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    I like food.
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    Avians. And giraffes!
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    Soda. Apple juice. Just water is pretty great too. :P
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    Collector's/Limited Editions of things. Also, to a lesser extent, plush toys.
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    Fan videos of Artix Entertainment's Adventure Quest on Youtube. Coincidentally, my brothers were already fans at that time.
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    Gothenburg 2012, Imaginaerum movie premiere in 2012 and Stockholm 2015!
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    First concert attended. Especially Finlandia for some reason. Also "We were here!"
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    Lokikirja box, and a piece of confetti from the first concert.
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    Nemo at Wembley.
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    Imaginaerum is the best as a whole.
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    Know Why The Nightingale Sings, The Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean, Ever Dream, Ghost Love Score, Meadows of Heaven, The Islander, The Greatest Show On Earth.
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    Vehicle Of Spirit.
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    Angels Fall First... :P (Hey, it's not bad though.)
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    Nymphomaniac Fantasia, duh. Also, I don't think you can have a more neutral opinion about Ocean Soul than mine.

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    Nightwish, Within Temptation, Tarja, Two Steps From Hell + various video game soundtracks.
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    I'm not much for "urban music" - jazz, rap, R'n'B etc. Also most mainstream Swedish radio pop.
  1. So what's this about the nose surgery she's had just now? She's hoping to be able to breathe and sing better, so is it possibly a big deal career-wise? I never knew she had any issues, but how great for her if it's an improvement to quality of life.
  2. It's a short snippet, but I hear potential. I really hope she won't sing in Swenglish again...! Her accent was noticeable with Nightwish, but on Shine it was a bit too much for my Swedish ears... Maybe I'm over-exaggerating. Tarja also has a noticeable accent, but I still enjoy her solo work a lot, because the music is more my taste. Seems like that will be the case with this album as well. As opposed to Shine, I mean.
  3. Looking at their logo (which can be seen here and here, for instance...) it's quite stylized. It's giving me fantasy, Elder Scrolls-y vibes... I wonder if it represents the themes and/or musical direction... Looks like something I would associate with an... almost druidistic approach to nature and environment, conveyed through music and sounds. (Saving the science stuff for Nightwish?) I hope I'm not setting up far-off expectations for myself, though surprises are always welcome, haha...!
  4. YES. SO MUCH YES. This sounds amazing! If this is what it sounds like, I think it will be exactly my type of music! Expecting it to lean towards ambient, less structured, perhaps even experimental music... Something like Troy's Madness of Crowds. But even if I'm wrong, with Tuomas along for the ride I'm sure we can expect some great stuff coming up. Johanna Kurkela has already proven herself with Scrooge, so no worries there. But don't steal any ideas from Nightwish now.
  5. Oh, wow! Was that part really there before? Hadn't seen it... Hahaha, if that's the case I'll gladly have one, of course!
  6. Which could possibly mean a bundle? Extra special with everything extra? Assuming there will be at least one show in Sweden, some time during summer 2018 or so, I'll likely be going with my brother again. As long as trip to Japan doesn't get in the way. I want to attend a show and make sure to stand further back for a change... See if it makes for a different experience.
  7. If the older songs on Decades are 2018 remasters it's a must buy, but if it's just a compilation and nothing new I guess I'll pass, as much as I love the idea of "Decades - Nightwish" in my Library... We will also need high-quality recordings of the "twist"-ied old songs played live.
  8. I'm a huge Eurovision fan... although it's a seasonal thing. Very few songs make it into my playlists after the whole thing is over every year... Haha... My top 3 this year is Italy, Romania and The Netherlands. I was prepared to vote for Italy if the Final performance was good, unfortunately it didn't live up to expectations. They also played it in a lower key than the studio version, which is interestingly never mentioned when that's the case... It's a tough one this year. Guessing Bulgaria will take it home, but Portugal seems to grow by the minute.
  9. You know, I'm just about convinced I saw Floor referring to Hannes as her husband in an interview last year. I'm 100% certain they were getting married a while back. Doing some digging, it seems they both go just by the name "Dahl" as of now. I swear I'm not a stalker. So I'd say they are married for sure, and we can also assume their newborn daughter's last name... But I already kinda feel I'm violating their privacy... They will still be Jansen and Van Dahl to me...! Congratulations to the new family!
  10. I'll just allow myself to bring some counter-arguments to "less Troy"... Saying that you don't "need" another male vocalist when you have Marco seems kinda... shortsighted to me. For one, three vocalists allows for (not enforces) more elaborate vocal work than two. We have a few songs where Floor sings the melody and Marco does harmonies. This works on its own, but Troy singing the melody as well, an octave lower, adds another layer of depth. It's not "essential" to the song, but I would never want it taken away. Second, this is music - art! Marco and Troy have different voices, and songs written with their respective voice in mind probably wouldn't be the same, since just because you can sing something doesn't mean it wouldn't sound more authentic/fitting (depending on the genre, story etc.) with someone else's voice! Of course, we don't know if there will ever be any such songs... In what way has Troy's instruments taken too much room? Guy plays the flute, which has been a part of Nightwish's sound since Angels Fall First. And I still kinda want more of it at this point. As for the pipes I somewhat agree... I don't think they need to be fully put to rest, but maybe have their role changed a bit. I keep saying I'm all for more folk in the future, but that doesn't mean Élan/My Walden pipe hooks that's just the chorus melody anyways. The final part of My Walden is awesome, because there's a whole other kind of build-up, followed by the pipes really being highlighted, bringing something new... Beyond that he's only credited for bodhran and bouzouki which only appear in - I quote - "small doses". The changes to Nightwish's musical style is the result of much more than just "Troy's influence", I believe. One thing is certain: the direction in which Nightwish will take their music from here on is the one they feel is right. I would be really excited for a step backwards to a dark, heavy, bombastic Dark Passion Play/Imaginaerum/something in between style, but it doesn't feel realistic. It has proven to be difficult to explain what I would want from them going forward instead, though it would be less predictable, less "single-friendly", and definitely bring back the organic, the roots. More nature. Go softer, and heavier. Something new! About live concerts... I feel kinda sad when Troy is not there on stage with the others, which is during several songs... Here's the thing: he has been with the band for almost ten years. I think they've figured out by now how to keep a good balance and the band happy. There is lots of potential using him as a second guitarist. The idea of him stealing Emppu's parts is ridiculous. Adding new instruments to old songs I can accept being a matter of taste. I think Nemo from Wembley is the ultimate performance of the song ever, while some might find the flute unnecessary... ... A true ballad or two on the next album would be pretty sweet!
  11. Why can't all interviews be like this? Absolutely fabulous, as Troy himself might have described it! Really, the subjects they spoke of were great as usual, but it's such a delight having engaging, longer interviews with great audio and picture. Yes. Let Troy be a multi-instrumentalist, second guitarist included, in the future. I hear great things coming! All of it really makes me realize what an impact this era of Nightwish has had, both for the band and also for me personally. Endless Forms Most Beautiful is not their most interesting album musically, but looking at how the band seems tighter and plays better together than ever before, and seem to bond over the new themes being explored, the greatest may be yet to come?! And my eyes have definitely been opened to the science and the ideologies, to the point where I see my own presence on Earth in a whole different light than a few years ago. No doubt it has, and will continue to influence the changes to my life I have planned in the near future. Oh, Troy and you other wonderful people, Tuomas, Emppu, Jukka, Marco, Floor and Kai...! So inspiring...
  12. Nemo from Wembley is so PERFECT. Everything from the last chorus and onward is pure gold! Amazinnnnnnggg...!
  13. Got around to watch the Tampere show today at last! I expected amazing-ness and got amazing-ness. I felt just as emotionally invested at the end as I had been hoping for, so that was fortunate. Still got plenty of bonus material to watch, but first the Wembley show. Gonna watch that in my own room, with the "somewhat" smaller speakers, so no need to find a time when the family's not home... Lots of songs to look forward to! Might just watch it this evening already! EDIT: And that's Wembley as well. Quite spectacular! It's a shame the sound (or the picture) is not as good as Tampere, but it kinda felt like it got better over time...? Guess i got used to it. Love every instance of the EBow, and Floor really nailed The Poet And The Pendulum! Better than... the original singer... if I may say. Only thing left I'm really looking forward to now is Sahara... Tomorrow maybe.
  14. OHMYGOSHYESSSSSS. That sounds so exciting! They need to play in Sweden so brother and I can go again. And now they better rework those songs good with all the time and talent they have.
  15. Can't help but feel a little guilty in discussions like these, because I don't want to give the impression that the previous album's lasting appeal wasn't good... But it's only natural to look forward to more of something you love, am I right? For me, Nightwish have earned a position where they could release almost anything and I will like it for what it is. Doesn't mean I'll enjoy it, though I likely will. But it's important that they are true to themselves and make music that's authentic. On the other hand, we're consumers, and I do have a wish list... It's time to stir things up. EFMB was an excellent safe card. - Previous album nailed the narrative, now it's time to focus on the music itself. Letting the songs write themselves isn't always a good thing. - More instrumental parts/fully instrumental songs. (Last of the Wilds style, not Eyes style.) - Less predictable song structures and repeating motifs. This is a tough one since you can't force it either. - Songs led by a certain instrument, or vocals. Especially guitar or keyboards! - More metal, but also less metal. I don't understand this one either. - Also more acoustic and folk elements. - More vocals by Marco and especially Troy. The harmonies on EFMB are already so awesome. When was the last time we had a proper duet, by the way? - Save the orchestra for where it has the greatest impact. Choir is in a good spot as is, I think. - That E-bow. - Proper mastering and all that everyone agrees on. And when it comes to lyrical themes it's anything goes for me...