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  1. Devious Mischievous

    The Ladies' Topic

    Thanks, LG! I'll definitely buy one of their eyeshadow primers and try it out. (While I'm at it, I'll buy one of their eyeliner pencils as well and see how it works for me).
  2. Devious Mischievous

    The Ladies' Topic

    Has anyone here used any make-up from Too Faced (more specifically, their eyeshadow primer and eyeliner?) Urban Decay, after being against animal testing for many years, has decided to sell their products in China, where animal testing is required. They were removed from the Leaping Bunny Program this week. I just find it rather hypocritical that a company that boasts a motto of, "We don't test on animals. How could anyone?" has decided to sell their products in China to make more money (well, they are a company after all). Well, they'd better get rid of their motto now! I'm not throwing out my Urban Decay products, but I won't be buying from them in the future. That's why I'm trying to look for a good alternative. Sadly, MAC Cosmetics made the decision to sell their products in China as well (I believe it was in March), so they aren't cruelty-free anymore either. Lush is releasing a make-up line in July consisting of cream eyeshadows, liquid eyeliner, and I believe lipgloss or lipstick, but I'm not very interested in it. I'll check it out, but I don't wear cream eyeshadows or liquid eyeliner (I prefer pencils), and Lush once had a company called BNever that sold make-up and it went out of I'm thinking the make-up probably wasn't that good. (I also don't have much faith in the packaging for the make-up, but I'll pop in a store once it's released to check it out).
  3. Devious Mischievous

    Concerts You're Going To Attend Or Have Been To Recently

    Devin Townsend with Katatonia and Paradise Lost // September 13th in Lawrence, KS (I have VIP tickets!) Nightwish with Kamelot // September 27th in Kansas City, MO
  4. Devious Mischievous


    I've been rather addicted to the album and have listened to it a lot recently. I can't wait until my copy arrives from Amazon UK! Charlotte's vocals have improved a lot this time around, which is great, because that was the one thing that really put me off about Delain in the past. I still can't stand "Where is the Blood," but that's the only track that I absolutely dislike on the album.
  5. Devious Mischievous

    Nightwish Merchandise

    @Apsara: Just send them an email and ask. I did that with an item before, and they got back to me with the measurements.
  6. Devious Mischievous


    The whole album is available for streaming here. I'm actually pleasantly surprised by the album. I wasn't going to pre-order it because I didn't like what I heard with the samples, but listening to the whole album a few times is another story. My favorite tracks so far are "Mother Machine," "Electricity," and "I Want You." "Mother Machine" is a great album opener; hell, it's probably one of the best Delain songs I've ever heard and I wish they made more songs like it! I also really love "Electricity," which I'm so happy actually found its way onto the album, as it's one of my favorite songs on it. Charlotte sounds great in "I Want You," and I like the creepy theme of the song. Other tracks that I find rather catchy include "Milk and Honey," "Babylon," "Are You Done With Me," and "Not Enough." "Are You Done With Me" reminds me of another song, but I have no idea what song it could possibly be. Is it just the common pop vocal-line in the chorus? I'm not very fond of "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," but I absolutely do not like "Where is the Blood." Overall, it's a catchy album that turned out to be much better than I expected. I ended up pre-ordering it from the UK. I can see what Lightmare meant about the order of the tracklist, though.
  7. Devious Mischievous


    I just read this article on Blabbermouth: I had no idea they were already recording a new album. I hope that it's better than their last effort, which definitely was not my cup of tea. If it really is similar to Karma and The Black Halo, then I'll be more excited to see them opening for Nightwish in September! I wonder who their new vocalist will be. That said, I'm so glad I was able to see them live once while Roy was still in the band.
  8. Devious Mischievous

    Nightwish Merchandise

    I just got home from vacation, and my package from the Nightwish shop was waiting for me! If anyone is considering getting "The Greatest of Adventures" zeppelin flag, DO IT. It is MASSIVE, though, so make sure you have plenty of space for it. Seriously. I could use it as a curtain if I wanted's very huge. It looks amazing! :wub: I also bought the Century Child flag, which I've wanted for a long time, and the Imaginaerum canvas bag is made out of good material. It's also pretty big. I received the Storytime single for my purchase. I already have it, but I plan on giving it to a friend for their birthday.
  9. Devious Mischievous


    ...I'm not really feeling the samples. Hopefully I'll feel differently about the album itself.
  10. Devious Mischievous

    Sonata Arctica

    I haven't listened to the new album. I decided not to pre-order it after listening to "I Have a Right" and the sample video. :unsure: I'll listen to it once it pops up on Spotify.
  11. Devious Mischievous

    Nightwish Merchandise

    If it makes you feel any better, Apsara, I had the Asian-style shirt, and I think I ended up giving it away from someone as it was too short for me to wear. I used to have to tie a hoodie around my waist when I wore that shirt just to keep it from riding up.
  12. Devious Mischievous

    Nightwish Merchandise

    Yeah, I can't order the girlie shirts because there's no measurements on them. Most of them end up being too short on me. I prefer ordering the men's shirts, but the ones I like are out-of-stock in my size.
  13. Devious Mischievous

    Nightwish Merchandise

    Huzzah! I ended up ordering The Greatest of Adventures Flag (I'm so happy there's a decent picture of it now!), the Century Child flag, and the Imaginaerum canvas bag. I would have ordered a shirt if any of the shirts I wanted were currently available in my size.
  14. Devious Mischievous

    Your Latest Music Related Hauls

    Moonspell // Alpha Noir/Omega White deluxe box-set version Voltaire // Riding a Black Unicorn... Instrumentals!
  15. Devious Mischievous

    Imaginaerum - Movie

    I'm a bit late to the party, but whatever. I've been busy! I just watched the trailer. I was amazed by the special effects. I wasn't expecting them to look so good. The trailer was well put together, and I can't wait for a longer one in the future.