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  1. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

  2. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    Actually it was me this time! Denise just added them timed correctly to the vid because i was unable to!
  3. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    Just a note - Henk Poort and Floor doing Phantom is being confirmed. Apparently it's the closer of the duet ep.
  4. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    Duet would be after Tim's ep, so the 13th. Also, yes, do bring the tissues, bc just look at the preview here. Floor's at the end.
  5. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    By the way, after Ruben, its Emma and then Tim, just an fyi on the schedule x
  6. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    Nope. It's Ruben. Floor is gonna do an English version of his song 'Van liefde weet ik niets' (which roughly translates to 'i know nothing about love'
  7. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    If denise hasn't already done it by then, I might have time for it on thurs/fri :3 But the note you made about her being on the radio - it was just a suggestion which they both said they'd be interested in. Still no guarantee. Oh, and I might ahve missed in earlier posts, and I don't know if you lot knew, but the tracklsit for the compilation cd of beste zangers shows that Henk poort & Floor are gonna do The Phantom Of The Opera in the duet ep x
  8. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    Denise's translations are great! Great to see you finally got accepted here <3 Also Henk got to no 1 over here! Edit: Our decades in the sun is also charting!
  9. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    Henk is currently at 2 with that song in the Dutch Itunes charts and fun fact - Nemo has started to chart as well. Its at 46, but the fact that it's charting is a good thing on it's own I guess!
  10. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    Keep in mind that the tracklist is still subject to change BUT YES FOR THE PHANTOM THANK GOD
  11. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    Probably because of sentimental values the songs hold for her.
  12. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    For the non-Dutchies around here, I made a rough translation earlier this eve: Also someone found a playlist about Floor's ep and rumour has it Henk's gonna do Sound of Silence and Ruben's gonna do Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
  13. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    Dunno if you guys noticed - but Que Se Siente has been released as a single (whereas the other two songs so far have not!) Edit: and it's 6 on the itunes charts already
  14. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    Emma is doing Strong
  15. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    It ain't a rumour! The tv guide summary for the ep confirmed Samantha is doing our decades in the sun in dutch :3 (This is also why we already know that on the 21st Floor is going to sing Ruben Annink's Van De Liefde Weet Ik Niets - in English Besides - I'm not sold on nemo for Tim. He used to play in Di-rect and he's more of the punk/rock side. I wouldn't be surprised if he'd picked something more like... idk... if we solely go by Floor Nightwish songs, weak fantasy or something.