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  1. There are songs in this tour that were not played from 99, 97, 2003.... but the setlist does not contains song(s) that are never played, so i would like to add something really new, like Crownless for example
  2. If you read this, all fans that disagree's with Carpenter are not your fans. Don't listen to them.
  3. Where are the reputation points?
  4. Elvenpath sounds amazing, and yeah @Nightwalker, Tuomas enjoying is amazing NYC
  5. They are not 70 either
  6. Anthony Serafino from New York. Check his channel too.
  7. classic retard punk.
  8. That was a fast response. Tuomas read my posts thoughts
  9. Am I the only one who gets chills when The Carpenter live starts? Whoooooo areee youuuuuuuuuuuu...
  10. You said MEH for Pharaoh? You got to be crazy dudes. My biggest complaints for this tour so far: Tuomas low volume keyboards. I don't know its Tuomas or Tero TeeCee, but his keyboards aren't audible. We have bland parts in most songs because of that. (See the solo and haprichord part in Carpenter, Devil keyboard solo, etc etc. It's some sort of tradition, every other tour he has worse inaudible keyboards. Do you hear something? Their appereance of the stage. Floor is awesome, but the dudes are so.. stiff. They play totally emotionless. (Look at Emppu). I miss Hate Me (Hitchcock) note at Slaying the Dreamer screaming part. Edit: Floor fails hard
  11. Why not Tapio?
  12. Welcome back MARCO! \m/ Marco was bored??? Marco was old??? Tell them how to headbang dude!
  13. Sorry for saying this so much , but it's (only) down-tuned (i guess with software). Not re-recorded.
  14. So, the second show started! Are we hawking for new videos this night?