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    My now boyfriend used to message me over IM back in middle school. One day he sent me some lyrics from Planet Hell and a link to the Over the Hills music video in an attempt to flirt with me.
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    Debateable, but probably Oceanborn
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  1. You are correct, it was an analogy. My mistake. Everything else stands though. The people I felt would be insulted were not Nightwish fans, but those affected by HIV/AIDS, as I stated. Nightwish drama is a minuscule concern compared to that, which is why I felt the comparison was in poor taste. I will not try to engage with you further.
  2. Stefan has not heard of the concept of TL;DR apparently. I can truly only skim all those stream of consciousness walls o’ text. Otherwise, I fear I may go insane. And comparing NW drama to something so serious as the AIDS epidemic...wow. It may be only a “metaphor” but it’s also a false equivalency of the highest order that’s frankly insulting to those affected by the disease (whether it was intended that way or not). There are doubtless hundreds of more apt comparisons to get the point across.
  3. My personal favorite part of the lyrics in Berserker is “...invoke the BEAST OF DARKNESS!!” Yannis has incredible line delivery on that one, IMO.
  4. ^ Wow, I didn’t see that news, how awful!! I’ve been thinking Beast in Black would be a good choice to support Nightwish on their Decades tour - here’s hoping!
  5. This times 100! Both Deep Silent Complete and Bare Grace Misery are on my wishlist of songs from Wishmaster. I agree about Sleeping Sun too - even though Floor’s Tampere performance genuinely takes my breath away every time I see it!
  6. The way I see it,, Tarja has 3 options: 1) Work with Nigtwish again (not happening) 2) Never work with NW again (justified) 3) Work individually with all members of NW except Tuomas (savage!) All reunion drama/speculation aside, I’m very excited to hear their voices together again, and Ave Maria is the perfect song to duet. It’s going to be quite lovely I’m sure.
  7. Guess I’m in the minority here, but I MUCH prefer the title track. This one doesn’t do anything for me.
  8. ^ “Too much hype” could be Tarja’s calling card tbh
  9. ^ My bet is Xandria didn't give them the whole truth, unfortunately. I hope it's not the case but I don't see how else it could have happened.
  10. Wow, I am shocked!! But she is such a talented singer; she should have no trouble finding people who want to work with her!
  11. I hope all is well too! I'm not big into Xandria, but they did seem to really have a solid presence and chemistry on stage. It would be a shame to lose Dianne. And she's fantastic besides!
  12. @Werewolf I feel the same, although I will have to wait for the whole Berserker album to be released to really see.
  13. I've never listened to Eluveitie before, but am really loving this latest album, particularly Epona, Lvgvs, Catvrix, and Ogmios. Catvrix manages to sound very heavy despite being acoustic, which is very cool!
  14. ^ Nice work Magnus & fatality! I still think the mystery word in the chorus is "primitive," though. And as for the "flat-like element" part, when I first heard the song I thought "What on earth could she be saying??" But I think the answer is anticlimactic: it's just the song title: "The dark element burns..." Edit: Magnus you're right - I think the first word of the second part of the chorus is "primitive," but that first word does end with a t, and I also have no idea what she's saying!
  15. I'm almost certain it's "A crucible, so suitable." And where you're hearing "diligent" I hear "primitive."