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    Where stars shine the brightest
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    "In the teeth of those stupefying odds it is you and I, in our ordinariness, that are here."
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    Long story
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    "Ms. Floor Jansen is a keeper."
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    EFMB album
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    Uhm all of them, except when sung by Anette
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    The Greatest Show on Earth
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    EFMB (album)
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    From Wishes to Eternity
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    Sometimes CC (don't kill me), sometimes DPP
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    Master Passion Greed

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    I don't care much about music videos
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    Anyone capable of playing an instrument is worthy of my admiration
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    Anyone capable of singing is worthy of my admiration
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    Anyone capable of playing an instrument is worthy of my admiration
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    Anyone capable of playing an instrument is worthy of my admiration
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    Anyone capable of playing an instrument is worthy of my admiration
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    There are too many great songs
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    Ayreon Universe
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    Star One - Victims of the modern age
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    Arjen Lucassen
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    Ayreon / Star One


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    Stargate franchise
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    Imaginaerum :)
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    J. R. R. Tolkien
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    The Silmarillion

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  1. Stargazer_Voyager

    The Marko thread

    So much this haha. I can't wait to hear it!
  2. Stargazer_Voyager

    Nuevo Álbum 2020

    A mí me aumenta el hype jajajaja.
  3. Stargazer_Voyager

    Nuevo Álbum 2020

    De repente siento hype por el disco nuevo, hasta ahora venía sintiéndome bastante neutral al respecto. Esta Floor y sus fotos...
  4. Stargazer_Voyager

    The Floor thread

    I already posted this on the Ayreon thread but, since it also involves Floor, I thought it might be relevant to post it here as well (here it might also get more views). There is an ongoing voting regarding this project: One of the 11 tracks that were chosen to be sent to Mars is Ayreon's “My House on Mars”, on which Floor sings. Yes! Floor's voice is going to Mars!! However, now we have to vote for one of those tracks to be transmitted back to Earth. So, if you want to get the chance to hear a transmission of Floor's cosmic voice from the Red Planet, please vote! 1. Visit this link: 2. Click “Vote”. 3. Enter your email and click “Send vote”. 4. Check the email that was sent to you (it'll probably take a few minutes and land on your spam folder). 5. Click the link included in the email. That's all! Let's make this happen!
  5. Stargazer_Voyager


    If Arjen wins this second round of voting, then yes (though the male voice on this track isn't Arjen's). 11 tracks have been chosen and will be sent, but only one will be transmitted back to Earth.
  6. Stargazer_Voyager


    Ayreon is going to Mars Only one of the tracks will be transmitted back to Earth, so the second round of voting has begun. Vote for Arjen!
  7. Stargazer_Voyager


    Do you Ayreonauts want to hear 30 seconds of “My House on Mars” being broadcast from planet Mars itself? Then vote for Arjen! Official FB post: Voting link: Please note that you'll receive an email (probably on your spam folder) to confirm your vote. Let's make this happen
  8. Stargazer_Voyager

    2020/2021 Tour Setlist

    Whatever they decide to do, no more GLS, please, PLEASE. It should be replaced by Beauty of the Beast. Aaaaaand no more WIHAA. I hope they play Astral Romance and Pharaoh.
  9. Stargazer_Voyager

    Reaction videos (to music)

    Wait I thought reaction videos were supposed to be about people listening to a band/song for the first time?
  10. Stargazer_Voyager

    Reaction videos (to music)

    Omg, his whole reaction is based on Floor being an “opera singer”
  11. Stargazer_Voyager

    Reaction videos (to music)

    Please share the link to this one
  12. Stargazer_Voyager

    Lord Of The Lost

    I came across this band a couple of days ago and I'm really enjoying Thornstar. I quickly became addicted to On This Rock... (that chorus!!) and Loreley. I still have to check out the rest of their albums though.
  13. Stargazer_Voyager

    After Forever

    I got the same feeling. She nailed all the notes and there's nothing wrong with how she sang it, but her performance lacks... passion? Soul? Enthusiasm? Perhaps it was just the recording though.
  14. Stargazer_Voyager

    After Forever

    Wow, thanks for sharing! Marcela nailed it
  15. Stargazer_Voyager


    There might be a hint in this message by Amanda Somerville...