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    cats (lynx esp.)
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    Use your talents. There would be an awkward silence in the woods if only the most talented birds would sing.
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    a cat
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    a cousin showed me NW back in 2003
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    The first dance with my husband at our wedding was While Your Lips Are Still Red.
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    Ghost Love Score
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    Ghost Love Score / Storytime / Song of Myself
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    All of them
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    Eva / Amaranth

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    Muse - Knights of Cydonia
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    Floor Jansen, Tony Kakko, Marco Hietala, Dianne van Giersbergen
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    Elias Viljanen
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    Marco :D
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    Tuomas ...
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    I guess something from Sonata Arctica or Xandria, can't decide.
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    In Extremo back in 2006
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    Life And Times of Scrooge :)
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    Xandria, Sonata Arctica, Amy Macdonald, Within Temptation, Enya, Mortal Love, Northern Kings


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    Simon Pegg / Benedict Cumberbatch / Tom Hiddleston / Scarlet Johansson / Julianne Moore
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    Peter Jackson!
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    Lord of the Rings, Hobbit triology, Hot Fuzz, Avengers, Hero aso
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    The Walking Dead, Sherlock, Shameless, Downton Abbey, The Legend of Aang, Family Guy, American Dad
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    Lord of the Rings, Spirited Away, Hero aso
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    J.R.R. Tolkien
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    Books from Tolkien, Harry Potter series, Flavia de Luce series from Alan Bradley aso
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  1. I hope, I am not too late. Congratulations, Suomi! On to the next amazing 100 years (at least).
  2. I know what will be under the christmas tree - Leipzig, here we come once again!
  3. Yay! Looking forward to the book and your layout.
  4. Yes, you've got a point there. Thanks.
  5. But Tarja wants to move back to Europe, as I heard. So not the end of Nightwish but the comeback of Wishmaster, Part II.
  6. Yes, thank you. Cristermo, a mother to be in some weeks - however, I am a daughter who absolutely loves her parents so that is no argument for me. Floor did not sing this song as a mother either but as a daughter. As I said, I cannot put my finger on it why it fails me.
  7. Same with me here. Totally love the idea and I understand it is an important song for the band, also how much everyone put into this song. But it just simply doesn't transfer the feelings to me and I cannot put my finger on it, why.
  8. Yay, congrats to the Van Dahls!
  9. As I mentioned, I must have missed that one since I am not on Facebook. However, do you think she should cancel her work with Ex Libris though they have nothing to do with her problems? I don't think so and it does not make me suspicious. I don't think, Dianne left because of a broken ego. You got me wrong here, Ex Libris does not recover. They mentioned that Dianne needs to recover before they can start heavy working. So they are totally aware of the situation. That was what I meant.
  10. I wonder if this is an official fan shirt since the Nightwish logo is not in the correct font. I somehow think, this is a shirt from a black market and somehow selfmade. So maybe this is the reason you cannot find it. Btw. the picture is a little bit disturbing.^^
  11. I see it that way: Dianne is neither angry with Aeva being her substitude nor is she angry at the fact that Aeva takes over. She is angry with the way the whole situation was handled - the main fact being her health problems and the ignorance of these and the lack of any improvement of the situation. As far as I understood from Dianne's statement, Aeva was ment to take over for some shows but Dianne felt that the band or the management or whoever was not interested in changing anything in order to make it less stressful for their singer.In the end, Dianne would come back, somehow recovered and it would start all over again. So I come to the conclusion, that it has nothing to do with Aeva. What announcement do you refer to? I am not on Facebook, the only statement I see from Dianne regarding Ex Libris is from October 23rd on Instagram. So maybe you have more information than I do. However, Dianne keeps repeating that she needs to recover first (imo a sign that she really has serious health problems) and so does Ex Libris. So that does not clash in any way but as I said, maybe I lack information here.
  12. Putting it that way is not quite the whole story, don't you think?
  13. I think I am about to become totally addicted to this song.
  14. Ah, actually no news for me but thanks.
  15. Wow, awesome! Thanks for sharing the video. Totally love the end with Hunting High An Low and Wish I Had An Angel. Of course the rest is awesome, too. I'd love to see them doing another album but I wonder if we will get another one. Does anyone know what JP is up to lately?