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    Kari Bremnes - "Skrik"
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    Atrox - "Terrestrials"
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    Atrox (with Monika Edvardsen), Madder Mortem, Stolen Babies


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  1. Qntal - Nachtblume
  2. Since Metallica's biggest commercial success does absolutely nothing for me, I replace their "Black Album" at no. 8 by the album which got me into (Thrash) Metal way back in 1984, namely Metallica's "Ride the Lightning". I'd say that with the exception of "Escape" and "Trapped Under Ice", I'd rate all the songs 10/10 (or at least 9,5/10). I think that way back then, I listened to this album at least once each day for more than a year. I love(d) the overall sound, the aggression in songs like "Fight Fire With Fire" (the first Metallica song I ever heard) and "Creeping Death" and Kirk's guitar solos. Nowadays, it's the only Metallica album I still listen to every once in a while.
  3. Finally a new song by Midnattsol from their upcoming album "The Aftermath", even though it is "only" a traditional Swedish ballad and not a newly written song: I like the arrangement, though I think it's a bit too long and I'd say that as far as the overall atmosphere is concerned, I still like Garmarna's version with Emma Härdelin's rawer/less "polished" vocals a bit better. I'm curious what the other new songs will sound like and I'm pleased to see that - at least judging by their titles - four of them will have Norwegian lyrics.
  4. I'm a bit surprised to see that we're still at the beginning of March and some people have already used up about half of their possibilities to make changes. However, it's time to go for Nightwish's "Crownless" at no. 3 which I replace by Kari Bremnes - "Skrik" This time it's the studio version which sounds a bit different from the live version I posted earlier in this thread, but which I like about as much, not only, but also because of the great guitar-work.
  5. Sacrilege - Within the Prophecy (reissue) Sacrilege - Turn Back Trilobite (reissue)
  6. Just for clarification: Do we get the 15 possibilities in addition to the changes we have made so far or do the latter already count as part of the 15 possibilities?
  7. My favourite Helloween song from their debut EP (and one of my four overall favourite Helloween songs): Solos from 3:51 to 4:50 and 5:10 until close to the end. I especially like the tapping twin solo-part starting at 5:22.
  8. Nothing against Anneke, but as far as this song is concerned, I definitely prefer this version:
  9. I replace Blind Guardian's "And Then There Was Silence" at no. 2 by Helloween's "Ride The Sky". For me, "And Then There Was Silence" is a good example that "long" doesn't automatically mean "good". There were a few decent parts here and there, but most of the time I got the feeling that this song is just dragging on. At first I thought about replacing it by Helloween's "Halloween" which is about as long, but which I find far more enjoyable, but then I chose "Ride The Sky", one of my four overall favourite songs by Helloween. I love the pure energy of this song, the raw guitar sound (bordering on Thrash Metal) and the great guitar solos.
  10. On CD or vinyl? And which Amazon are we talking about? I've just checked Amazon in Germany and there are a few offers, but the prices are insane - I wasn't aware this album is out of print. In addition to the original vinyl version, I bought a limited Digipak-CD-version about 10 years ago, a reissue featuring three demo-songs as bonus-tracks. It's this one. There's also a jewel-case version of this reissue. There are different versions (vinyl, CD, cassette, new and used) available on discogs, but I've never bought anything there. At least the prices there seem more reasonable than those on Amazon in Germany. (I mean, who is actually going to pay 480 Euros for a new copy of the limited edition or about 112 Euros for a used one? The current prices on amazon.com for a CD-copy are even more insane, ranging from 185 to 775 US-$!)
  11. No. 93 Solitude Aeturnus - Into the Depths of Sorrow One of my favourite Doom Metal albums and also my favourite by this band. Powerful vocals and the great guitar solos make this album even more enjoyable for me. I also like the faster parts in some of the songs, e.g. the one from 2:20 to 4:20 in one of my two favourite songs, "White Ship".
  12. It brings back childhood memories. Abba were my favourite band way back then and "The Visitors" was their third album I owned (after its predecessor and some compilation album). I haven't listened to any of their albums for decades, possibly also due to a change in musical tastes. It's not that I couldn't stand listening to their music anymore, but there's simply too much other stuff I like far more. It seems our musical tastes are completely opposite - OK, maybe not completely, unless you should start posting German Volksmusik or Schlager -, because your opinion on "Epitaph" nearly corresponds with my opinion on the song you replaced it with, though I do at least find the middle part enjoyable. However, instead of simply reversing your replacement, I'll put Fates Warning's "Epitaph" at no. 1 replacing Status Quo's "Down, down" (nomen est omen). I wouldn't say I really dislike Status Quo, but their music doesn't do anything for me. Mainstream Rock'n'Roll which doesn't hurt anyone.
  13. No. 82 Détente - Recognize No Authority One of my overall favourie Thrash Metal albums featuring one of my overall favourite metal vocalists, Dawn Crosby (R.I.P.). She managed perfectly to express feelings like anger, pain and desperation with her vocals and sounded absolutely genuine. The the "screaming" guitar-solos, especially on songs like "Holy War", "Blood I Bleed" and "Vultures in the Sky", emphasize these feelings. I also appreciate that in her lyrics, Dawn usually took the side/perspective of the victims - of war, violence and (sexual) abuse (also on Fear of God's "Within the Veil" which I might introduce somewhere in the future). I wish there were more albums like this. The one which comes closest as regards the female vocals and overall sound is probably Sacrilege's "Behind the Realms of Madness" (and to a lesser extent Znowhite's "Act of God").
  14. No. 73 Tactile Gemma - Tactile Gemma A one-off project featuring Monika Edvardsen (Ex-Atrox) and her older sister Ann-Mari Edvardsen (Ex-The 3rd And The Mortal) on vocals (though the latter only appears on a few songs), whereas Rune Sørgård (Atrox) was responsible for the music and instruments.A mostly electronic album, on which I like especially the - often unusual - vocal lines, the weird and/or surrealistic lyrics (all written by Monika, except for "Blackberry Jam", whose lyrics were written by Ann-Mari who also does most of the lead vocals on this song). The lyrics of "Creepy-crawlies" would fit perfectly with a small funny animation-clip featuring the little story told in this song.
  15. No, I'm 100% German. But as you might have realized by now, many of my overall favourite bands/singers are Norwegian, and I've been learning Norwegian at an adult education centre for 6 1/2 years now. (I had already taught myself some basic knowledge about Norwegian in the wake of Kari Rueslåtten's official debut album "Spindelsinn" in 1997, because I wanted to know what the Norwegian lyrics were about, just as I did when I discovered Kari Bremnes two years later. It was a lot of work, but definitely worth it.)