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    apple pie, lasagna, pizza, my mom's vegetable soup with meat and noodles, potatoes in any way (except cooked), meat, etc.
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    lions & dogs
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    Capuccino, chocolate, milk, water
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    home sweet home
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    hell no!
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    Do to others what you want them to do to you.
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    I had a turtle & fish.
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    Thankfully, I do not have any.


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    thanks to my bro
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    listening their discography properly for the first time
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    FantasMic, BOTB, GLS, TPATP, SOM, TGSOE, DCOW, Stargazers, Sleeping Sun, Wanderlust, Ocean Soul and whole bunch of others
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    Angels Fall First, Oceanborn, Sleeping Sun - 4 Ballads Of Eclipse, Amaranth, The Islander, Eraaman vimeinen, Storytime
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    Sleeping Sun (1999 version), The Islander, Élan
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    Creek Mary's Blood

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    Too many videos to mention
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    Joacim Cans, Hansi Kürsch, Yannis Papadopoulos, Dan Vasc, Michael Sweet, Tommy Johansson, Matt Smith, Tarja Turunen, Floor Jansen, Sharon den Adel, Lzzy Hale, Simone Simons, Anneke van Giersbergen, Dianne van Giersbergen, Liv Kristine, Elize Ryd, Clementine Delauney, Minniva
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    Oscar Dronjak, Jon Schaffer, Emppu, Anton Kabanen, Ola Englund, Jani Liimatainen, Quentin Cornet, Victor The Guitar Nerd, Michael Sweet, Tommy Johansson
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    Marco, Tobi
  • Favourite Pianist/Keyboard Player
    Tuomas, Dean Kopri, Oliver Palotai
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    Too many songs to mention
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    Still haven't been at any concert, so the best one is yet to come
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    Too many albums to mention
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    Tuomas, Tobi, Anton Kabanen
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    Nightwish, Hammerfall, Anathema, Beast In Black, Insomnium, Evergrey, Brothers Of Metal
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    pop, dance, R&B, rap, hiphop, house, techno, etc.


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    Peter Jackson
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    Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Passion of the Christ
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    Castle, NCIS, Arrow, The Person of the Interest
  • Favourite Movie Soundtrack
    Lord of the Rings
  • Favourite Author
    J. R. R. Tolkien, G. R. R. Martin, Stieg Larsson, Kathy Riechs, Nicci French, Glenn Cooper
  • Favourite Book(s)
    The Bible, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarilion, The Hobbit

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  1. MeadowsOfHeaven

    Lacuna Coil

    Angela Gossow, former Arch Enemy's singer
  2. MeadowsOfHeaven

    The Floor thread

    Not that I'm suprised You go, girl!
  3. MeadowsOfHeaven

    Anette Olzon (2º part)

    Couple thoughts: - good song, better than previous one - is that the same warehouse where they recorded all their official videos - again? - Jani is a cool dude, just having fun - Anette reminds me in her look of Tarja, especially that coat/dress; reminds me on Tarja's famous banana dress, even tho this one is gold, not yellow + nice to see Anette's headbanging - that lightning is a bit annoying Curious to hear the rest of the album
  4. MeadowsOfHeaven

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    It sounds and looks badass Definetly impressed. I like how both Floor and Marco are playing their characters so convincingly Can this be released like, now?
  5. MeadowsOfHeaven

    Leaves' Eyes

    Erm, nope. Elina sounds like a bad Dianne van Giersbergen copy, Alex again growls the title and song is bland. So yeah, not sure I'll listen this EP when it comes out.
  6. MeadowsOfHeaven

    Nightwish World Tour 2020

    ^ The most important question
  7. MeadowsOfHeaven

    Nightwish World Tour 2020

    They also did a double show in Amsterdam during EFMB tour, if I'm not mistaken I don't doubt this will also be sold out in speed of light, so Floor will have a nice warm welcome in her home country again. Twice
  8. MeadowsOfHeaven

    Coming in just in time for the new album hype

    Be heartlessly welcome
  9. MeadowsOfHeaven

    Anette Olzon (2º part)

    I'm not impressed with this one. Somehow, it sounds similar to previous single, it's more-of-the-same-feeling. Not terrible, but not great, either. I'd say somewhere in the middle. First one is better, imo.
  10. MeadowsOfHeaven

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    IIRC, Six Characters In Search Of An Author is a play by Luigi Pirandello
  11. MeadowsOfHeaven

    The Floor thread

    This woman
  12. MeadowsOfHeaven

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Troy's boots
  13. MeadowsOfHeaven

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Happy campers
  14. MeadowsOfHeaven


    Typical Sabaton single with catchy as hell chorus I'm not complaining
  15. MeadowsOfHeaven

    Within Temptation II

    I gave it a shot and... I don't know what to think. For me, it misses a certain factor X, you know, when you listen the album and then at some point it 'clicks' with you. Resist and I didn't 'clicked' and I doubt we will. It has some beautiful lyrics, but not even beautiful lyrics can save a song with not-so-good (at best) music, sometimes. I listened it and my interest slowly faded. I just couldn't concentrate and couldn't simply get "in" the album. The only song I really liked is Firelight (what an irony, eh? The song that was written originally for My Indigo is the song I like the most) and to some extent I liked Raise Your Banner and The Reckoning. The rest, let's just say I'm not impressed. I just kept listening and wondered: when this will end? Song after song I've had a deja vu feeling, it's like the same song was repeated over and over with some variations here and there. It's an album I listened two times and that's it. It's not an album I'd listen over and over again. As a whole, imo, it's simply doesn't work and isn't cohesive. I just don't feel connection between songs. I'm so sorry, actually. A big dissapointment. Hydra was one of my favorite albums in 2014 but this one is like 'okay, I listened it, let's move on - on something else'.