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  • How Did You Discover Nightwish
    My now boyfriend used to message me over IM back in middle school. One day he sent me some lyrics from Planet Hell and a link to the Over the Hills music video in an attempt to flirt with me.
  • How Many Times Seen Live?
  • Favourite Album
    Debateable, but probably Oceanborn
  • Favourite Album/Single Artwork
  1. Disdain is probably my favorite track from the debut album, but I have to admit I would love to hear Angela Gossow do the growling on that song like Floor originally wanted. Such a shame it didn't work out.
  2. Ooh, Vuur would be lovely! A band I think would fit well with the Nightwish atmosphere but whose music is very different - The Birthday Massacre.
  3. I can't express how much I would love a Nightwish/Ghost show! Those are two of my favorite bands, bar none, and I haven't had the pleasure of seeing Ghost live yet. Too bad it probably can't happen, especially because if I recall correctly Floor is a fan of them too! My ultimate lineup for the Decades tour would be Nightwish/Ghost/Battle Beast, but BB are touring with Kamelot next year.
  4. I agee that it's probably time to give Amaranth a rest. It's a good track, but out of all the Nightwish songs Floor has tackled, I think that one seems the most tricky for her to sing. I've been thinking about which tracks from DPP and Imaginaerum I'd like to hear (if they even do any) and so far I think it's: Cadence of Her Last Breath - great guitar section in there, and obviously Floor would kill it Sahara - could definitely be brought back Whoever Brings the Night - MAYBE. I don't actually think it's a very good song, but it the live version on Made in Hong Kong is one of my favorite vocal performances from Anette. Perhaps they could breathe some new life into it. Ghost River - The version from StSt is dynamite, and reason enough to revive it!!! Rest Calm - okay, I LOVE Rest Calm. It needs its day in the sun, since they only performed it twice (once at the infamous Denver show without Anette, and then once in Salt Lake at her last show).
  5. That's true, I always forget about Shine!
  6. I'm just so anxious to hear the album she's making with Jani Liimatainen. Besides her few solo tracks it'll be the first studio recording of her on lead vocals since Imaginaerum (at least I think that's the case). She always shone brightest in-studio IMO, and I'm curious as to how or whether her vocals have changed much since then.
  7. @Slayed Dreamer Wow, congrats! I would definitely buy an English translation!
  8. ^ I rarely listen to Our Decades either, but I do feel it would be vastly improved in a live setting. (I feel the same way about pretty much all the EFMB tracks though.)
  9. Is that live version of Kinslayer the same audio from this video from the FWTE DVD?
  10. I'm so happy, this is great! I had honestly no idea what to expect from a new Ayreon record; the previous albums are so diverse. I have to echo the sentiments about Tommy - his voice came crashing in like an incredibly talented ton of bricks! And to hear Floor with Arjen's music again...I have no words. 01011001 was the first place I ever heard her sing!
  11. I'm re-listening to Oceanborn, and I'm really feeling Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean would indeed be a great pick for Floor! It's larger than life, and she could definitely pull that off. Here's the the real question though: who would do the scream?
  12. I've always thought Anette's voice was really amazing for both duets and backing vocals. It just seems to blend well with pretty much anyone she sings with. Glad she's gotten to do projects like this. I've never heard of the band but I'll probably check it out!
  13. ^ I was thinking of doing that. I don't want to turn this into another technical discussion, but I got the earbook version with both DVDs and Blu-rays. Would it matter which one I ripped the audio from? Is Blu-ray audio somehow higher quality or no?
  14. Man that is truly awful for the employees. All the best to them!
  15. This is only sort of relevant, but looks like TeamRock is essentially bankrupt and all their magazines will soon be discontinued, including Metal Hammer. I'm going to guess they were really, really hurting for page views and subscriptions, and thus made the decision to go with the most provocative headlines possible, then put the full article behind a paywall. Looks like that didn't work out for them.