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  1. I wonder if this whole Ayreon live thing has something to do with the change of label... I mean, Arjen changed from InsideOut to Mascot and all of a sudden we're getting live shows? Maybe it's just a coincidence (I don't know if labels have something to do with live shows) but if it's not, the Mascot guys are true heroes.
  2. Well I didn't see THAT coming. Looking forward to the list of singers
  3. La de CC es rara, pero me llamó más la atención la de Oceanborn. Comparen este planeta: con este otro: ¿Qué planeta se supone que es? Puede que me equivoque, pero ese continente no se parece a ninguno de los que hay o hubo en la Tierra.
  4. ¿Vieron las nuevas remeras? Están geniales
  5. DNA

    No, I didn't have the courage
  6. DNA

    Thanks for the videos, I'll watch them when I have the time I did fly my alien ass over there a couple of weeks ago. Here are some fun statistics about my trip: Percentage of Dutch words I mispronounced: 100%. Percentage of people that were really kind and made every effort to understand what I was trying to say when I mispronounced a Dutch word: 100%. Percentage of people that replied “a little bit” when asked if they spoke English, but ended up speaking English perfectly: 100%. Amount of Js I saw: a gazillion. Amount of bikes I saw: about a trillion. Amount of poffertjes I managed to eat without sugar flying all over my face: zero (it was a windy day). Amount of Dutch cheeses I disliked: zero. Amount of Dutch beers I disliked: zero. Amount of times I wished I could stay longer: countless. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sorry about the off-topic. Maybe we should talk about how tall the Dutch are! Perhaps that could be a piece of your national DNA
  7. DNA

    Seriously, what is it with the Dutch language and the “J” letter?? My God it's everywhere. Berlin is Berlijn, Paris is Parijs, Spain is Spanje, France is Frankrijk, Austria is Oostenrijk... Seems like Dutch was born by taking the German language and inserting Js and double vowels in most of the words
  8. Pero si a vos te gusta todo lo que hace Danette! Jaja.
  9. A mí también me aburrieron. Son muy genéricos.
  10. DNA

    Day 893: People have started to suspect. Abort mission.
  11. DNA

    What an interesting test! I've always been curious about my DNA. Unfortunately they're not shipping the kit to Argentina yet
  12. Qué bueno que sea septiembre y no octubre. Un poco menos de espera jaja.
  13. Well, I DID want to share videos before, but I was still traveling and didn't have the time I didn't record anything so I'll share the best videos I've found so far. Check out the youtube channel, the user is uploading new videos every day. And here's a video of the try-out show!
  14. Wow, what a show! So much talent in one single stage, I can't believe I got the chance to see so many great singers together Age of Shadows with Hansi, Marco and Floor was amazing <3 Magali was absolutely brilliant. TH-1 and the light robots were reeeally cool. So many great moments, I loved it. I am a bit disappointed that they didn't play any songs from Victims of the Modern Age. They played two Star One songs. I would have like them to play one from each album, but both were from Space Metal and had already been played during the Star One tour. Anyway, having the chance to hear The Eye of Ra live with a Stargate wormhole on the screen was incredible, so I can't complain. I'm a big Stargate fan xD I'm really happy I had the chance to be there. Hope the DVD comes out soon.
  15. Only two weeks left for the Ayreon Universe shows! Who else is going?