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  1. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    Floor has been awarded the Buma Rocks Export Award yesterday at Fortarock - an award given in the Netherlands. She got it for her efforts to make rock and metal better known with the public. (Which is not all too surprising because basically everyone here knows pop and dance and there is never any attention given to stuff like this). This fact, along with the fact that several newspapers this week have called her the biggest female artist in the Netherlands when just looking at sales (the mentions were made in interviews she's done), was celebrated during their performance yesterday, with the rest of the band putting her in the spotlight in between songs and giving her a glass of wine just to celebrate it.
  2. SilentDawn

    Decades World Tour 2018

    FOR THE DUTCH/BELGIAN/WHOEVER PEOPLE: Nightwish has just announced (or, well, the venue and several newssites did, as well as ticketmaster), that they are coming to The Netherlands on November 26th, and will be coming to the Ziggodome in Amsterdam (17k capacity, biggest concerthall in the Netherlands not counting places which host concerts but are also footballstadiums). Tickets are on sale already!
  3. SilentDawn

    Decades World Tour 2018

    The tears are legit streaming down my face. I'm not even joking. It started around the 4.35 mark. I cannot stop crying. The drums. The bouzouki. The music sounding so fantastic. Floor's singing. I just. If this is me already right now - I cannot begin to think how hard I'd be crying if I were to see this live. Oh my god.
  4. SilentDawn

    Decades (The Album)

    To come back on the Decades not in full on Spotify here - it is now!
  5. SilentDawn

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Dead Boy's Poem _O_ I can't wait to see how that one will be in a few months, when it's already gorgeous and glorious right now.
  6. SilentDawn

    Decades (The Album)

    I think that may be the case indeed. For some weird reason we don't have the entire Wishmaster album either, nor do we have DPP anf AFF (though I'm pretty sure we used to have DPP. But then EFMB was gone for a day or two too). Maybe it'll get changed soon enough!
  7. SilentDawn

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I suddenly appreciate Devil And the Deep Dark Ocean so much more, good god.
  8. SilentDawn

    Decades World Tour 2018

    They said on the 28th of November on facebook, when European tour dates were announced, that more Euro dates would be published a bit later on. (And considering everyone thought it was weird that there were zero Finnish (or Dutch for that matter, considering the Dutch concert sold out so fast last go-round that they had to add a second date) dates announced, people still assume that there are more European dates to be added later on)
  9. SilentDawn

    Decades (The Album)

    I have spotify premium, but it isn't up for me in full. It shows the entire tracklist, but only TGSOE, Élan, My Walden, Storytime, IWMTB,, Amaranth, TPATP, Nemo, WIHAA, GLS, DBP and Gethsemane can be listened to.
  10. SilentDawn

    Decades (The Album)

    They did remaster all of them though, so that would include EFMB. Maybe it was because I wasn't listening to it in the car for a change (bc the cd seriously has not been taken out of my carradio since it came out. It's on repeat there ever since), but the first three songs did sound clearer to me. Regardless, I am loving this so much and just... I want to relisten to them all, but there are neighbours to take into account right now
  11. SilentDawn

    Decades (The Album)

    Let me just say that i wept with joy upon listening - and that started with TGSOE already. God the differences. Amazing, honestly. I want all the albums like this and it's a crime this hasn't been done this way from the get-go (when it was possible that is). I honestly need all the rest this way now too.
  12. SilentDawn


    You do realise that the posts are saying: guests artists include Lauren Hart, Jennifer Gaben and Sascha Paeth right? Unless I am interpreting it wrong, that doesn't sound like a complete list to me.
  13. SilentDawn


    Yeah they tend to do that because they feel at home with us? Which is what they said before they played welcome home. Last time I was there they also said it was either the 16th or 17th sold out show in The Netherlands. Thomas (I think it was) also tweeted once after a concert here that it landed in his top 10 ever played. I think all that combined is why we tend to get exclusives, and why they shoot video's etc here. So yeah, who knows?
  14. SilentDawn


    Mhh. Maybe they will though, in The Netherlands, for the dvd. Granted, they'll probably play a lot of the new songs and Forever is practically a given (especially considering we always start the singalong before they ask for it and went in canon on accident last go-round) but we always, or at least all the shows I went to, got songs they literally did not play anywhere else - or after that for that matter. Like, for instance, Welcome Home, which is a Japanese bonustrack, and End of Innocence. Especially considering it's a dvd, they might pull out more stops like guest artists (we had Eklipse randomly show up for March of Mephisto and Fallen like The Fahrenheit (which they shot a video off)), so I don't know. It just might happen.
  15. SilentDawn


    Sooo they filmed todays concert but we dont know what for. Also the entire crowd was chanting marcos name at various points. Never went to a delain concert that was this loud. George oosthoek showed up for hands of gold, elianne anemaat for scarlet (which had me near tears because dear god what a delivery was that) and god it was just sooo good!