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    Anyone capable of playing an instrument is worthy of my admiration
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    Anyone capable of playing an instrument is worthy of my admiration
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    Anyone capable of playing an instrument is worthy of my admiration
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  1. Stargazer_Voyager

    Gira Decades

    Ojaláaaaaaaaaa. No puedo creer que no hayan tocado The Kinslayer o Elvenpath. ¿Quién toma esas decisiones?
  2. Stargazer_Voyager


    No Sixth Extinction, confirmed by Arjen. I hope they play Pain this time.
  3. Stargazer_Voyager


    The lineup for Graspop has been confirmed: Simone Simons, Mark Jansen, Tom Englund, Damian Wilson, Tommy Karevik, Mike Mills, Anneke van Giersbergen, Marcela Bovio, Irene Jansen, Robert Soeterboek, John Jaycee Cuijpers, Maggy Luyten and Lisette van den Berg. Tom Englund is super awesome!! I'm not sure about Mark Jansen though, I wonder what he'll sing. I hope they play at least 3 or 4 songs that weren't played in Ayreon Universe. And we need a pro-shot, please!
  4. Stargazer_Voyager


    Cool! I'll look forward to it. I have to give the latest album another chance. I love all Avantasia albums, but for some reason I could never get into Ghostlights.
  5. Stargazer_Voyager

    ¿Qué tipo de música te gusta?

    Curiosamente, no escucho ninguna de las bandas que mencionaste jaja. Epica me gustó hasta The Divine Conspiracy y después me aburrió. De Within Temptation solo me gustan Enter y Mother Earth. De Tarja me gustan 3 o 4 temas. Hoy en día, mis bandas preferidas son Ayreon (y todos los demás proyectos de Arjen Lucassen, como Star One, Guilt Machine y su disco solista), Nightwish, ReVamp, After Forever (¿se nota mucho que amo a Floor? ), Troldhaugen, Wintersun, Porcupine Tree, Myrath, Blind Guardian, Opeth. Si bien son bandas de metal (salvo Porcupine), son todas muy distintas entre sí (excepto NW y AF). Otras bandas que escucho son Witherscape, Avantasia, Spaceslug, Evergrey, Haken, Katatonia, Tarot, Orphaned Land, Tuatha de Danann. Y hay muchas otras que escucho esporádicamente o de las cuales solo me gustan algunos temas. Últimamente estoy escuchando bastante progresivo y buscando bandas que hagan fusión de metal con música de circo o alguna bizarreada de esas jaja. En general me gusta mucho la fusión del metal con otros estilos, por eso me encantan Myrath y Troldhaugen por ejemplo. También me gusta mucho Arraigo, una banda argentina que hace fusión con tango y folklore latinoamericano. Fuera del género, me gustan algunos temas de Placebo, Coldplay y Moby También me gusta la música celta/irlandesa. Y a veces me gusta volver a escuchar la música que escuchaba cuando era adolescente y pongo algunos temas de Linkin Park, Audioslave, Ill Niño, Korn y P.O.D. jajaja. Pero no lo hago muy seguido.
  6. Stargazer_Voyager


    Yeah, I hope she decides to release at least a couple of solo songs every now and then. She doesn't need to tour, we just need some new Floor material to keep the fire burning.
  7. Stargazer_Voyager


    It's amazing how she goes from growls to operatic voice to belting in this song. Everytime I listen to the new Nightwish, I'm insanely happy Floor joined the band. Everytime I listen to ReVamp, I wish Floor hadn't joined NW. It's not fair, I want both
  8. Stargazer_Voyager

    Gira Decades

    Wow, 4500 pesos argentinos un M&G en México?? Se pasan.
  9. Stargazer_Voyager

    Decades World Tour 2018

    When did he stop headbanging?
  10. Stargazer_Voyager

    Gira Decades

    Qué bien, esperaba con ansias el regreso de Amaranth.
  11. Stargazer_Voyager

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Yeah, it's true that they used to vary the setlist a bit more. However, it's also true that this tour will be shorter than previous ones. They played an average of 30 songs in the last 4 tours, but since this tour will be shorter, that might mean they will play fewer songs. So perhaps that's the reason why, so far, they've only made one change, because there won't be many changes anyway. Which doesn't mean there won't be any. I'm hopeful
  12. Stargazer_Voyager

    Decades World Tour 2018

    You keep assuming that they cannot add any more songs at this point because they haven't rehearsed them or don't have animations/orchestra tapes for them. But they can very well have rehearsed those songs and prepared the animations before the tour started. Maybe they rehearsed 25 songs in total (to say a number) to be able to vary the setlist a bit. I really, really doubt there will be no more changes until november.
  13. Stargazer_Voyager

    Gira Decades

    No sé cómo me olvidé de GLS, pero sí, ya estamos harrrrrrtos Ya sé que es la canción preferida de Floor, pero debería sentarse a escuchar el resto de los discos y darse cuenta de que hay muchos temas geniales (o sea, BOTB). No me molesta que sigan tocando TGSOE en esta gira porque me encanta jaja.
  14. Stargazer_Voyager

    Gira Decades

    De CC para atrás que no saquen nada. Sí podrían cambiar WIHAA, Nemo y Élan por algo más interesante... Tengo mi entrada. Soy feliz
  15. Stargazer_Voyager

    The Floor thread

    I decided to make a list of Floor’s first GLS floorgasms (Oct-Dec 2012) because I was curious about her progress, since I didn’t really follow the I’rum tour that much. It’s really cool to see how she changed her approach a couple of times and even struggled a bit sometimes. Yeah, it turns out Floor is not perfect but she works really hard to get closer to perfection each time! Spoiler alert!! You will be totally floored. This was the 1st time they played GLS live with Floor, in Texas: This was the 2nd time, in Luisiana. I don’t know what happened here, she sang something like “Will be, Fo-fo-foooor youuuuu”. 3rd time, in Florida. 4th time, also in Florida. She started to get better here, but the lyrics still sound weird: 5th time, after a 2-week break, in Manchester. She did something completely different here: 6th time, in London. Same as previous one: 7th time, in Birmingham. She changed it again, and the pre-floorgasm verse also sounds a bit different: The 8th time was in Glasgow but I haven’t found any videos. The 9th time was during the I’rum movie premiere. She went back to doing what she did in Manchester and London: The 10th and 11th times were in Mexico. First time she sang the actual lyrics: 12th time, in Puerto Rico. Similar to the Manchester one. 13th time, in Costa Rica: 14th time, in Perú: 15th time, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. She messed up the lyrics here, but managed to fix it at the end: 16th time, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Approaching the “Buenos Aires” version here: 17th time, in Sao Paulo, Brazil: Annnnnd the 18th and 19th times, in Buenos Aires. One of the best versions I believe: I’m going to stop here because you already know how the story continues Were any of you at any of these shows? How did you react?