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    Entertaining things and creative stuff - music and video games keep me going. Humans and humanity, and how to live today for a sustainable future. Also food.


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    Fan videos of Artix Entertainment's Adventure Quest on Youtube. Coincidentally, my brothers were already fans at the time.
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    Gothenburg 2012, Imaginaerum movie premiere in 2012 and Stockholm 2015!
  • Most Memorable NW Memory
    First concert attended. Especially Finlandia for some reason.
  • Most Prized Nightwish Item
    Lokikirja box. A piece of confetti from the 2012 Gothenburg show.
  • Best Live Song
    Nemo at Wembley/Vehicle of Spirit
  • Favourite Album
    Imaginaerum is the best as a whole. Interestingly, none of my favorite songs are from that album.
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    Know Why The Nightingale Sings, The Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean, Ever Dream, Ghost Love Score, Meadows of Heaven, The Islander, Escapist, The Greatest Show On Earth.
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    Vehicle Of Spirit.

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    Soda. Apple juice. Water.
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    Home. And home is where the heart is...?
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    Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Spain, Cyprus.
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    No. I tasted the wine, and didn't like it.
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    Collector's/Limited Editions of video games and other things I like.
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    None at the moment.
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    Vocals only.

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    Nightwish and Within Temptation + members' solo acts. Tarja. Two Steps From Hell. The works of various video game soundtrack composers.
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    I'm not much for "urban music" - rap, hiphop, R&B etc. Also most mainstream Swedish radio pop.


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    Harry Potter series, Pirates of the Caribbean series, Imaginaerum by Nightwish... List goes on.
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    The Nanny, Bones, Sherlock, Once Upon A Time, The Fosters... Documentaries. Various cooking shows OF COURSE.

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  1. We know they value authenticity. They weren't happy with the Élan leaks back in 2015 (feels like yesterday!) and this wouldn't be any different. I share the same view and would stay away from leaks, if only out of respect... I'm already making plans for Friday. I'm thinking of, as soon as I get the album, taking a long walk on the nearby esker to "get in touch with nature", then make myself as comfortable as possible on the couch in the living room before I immerse myself into the album, beginning to end. Even if the music sadly doesn't live up to the hype, it would still be a great start to any day. There are a few things that could ruin or at least change those plans, so we'll see.
  2. Only one week to go! And if it goes by as quickly as the previous one I'll have the album in my hands in what will feel like no time! Don't think I've ever looked forward this much to a non-Nightwish release, even though it in a way is ~66,7% Nightwish.
  3. Hmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnooo... No. Not very good Devil. Marco's timing is off at the start, and it sounds like he's still figuring out rhythms and where to emphasize throughout the song. Floor sang the first verse twice. (It happens. Not really a big deal.) Not having "This apathetic life..." and "Leave me be" at the same time is apparently a conscious decision, which has killed one of the highlights of the song. Instead we get a very rushed "This pathetic (wrong lyrics!) life must drown forever just for me. From cradle to coffin shall my wickedness be your passion" at the end, which also kinda ruins the transition to "We shall come..." Can't help but feel that something Kai does also makes it feel less climactic... Doesn't do it for me. I praise them enough to practice some tough love for once. Of course, that's just one video, but some of the criticism apply to previous performances as well. But they still have time to improve.
  4. Marco's moustached look is great. He looks like evil Santa Claus in the clips from the Decades tour.
  5. One thing I just can not understand: Why are there no lighting effects on the orchestra hits in Four Point Six? Just like during the last tour, they have the vast infinity of space behind them which is nice and all, but when I hear a *BOOM* I kinda expect also seeing a *WOOSH*... if you know what I mean?!
  6. Spotify users! Tuomas and Troy talk about the Nightwish journey, from an idea by a campfire to an unstoppable Vehicle of Spirit, and are eventually joined by Johanna to chat a bit about AURI and its parallel existence alongside Nightwish. Hardcore fans will have heard the story before, but there are some interesting reflections and good laughs involved. They also play remastered songs from Decades throughout, but since everything is separated into tracks they are easily skippable. Note that it's not an interview, but a structured discussion of sorts, between the three. Link is here:
  7. Found another typo in my Earbook, also on Angels Fall First page - Etiänen. Whoever proofread should have gotten more sleep that day.
  8. No Pharaoh Sails To Orion then? And no one here attended the show and can confirm otherwise? So basically, @some_dude_on_the_interwebs posted two of my baby pictures for nothing. Well, there is still hope, right? There's still a lot more tour to go. It just makes more sense to me to replace Devil with Pharaoh, if anything. Although, I'll still take the former.
  9. Very happy. Something I'm not too happy about is the flute in Sacrament of Wilderness. I like the original intro. But I like Marco's vocal contribution in the chorus. That goes for Come Cover Me as well. Especially the soft parts. Very happy.
  10. Come on, that's Devil, not Pharaoh. Also, I may have been 3 when the song came out, but I was more like... 11 or 12 when I discovered it. I mostly remember "singing" along with the 04:50-05:05 part, until puberty hit. Surprisingly lightly, but it was enough. I'm eagerly awaiting some video footage of the song from yesterday. I think I can afford spoiling it at least partially.
  11. PHARAOH?! YES. That song is my childhood! The song that made me sing before I learned how to sing! But it turns out I like Sacrament of Wilderness more than I realized I did, so when you come to Gothenburg, dear Nightwish, play both.
  12. I'll make sure to listen extra carefully at those marks! Thanks! Wow. The glossy, large album cover artwork for each album is beautiful. I found a typo on Angels Fall First - Nymphomaniac Fantasy.
  13. I just picked up my Earbook! It's funny how the cashier that usually hands out my packages kinda looks like Floor. Something with the upper half of her face that does it... I usually pick up stuff later in the day so she wasn't there today, but anyway... First thing I'm gonna listen to after losslessly importing the album to my computer... is Ghost Love Score. Happens to be one out of three songs I still haven't heard remastered. Along with TPATP AND TGSOE... naturally.
  14. So I've been thinking... Shouldn't My Indigo have its own forum topic in the Music section? Especially if Within Temptation news start dropping in and things get clutter-y. Anyway, I was quite optimistic about this project of Sharon's at first - My Indigo and Out Of The Darkness are great - but these two latest songs have not been my cup of tea at all. Repetitive lyrics, "my mama said"-s, and now Bible quotes which usually is an instant turn-off for me. Crash And Burn would had been pretty OK otherwise. Well, I'm glad I didn't preorder. I'll need the rest of the album to decide what I'll do.
  15. Ok. If I can manage to stay away from listening to one recording before November... it's gotta be Dead Boy's Poem. I will resist. I AM STRONG. Gonna save 10th Man Down as well because someone said film music. Sacrament Of Wilderness sounds great, but I haven't listened past the first chorus... Hey, this isn't so hard!