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  1. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    Denise's translations are great! Great to see you finally got accepted here <3 Also Henk got to no 1 over here! Edit: Our decades in the sun is also charting!
  2. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    Henk is currently at 2 with that song in the Dutch Itunes charts and fun fact - Nemo has started to chart as well. Its at 46, but the fact that it's charting is a good thing on it's own I guess!
  3. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    Keep in mind that the tracklist is still subject to change BUT YES FOR THE PHANTOM THANK GOD
  4. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    Probably because of sentimental values the songs hold for her.
  5. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    For the non-Dutchies around here, I made a rough translation earlier this eve: Also someone found a playlist about Floor's ep and rumour has it Henk's gonna do Sound of Silence and Ruben's gonna do Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
  6. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    Dunno if you guys noticed - but Que Se Siente has been released as a single (whereas the other two songs so far have not!) Edit: and it's 6 on the itunes charts already
  7. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    Emma is doing Strong
  8. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    It ain't a rumour! The tv guide summary for the ep confirmed Samantha is doing our decades in the sun in dutch :3 (This is also why we already know that on the 21st Floor is going to sing Ruben Annink's Van De Liefde Weet Ik Niets - in English Besides - I'm not sold on nemo for Tim. He used to play in Di-rect and he's more of the punk/rock side. I wouldn't be surprised if he'd picked something more like... idk... if we solely go by Floor Nightwish songs, weak fantasy or something.
  9. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    In the Netherlands basically metal is only known to those who are into the genre. And considering many metal bands hail from here she's well known enough to fill the Ziggo Dome (for which I read the second ring had opened up for tickets to be sold today - I presume it's going quite well) I'm not surprised. But it is limited to those who know metal, because literally everyone else doesn't even know what we're even on about bc it gets absolutely zero airplay. As for the other contestants on beste zangers Emma Heesters is a youtube star - has never even performed before beste zangers in a place that wasn't her own room, so I am not surprised. Samantha Steenwijk - did either the voice or xfactor, so might be able to actually. Rolf is mostly famous abroad as well, bc latin isn't a thing over here. But yeah, when it comes to playing in the Netherlands - the first time I don't think they even thought about selling the HMH (or.. afas I guess, now) out - especially that fast (and I remain of the opinion it only went so fast bc they got Floor in the band, to the point they had to throw in a second concert)). Ziggo dome is huge (and sales last time might've been hindered by it being announced so laye (bc Antwerp was way before Amsterdam and a lot of people I knew decided to go to antwerp instead bc they didn't want to risk waiting and then did not have the funds) and it being a weekday), and for it to be announced so early right now def is playing into beste zangers.
  10. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    I would also like to point out that the songs don't necessarily need to be a cover from said person - it could also be a song that means a lot to them personally.
  11. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    During that ep the only one I was absolutely convinced of it was not playback was Floor - bc I knew she could do it. But then my focus there was mostly on Emma tbh. If you guys are curious - I found out what Floor is singing the 21st! (Couldn't look further than that yet)
  12. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    As a Dutchie I have been following this and everyone on twitter is basically RAVING about Floor every ep (to the point they want her to go to Eurovision). Every article is listing her as one of the highlights every week and one major programme has listed her as the best of the ep yesterday. Next week it's Floor's week indeed - and I've seen it mentioned, but it has been confirmed that Samantha is indeed doing a Dutch version of Our Decades In The Sun, while Emma will be doing After Forever's Strong The others aren't known yet :3
  13. SilentDawn

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Haha that dbp vid is the one i took! Im legit surprised by how well it turned out! I rarely reply here but i have tp say that wembley was phenomenal! It was my third and last show for this tour and i am glad i managed to talk my boss into shifting days around so i could go to london for the weekend. They were on fire and it was just so so amazing! The crowd was excellent and people were actually chanting for gls in between tgsoe and gls. I couldnt even hear floor properly ay times during the we were here parts!! Wembley, along with Amsterdam, were truly standout shows for me this tour!
  14. SilentDawn


    I was supposed to go to the dvd recording but ended up being in nyc instead and gave my ticket to a friend. She said there was also a childrens choir (including Thomas' son) and Eklipse showed up for a song or two as well.
  15. SilentDawn

    The Floor thread

    Floor has been awarded the Buma Rocks Export Award yesterday at Fortarock - an award given in the Netherlands. She got it for her efforts to make rock and metal better known with the public. (Which is not all too surprising because basically everyone here knows pop and dance and there is never any attention given to stuff like this). This fact, along with the fact that several newspapers this week have called her the biggest female artist in the Netherlands when just looking at sales (the mentions were made in interviews she's done), was celebrated during their performance yesterday, with the rest of the band putting her in the spotlight in between songs and giving her a glass of wine just to celebrate it.