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  1. Stefan2k4

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Probably watching some video of a homeless guys flailing his arms about in an open field, with a wild demented look in his eyes while what sounds like elevator music plays in the background. I think she does a good job of picking excellent people to work with and I would say she has a very good band. However, it's a moot point. Tarja is Tarja, not Tarja and her band. As good as they may be, and I honestly think they are much better than her former group of supporting musicians, She is the star of the show and the one her fans show up to see. This is what defines the difference between a solo act and a band. Who is it that the fans are coming to see? Alex, Max, Kevin, Doug, Cristian, Julian, and Mike, have been great and have contributed greatly, but at the end of the day, it's Tarja we want to see. Why? Because she's got "it". What is "it"? It's the ability to captivate an audience and to communicate and make them feel the emotion as if it were their own. Anybody remember the youtube video from a few years back where she was talking about the upcoming show to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her first Christmas concert? In it she talks about how she will be wearing the very same dress? Her face lights up and like a giddy school girl she says "It still fits!". That's what we are talking about here. It"s not just her fantastic voice nor her vocal skills as great as they may be. It's not her looks or her "boobs" as Baki mentions. It's not just her classy sense of style. It's not even that she was the face and voice that defined a whole new genre of metal music. It's the fact that she can make you feel her emotion by communicating it so purely and effectively. In that example, whether you could care less or not about her dress and the fact it still fits, in that instance you can feel the moment of pure joy she felt when she discover the dress still fit. Having the ability to communicate feeling and emotion that effectively is a special and rare talent and it can be a very powerful skill. Anyway, that's why Tarja is Tarja and not just a band fronted by her. There are a lot of different talents. Some people can write good music and some people can play good music, but for that music to touch the soul, someone must bring it to life and give it feeling and emotional power. Otherwise, it's just notes on sheet music or just sound. Some people have the ability to do that in ways most cannot and it's not just a technical skill. It's an art! Of course there's a down side to this as well. Sometimes, if the people you work with aren't really secure, their egos can be bruised by the fact you upstage them. However, I think nowadays she works with musicians who are secure enough this won't be a problem the way it may have been some years ago. Anyway, I look forward to Act II. I think it will be great as was Act I.
  2. Stefan2k4

    Anette Olzon

    What I interpret Anette's comments to mean in that interview, is that she's talking about being a well balanced person and having a life outside of music, or perhaps more specifically the music business. And I would say that both her and Tarja have done that quite well. They seem to have a happy well balanced life apart from their careers. I mean we don't hear of either of them having break downs or battling addictions as some in the industry sometimes do. I think that's because they realize life is bigger than themselves and that there are other things in life, like love, family, and happiness that are important outside their career. Fame and fortune are things that are always fickle and fleeting and at the end of it all what really counts in life? I think at the end being true to yourself and your philosophy of life amounts to more than trying to maintain an artificial image and hold onto the every dimming spotlight of fame. I think this is the reason Anette doesn't care about being politically correct in everything she says or does, or in who she likes or unlikes on social media. And the part about communication is extremely important as well and ties in with being true to yourself. Communication is a huge part of people working together. It's important that communication be good and that it be honest. I'd much rather work with someone who's honest with me than one who's politically correct and only says what they think I want to hear. In the real world, like Anette is talking about here, the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil mentality only results in communication breakdowns that lead to bigger problems that grow and grow until they eventually become in a bubble of positive feedback only works until the bubble bursts and they always do eventually.
  3. Stefan2k4

    Anette Olzon

    The more I hear from Anette, the more I'm convinced she's a very intelligent and level headed woman.
  4. Stefan2k4

    The NW Songs Commentary

    I think the meaning of "Bless the child" is pretty simple really. It's just the same thing repeated over and over again in many complex metaphors. It's the same old story of constantly lamenting the fact that the real world forces us to grow up, become an adult, and "lose our innocence" Innocence is really nothing more than blissful ignorance. As a child, our so called, "Innocence"is just naivety and ignorance of the realities of life. Realities that we may not yet be mature enough to face, accept, or embrace when we are children, like the fact that nothing last forever, even our own self. And that the world is a big place full of both positives and negatives and doesn't revolve around us. Growing up means accepting this and embracing life for what it is. Some people accept growing up, even embrace it and value the knowledge and maturity it brings. Others fight it tooth and nail and wish to remain naive and blissfully ignorant. I think this song, just like many other of Tuomas' songs reflect the later point of view. This isn't to say that I don't like the song. In fact, I do, but the message behind the lyrics isn't the high point for me.
  5. Stefan2k4


    I think Otis will be proud and loop it in all their elevators worldwide. Nah, Troy's just your typical yes-man. The only "higher power" he has is the ability to recognize Tuomas weakness, his ego, and pander to it, no different than others, like John Allen Hill, have done in the past. I thought his bride roamed the earth disguised as a band leader/keyboard player who dresses as a Johnny Depp/ Captain Jack Sparrow lookalike? Then again, I never read the book of Troy and am just one of those heathens who will be cast in the lake of fire for not believing that Tuomas' Bleep don't stink.
  6. Stefan2k4


    Perhaps it's true that "internet, social media, fans and all other little folks" should not dictate what an artist does. However, you have to remember Tuomas has a dual role. He's not just an artist. He's also the leader, at least that's the way it is in Nightiwish. I assume he's the leader here as well. And while it's true that a leader shouldn't necessarily be too swayed by things like this, there's also a danger to insulating oneself from reality by surrounding oneself with layers of yes men and fanboys. The danger is you start to live in your own bubble of positive feedback and become detached from reality. For an artist occasionally detaching oneself from reality may be a good thing as it sometimes fuels the creative process, but for a leader becoming too detached from reality can often result in a bad end. @Cristermo Of course an artist doesn't owe any of those things (songs, albums, concerts) to their fans. But what about honesty? If Tuomas is tired of Nightwish and would rather pursue this folk music idea instead, of course he should do exactly that. When I say the question is does an artist owe anything to those fans, this is what I'm referring to. If Tuomas is done and lost inspiration for producing metal music, why keep stringing along fans with false hope. Then there's also the issue of the other band members and what you owe them as their leader. If i recall Floor disbanded her band, Revamp, specifically so she could focus on Nightwish. Now Nightwish is releasing Old/new albums and doing golden oldies tours while Tuomas has all these big plans for his new "entity" Auri. I think this is kinda what GreatEye may be referring to. It seems kinda unfair to them. Yes, they had side projects but they always gave first priority to Nightwish. Neither do I! That's what this project, or rather "entity" is obviously for. However, if this is what Tuomas wants to pursue now and is perhaps what he originally intended Nightwish to be but was driven in a different direction, how does that bode for the future of Nightwish and Tuomas' desire to devote his best creative energy toward it? @Ahasverus Maybe Troy did first suggest the idea, but did he perhaps know that it would appeal to Tuomas. That's the thing about Troy, he does a really great job of kissing up to Tuomas and playing to his ego. To do that effectively, he must be able to read Tuomas somewhat and know what Tuomas wants to hear. Most people know Nightwish started as a Folk music project between 2 guys and a lady. And even in the early songs you can hear some folk music influences. So, was it really rocket science for Troy to imagine that this idea would appeal to Tuomas? I think not. Anyway, I don't think you're paranoid at all. I just think you got a few things backward. Obviously, it's not Auri that they are going to make their money off of. Keeping Nightwish going and continuing to milk it for all it's worth with old/new albums made from old recordings and golden oldies tours is. And Tuomas gets to pursue his original dream of a folk music band and this time his partners in the project, his wife and his biggest yes man won't rock the boat or rather "rock' the folk music project. What does Troy get? He gets to gain favor and influence from Tuomas. Something else to think about is that if I recall correctly in one of these videos it was mentioned that the idea for Auri began as early as 2011. That's interesting. When was it that Troy was officially made a member of Nightwish? Was it after this? Maybe that was part of his reward. @Baki That's one interpretation. However, I still think mine makes more sense. I mean, we don't see any cornered animals in the video do we? Nor do we see the homeless man cowering in a corner like a cornered animal. I think he's just a homeless guy suffering withdrawal symptoms. After all artist typically write about what they know and what does Tuomas know about modern dance? So, I guess they aren't going to let us hear any other samples of their others songs, just keep releasing videos telling us how this is an 'entity" and how it came to be? That says to me the remainder of the songs are probably no more inspired than this one.
  7. Stefan2k4


    So, if anyone dares to question or disagree with anything Tuomas says or does, That means they get labelled a "hater"? You see, that's kinda what we're talking about here. Bleep don't stink or as GreatEye put it a "double standard'. It's funny because in the Tarja and Anette threads they can be criticized for all sorts of things totally unrelated to their music, like Taxes or who they liked or unliked on instragram or facebook, but how dare anyone be even the slightest bit critical of Tuomas new folk music project. Anyway, I was, a long time ago, a big fan of the original Nightwish. So, clearly I don't hate everything Tuomas has done as some of you accuse. When I heard of this project, I was genuinely curious, particularly because of the parallels between this and how the original Nightwish started out as a "folk music project". So, I was willing to at least listen to it. Needless to say, I wasn't impressed and not because it's not Nightwish 2.0 but because it really seems unexceptional. Anyway, this, I think, is what happens when an artist becomes thoroughly convinced that their fan base will accept whatever bones they throw to them and blindly defend anything they do. I guess the question is does an artist owe anything at all to their fans, the people who supported them from the very beginning, bought their albums, and made them rich and successful or can they just say to heck with all you little people because my Bleep don't stink. I think, perhaps, what GreatEye may be alluding to here, is the fact that the hiatus was presented to the fans as being primarily for Floor and her pregnancy. That may have never been specifically stated but I think many felt it was implied. Anyway, hearing the things Troy and Tuomas said in that interview, it seems that was not entirely the case and Tuomas wasn't just being very generous and sympathetic to Floor and her desire to become a mother but instead had ulterior motives of his own. Obviously, It's his band and he can do as he wishes, but clearly he doesn't always share his true motives with the fans and instead allows them to believe things that may not be entirely true to suit his own purpose.
  8. Stefan2k4


    Interesting point there GreatEye, but you forget his bleep don't stink! See my earlier response to Planet Terror. Anyway, according to Troy in that interview, an artist must ignore the internet and social media and all the little folks like us who express opinions there. So, I guess Tuomas just doesn't care any more as long as the people like Troy he's surrounded himself with keep telling him everything he does or says is always perfect and wonderful. If you listen to everything Troy says in interviews and such, he's always praising, defending, and kissing up to Tuomas. This, I think, explains why Tuomas seems to show him so much favor nowadays. It seems to me this is Tuomas greatest weakness, he seems to blindly trust those who play to his ego and those who don't just get left out of the loop.
  9. Stefan2k4


    So, providing an example is way off base? My point is simply that over doing it in a video can make it pretentious. The purpose of comparing the Bless the child video to the Download festival Nemo video is to illustrate the point by showing the difference. The connection to the topic at hand here is that I feel the homeless guys dancing and overacting in this video does the same, it's overdone. And I actually complimented them on the Download festival video and said they all looked good in it and that it would have made an excellent video. I don't understand how that's hate? I understand they are musicians and not actors, which is why I said in my previous post that a simple video of a band performing is better than them trying to act. Sure, I used NW as example, but there are many other bands that have done the same. The point of using NW as an example is that everyone here is bound to be familiar with them and has probably watched both videos. I wasn't talking about NW videos in generally, only about the specific examples and how they relate to this Auri video. That's also the point in including the Peter, Paul, and Mary video. in that video they come across as true and genuine because they are simply doing what they do best and letting the performance speak for itself. They don't try to overact, be artsy, of be more than they are. The result is a work that comes across more sincere. Anyway, I think I've made my point and will be done with this particular line of the discussion. As for my grammatical errors, that some dude so kindly pointed out, I apologize for that. Guess i shouldn't be typing a comment and watching sports at the same time.
  10. Stefan2k4


    Simplicity is not always a bad thing. Music, especially folk music, need not be complex to be good. Nor do lyrics need to be cryptic to be captivating. All that's necessary is they touch the soul in a profound way. I realize you're talking about the video here, but the same principal applies. What makes art good or bad has nothing to do with being complex or simple. Some of the greatest folk music of all time is not overly complex and some of the greatest lyrics are relatively simplistic. Here is an example of great folk music performed by two guys and a lady. This isn't really a music video because back then music videos weren't popular since it was long before the advent of MTV, but it could have been and in my opinion would have been much more compelling than some homeless guy, or hermit, out in a field trying to act "artsy". Why? because it's real and genuine. When art become pretentious, it loses it's effectiveness. IMO, a simple video of a band performing it's music can be a great video as long as they keep it real and don't try to "act". When they do try to act they often over act and wind up looking ridiculous. For example, in my opinion, this would have made as good a video for Nemo if not better than the actual video. In this video, everyone looks good, even Tuomas who actual smiles which is odd for someone who supposedly felt like a "cornered animal" all during this time. Anyway, they all look and perform well because they are genuine and not playing to the camera. Contrast this to the Bless the child video. Here, they over do it and over act, especially Tuomas who looks like he's having a grand mal seizure rather than playing his keyboard and Marco who looks like he's dancing on his tip toes all throughout the video. If it looks ridiculous and pretentious live, it's going to do the same in a video. They should learn not to try to over act or to try to appear "artsy", rather just keep it real and genuine the same way they did when they performed live. I don't think that has anything to do with Johanna appearing, or not appearing, in this video. If that kind of speculation exists, it's entirely a product of the band's history and their choice to exploit drama at their former vocalist expense. Drama comes at a price and the fact that it's hard to bury in your past is part of that price. Loss of credibility is another part of the price. Anyway, Johanna not appearing in the video for this side project doesn't change any of that.
  11. Stefan2k4

    Great LIVE songs

    How about the late great Freedie Mercury rocking you at warp speed?
  12. Stefan2k4

    Anette Olzon

    Come on now. You guys know Anette is right. If you shaved his facial hair, put him in a skirt with some high heels or pumps, and made sure he wore opaque stockings or shaved his legs, he'd get hit on by a few guys in a bar, especially if the lighting was dim and they were a bit drunk. . Seriously though, I think it's pretty obvious that Anette is simply trying to be nice and pay him a compliment at a moment that perhaps she thought he might feel a bit awkward due to the awkward questions the interviewer is asking. She just messed up the wording a bit in a way that made it sound different than what she intended. I don't think she's questioning his masculinity the way some of you seem to think. I think she's simply trying to help him through those awkward moments.
  13. Stefan2k4


    But a hermit isn't necessarily homeless and therefore might not be sleeping outside in the cold. Shh! You're asking too many complicated questions. You're supposed to fall in line and say how wonderful and perfect the video is. it's like this Febreze super bowl commercial I saw last night, only replace the name "Dave" with "Tuomas" and imagine Tuomas face on Dave. Yes, this is exactly what I meant. I assumed it would be obvious to everyone else as well. And there are interesting parallels between this project Auri and the original founding of Nightwish. Two guys and a lady coming together to do a "folk music project". Where have we heard that story before? Yes, I understand that perfectly. But, Tuomas must phrase in a way that makes it sound Cryptic. In fact, I think the event that likely inspired the entire song was the John and Lorena Bobbit incident. Lorena claimed that John came home late drunk and smelling of another woman's perfume. She claimed he wanted to have sex with her but she refused and later he forced her. Obviously Tuomas took liberties with the storyline and omitted the forced sex, but the line " Deeper shall be the wound between your legs" is pretty obvious. Also this happened in 1993, and the publicity and trials unfolded over the next couple of years. That would have made the timing about right for Tuomas to have taken inspiration from it for this song,
  14. Stefan2k4


    Hilarious comments for a hilarious video. So, homeless people in Finland commonly engage in modern dance? Maybe that's a cultural difference, but in the States, I've never seen a homeless person spending their time performing modern dance. The guy in the video obviously appears homeless, because he's dirty, unshaven, and his clothes are tattered and torn. The fact that he's sleeping out in a field in cold weather is a hint here also. Anyway, I find the credulity of a homeless person being a performer of modern dance questionable at best. Most of the ones I've seen either have alcohol problems or mental health issues and the few who don't have these issues spend most of their time and efforts just trying to survive by keeping warm and obtaining food. They typical don't have the time nor motivation to contemplate high art. Appreciation of "modern art" in general is typically a luxury that the less fortunate in life aren't afforded. In fact it's often just an excuse for the upper class "elite", or self perceived elite to feel superior and look down their noses of those who "don't get it" and who are typically middle or lower class.. I find the same to be true of overly cryptic lyrics. I understand that lyrics are often intended to be thought provoking and open to interpretation such that everyone can find their own meaning. However, it's clear to me that some "artist" like to carry this too far and write overly cryptic nonsense and gibberish just to stroke their own ego and give themselves a sense of self superiority. That's how you get nonsense like "the scent of a woman was not my own". I think there must be a balance and some intellectual honesty on the part of the artist as well. After all, art is a form of communication and if an artist becomes so overly cryptic that no reasonably intelligent person can make sense of his work, he's failed to communicate anything except that he's a pompous egotistical artist. @Symphonhiker I think you're probably right. Thank God for Tarja and Emppu and for the fact that Tuomas didn't know Troy back then. Otherwise the golden era of Nightwish might never have been.
  15. Stefan2k4


    To me, the video looks like an old alcoholic suffering withdrawal symptoms or "DT's" ( delirium tremens). In the beginning of the video the guys looks like a homeless man living out in the country side, perhaps because he has had a chronic alcohol problem. He wakes up from having slept perhaps a day or more and starts looking around and wandering around dazed and confused. That's some of the symptoms already. He looks fatigued and at 1:00 minute into the video he's kinda clutching his hand as if he might have experienced a tremor in it. He then experiences restlessness and starts to flail his arms around. Throughout the video the changes in his facial expressions suggest quick mood changes and possible Hallucinations. Anyway, you can see he experience all the symptoms. Read the list of symptoms above and watch the video again. You'll see this explanation could indeed fit. Props to Tuomas for taking on such a serious subject and one that potentially hits very close to home for many. However, I think the problem is that with the quality of the song and video being so poor, few will take it seriously. Maybe, but that's not saying a whole lot is it?