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    a cousin showed me NW back in 2003
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    The first dance with my husband at our wedding was While Your Lips Are Still Red.
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    Ghost Love Score
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    Ghost Love Score / Storytime / Song of Myself
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    Elias Viljanen
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    Marco :D
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    Tuomas ...
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    I guess something from Sonata Arctica or Xandria, can't decide.
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    In Extremo back in 2006
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    Life And Times of Scrooge :)
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    Xandria, Sonata Arctica, Amy Macdonald, Within Temptation, Enya, Mortal Love, Northern Kings


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    Simon Pegg / Benedict Cumberbatch / Tom Hiddleston / Scarlet Johansson / Julianne Moore
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    Peter Jackson!
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    Lord of the Rings, Hobbit triology, Hot Fuzz, Avengers, Hero aso
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    Lord of the Rings, Spirited Away, Hero aso
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    J.R.R. Tolkien
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    Books from Tolkien, Harry Potter series, Flavia de Luce series from Alan Bradley aso
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  1. Oh, I am really excited and curious what this will be like. Scrooge was amazing and I don't have any bad feelings about it and EFMB as others in here. I absolutely can live with a non-NW album by Tuomas and wait for another NW album if the non-NW is going to be as great as Scrooge was.
  2. I really hope noone throws cigarettes at Floor, not only for the sake of the cockroaches. ^^
  3. I thought a dinosaur. I hope this one will be translated, I'd love to read this. *trying hard not to hyperventilate*
  4. Xandria würde ich auch so gerne sehen, aber noch gibt es keinen Termin bei uns in der Nähe. Haben gestern Sonata Arctica gesehen, Thunderstruck war die zweite Vorband. Kannte ich vorher nicht, hat mir aber gut gefallen, haben richtig gute Stimmung gemacht. Sonata selbst waren in richtig guter Spiellaune und Tony war viel besser drauf als beim letzten Mal vor ein paar Jahren. Hat viel Spaß gemacht, Publikum war richtig gut drauf und die Setlist war schön abgemischt. Aber ein Lied wurde gespielt, das hab ich noch nie gehört, obwohl ich dachte, dass ich alles kenne von Sonata.^^
  5. Wonderful news! Congrats to Floor and Hannes. Most exciting times ahead! All the best for this small family! ... This little one doesn't know how many people have been waiting for her arrival.
  6. Gosh, me too! I just hope they are fine. We will know sooner or later anyway.
  7. Happy Birthday, Floor! The next year will be amazing for you! I wish you all the best.
  8. If you want to get the story behind Theater of Dimensions, have a look into the booklet. The story is written down there.
  9. I am fully addicted to the new album and cannot get anough of it.^^ I saw that as well and I like it also. She did a great job. Amen to the rest you wrote. To me, Dianne is one of the best and in general, I think the band made another step into a direction I really like.
  10. I got it on relaese day on Friday and I am still "exploring" it. However, after a few spins I can say I absolutely love it! To be honest, it is not as diverse as I expected it to be but nonetheless it's great and I see a huge progression. I am just listening to Song of Sorrow and Woe which reminds me of a Wishmaster's era Nightwish. I am not too fond of the Shanty-Rock-likish Ceilí and Ship of Doom, but the latter one seems more a fun song to me so it gives me a smile somehow. Death To The Holy reminds a lot of the band Rhapsody of Fire.^^ I already mentioned that I don't listen to Epica so I have no clue about any similarities here. I don't think similarities are bad. We all are influenced by something and even Xandria doesn't need to invent the wheel again. The title song ToD is just freaking great! I cannot get enough of the duel between Henning and Dianne. Dianne of course sounds great and even better than before. I also enjoy the not so much opera-stylish parts she sings with a warm clear voice or in a sharp way like in When The Walls Came Down or in Queen Of Hearts Reborn. My favourites so far are Where the Heart Is Home, Forsaken Love (they always make a great no. 3 song on each album xD), We Are Murderers, Dark Night Of The Soul, When The Walls Came Down, Song Of Sorrow And Woe, and Theater of Dimensions. The eastern part in Burn Me is really good, I agree with Imagineer. I hope that I will have a chance to catch these amazing songs live at some point. I also got the accoustic versions which are all fine and solid. However, I wished they would have chosen more diverse songs, for example Call Of Destiny and Valentine get an awesome new style. The other songs sound good too (esp. Dark Night Of the Soul) but they are quite calm already so the transformation is not too big.
  11. I am not sure if you are serious. But I don't think at all that they sold their soul. Changing style is not bad for a band. I often saw how awesome bands changed their style to the worse. They became softener in order to get a broader fan base. With Xandria, it is the other way around to me.^^ I cannot stand the old stuff.
  12. Awesome video! Gives me a huge grin. Very nice song too. Now that we have We Are Murderers and Call Of Destiny, I am really curious what else they have for us. ^_^ Hehe, I think you have a point there. I don't listen to Epica, so I am not able to see any similarities to this band. However, the album NW reminded me a lot of Nightwish with Tarja and I have to admit, this was the reason I started listening to Xandria. Now, they have their own style and with Dianne someone who is on a high professional level. They do their own thing and I just have to love them.
  13. Hab mir die Wembleyshow schon angeschaut und bin gerade bei Tampere. Ich liebe die positive Stimmung in der Band und die Spielfreude. Das hab ich schon damals beim Konzert bemerkt. Super, dass es auch auf den DVDs so gut rüberkommt. Nach den veröffentlichten Clips auf Youtube war ich total skeptisch, aber das hat sich jetzt gelegt, der Sound ist viel besser. Ich bin echt sehr glücklich mit den DVDs. Die Setlist bei Wembley gefällt mir besser, da sind einfach nur Lieder dabei, die mir wirklich gefallen. Wie jemand im englischsprachigen Forum schrieb: Es ist eine gute Zeit, Nightwish-Fan zu sein. Das kann ich nur so bestätigen. Edit: Ich hab grade die Version von Last Ride of The Day mit Tony gesehen.*_* Was ein Brett. Hammergeil.
  14. Got VoS as a christmas present and watched Wembley. Absolutely blown away. There are minor things I don't like but that does not do to much to the experience in general. I love the vibe of this show. It shows the same joy and energy I felt when I visited the show in Leipzig. I am very very happy about this. Lets see what the other shows will bring.
  15. Happy Birthday, Tuomas, and kiitos for all. Take care and all good wishes to you.