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    Central Sweden
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    Entertaining things and creative stuff - music and video games are what keeps me going. Humans and humanity, and how to live today for a sustainable future. Also food.


  • How Did You Discover Nightwish
    Fan videos on YouTube of Artix Entertainment's online game Adventure Quest. Coincidentally, my brothers were already fans at the time.
  • How Many Times Seen Live?
    Gothenburg 2012. Imaginaerum movie premiere in 2012. Stockholm 2015. Gothenburg 2018.
  • Most Memorable NW Memory
    First concert attended. Especially Finlandia for some reason.
  • Most Prized Nightwish Item
    Lokikirja box, which was a surprise Christmas gift 2009 or 2010. Prior to that I only owned Dark Passion Play, and... less legal, low quality versions of the songs I liked.
  • Best Live Song
    Nemo at Wembley 2014/Vehicle of Spirit
  • Favourite Album
    Dark Passion Play will always be special, but I have no real favorite. Imaginaerum is the best as a whole. Interestingly though, none of my favorite songs are found on that album.
  • Favourite Song
    Know Why The Nightingale Sings, The Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean, Ever Dream, Ghost Love Score, Meadows of Heaven, The Islander, Escapist, The Greatest Show On Earth.

About You

  • Favourite Animal
    Owls and other avians!
  • Favourite Beverage
    Soda. Apple juice. Water.
  • Favourite Colour
  • Favourite Place
    Home. And home is where the heart is...?
  • Countries Visited
    Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Spain, Cyprus.
  • Do You Drink Alcohol
    No. I tasted the wine, and didn't like it.
  • Do You Smoke
  • Do You Collect Anything
    Collector's/Limited Editions of video games and other things I like.
  • Do You Have Pets
    None at the moment.
  • Do You Play An Instrument
    Vocals only.

General Music

  • Favourite Band/Artist?
    Nightwish, Within Temptation, as well as solo acts of members from those bands. Tarja. Two Steps From Hell. The works of various video game soundtrack composers.
  • Musical Dislikes (Songs, Bands etc)
    Hip hop, R&B... And the recent latin urban/reggaeton trend is absolutely horrible.


  • Favourite Movie(s)
    Harry Potter series, Pirates of the Caribbean series, Imaginaerum by Nightwish... List goes on.
  • Favourite TV Show(s)/Series
    The Nanny, Bones, Sherlock, Once Upon A Time, The Fosters... Social issue documentaries. Various cooking shows OF COURSE.

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  1. Droughts. Agricultural disaster. Multiple forest fires. 

    This heat is insane. The end times are coming. :help:

  2. NeoGeorg

    Decades World Tour 2018

    What are the odds they recorded that show? Or parts of it.
  3. NeoGeorg

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Sooo... I know they like to "keep it in the family", but I wouldn't mind if they let someone new do all the graphical stuff for the upcoming release. I think something fresh, rather than Toxic Angel's style, is due.
  4. NeoGeorg

    Within Temptation

    Well, that's a bummer. Makes me a bit less excited about seeing them this fall... Could the new signing affect production quality and/or marketing of the next album? Anyone familiar with this Vertigo Records?
  5. NeoGeorg

    The Tuomas thread

    The Nightwish part of the forum seems to be sleeping, hush... Speaking of which, what's going on with Tuomas' official website/The Escapist? It's been under construction for a loooooong time now and it really doesn't matter but I'm bringing it up anyway because the forum is sleeping, hush...
  6. NeoGeorg

    Within Temptation

    It's so cool how I've been a fan for more than ten years, and still there are songs of theirs I haven't heard. Most aren't all that special, admittedly... such as the one above, I have to say... But they have a few gems that weren't released on the main albums. I so wish I could get my hands on a high quality version of Sounds Of Freedom, but that seems like a lost cause.
  7. NeoGeorg

    Contacting the Mods

    The Decades theme is great! Been using it since it became available. Gotta say it's better than the default dark theme, with the stars and transparent parts. Hope to see more like it! But, I'm seeing something weird when using the Microsoft Edge browser. (Which is not often, but it happens.) I don't know if it's a forum issue or a browser issue, but the transparent main windows turn out as default blue. It looksfine in Safari and Chrome.
  8. NeoGeorg

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I hope there will still be a break before the Gothenburg show. They seem to have had great energy on the first gigs after previous breaks, so I want to see them well rested.
  9. NeoGeorg

    Contacting the Mods

    On the topic of forum visuals... Using the default, dark theme I'm often having a slightly hard time telling the "N" symbols apart for read and unread sub-/forums. You'd like to be able to tell in an instant. I'm only one person but... could they ever perhaps be made a bit more different in either brightness, color, contrast...? Just a suggestion.
  10. NeoGeorg

    Nightwish Off Topic

    Today was a Nightwish day. I have those every so often. Started by watching A&P Reacts' latest Nightwish video on Youtube, then I was kinda stuck. It's been raining most of the day, and it's a lazy Sunday, so why not stay inside and listen to Nightwish? Last Of The Wilds at Wacken/Showtime, Storytime... Such a fun performance, the free nature of it, Troy and Emppu sharing the main melody between them. I'm smiling all the way through, and then Emppu falls on his back at the end. Love it. Had to listen to Erämaan Viimeinen as well and sing along in falsetto Finnish. I know the lyrics by heart, but not a word of their meaning, hmm... And I've realized, looong ago, that the sound, - you can find it in Last Of The Wilds, The Islander, Finlandia, their 2013 live version of Over The Hills And Far Away (great version of the song), and the traditional folk covers - that sound is one of my favorite Nightwish sounds. It's like a very "in touch with nature", folk metal-ish sound, that's grandiose but without the orchestra. Like dark cliffs by the ocean against a cloudy sky. I think a lot of it also comes from the live setting, their opportunity to improvise. Oh, how I wish they would bring back Finlandia... Imaginaerum is great, and Endless Forms Most Beautiful is mostly great, but they just don't nail that Dark Passion Play-era sound...! Not saying Dark Passion Play has better songs and definitely not better sound quality, but the sound. The sound. The overall atmosphere of it. Want more.
  11. NeoGeorg


    More than a month down the road, The Space Between outro is still like bottled happiness.
  12. NeoGeorg

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Well... There's a part of the campfire story usually not told.
  13. NeoGeorg

    The Marco thread

    If they could just hurry up and release the English translation of We Were Here and I'll order both these books... I don't wanna pay shipping twice. Too bad I missed out on the signed copies, but if you're cheap then you're cheap.
  14. NeoGeorg

    Eurovision Song Contest 2018

    Well, the result was expected, but I had hoped differently. I do actually like Israel's Netta, but the song just isn't good. I would welcome her returning and making larger use of the vocal looper though! Cyprus was nothing special whatsoever, so that's just... odd. Austria's popularity was very unexpected. Norway is lame. Lots of people liked it, but it's lame. It is. For a while there it seemed to me like Ireland could shock everyone and take it home, but nah... Biggest surprise of the night was really the huge split between the jury and the the televoting opinion. Too many examples, but Denmark for instance... Probably my favorite song this year, but far from the best performance. And in our case, I'm convinced the people of Europe are tired of Sweden's prominent role in the contest and us always placing high. Fight me, and try to drag me down from my high horse if you don't agree. Add to that the drama that arose after that video where Benjamin Ingrosso commented on other countries' acts, which he later apologized for... Yeah, we lost votes there.
  15. NeoGeorg

    Eurovision Song Contest 2018

    The hosts, script and sketches are as awful as always. No more to say about that. Strange how there are no "winner" songs this year. The most popular ones are still quite uninteresting, and I'm getting that 2011 vibe, when Azerbaijan won... A winning song also needs that "something" in addition to being a good song, that's my opinion... The current top songs Cyprus and Israel don't have that. The latter is just annoying, even if the artist and the actual subject are fine... I like Estonia, which I think deserves more popularity. Denmark has a good song, but the live performance falls flat. Needs more energy, more viking, but it's like they're scared it will feel less grand. No. The Netherlands and Hungary are fun because they stand out. Australia had great energy. Our Benjamin Ingrosso did a near perfect performance before, and I'm expecting us to finish near the top (as usual, er-hem...) but not win. Which is good.