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  1. Just watched the clip of Ghost Love Score (@New York) and found out that they still use the Dawkins outro ("We're going to die and that makes us the lucky ones...."). I think that is a really poor choice for this tour. It was a bit iffy even on the last tour but still understandable due to the scientific theme of the tour. So it wasn't that big of a deal back then that the show ended with a bit of a preach (= "have you got any idea just how lucky you are to be born? Now acknowledge it and go enjoy your life!"). But to hear it AGAIN on this tour is a bit too much. It's irritating. Not gonna lie.
  2. Otherwise great but did they really have to force flutes into this one as well .... I HAVE to be honest... I hate the flutes here! It gives this song a sorta 'cheap' feeling to it. They really are trying way too hard to create flute+pipe roles for Troy in as many songs as possible. The overall quality of the set is starting to suffer because of it. Slaying the Dreamer is awesome! Floor nails it and unlike with Devil, Marco sings with passion as well. Great performance!
  3. Doesn't surprise me! In fact when it became clear that Kai stays with the band and that they plan on doing a 'history tour', this was THE SONG I immediately thought was going to fit like a glove for him, a technically superior drummer. This is also a song that would most likely sound absolutely awful if the drummer wasn't quite so technically talented and was a bit off timing-wise here and there. edit: Marco's interpretation wasn't totally convincing though in this song. A bit half-hearted. Hopefully he finds a bit more passion as the tour progresses.
  4. Great start...apart from Come Cover Me.
  5. I was hoping they wouldn't use those massive led screens this time. One of the main reasons I didnt like the previous DVD that much was the use of huge animations with overly bright colours. Still pictures are OK (as with IWMTB) but motion pictures (as with LROTD) can be horrible. Takes way too much of your attention away from the band and towards what is happening on the screens. Not very good.
  6. I hope they won't play TGSOE at all. Those "We were here!" chants and all...just way too cheesy for my liking. And especially they shouldn't open the show with it, ffs. Show opener HAS TO BE a shortish one, otherwise it has a real chance of draining all the energy out from the crowd. Even if they decided to play only the middle part it would still be a 10 min opener. Way too long! TGSOE - My Walden - Elan would be a nightmare scenario for opening trio.
  7. Well, actually it very much seems it is when it comes to rock music. If it wasn't then surely at least one of the later records of Metallica, Maiden, ACDC, Megadeth....would be a spectacular album, full of fresh ideas. Well...none of them is! And that is a fact
  8. Thank you! Now that is exciting news.
  9. Where? I've missed this one.
  10. No. "Alue sulkeutuu" means 'Area closes'. So I'd say the gig is finished at least by 23.30 (most likely around 23.00-23.15)
  11. By including those songs they confirm they are not going to become a preachy band, which is a big relief for me. As great a song as Weak Fantasy is I can't help but to feel a bit 'preached' by it's lyrics. I'm an atheist myself yet I don't like it one bit when atheists preach, and often mock, believers. That's not the way to go. I very much hope they DO play Gethsemane live because 1) there's nothing to be ashamed of lyrically and 2) melody-wise it's awesome. It'd be shame if they felt they have to drop it from setlist because of its lyrics, in order to not disappoint some intolerant hardcore liberals (who these days seem to loath Christianity). Nightwish already have composed an awesome song which they cannot play live, that is Master Passion Greed. It would be a shame if there were even more they felt they simply cannot perform live (anymore). That middle part of Gethsemane with the flute solo and everything would/will probably be the highlight of the gig for me. It is such a fantastic moment. I'm almost desperate to hear that
  12. Yes, that is the original version. But still I'm sure the main reason they decided to add that little bit was because Frederik (i.e. "The Finnish Hasselhoff") famously performs a Finnish version of that tune. This one: So not only was it meant to sound pretty cool (which it did) but mainly to provide a little humour bit to it (which it certainly did! (especially for Finnish listeners due to the "hasselhoff-effect )
  13. I have to be honest here, I'm bitterly disappointed if TGSOE, Elan, My Walden, I Want My Tears Back and Storytime make it to the live setlist. Elan and My Walden are not good live songs (low energy), TGSOE is better but way too long. IWMTB and Storytime I've had a serious overdose on at this point. The problem is that apart from Storytime all of these songs include Troy and hence it's very much possible that they INDEED plan on playing these songs live once again, in order to get Troy as much stage time as possible. If this is the aim they should play Weak Fantasy, Last of the Wilds, Turn Loose the Mermaids, While Your Lips Are Still Red instead. But then again, seeing that they've included Slaying the Dreamer, End of All Hope, Devil, The Carpenter, Gethsemane, Dead Boy's Poem and 10th Man Down make me so wet. So, mixed feelings at this point. P.S. As I already have mentioned before, Kai needs to tune his bass drum sound. The likes of End of All Hope, 10th Man Down and Slaying The Dreamer are not going to sound as good as they could, and should, if the kick drum sound lacks the oomph that Jukka's bass drum sound was famous for.
  14. That would be great but let's not kid ourselves; they won't play over 20 songs. It'll be ~16-18 songs as usual. 24 songs would mean 2 - 2.5 hour set and with Nightwish it just ain't gonna happen. My guess is they'll put a bit more emphasis on the first 3-4 albums, playing maybe 3 songs per each album while the newer albums get 1-2 songs played.
  15. Marco did a radio interview today on Radio Rock and mentioned that the upcoming tour setlist will consist of songs from each album, in a quite evenly way so that no particular album or albums be the focal point.