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    My now boyfriend used to message me over IM back in middle school. One day he sent me some lyrics from Planet Hell and a link to the Over the Hills music video in an attempt to flirt with me.
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    Debateable, but probably Oceanborn
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  1. 18thAngel

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I remember reading some criticism of the Decades Come Cover Me before I saw the show, and thought “Eh well that does make sense, it’s got a lot of low notes, and the phrasing doesn’t seem to lend itself to Floor’s breathing (a la Amaranth).” Totally different experience at the shows - absolutely loved the song live, especially the 3-part harmony (as I think I mentioned previously). Really impressed with Floor’s low notes, especially compared to things like the StSt Song of Myself, where you can really tell it’s a bit beyond her range. That’s one of the great privileges of seeing Floor live - you can tell she doesn’t rest on her laurels and puts in the work in areas she needs to improve. I really respect that dedication.
  2. 18thAngel

    Decades World Tour 2018

    So! The Portland show was equally fantastic (if not quite a bit hotter due to the venue - Floor took off her jacket after two or three songs). General random observations (from both shows): - Crowd energy was great, maybe not quite as wild as Spokane, but that could just be because it was the second show I went to, and my adrenaline levels weren’t quite as high! At the 2015 EFMB show in Spokane, people really went nuts dancing, singing, headbanging, etc., and there was no shortage of that at either the Spokane or Portland shows this tour, but I did see a lot more people just kind of standing there and staring forward (mostly at Floor, if I’m being honest), kind of in awe at what was happening on stage. A couple guys in Portland near me had the biggest, dumbest grins on their faces during the first few songs, so I got a little glimpse of what I must have looked like at the Spokane show. - Hate to break it to the Troy haters, but after these shows I’m convinced the reason they did IWMTB, Elan, and Nemo is simply because they are BIG crowd pleasers that inspire a lot of audience participation. This makes sense particularly here in the USA, where a good chunk of the audience most likely wasn’t that familiar with some of the deep cuts from their back catalog. I recall debates on the forum about the appropriateness of Elan as a single, I can tell you right now that both crowds were hyped as soon as the first notes started playing, and the majority of people knew enough of the words to sing along when Floor requested it. It’s not my favorite track by any means, but clearly it’s comfortable for them to play and really takes on a different life in a live setting. - Screens! As far as those go, they weren’t a distraction to me in any way, shape or form. From the first few rows in the main pit, however, my view of them was partially obscured by Kai’s monster drum kit. Maybe they were more prominent from farther back, or from the balcony seats, but for me they barely registered most of the time. I particularly like the Sacrament of Wilderness wolf eyes, and how they had the swinging pendulums going during Slaying the Dreamer; it does fit thematically with a lot of DPP! - 10th Man Down, Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean, and Slaying the Dreamer. It’s like the band read my mind - those are the first songs that came to my mind as “perfect for Floor.” And they are! Floor & Marco doing the “Wake up / mow the weed” section together was a great idea. Gives the whole thing a little extra power boost, and added to the “angry” mood! - The Floor, Marco, and Troy 3-part harmonies during Come Cover Me are just heavenly. - Bouzouki during Dead Boy’s Poem unexpectedly added a sound I didn’t know I wanted to hear on that track, but it’s great! - Floor sings with SO much emotion. IIRC, common criticisms of her singing style include things like he being pretty dispassionate, focusing on the “technical” aspects of her performance rather than feeling things “in the moment.” Maybe that was true at one time, I don’t know. But she was so, SO into every single song. You could tell she had thought about the lyrics, what they meant to her, and how she could best express the feeling of each song. I just can’t emphasize enough how charismatic she is on stage! The way she totally changes moods when singing “Failed in becoming a god” in Dead Boy’s poem is a good example of this. - I could actually SEE Tuomas playing the keyboards! That was a nice change after hiding behind the massive props he had during the last tour. - As I was walking back to my car after the Spokane show, I heard a guy gush to a friend, “Man, she has some pipes! She’s like, Rob Halford or something!” Nice to hear my fellow Americans discovering the force that is Floor Jansen! - During the end of the Portland show, as all the members were walking around the stage, waving and throwing guitar pics into the audience and whatnot, Floor started to move into the “final bow” formation, but Tuomas stopped her, literally pushing her towards the edge of the stage for the crowd to cheer for her individually a bit more. She looked close to tears. Very touching! All in all, WOW. I I think the Spokane show was my favorite, probably because 1. It was the first show I saw of this tour, 2. I’ve been to the venue quite a few times, and am pretty comfortable there. But both were just amazing. I’ve heard rave reviews of the full production shows they put on in Europe, but I wouldn’t give up these club/theater shows for ANYTHING (both venues had about a 1500 person capacity). I also recall that there have been some skeptics of this tour in general. IMO, it was a great move. The band mood is obviously fantastic - they clearly enjoy performing together a LOT. And I know many were disappointed that the Decades complication didn’t include any re-recordings with Floor. I don’t remember the exact interview or when it was from, but I know I read somewhere Floor saying she wished she could tour with songs before recording a studio album. I still doubt those re-records will ever happen, but if they do, I’m glad it will happen AFTER she’s had time to work out all the kinks and get a feel for the songs while on tour.
  3. 18thAngel

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I bet the “digital slavery” thing is the opening recorded speech they played asking everyone not to record the show with their cell phones. I think I remember that exact phrase being used.
  4. 18thAngel

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I’m still buzzing after the Spokane show last night! Floor = perfection in vocals. Seriously, I shook my head in disbelief at some of the notes she manages to belt! I almost started crying during Sacrament. The mix of nostalgia and joy and awe was pretty overwhelming! All the band members were absolutely having a blasty blast on stage. Any accusations of being stiff or robotic are absolutely unfounded (based on this show, anyway!) Tuomas in particular was really into it - at one point he looked up and really engaged with an older woman on the balcony who was dancing to IWMTB so hard it put us younger fans to shame! No setlist changes, but honestly it’s very solid. Flows really well as a live show. I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to but never thought I would - follow a band to more than one show! I’ll be at the Portland show tomorrow night as well!
  5. Slightly off topic, but the reality of “looneys in evangelical America” is not some fringe issue that most people look on with disdain. Quite the opposite. You’d be hard pressed to find any non “progressive” church that won’t defend an “Intelligent Design” model that includes a literal 6-day creation story and a 6,000 year-old earth. (And by “progressive” I mean things like they have female pastors, or don’t think being gay = instant hellfire. The church I grew up in still considers those things highly heretical.) So to me, the subject matter and treatment of it in EFMB felt timely and true to my experience. But it makes sense that in countries where the majority of people are more sensible about the religion/science relationship, the album would feel unnecessary.
  6. 18thAngel


    I know next to nothing about Therion, and have genuinely never listened to any of their songs. I did, however, happen to watch their recent performance of “Din” in Madrid because they recruited the help of Elli Berlin, the singer of one of the support bands, Null Positiv. (I’ve been really in love with her voice & Null Positiv as a whole since they began a few years ago - thinking of starting a thread for them here at some point.) She also did the song with them in Bilbao and Lisbon. Anyway, I quite like the song! It’s short but pretty fun. Is Din in any way representative of Therion’s music? I know it’s from their 2010 album, and I’ve have read in a few places that some fans consider everything after Gothic Kabbalah to be trash...
  7. 18thAngel


    A Floor & Irene duet is more than I was hoping for, that’s for sure! I’m now officially PUMPED for this album!
  8. 18thAngel

    The Floor thread

    ^ Totally agree about Floor & ballads - there was a time when I might have agreed that “softer” songs aren’t her forte, but videos like this one made me eat my words! I also think her rendition of Sleeping Sun @ Tampere is THE version of that song!
  9. 18thAngel

    Anette Olzon

    ^ I mean, that doesn’t seem quite fair. I like The Ghost and the Reaper, and as far as music videos go it’s pretty good, but if I didn’t that automatically means I’m not a fan of Nightwish? What? That makes no sense.
  10. 18thAngel

    Anette Olzon

    I wish there was more pro-shot footage of Anette with NW. I’ve tried to gather all that I can find into one YouTube playlist, but it’s honestly very scarce, and what is there isn’t necessarily very good quality (despite being professionally shot). I would particularly love to see their whole set from Download 2012. This video has about 35 seconds of Storytime (starting at 23:40): No idea if more than this was even recorded, but if so it would be awesome if it somehow gets released someday. Another 30 second clip, this time WIHAA in Paris 2012: The quality seems great - hopefully more footage will surface!
  11. 18thAngel

    The Floor thread

    A bit off topic, but has anyone else seen this video? I’ve been known to spend some of my free time looking for pro-shot live footage of After Forever, but I’d never come across this performance at Lorca Rock 2004! It’s been remastered by the incomparable FloorMetallFans/Metallwish (seriously a legend - if you haven’t checked out either of his channels, run, don’t walk!) but still looks preeety grainy, so I can only imagine what it looked like before he got his hands on it! Apparently their whole show at this festival was plagued by technical sound problems, but the fact that all band members seem to be having an absolute blast is really endearing to me. Bas and Luuk are especially funny.
  12. 18thAngel

    Once digital version MIA

    Wow, that is odd. As far as I know, all NW studio albums except Century Child were on USA Apple Music, but I did check just now, and you’re right, Once isn’t there either now.
  13. 18thAngel

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Regardless of whether or not Tarja’s singing style is one where pronunciation matters, it does not change the fact that this particular performance of WITA, especially toward the beginning, is unpleasant to listen to. I guess you could chalk that up to personal preference. In my opinion though, I would bet that 99% of people would not like to hear “the people FAAAHHRRR below” sung in the shrill way she does. It’s not a bad performance by any means. I was just really off put by the few screechy words & syllables that snuck in there. Kinda jolted me out of the wintry Christmas mood!
  14. 18thAngel

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    I want to enjoy her singing in this particular instance. I really, really do! But man, it’s just so...shrill? I hate to use that word, but her vocals are just plain harsh, especially in the beginning of the video. It gets better once they start singing together, but because I have the Oceanborn version burned into my brain I just can’t forget how enchanting and lovely Tarja’s original version is (actually my favorite is the live version from FWTE - honestly gives me chills). The contrast between that and this version is startling. The guy’s voice, on the other hand, is out of this world. Simply spectacular - he’s definitely gained a new fan!
  15. 18thAngel

    Nightwish and Richard Dawkins : Off-topic

    I’ll readily admit I’m not really a fan of the man. He has lots of issues, but for me it boils down to pretty much what Gandondox said: he talks authoritatively about subjects he has no business pontificating about, and therefore says some really, REALLY asinine things that must make sense in his old British head but don’t really square with reality and society at large. I’m less affected by his views on religion because I am an ex-Christian myself. I was raised that way since birth, and it really did a number on me, so it’s easy to at least understand where he’s coming from. However, I don’t agree AT ALL that religion as a concept is necessarily bad or evil, nor do I think it’s the cause of all the world’s problems. I think it’s pretty rude and nasty to ascribe evil motivations and/or stupidity to practitioners of any religion, something I believe Dawkins is known to do.