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    Entertaining things and creative stuff - music and video games keep me going. Humans and humanity, and how to live today for a sustainable future. Also food.


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    Fan videos of Artix Entertainment's Adventure Quest on Youtube. Coincidentally, my brothers were already fans at the time.
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    Gothenburg 2012, Imaginaerum movie premiere in 2012 and Stockholm 2015!
  • Most Memorable NW Memory
    First concert attended. Especially Finlandia for some reason.
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    Lokikirja box. A piece of confetti from the 2012 Gothenburg show.
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    Nemo at Wembley/Vehicle of Spirit
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    Imaginaerum is the best as a whole. Interestingly, none of my favorite songs are from that album.
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    Know Why The Nightingale Sings, The Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean, Ever Dream, Ghost Love Score, Meadows of Heaven, The Islander, Escapist, The Greatest Show On Earth.
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    Vehicle Of Spirit.

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    Soda. Apple juice. Water.
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    Home. And home is where the heart is...?
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    Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Spain, Cyprus.
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    No. I tasted the wine, and didn't like it.
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    Collector's/Limited Editions of video games and other things I like.
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    None at the moment.
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    Vocals only.

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    Nightwish and Within Temptation + members' solo acts. Tarja. Two Steps From Hell. The works of various video game soundtrack composers.
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    I'm not much for "urban music" - rap, hiphop, R&B etc. Also most mainstream Swedish radio pop.


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    Harry Potter series, Pirates of the Caribbean series, Imaginaerum by Nightwish... List goes on.
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    The Nanny, Bones, Sherlock, Once Upon A Time, The Fosters... Documentaries. Various cooking shows OF COURSE.

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  1. If they could just hurry up and release the English translation of We Were Here and I'll order both these books... I don't wanna pay shipping twice. Too bad I missed out on the signed copies, but if you're cheap then you're cheap.
  2. Well, the result was expected, but I had hoped differently. I do actually like Israel's Netta, but the song just isn't good. I would welcome her returning and making larger use of the vocal looper though! Cyprus was nothing special whatsoever, so that's just... odd. Austria's popularity was very unexpected. Norway is lame. Lots of people liked it, but it's lame. It is. For a while there it seemed to me like Ireland could shock everyone and take it home, but nah... Biggest surprise of the night was really the huge split between the jury and the the televoting opinion. Too many examples, but Denmark for instance... Probably my favorite song this year, but far from the best performance. And in our case, I'm convinced the people of Europe are tired of Sweden's prominent role in the contest and us always placing high. Fight me, and try to drag me down from my high horse if you don't agree. Add to that the drama that arose after that video where Benjamin Ingrosso commented on other countries' acts, which he later apologized for... Yeah, we lost votes there.
  3. The hosts, script and sketches are as awful as always. No more to say about that. Strange how there are no "winner" songs this year. The most popular ones are still quite uninteresting, and I'm getting that 2011 vibe, when Azerbaijan won... A winning song also needs that "something" in addition to being a good song, that's my opinion... The current top songs Cyprus and Israel don't have that. The latter is just annoying, even if the artist and the actual subject are fine... I like Estonia, which I think deserves more popularity. Denmark has a good song, but the live performance falls flat. Needs more energy, more viking, but it's like they're scared it will feel less grand. No. The Netherlands and Hungary are fun because they stand out. Australia had great energy. Our Benjamin Ingrosso did a near perfect performance before, and I'm expecting us to finish near the top (as usual, er-hem...) but not win. Which is good.
  4. @hunebedbouwer Localization. And yes, we do. It's actually called "Så mycket bättre", which translates to "so much better", after a Ted Gärdestad song, so that was a fun play on words... Here, studio versions are always released of all songs, and several have made their way onto the top lists over the years and/or had quite an impact. Though the show exists in a few countries, the concept is actually Dutch to begin with! The original doesn't seem to run anymore, but if it did then maybe Sharon would have taken part on home ground? Anyway, slightly off topic. We move on.
  5. Apparently someone called Helmut Lotti is also participating, and did All I Need. It's not on Spotify for some reason, but... I can only speak for Sharon's episode, but most of these songs aren't too interesting. Stand My Ground is really the only one that has its own identity, while the others just sound like somewhat uninspired covers. Utopia is an abomination because it just doesn't work without the somber mood of the original. After hearing this I also feel a bit spoiled by our localization of the show. You could say it's Så mycket bättre.
  6. @Essexboyinwales I think that pronunciation is fitting since the line is delivered in a very "playful" manner. Great performance by Johanna. And then, "ken" rhymes better with "in", but...
  7. Tonight is Sharon's episode of Liefde voor Muziek, which means a bunch of Within Temptation covers, or covers of other songs that Sharon made famous, done by other established artists. And apparently, they're already out on Spotify. They are: Stand My Ground - K's Choice Ice Queen - Jasper Steverlinck Utopia - Coco Jr. (BUTCHERED.) In And Out Of Love - Silvy De Bie Paradijs (Paradise) - Niels Destadsbader
  8. I listened through the remainder of songs that hadn't already been released, and it makes sense now. Most of the non-single tracks are better than the ones released after Out Of The Darkness. Can't give out all the good stuff in advance. It's an enjoyable pop album, and it doesn't need to be more than that.
  9. To rephrase - I need Know Why The Nightingale Sings. If only for the guitar solo + outro alone. As for Sahara, Heart, Escapist... I mostly want some representation for Dark Passion Play, but not the ones that have already been played. It is definitely the main thing this tour has been lacking. But I'm not entirely sure if Escapist would suit Floor's voice... Gotta confess though, most DPP songs with the current lineup have been a bit underwhelming to me... Rest Calm is odd. If I'm not in the mood it can feel too long, the ending too messy. I wouldn't want to have that on a live show. But Marco's vocals are so good, and we could use less evil-screamy lead vocals Marco. Also, whoah. Edema Ruh has been played after all, apart from the acoustic version. I had no idea! Why didn't they play it more often? The band is even referred to as Edema Ruh by Tuomas in the Decades compilation foreword - it belongs on this tour.
  10. We need Know Why The Nightingale Sings! Bare Grace Misery could be fun. Some time for Emppu in the spotlight. Sahara or For The Heart I Once Had! Or both. Escapist? Rest Calm is great... I wonder how it would work in a live setting... And I can't believe they haven't played Edema Ruh in full yet!
  11. Maybe it's a bit late at this point, but I kinda wish they would change the doomy-gloomy red and fire at the end of Devil to something more hopeful, to reflect the contrast in the lyrics.
  12. Is the CD booklet and the Earbook the same? I have no problems reading the foreword in the Earbook, but the letters are quite small. I mean, I wouldn't want to try read it at half the size. Either way, here it is: ___ Foreword July 6th, 1996 was the exact date marked on my family's summer cabin guestbook. On that date, by a campfire, a decision was made to form a band of three members, playing atmospheric acoustic music led by a female voice. 15 months later this group would release its debut album, and then, more than two decades later, it would release a compilation including songs from eight studio albums and the very first demo recording - the demo which gave the band its name. The infinite freedom and potential I found from songwriting back in the day, took me right back home. It offered a place to feel free and meaningful, and it also offered the lesson that it takes but two things in life to feel fulfilled: Try to be good to people (and all living things), and find a passion. It can be anything which makes you happy, content or tremble with excitement. Music suddenly found me, and here was the perfect platform, with equally enthusiastic friends sharing it all. So the roller coaster ride had begun, with adventures from all sides of the spectrum ahead, making a quick 'pit-stop' at this place and age from where we're greeting you now. Looking back, the voyage has been nothing short of spectacular. The best part of it all, though, are the people. The fellowship of the band past and present. the crew and the management. The relationships created, whether it's the fans in the front row, guest musicians, other bands, promoters, media, record label staff, or even your own heroes you never thought you'd meet. I've met my best friends through music and have faced the most unfortunate ordeals, but, it's all been for the love of life and adventure, for learning, and for a meaning. The sense of privilege I feel looking into the past, the present, and future is immeasurable by words. It's something that can only be expressed through poetry and music. A journey of Two Decades has taken our wonderful Edema Ruh this far, and the beauty of the future is, that it remains and untold story. Finally, to send you off through the first decades of the Vehicle of Spirit, an important message from our fellow soul, Walt Whitman: "The words of my book nothing, the drift of it everything." Tuomas
  13. @ImagineerHonestly, I've barely kept up. I've seen that they've been working on stuff for which what feels like a very long time, that's it. Their earliest, as of now announced, tour date is October 11th, so the album's gotta be out no later than that.
  14. @hunebedbouwerI can only agree. My Indigo and Out Of The Darkness are enjoyable to listen to, but everything after those just killed my interest in the project. Which is fine. Not everything can be for everyone. I also think it's... Funny? Odd? Interesting...? How many songs are released individually prior to the album release. (A WHOPPING 50%!) It just 100% gives into the streaming culture, which isn't the worst thing in the world, I guess... But at least for me, it devaluates the full album - physical and digital - taking away that sense of novelty. But then, I can see Sharon not really caring much about profit since My Indigo is so personal and all... But despite that, it would be weird if they weren't heavily marketing it through Within Temptation, which already is successful, hm...? Which actually brings me to my point! Shouldn't it be about time they start "talking" about the new Within Temptation album? Wouldn't they want to get it out before the festival season begins? Hydra got a teaser trailer about three months before release, although that was in the winter... Are they waiting for My Indigo to go out and out of the way...? Edit: Well, festivals with their casual fans and non-fans maybe aren't the best platform for premiering new material, hmmm...
  15. Savant, up until the equestrian atmospheres, sounds very much like a To Be Rich 2 to me. There are some very similar elements...