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    I had a turtle & fish.
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    Thankfully, I do not have any.


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    thanks to my bro
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    TGSOE, GLS, TPATP, IWMTB, DCOW, Sleeping Sun
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    GLS, TPATP, DCoW, Stargazers, Sleeping Sun and whole bunch of others!
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    Oceanborn, Amaranth, The Islander
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    The Islander, Sleeping Sun (1999 version), Élan
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    Sh/St, VoS
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    Creek Mary's Blood

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    Joacim Cans, Hansi Kürsch, Yannis Papadopoulos, Floor, Sharon, Lzzy, Simone, Anneke, Dianne, Liv
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    Oscar Dronjak, Jon Schaffer, Emppu, Anton Kabanen
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    Marco, Tobi
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    Tuomas, Dean Kopri
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    Stratovarius - If The Story Is Over, Within Temptation - Jillian, Blind Guardian - The Bards Song, Lake of Tears - So Fell Autumn Rain, Sonata Arctica - My Selene,
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    Hammerfall - all, Avantasia - Ghostlights, Sabaton - all, Stratovarius - Polaris, Elysium, Nemesis & Eternal, Evergrey - Hymns For The Broken & The Atlantic, Beast In Black - Berserker & From Hell With Love
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    Tuomas, Tobi, Anton Kabanen
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    Nightwish, Within Temptation, Stratovarius, Hammerfall, Rhapsody of Fire, Blind Guardian, Eluveitie, Sonata Arctica, Anathema, Avantasia
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    pop, dance, R&B, rap, hiphop, house, techno, etc.


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    Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Passion of the Christ
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    Castle, NCIS, Arrow, The Person of the Interest
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    Lord of the Rings
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    J. R. R. Tolkien, G. R. R. Martin, Stieg Larsson, Kathy Riechs, Nicci French, Glenn Cooper
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    The Bible, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarilion, The Hobbit

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  1. MeadowsOfHeaven

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Happy campers
  2. MeadowsOfHeaven


    Typical Sabaton single with catchy as hell chorus I'm not complaining
  3. MeadowsOfHeaven

    Within Temptation II

    I gave it a shot and... I don't know what to think. For me, it misses a certain factor X, you know, when you listen the album and then at some point it 'clicks' with you. Resist and I didn't 'clicked' and I doubt we will. It has some beautiful lyrics, but not even beautiful lyrics can save a song with not-so-good (at best) music, sometimes. I listened it and my interest slowly faded. I just couldn't concentrate and couldn't simply get "in" the album. The only song I really liked is Firelight (what an irony, eh? The song that was written originally for My Indigo is the song I like the most) and to some extent I liked Raise Your Banner and The Reckoning. The rest, let's just say I'm not impressed. I just kept listening and wondered: when this will end? Song after song I've had a deja vu feeling, it's like the same song was repeated over and over with some variations here and there. It's an album I listened two times and that's it. It's not an album I'd listen over and over again. As a whole, imo, it's simply doesn't work and isn't cohesive. I just don't feel connection between songs. I'm so sorry, actually. A big dissapointment. Hydra was one of my favorite albums in 2014 but this one is like 'okay, I listened it, let's move on - on something else'.
  4. MeadowsOfHeaven


    A little blond guy from small country quietly came and won all individual prizes in one year as a first man who achieved that (including a prize he won today - Ballon D'Or). That guy led its small country to the greatest sport sucess since its independence in 1992, as a captain and true leader - reaching the final of the football World Cup and becoming runners up. That guy helped one of the biggest clubs to won 3 CL in a row (4 overall) as one the most important wheels behind it. You won't see him as a "star" of covers of yellow press. He speaks where he needs - on the pitch. He's just like a guy next door, shy and calm, with a beautiful wife and children, living quiet and happy family life. That guy went to hell and back to become who he is now and to be where he is now. Ladies and gentlemen, one and only, the greatest Croatian football player ever and one of the best players in the world... Luka Modric. Dear captain, from the bottom of my heart, congratulations on Ballon D'Or (and every single prize you won). You deserved it! And thank you!
  5. MeadowsOfHeaven


    Wow What a beautiful cover's like cover of some childhood book of fairytales Title and tracklist sound...magical Can't wait!
  6. MeadowsOfHeaven

    Within Temptation

    Honestly, in this photo, Sharon reminds me on Xena, from Xena: Warrior Princess, for some reason
  7. MeadowsOfHeaven

    Within Temptation

    I just heard it for the first time and I quite like it It has recognizable WT vibe while sounding new and fresh. For the first single, I'm satisified. Excited to hear next single
  8. MeadowsOfHeaven


    Hardest defeat in history for CroatiaBetter now than in Euro quali or at the Euro In other news, Charles to Ferrari, Kimi to Sauber. Charles deserved this, I'm really happy that one young man is able to fulfill his dream. Imo, a driver who'll make tifosi proud and become a world champion. His time is coming! Kimi made a full circle and returned in team where he started his F1 adventure. From Sauber to Sauber. Beware, the last samurai of an era is still marching!
  9. MeadowsOfHeaven


    Sometimes I just want to sit down, lay back, enjoy and have fun w/ simple and catchy rock. With this song, what I wanted - I've got. And now - repeat!
  10. MeadowsOfHeaven


    @hunebedbouwer, yeah, it's confirmed. You're ancient. Fernando is a guy you either like or you don't. Yeah, I know he's a hard character to deal with, but still. He's talented, if he wasn't he wouldn't be able to drive that half dead machine called McLaren and even take points with it and he wouldn't be able to be 2x world champion. A master. I like him, I admit. Tbh, as much as I love Kimi, I think the next season is his last one in F1, I mean he'll be 40 next year. And I doubt that he would accept to go from Ferrari to McLaren, I mean, really? McLaren? From better to worse? I don't think so. I think the big loser will be Sainz. Not Renault (Hulk+Dani), not RB (racing next to Verstappen, how yes no), not Toro Rosso. And I was right - he'll drive for McLaren in 2019. I don't know, he won't have much fun there. And the biggest loser will be Perez, thanks to daddy Stroll. My prediction: Mercedes - Hamilton/Bottas Ferrari - Vettel/Kimi RB - Verstappen/Gasly Renault - Hulkenberg/Ricciardo Haas - The Ballerina (I mean Grosjean)/Magnussen Stroll India - Ocon/Stroll () Sauber - Ericsson/Leclerc McLaren - Vandoorne/Sainz Wiliams - Sirotkin (Russian money, after all)/Kubica? (I'd love to see him race again) Toro Rosso - ?/Hartley So yeah, it'll be fun season.
  11. MeadowsOfHeaven


    And the 3rd guy retires from Croatian football international team. Who's next?! Thank you, Carli, Mandzo & Suba for everything you gave to Croatia! Thank you so much! Also, the almighty 'Nando announced he's leaving F1 at the end of this season, which means - Kimi will be the last samurai of the old era and the truly last man standing (pun itended). No more Fisichella, Barichello, Trulli, Button, Massa, Webber, Montoya, Heitfeld, Coulthard, Glock, the Schumacher bros, Kovalainen, Rosberg... Soon no more Fernando. I feel old.
  12. MeadowsOfHeaven


    Today was pretty sucessful day for our sport. U-18 basketball team in the first game on Euro beated Latvia. Beach handball men team beated Hungary in the semis of the World Cup and will play against Brazil in the final. We'll try to defend the title since we're actual world champions. Waterpolo team - "Barracudas" beated Italy in the match for bronze at the Euro. It's our first medal at the Euros since 2010 when we won gold. Ivan Santini, our football player, scored a hat-trick in his official debut for Anderlecht against his former club Kortrijk where he played from 2013 until 2016 (edit: 5th of August - another hat-trick; this time against Oostende) Keep 'em coming
  13. MeadowsOfHeaven


    What can I say? Even though I'm sad that we lost, I'm proud on these boys. The heart, the spirit and the unity they showed - it's rare to see that these days. Thank you, my dear Vatreni, thank you so much. For all happiness and joy, for everything. You've written history of croatian sport and you'll stay forever written with silver letters in our history. Now they won't speak about the generation of '98 but about the generation of '18. And if anybody deserved to got Golden Ball, that is Luka Modric. Thank you, our captain. Thank you. In the end... The silver is (cro)ing home
  14. MeadowsOfHeaven


    20 years ago we beated the Dutchies for the bronze medal. Today we beated Englishmen for the first final of the World Cup in our history! So - it's coming home? Yeah, right
  15. MeadowsOfHeaven


    After 20 years. After Turkey 2008. After Portugal 2016. After penalties for the second time on this tournament (we simply can't play without drama, heh ). And - finally! We are in the semi-finals. I'm so happy and so proud on these boys! They have character, heart and big... something. Now, England. Watch out - Croats are coming!