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    The first dance with my husband at our wedding was While Your Lips Are Still Red.
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    Ghost Love Score / Storytime / Song of Myself
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    Elias Viljanen
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    Marco :D
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    Tuomas ...
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    I guess something from Sonata Arctica or Xandria, can't decide.
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    In Extremo back in 2006
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    Life And Times of Scrooge :)
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    Xandria, Sonata Arctica, Amy Macdonald, Within Temptation, Enya, Mortal Love, Northern Kings


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    Simon Pegg / Benedict Cumberbatch / Tom Hiddleston / Scarlet Johansson / Julianne Moore
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    Peter Jackson!
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    Lord of the Rings, Hobbit triology, Hot Fuzz, Avengers, Hero aso
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    Lord of the Rings, Spirited Away, Hero aso
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    J.R.R. Tolkien
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    Books from Tolkien, Harry Potter series, Flavia de Luce series from Alan Bradley aso
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  1. Wohoo, many good news! Congrats, Slayed Dreamer! I hope for you (and also for us :D) that there will be an English version.
  2. Ah, ten years ago, wow. I started studying and met my husband. These things will forever be connected with DDP. At the same time, DDP helped me to get some anger handled over a stupid ex boyfirned. Yes.^^' However, it is a album of huge differences for me. Some - in my mind - very strong songs: TPATP, BBB (yes, I absolutely love it, now come and throw your stones ^^), Master Passion Greed (same goes here), Sahara, 7 Days to The Wolves and Meadows of Heaven. I used to love The Islander, I just think, I grew tired of it. Same goes with Last of The Wilds. But DDP also has weak fillers, I always skip: Cadence of Her Last Breath, Whoever Brings The Night, For The Heart I Once had. Yet is also has two songs I deeply dislike: Amaranth and Eva. I swear, I love Nightwish. I grew to many songs I didn't like at first and love now (i.e. Deep Silent Complete or Oceansoul), but these two drive me crazy and I cannot say why. So many songs to skip for me, but I love how DDP started my head going around and gave me loads of inspiration. I still enjoy many songs and it was a pleasant surprise to hear Floor singing TPATP at Wembley.
  3. Hm, that is maybe true somehow. After listening to Nightwish for 15 years, I don't consider myself a newish fan. I absolutely adored all their singers, I was lucky enough to see them all live. My husband just grew upon Nightwish after DDP, he also totally adores EFMB, especially the title track.^^ Maybe it is easier for those, who discovered the earlier albums after Once and DDP, to cope with the changes a band always goes through. I for example started listening to Within Tempation quite early and I don't like their new stuff too much. I understand the wish for something like the old stuff. But I also can live with the fact, that a band is in a constant shape of change with their music. Thank you, I absolute agree with you. And I also absolutely adore the lyrics of Elan. It is a huge YES to life and after going through dark periods from time to time, it gives me a lot of happiness. I would rather have 10 Elans instead of one Amaranth and one Eva. But of course, that is personal taste. Sharbat Gula doesn't seem to be much liked either. However, I also think, it is extraordinary. I love the melancholic sound.
  4. I have the feeling to read more and more negative things about EFMB in this forum and I don't get it. :/ I don't get the hate against Elan especially. To me it is a very beautiful song and whenever I hear it - in the radio or via mp3 - it makes me feel very, very happy. Almost the same counts for the title track. I really like it but I think I am the only one.
  5. Ich fand Manuelas Statement richtig gut. Für mich hat es kein schlechtes Licht auf die Band sondern auf das ganze Business geworfen. Sie hat nicht versucht, jemandem Bestimmtes einen schwarzen Peter zuzuschieben, sondern hat einfach mal geäußert, wie es für sie selbst gewesen ist, ganz unabhängig von den Jungs. Das fand ich gut. Lisas Statement war hoch emotional und nicht hilfreich, das ist wohl wahr. Aber auch sie hat geschrieben, dass die Jungs selber unter dem Druck gelitten haben und ihrer Gesundheit gschadet haben dem Business "zuliebe". Aber ja, alles in allem hat es wohl eher Öl ins Feuer gegossen, gleichzeitig aber gezeigt, dass Diannes Vorwürfe nicht aus der Luft gegriffen waren.
  6. Totally agree with you. I think after it took some time for them to comment, it turned out rather weak.
  7. Joa, es hat gedauert und dann kommt so ein schwaches Statement raus.
  8. Naja, ganz ehrlich, was wusste denn Aeva zu dem Zeitpunkt, als sie als Ersatz angefragt wurde? Da war Dianne ja noch gar nicht ausgestiegen und hat sich öffentlich dazu geäußert. Ich glaube auch kaum, dass die Band bzw. das Management zu Aeva geht und sagt: "Kannst du Dianne ersetzen, die hat gesundheitliche Probleme bekommen aufgrund der harten Tourbedingungen." Drei von fünf Sängerinnen sagen, die Bedingungen in der Band sind schlecht. Jetzt mal gänzlich ausgelassen, wer dafür verantwortlich ist - ich denke, die Günde sind mannigfaltig -, hoffe ich einfach für Aeva und alle Sängerinnen, die folgen mögen (oder Sänger), dass sie nicht so enden wie Dianne oder Manuela.
  9. Dianne leaving Xandria makes me very sad. Whenever I listened to the last album, I wondered, how awesome will this band become? I love every single tune of it and I wondered if we would get more awesome albums like this. However, Diannes allegations are very harsh and reading that she suffers uncontrollable stress symptoms made me really worry since I know them by myself - this is stuff you don't want your worst enemy to have. I feel sad Dianne left the band, I thought she was the perfect match. But when it comes to health, there is nothing to put in top of that. I hope for Dianne that she will recover and find her own way - I am sure she will. I would love to hear more music from her and I think, I will finally check out Ex Libris. I hope that she will return to the stage and we will have more of her wonderful voice. When it comes to Xandria, I don't know. I am always up for giving someone a chance - in this case a new singer, whoever this may be. But to be honest, I don't know if I want to hear this band anymore. On the one hand there is Dianne making serious claims (I mean, playback, really?) and on the other hand there are always two sides of a story. I really would like to hear the version of the band but I somehow doubt that we will get one, just for them to not put any more fuel into this. Reading Manuela's and Lisa's statements, it becomes clear, this is no black and white story - as it is so often. And it would be far to easy to put the finger on the guys of this band, who suffered themselves (as Lisa made clear). All this stuff just gives us another hint of how live in music business is and I am somehow glad I am just in the audience watching.
  10. Awesome, even if I doubt I will ever get to see that.
  11. Oh, I am really excited and curious what this will be like. Scrooge was amazing and I don't have any bad feelings about it and EFMB as others in here. I absolutely can live with a non-NW album by Tuomas and wait for another NW album if the non-NW is going to be as great as Scrooge was.
  12. I really hope noone throws cigarettes at Floor, not only for the sake of the cockroaches. ^^
  13. I thought a dinosaur. I hope this one will be translated, I'd love to read this. *trying hard not to hyperventilate*
  14. Xandria würde ich auch so gerne sehen, aber noch gibt es keinen Termin bei uns in der Nähe. Haben gestern Sonata Arctica gesehen, Thunderstruck war die zweite Vorband. Kannte ich vorher nicht, hat mir aber gut gefallen, haben richtig gute Stimmung gemacht. Sonata selbst waren in richtig guter Spiellaune und Tony war viel besser drauf als beim letzten Mal vor ein paar Jahren. Hat viel Spaß gemacht, Publikum war richtig gut drauf und die Setlist war schön abgemischt. Aber ein Lied wurde gespielt, das hab ich noch nie gehört, obwohl ich dachte, dass ich alles kenne von Sonata.^^
  15. Wonderful news! Congrats to Floor and Hannes. Most exciting times ahead! All the best for this small family! ... This little one doesn't know how many people have been waiting for her arrival.