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    My dog, colouring and singing.

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    Mum's pizza and Christmas dinner.
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    All of them.
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    Green and black.
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    My home and London.
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    Sweden, Denmark, England, Scotland, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands and Luxembourg (+ I've seen Wales from a distance).
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    How hard can it be?
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    Autographs and other useless things.
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    One husky and a cat that hangs out on the farm.
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    I sing.
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    Someone on the Internet sent me songs from Century Child.
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    Three times, two in Oslo and one time in London (Wembley).
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    When I met them at a signing session in Oslo, me and Tuomas had a "moment" where we looked at each other, I whispered "thank you" and he nodded back... and the concert in Wembley Arena of course! They stayed in the same hotel as me but I was too scared to talk to them when I met them in the lobby.
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    My silver necklace.
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    Difficult to choose just one.
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    All of them?
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    Again, difficult to choose.
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    The Islander
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    Élan, it makes me happy.
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    The Wembley concert because I was there.
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    I could live without Live in Hong Kong.
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    I don't hate it but I wouldn't mind not hearing Ghost Love Score for a while.

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    Freddie Mercury
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    I Want It All (Queen)
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    Ramin Djawadi, John Williams..
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    Nightwish and Queen.
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    I'm open for all kinds of music but I'm struggling with house, techno, etc.


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    Helena Bonham Carter and Tom Hanks.
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    Steven Spielberg and James Cameron.
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    Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Titanic, Hunger Games, The Help +++
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    Game of Thrones, Six Feet Under, Breaking Bad, Sherlock, The Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time +++
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    Titanic, How to Train Your Dragon..
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    J.K. Rowling, Stephen King..
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    Harry Potter
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    The Walking Dead and Outcast (when I have the time to read them).

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  1. JackietheStripper

    Nightwish World Tour 2020

    Got my tickets for Oslo as well! Didn't get the best seats but I refused to buy the super expensive ones that was reserved for "real fans"..
  2. JackietheStripper

    Nightwish World Tour 2020

    I just remembered that I saw Nightwish for the first time in Oslo spektrum, with Tarja. The sound in Oslo spektrum can be a bit rough (like Marius mentioned) but as far as I can remember it never bothered me too much but I haven't been there since 2011 so I don't know if it's better, worse or the same now. In other news, I got my ticket for London today, will buy for Oslo tomorrow.
  3. JackietheStripper

    Nightwish World Tour 2020

    I could see myself in what you wrote, I'm not comfortable in crowds either among other things and I understand the need to prepare yourself and feeling anxious when things happen too sudden. Remember, even if the tickets go on sale this week you will still have an entire year to prepare yourself for the concert itself. It's been a while since I went to a show in Oslo Spektrum but it's easy to find (right next to the train station) and everything was pretty straight forward the last time I was there, no issues at all.
  4. JackietheStripper

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I feel like I should have added in my post that I'm sure she'll sound amazing again before we know it.. not that I mean that she sounds bad now, just a bit different (like I said).
  5. JackietheStripper

    Decades World Tour 2018

    It's no secret that a pregnancy can change or really mess up a singer's voice so I'm not surprised that she sounds a bit different.
  6. JackietheStripper

    Vehicle Of Spirit

    FedEx kept their promise to me, it's here!
  7. JackietheStripper

    Vehicle Of Spirit

    Received an e-mail earlier today that my order has been picked up by FedEx and that it's supposed to be delivered by 6 pm tomorrow... let's see what happens (Finland isn't far from Norway but I still feel that it's a bit optimistic).
  8. JackietheStripper

    Vehicle Of Spirit

    I asked Mad Supply when my order is going to be shipped, they said it would ship this week so it "should arrive on the 16th"... well, it's almost Thursday and still not shipped. I feel stressed.
  9. JackietheStripper

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    I got my Wembley-ticket in May (also via e-mail), is it normal that everybody doesn't get their tickets at the same time? Edit: Well, it would be if you ordered your tickets after me of course... *tired*
  10. JackietheStripper

    Anette Olzon

    I wasn't trying to be critical/nasty or make fun of her, I was just trying to give an honest opinion on one part of her professional life since she isn't singing these days, I was not "looking" for something to ridicule her for - people have done that to me all my life. I was trying to move on from my mistake and discuss her music but some people here seems to think that it's ok to still make me feel bad so I'm just gonna crawl back under my rock. I was trying to be social for once.. and people wonder why I have avoidant personality disorder. Don't worry, I will never say another thing.
  11. JackietheStripper

    tell us about your avatar

    It's me... not because I think I look pretty or anything, it's actually a part of my own mission to accept the way I look. + I'm holding the EFMB earbook so I thought it would fit with this forum.
  12. JackietheStripper

    Anette Olzon

    I agree, she has a voice that's a nice contrast to someone with Marco's voice for example... but I imagine that people would "forget" about her if she disappears to do other things, but I don't have any experience with the music industry so I don't know how that works.
  13. JackietheStripper

    My turn.

    Yes, you are correct about my ID! *applause* I wouldn't be surprised if there were strippers on this forum, people need food on their table.. but I doubt they would put it in their ID (not that I think it's something to be ashamed about). =)
  14. JackietheStripper

    Anette Olzon

    I actually liked her solo album, I've listened to it many times. I would look forward to her next album but it doesn't seem like that's her priority at the moment?
  15. JackietheStripper

    Anette Olzon

    No need to be rude, I'm new here and I thought that since she's going to make money out of it it counted as a part of her profession.. she wouldn't be selling them if she wasn't known as the "ex-singer from Nightwish". Sorry that I ruined your day but at least you got a chance to feel superior.