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  1. OMG! I can hear the upper keyboard octave from Kinslayer intro! WOW! That hasn't happen since 2000! Progress!
  2. I am definitely buying it, looks enough cheesy for me
  3. Nightwish goes live in 1 hour! Jukka is there, everyone are ready, i am so excited about the setlist and the stage
  4. I will answer you @Moving Pictures . Shuder Before The Beautiful: -In this song we have the intro from Storytime, modified. Or Master Passion Greed modified. (your choice). Then we have Dark Chest Of Wonders chorus, modulated. Then we have ultra nonsense repetition till finally the end. Weak Fantasy: -My favorite musically. No complaints except funny C part. Elan: -Intro and bassline from Nemo, I call it Nemo 2.0, written with Anette voice in mind. Boring. Yours Is An Empty Hope: -Let's see... We have Dark Chest Of Wonders orchestral hit.. okaay - nice, we have the guitar riff from Dark Chest Of Wonders just a lil bit modified, okaay, than we have a nice verse, and ultra boring chorus. Nice song for me. Our Decades: -The intro is 'stolen' from some song from Tuomas Duck album, but don't know from which song (the kids' choir). The song sounds utterly bland as someone said. My Walden: -I Want My Tears Back 2.0 with some funny chorus that a rock or metal band must be brave to afford it. Endless Forms Most Beautiful - Ultra boring and uninspired riff, I remember Marco once said that this song will probably replace the cult status of WiHaA. Funny, isn't it? Edema Ruh: -What to say.. Alpenglow: - I don't know, but it is miracle to me why Tuomas just write in the same scale with the recycled song. I mean, how can you rip off Ever Dream intro, and do that on the same scale? The eyes of sharbat gula: I am wondering why Tuomas keeps writing this kind of songs, repetition to death + stolen kids choir from some song from Duck album once again. (I am sleepy enough to find it atm) - The greatest show on earth 1/3 from the song = Sleepwalker riff repetition, the second part = not so brilliant, the third part = spoken words. Nothing magnificent as Tuomas want to represent it. At the past, Nightwish used old riffs. Let's say Kinslayer and Devil. We have the same intro's, but somehow, they made it look fresh. EFMB don't sounds fresh, even with fresh Floor vocals. This album is not inspired enough... how to say... even sounds like Tuomas was pushed to do something just to make an album if you know what I mean? Even in the middle (end) of the tour, we had some suspicious statements from Marco that all the band should continue writing the songs if Tuomas cannot anymore, that all band should contribute or something like that. And really I hope so, it's time for them to go on full brainstorming (including Emppu, Marco, even Floor and Jukka), and make the perfect album next year. Tuomas said that all heaven broke loose so... I would believe him. Even I asked him and he answered this: (Ask Nightwish) His last sentence is quite funny, , but anyway, I am ready for the next album.
  5. Maybe some free live versions, like wacken 2008 or the pro shows from that tour.
  6. Just imagine, let's say some male singer goes to the stage and sings this sexist song but like: 'I am not your toy, you stupid girl'
  7. Let me just add a quote: No swearing words outside the Speaker's Corner. -Damián.
  8. Maybe, i am not familiar. Than Tuomas approach isn't good, at least in emfb.
  9. He can write about everything he wants, but science isn't a topic that withstand with poetic approach
  10. Some words and thoughts for the US Decades Tour from me so far: - Excellent song choice. Devil song and Gethsemane are my favorite songs from Nightwish. I was mad at them at the start because they lowered the key for them, but, yeah, we must face the truth that the band is being lazy from 2001. I hope that they are hiding songs for European Tour, i hope for the White Night Fantasy, Pharaoh, Fantasmic, For The Heart Once Had, Crownless, Away, Phantom of The Opera.. - They shouldn't play songs like amaranth, wihaa, ever dream 2.0 (alpenglow ) etc. Overplayed songs should stay away for this tour. - Deep Silent Complete is the worse song from the Wishmaster album. It's nice to hear it live once again, but, there are better underrated songs for this tour. - I am glad that they are enjoying once again, especially Tuomas. I hope that Emppu will enjoy more in the European Tour. -Its time to announce the rest of the shows for Europe. - It's time for Jukka to have a come back. I truly think that he would come back. Kai is awesome, he is a beast drum machine but isn't Nightwish. Really hope that after this tour Jukka will take the drum crown once again.
  11. Nice videos everywhere on youtube It's awesome to see that Tuomas headbanging is back.
  12. Floor would smash him easily. And it's a wine not beer
  13. Can you find and send me the Sahara intro source?
  14. How Tuomas (Emppu?) didn't got sued because of this?