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  1. New interview with Arjen about Ayreon Universe and some other stuff:
  2. Anoche Floor se equivocó con la letra en el primer verso jaja.
  3. Maybe when they said that “they will revisit the old songs with some new twists” they meant that Marco would be singing all of them.
  4. ¡La sirena nos está llamando!
  5. Lol I want to see that. Please share any videos you may find.
  6. Do you really think Floor will quit a perfectly stable job for a band she doesn't even know will be successful? Specially now that she has a daughter. She has to make a living you know... “while constantly being judged and compared to previous vocalists”: Well, she's really good at what she does so I'm sure she will survive this. I don't even see Floor constantly being judged, more like constantly being praised lol. And I don't understand how the fact that the next album will follow the same topics as EFMB “does not help either”. What does that have to do with vocal skills?
  7. Research has shown that only 74.882% of the fans are interested in a Beauty and the Beast comeback, that's why I didn't include it in my letter. Duh.
  8. If this really is the case, then… Dear Nightwish, As you may already know, we, your fans, tend to disagree on a lot of things—some prefer Floor, some prefer Anette and some prefer Tarja; some love Dark Passion Play and some think it's your weakest album; some believe The Greatest Show on Earth is your best song so far and some don't quite like it; and a long list of etceteras. However, there is one thing that 99.63522% of your fans agree on: that you should play Beauty of the Beast on this tour. So please please pleeeeeeease, can you grant us this one more wish? We will be forever grateful. Thank you for reading this.
  9. Sí, yo creo que dentro de poco van a empezar a variar el setlist. En todas las giras que hicieron a partir del lanzamiento de Once, tocaron más o menos un total de 28-30 canciones por gira, así que faltarían unas 10 canciones más todavía. Me pregunto si tocarán Beauty of the Beast. Hay muchos desacuerdos entre todos los fans, pero si hay algo en lo que TODOS estamos de acuerdo es que tienen que tocar ese tema.
  10. She sang “This is the END of all hope / To have what I once had” during the first two shows, now she's changed it into “The birth of all hope”
  11. Me llegó un mail de Mascot, mi pedido ya fue despachado Igual dudo que llegue el 30 de marzo por motivos aduaneros, pero estoy emocionadaaaaaaa.
  12. Videos de ayer:
  13. Lo habían sacado del setlist, después volvió a aparecer y después lo sacaron otra vez jaja. Cómo van a jugar así con mis sentimientos! Me encanta Pharaoh, espero que lo incluyan en algún momento.
  14. Necesito video para confirmar. En Reddit dijeron que había un video en Instagram, pero no compartieron el enlace.
  15. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Edit: volvieron a editar el setlist y sí aparece Pharaoh. Además, alguien de Reddit supuestamente estuvo y confirmó que tocaron el tema. Oh my...