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    Xmas dinner/baked potatoe/beans
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    Not sure
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    Enjoy today cos you dont know what tommorow will bring
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    Nothing interesting
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    Not having any wine haha


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    Wembley will be my first
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    Playing EFMB for the first time
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    My hoodies
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    GLS Live
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    Showtime Storytime
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    Queen Hammer To Fall
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    Neil Peart
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    Freddie Mercury
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    Brian May
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    Geddy Lee
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    Rush The Garden
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    Queen 82,84,86
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    Rush Clockwork Angels
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    Mainstream pop


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    James Cagney
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    Peter Jackson
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    Doctor Who
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    Patrick Rothfuss
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    The Name of the Wind/The Wise Mans Fear
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  1. Wewerehere

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I absolutely LOVE Elan😀😁
  2. Wewerehere

    Decades World Tour 2018

  3. Wewerehere

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Do we think the Manchester Arena will sell out?It's a huge venue 20,500.
  4. Wewerehere

    Vehicle of Spirit

    Out of curiosity has anyone compared the quality of the standard DVD with the Blu-ray.If so is there any noticeable difference?
  5. Wewerehere

    Vehicle of Spirit

    Don't forget the GOAT long song, Beauty of the Beast. Nice one,what about a set where they play all the long songs(has any band ever done that?).
  6. Wewerehere

    Vehicle of Spirit

    Yeah, the setlist is fantastic. Not only the songs, but the order they are played. First you have a bunch of these lighter songs (Storytime, Walden, Ever Dream, Elan) and then these epics (7 Days, Poet, GLS, Greatest Show). Kind of an appetizers before the main course-gig. And it works really well. And Troy's e-bow during TGSOE-intro is fantastic. Can you imagine if they'd slipped Song of Myself in there to lol!!
  7. Wewerehere

    Vehicle of Spirit

    Well Wembley was a year ago today,I was there with my son (his first proper concert),so proud he was with me that night to see something so memorable.We watched the show again on Saturday at 9 pm (year to the day,not date)with my wife.We were at the back at Wembley so to see it properly was great, with a different perspective.So many wonderful memories preserved forever.Very happy.
  8. Wewerehere

    Vehicle Of Spirit

    Mine arrived today from Amazon at 5.15 pm.Nice packaging on the Earbook.Surprised at how big it is!
  9. Wewerehere

    Vehicle Of Spirit

    Mine was dispatched today.
  10. Wewerehere

    Vehicle Of Spirit

    For the record I think the result of Wembley setlist vs Tampere was a draw 5-5.Everybody's happy lol.
  11. Wewerehere

    Vehicle Of Spirit

    Y You would have thought the pics should have been from Wembley lol.
  12. Wewerehere

    Vehicle Of Spirit

    Dunno if any of you have seen Queen Live at Milton Keynes on DVD,but there is an extraordinary moment during Brian May's solo when his guitar lead connection falls out leaving the stadium in silence.My point being that mistakes happen to even the biggest supergroups,its all part of the live experience.
  13. Wewerehere

    Vehicle Of Spirit

    Latest score then. Wembley 4 Tampere 4
  14. Wewerehere

    Vehicle Of Spirit

    Purely for fun to keep us ticking over to the release date, here's a question. Wembley vs Tampere? Which is your fave setlist and why? Let's see which one wins by Dec 16th I pick Wembley for two reasons WYLASR and TPATP.
  15. Wewerehere

    Vehicle Of Spirit

    Does anyone have any serious idea's as to why the release date keeps getting pushed back.By my memory it's gone from Nov 4th to 25th then Dec 9th to 16th.There has to be a genuine reason for this!