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  1. GreatEye

    Ask Tuomas [OPEN]

    Your biggest frustration at the past was going solo of the band members. Should we (the fans of NW) be worried about your Auri solo thing, and wasting your inspiration on that thing?
  2. GreatEye

    Ask Marco [OPEN]

    1. As a vaper myself, I want to ask you how long do you use the E-cig? Do you build your coils or simply buy it? What is your favorite e-juice? I see you smoking cigarettes too, so do you combine them or trying to quit them for good? 2. How do you make decision to grow your beard even longer? Is it a keeper or just a little change? 3. Whats the thing that frustrates you the most on tour? 4. Tell me your 5 bad habits? 5. Do you have a bucket list? 6. Where are your ear rings? 7. Do you have any songs or plans (ideas) to compose for the upcoming NW album? 8. Was it strange to sing with Tarja after all these years? 9. Are you an atheist? 10. How do you know if some good riff pop-out? Do you represent your work to someone firstly (to your kids maybe), or you just know that it is good? 11. What is your biggest fear(s)? 12. What do you think about the flat earth movement? 13. Is it easy to step in Tapio shoes and sing 'Devil' and 10th Man Down? 14. How do you 'nourish' your voice through all these years? 15. How do you comment the 'attacks' you (as a band) received for the so-called self-plagiarism for EFMB album? 16. Can you cook? If so, what’s your favorite dish to make? 17. Compare this Nightwish and Nightwish before 15 years ago and tell us what do you miss, and what do you enjoy more now. 18. Do you think that it is time to make more heavy and more technical album? 19. Have you ever placed a bet on your hair and beard? 20. Let's say that you cannot perform with backing tapes one night. Would you cancel the show or you will continue playing raw like the old days?
  3. GreatEye

    Ask Troy [OPEN]

    1. Let me do some quote from youtube video about your openly secular thing: Whats your opinion about these kind of comments? You are accused very often that you washed Tuomas' brain, that you made him be vegetarian/vegan, you made him to be atheist, you turned him against being metal, and such things. Does these kind of comments hurt you maybe? 2. Do you mind that your previous band Iona broke up? 3. Did any member of the band (or crew) tried to play your Uilleann pipes? 4. Did you really need to confront the whole metal community by writing on your FB page that the metalheads should stand aside of AURI while advertising that exact same album on the main FN fanpage of Nightwish which consists mainly of those exact same metalheads? 5. Do you like to growl like Tapio Wilska? 6. Do you think that the album AURI is being little forced? 7. Why you don't play the flute/recorder part in The Carpenter C-part of the song? 8. What happened with “Bongo, Bongo, Hey! Hey!” song? 9. Let's say that you get time machine to go back. What would you change in your life? 10. Why you never did a stage diving? I think you promised it once. 11. Last time you said that you voted YES for Brexit. What if you need a visa for playing in Europe with NW in the future and you don't get it for some reason? 12. Is there a thing that you and Tuomas don't аgree? 13. Do you still have any dreams/desires you want to achieve?
  4. GreatEye

    Ask Emppu [OPEN]

    1. Are you an atheist? 2. Why you started to look rusty and scooped on stage? 3. Why you stopped headbanging like maniac? Especially dual headbanging with Marco like the old times? 4. Why you don't use different tuned guitars on stage? Why you need to lower down the old songs? Don't you think that lowering down the songs is a sin? 5. What's the most stressful thing on long tour for you? 6. Do you have any plans or ideas for writing a song(s) for the upcoming NW album? I really miss your songs, and I think that Floor deserves it. 7. Have you ever been so drunk on stage, so much that you can not perform? 8. How can you cope to be father and going on hectic tours? 9. Why you never did a stage diving? 10. Were you terrified by the idea for Troy catching the second guitar? As I remember, you said that Nightwish don't need а second guitarist? 11. Do you still think that a good song starts with a guitar solo and has at least 2 more solos? 12. Have you ever broken a guitar on purpose? 13. Do you know how to play harp? 14. What do you listen when home alone? Any bands to recommend? 15. Have you ever wanted to pee in the middle of a gig?
  5. GreatEye

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Here it is Waaah I am so exited about Tapio His voice is not from this world.
  6. GreatEye

    The Tuomas thread

    Better sound without a cut.
  7. GreatEye

    Decades World Tour 2018

    They should play Nightwish - Nightwish song for the live DVD recording. If not, would be funny.
  8. GreatEye

    Ask Tuomas [OPEN]

    1. Is it possible that you fulfilled all your dreams with Nightwish, and now all the thing gets boring to you, and maybe that was the reason about your writings block? 2. You was afraid to meet your musical idol Hanz Zimmer. Are you afraid that if the fans get to know you personally, they will ruin the whole picture about you? 3. What happened with the strings quartet thing? I think that you announced it before Decades tour? 4. You said many times that you don't listen music too much, or at all. Why is that? 5. Do you have tinnitus from playing so long and loud? 6. At the past, you put eyeliner, you had very unique outfit, ear rings, even dreadlocks. Why you don't care about your stage appearance anymore? 7. Have you entered the church after you became atheist? 8. Do you think that sadness, melancholy and pain gives better songs than feeling happy and content? 9. Why you never played Out Decades In The Sun live? You said that will happen sometime? 10. Last time when you contested in this 'Ask Nightwish' thing, you recommended Black Mirror. It was truly awesome to watch those series. Do you have any new one to recommend? 11. Ever think to play Keytar and do stage walk with it? 12. What is the reason to make an orchestral arrangements for the old songs on this tour? You don't feel confident enough or to have a bigger sound? 13. Would you accept and record a song with NW if some random composer or man offers to you (In case that you like it very much)? 14. Do you have professional care for your hair? 15. Did you ever give a thought about playing Phantom of The opera, Bye Bye Beautiful again? Or adding Master Passion Greed? 16. What will you do for a living if Nightwish stops? 17. Whats your biggest thing that you don't like on tour? What annoys you? 18. Do you want/like to be a father? 19. You saved many lives with your music. Is that burden to you, makes you responsible for that and maybe continue making music if you even don't want? 20. Have you ever placed a bet on your hair and beard? 21. If there is no more inspiration left in you, would you continue the band with other members help or you will quit? 22. Have you ever ended relationships with people or gotten into a massive conflict because of your atheism? 23. Aren't you afraid that maybe you are wrong about your beliefs in evolution theory? What if you are wrong? What if is just a theory? What if there is a creator, a God? 24. You are working on the new album at the moment, yesterday at fan question in Kitee you said that there will be 10 or 11 songs, and no one in the band heard any of the new material. How do you know the amount of new songs, or there is no chance for Emppu or Marco to insert some songs? 25. Many fans would say that Troy 'washed your brain' about your views of life. What's your comment about it? 26. On the first albums, you found an inspiration in Christianity, God, Christ etc. Now you find inspiration in evolution, atheism. Isn't that two-faced hypocrisy? 27. What happened with your short stories book project? 28. Speaking about the new upcoming album, can we expect some kind of new chapter in your music? Or maybe in live experience, playing with orchestra etc?
  9. GreatEye

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I think that they will record in various shows in Finland. Not one show. But thats just my opinion. Its a shame that they didn't rehearse Pharaoh.
  10. GreatEye

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Oh my god
  11. GreatEye

    The Tuomas thread

    Tuomas with fans today, Kitee, Nightwish days, organised by Plamen Dimov, their music teacher. Good times! *He announce live dvd from decades tour.
  12. GreatEye

    Decades World Tour 2018

    2nite is Joensuu show, Ilosaarirock festival. First Finland show this year, right? Can we expect some surprises, tonight, eh? Some Tapio maybe?
  13. GreatEye

    The Old Era

    Some rare fruit for Finnish audience.. can someone do some basic translations? They were so compatible and happy. And yeah, listen the snare sound of the first video xD and after that great times, we have this gloomy faces from late 2005:
  14. GreatEye

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Tapio + strings quartet?
  15. GreatEye

    Decades World Tour 2018

    After her daughter, singing isn't her first priority i would say. Debacle. p.s: at least her headbanging is still good, as opposed to the rusty necks of the other members of the band.