t forget how enchanting and lovely Tarja’s original version is (actually my favorite is the live version from FWTE - honestly gives me chills). The contrast between that and this version is startling. The guy’s voice, on the other hand, is out of this world. Simply spectacular - he’s definitely gained a new fan!
  11. I’ll readily admit I’m not really a fan of the man. He has lots of issues, but for me it boils down to pretty much what Gandondox said: he talks authoritatively about subjects he has no business pontificating about, and therefore says some really, REALLY asinine things that must make sense in his old British head but don’t really square with reality and society at large. I’m less affected by his views on religion because I am an ex-Christian myself. I was raised that way since birth, and it really did a number on me, so it’s easy to at least understand where he’s coming from. However, I don’t agree AT ALL that religion as a concept is necessarily bad or evil, nor do I think it’s the cause of all the world’s problems. I think it’s pretty rude and nasty to ascribe evil motivations and/or stupidity to practitioners of any religion, something I believe Dawkins is known to do.
  12. You hit the nail on the head! Unfortunately, in America at least, many people view the concept of evolution as an attack on Christianity. It sucks, but it’s not unprecedented due to the way a certain brand of that religion is woven right into American culture/society. Thar’s why much of the album really resonated with me, I think.
  13. You are correct, it was an analogy. My mistake. Everything else stands though. The people I felt would be insulted were not Nightwish fans, but those affected by HIV/AIDS, as I stated. Nightwish drama is a minuscule concern compared to that, which is why I felt the comparison was in poor taste. I will not try to engage with you further.
  14. Stefan has not heard of the concept of TL;DR apparently. I can truly only skim all those stream of consciousness walls o’ text. Otherwise, I fear I may go insane. And comparing NW drama to something so serious as the AIDS epidemic...wow. It may be only a “metaphor” but it’s also a false equivalency of the highest order that’s frankly insulting to those affected by the disease (whether it was intended that way or not). There are doubtless hundreds of more apt comparisons to get the point across.
  15. My personal favorite part of the lyrics in Berserker is “...invoke the BEAST OF DARKNESS!!” Yannis has incredible line delivery on that one, IMO.