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  1. Indeed, Act I, in it's entirety is great and the old theater is a perfect setting. I think we hear inspiration from "Jaws" in that song. Anyway, If I had to pick a song that symbolized her, I guess it would have to be Underneath. Underneath, because I think she's proven that she's strong and that she has something inside that's unbreakable. I think having been through what she's been through and having reinvented herself and rebuilt her career as a solo artist and never losing faith in herself shows that while some may have perceived her as the fragile little flower she has great strength underneath her outward appearance. Of course there are many other good songs from Act I as well like Anteroom of death, which is the perfect opener, Crimson deep, and of course Phantom of the Opera with Diego Valdez, who is truly a worthy phantom. And Tarja still performs the wonderfully and hits the high notes at the end despite being very much pregnant with Naomi. That's impressive! With Act II set to be released this year, I eagerly await. Everdream from the lowlands concert in 2005 was better than the End of an Era performance. The End of an Era performances weren't the best because both her and Marco were said to be quite ill with the flu. Marco even had some problems at the very end of his High Hopes Pink Floyd cover. Still, they both did a great job all things considered. End of an Era was still a well produced DVD, I guess, but it would have been much better had it been shot in true HD or on film so that the blu-ray could have been actual HD quality rather than SD upconverted to HD. That might be true if you became a fan some years later like in 2008. However, you're forgetting that fans back then were forced to be aware of "happenings behind the curtain" Immediately after the show ended and before the DVD was even produced by those who wanted to draw the fans into their disagreements and use them as pawns against the other side. So, in essence those who were fans back then already faced a backdrop of drama before we could even get the DVD.
  2. So, you agree a duet with Tarja and Anette would not be hypocritical? That's great. Now, what do you think of my idea of a Tarja/Anette Siren medley with Kevin's male vocals and Max on Cello? Of course, it's hypothetical and will probably never happen, by not hypocritical.
  3. I never said it would happen, someone else suggested it, seeing that their schedules overlapped at some festival. Anyway, if it did happen, I think it would be interesting. Tarja has performed with lots of other artist. I see no reason it couldn't at least be a possibility. In the Making of Paradise video, if I'm not mistaken they mentioned that before filming that video, she and Sharon had only met through Skype. As for publicity, what's wrong with it? of course this is a business and making money is part of any business. That includes publicity. Publicity is one thing. Hypocrisy is another. Publicity, by itself isn't hypocritical. Writing a poison pen letter publicly condemning another for greed, then proceeding to commercialize yourself as much as possible, is hypocritical. So, is signing your name to such a letter, then commercializing yourself in every way. As far as I know neither Tarja or Anette has ever written or signed such a letter. So, no hypocrisy there. Also publicity done in a way that benefit all involved is very different that publicity done at one persons expense. Anyway, a duet between Tarja and Anette would offer more than just publicity. It would be something new and different, not just a nostalgia throw back. Whether it will ever happen, I have no idea, but if it did, I would find it interesting. The past is gone. The present and the future have more to offer. I don't know because I don't follow everything Anette says. However, if she did say something to that effect, there's a difference between opinions of musical style and personal character attacks. I think what myself, White Lagoon, and perhaps others were talking about is the way Anette, and sometimes Tarja has been criticized for things totally unrelated to their music and things that seem to be a stretch, or someone just looking for things to make an issue of. An example of this is the discussion of Tarja's taxes because she chose to move to Argentina and pay taxes there where she lived and where her husband and daughter were citizens. Another example was when Anette was mugged and she made the statement that people like the perpetrator didn't belong on the streets. I think most normal people would not find either of these things to be very controversial. However, people just looking to find fault always will. Of course you are! And I believe you have every right to express it! However, this opens the door for others to express theirs as well. Opinions invite other opinions. They also invite opinions about opinions. Of course, just like Anette's Blog is Anette's blog. And I realize that some of my opinions might be unpopular with some members here. However, I guess I'm somewhat like Anette and that doesn't discourage me from having my own opinion or make me ashamed of it. Anyway, I don't expect everyone to agree with my opinions, nor am I surprised when some don't. The same should be true for those who visit Anette's blog and find that everyone there might not agree with theirs. I think what she thinks is that normal people will judge her work on it's merit. I think she thinks that those who judge her based on what happened with her former band are probably not unbiased objective individuals and that there's no point in censoring herself in an attempt to pacify or placate them. I think she probably thinks that those individuals visit her blogs and social media pages just so they can sift through everything she posts with a fine tooth comb just to find fault. She probably therefore thinks it's pointless for her to worry about what those people think. And every time some little something she said over there gets taken out of context, blown way out of proportion, and discussed endlessly in this thread, it probably just serves to reinforce this idea in her mind and can anyone blame her? For example, when Anette brags about her Nightwish videos having the most views, is that really such a big deal? And if so, why? So, she's proud of the work she did. What makes that such an insult to some? I think she should be proud of her work, even if it's not my cup of tea. Maybe what happened enlightened her and changed her attitudes and opinions. Life experience sometimes opens our eyes and let's us see things we thought we understood in a totally different perspective. Or perhaps she felt she couldn't express certain opinions when she was still in the band for fear that her band mates or certain portions of the fan base might find fault with it. Clearly Anette has become more outspoken through the years. That often happens to people as they grow older. They start to care less and less about being politically correct all the time and less about pleasing others. More and more, they start to speak their mind and not worry about keeping up appearances
  4. I think that Tarja and Anette performing together at one of these shows where they both perform would be an excellent idea. It's much more interesting than the over-hyped Tarja and Marco Ave Maria, which was really only of value for nostalgia, hype, and publicity. After all, we have never seen these 2 perform together. If Tarja will be there, so will her band. And if her band is there, I would assume her bassist Kevin Chown will be there. He's a pretty good vocalist. His vocals in Tarja's version of The Siren that she was performing around 2009 fit the song much better. If Tarja and Anette are to perform together, and if it must be a nightwish song, then it should logically be one that they both performed in their past. That narrows the field and rules out Anette era songs. Also it needs to be one that they both performed well. Therefore my vote would be for The Siren. I only listened to Anette version of this song recently and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. I still like Tarja's version, the version she did in 2009, better than any other. However, I must say that Anette's version is pretty good also. I like the fact that she took a different approach and sang the song in a way that fit her voice better and I think she did a good job taking this approach. Anyway, what I propose, is they do kind of a medley of this song combining their each distinctly different styles. Kevin Chown can sing the male vocals as he does in Tarja's version and they can either use Tarja's band or have Max with his Cello join Anette's band because Max on the Cello adds something significant to the song that takes it above and beyond the original. Also, if Tarja is going to join her on stage, I think they should at least play one of Tarja's songs. Love to Hate, I think would be an excellent choice. The rest of the performance should probably be Anette's new songs, since obviously that's what they are there to perform. As for the bashing of the former Nightwish vocalists we constantly see in these threads for topics completely unrelated to music like taxes, fitness, and mental illness, I think there are deep seeded reasons for this. I think when a band, their leader, and their management treats their former vocalist in a disrespectful manner, it sets a tone that some, perhaps not all but enough to matter, of their fans often tend to follow. As I've said before leaders, even leaders of just a band, have a certain responsibility. They have this responsibility because there are many followers, or fans, who will look up to them and some of them will have a tendency to even go so far as to emulate their attitudes and behavior. Look at Tarja for example. There are ladies who come to her shows wearing dresses like she does on some of her songs. So, is it any surprise that when the leader of the band makes sexist laundry room jokes in a patronizing and condescending tone in answering Anette's assertion that she feels she was fired because she got pregnant, this encourages some fans to behave the same way? A true leader would have thought about this before making such statements and would have simply answered her assertions in a way that was simply factual and to the point and left that out, regardless of his emotions on the matter. @DrunkRat To a person who only has a hammer everything looks like a nail. Did Nightwish just release a dark Christmas album? Maybe some of the music on this new album of Anette's has some similarities to some NW music, but I think for the most part, the works of the former vocalists have been quite different from their former band. Of course, Anette hasn't released as much work of her own yet, compared to Tarja. So, she really hasn't had as much opportunity to grow in her own direction. Also, in the case of this new album, if my understanding is correct, someone else did much of the song writing. But on the whole, I don't think the former vocalists music is much like their former band and I think that's a good thing.
  5. @sahara It's a comparison and a contrast. The point is I simply think that Anette is the kind of person who isn't always thinking about her public image. She just speaks her mind. This is opposed to those who are so consumed with their public perception that it rules their lives and affects their ability to be honest and open. It's just 2 diametrically opposed philosophies of life. Each obviously has it's pitfalls. And this is related to why, as I've said before, I find Anette to be credible. Whether or not we find Anette to be a likeable person, is really a separate issue from her credibility. People can be honest and credible and perhaps not be the kind of person you'd like to befriend. Yes, people like this typically come across more abrasive, but what they say is usually their honest opinion and not just politically correctness or what they think they are supposed to say to please everyone.
  6. Am I the one who's watching every little thing the former vocalist do, including what they like and follow on social media, and using that to judge them? How about reading my entire comment and taking it in context. If this is meant to be a reference to Tarja's home in Antigua, if you'd take the time to find out all the details, you'd know this is a second home for her. She had this home when she resided in Argentina and she still has it now that she resides in Spain. So, I'm pretty sure that living in Antigua did not get her out of paying taxes. Anyway, here's a song I dedicate to all those who seem to be fascinated by Tarja's tax status. Anyway, I still contend that in the real world and outside the bubble many here seem to be enveloped in, Anette and Tarja are probably going to be judged more on the basis of their music and not on who they may like and follow on social media or what country they file their tax returns in.
  7. I don't think it's a matter of smart or not smart. I think it's just the way some people are. Some people simply don't care so much about how they are perceived by others. Others are so very self conscious about every little thing to the point that it becomes a great insecurity that rules their life. An example of this is the character Hyacinth Bucket (pronounce Bouguet) in the British comedy TV series "Keeping up Appearances". The name of the show tells you all you need to know here. I think a real life example of this, is the grand master of Nightwish himself. This is why he can never admit his own mistakes and flaws, like for example trusting John Allen Hill, the white guy who passed himself off as a Lakota Sioux and wrote the poem that became part of Creek Mary's Blood. Rather than explain to fans why this song can never be played again and admit he was taken in by a con man who played his ego, instead it just gets swept under the rug and everyone must pretend it never happened and the songs which contains a poem of complete made up gibberish just quietly disappears from the setlist. The bad part is now many unsuspecting fans are left wondering why the song can never be played anymore all because someone's ego is so fragile they can't tell them the truth. Anette is toward the other end of the spectrum. She doesn't care so much what every single person thinks of her. Perhaps she thinks the majority of people won't be so focused on every little thing or perhaps she's a person with a thicker skin, who doesn't take offense to every little thing and assumes most others are as well. Or maybe she's of the mindset that those looking to find fault in every little thing will regardless and those who aren't won't, so, it's pointless to care. If this is the case, who knows, she may well be correct. After all, do most people follow social media to the point they'd even know who Anette likes or follows? Do most people even care? And do most people, who might be inclined to buy her album, care enough about it, that it would affect their decision to buy or not buy it? Probably not. So, at the end of the day, what does she have to lose. Anette was placed in a difficult position, not just because she was replacing someone difficult, some might say impossible to replace, but also because of the circumstances under which the whole situation happened, which was very divisive and caused a lot of strong feeling and emotion on all sides. Anette had nothing to do with that, but unfortunately, right or wrong, she was placed in a position where she was often the focal point of those feelings. My guess is this perhaps shaped Anette's attitude here. She probably eventually just reached the conclusion that people were either going to like her or not and trying to carefully measure everything she said or did was pointless. . Well if that's the case, maybe when she see this pic Tarja posted at the end of the shows, where Tarja is all smiles in the front row between Elize Ryd and Joe Lynn Turner and Marco is in the very back looking very lonely and glum, Anette will like and follow her again. Well, I think the answer is much simpler. The NW guys have nothing to gain right now by doing a reunion show with Anette. I think they do with Tarja. I think it all comes down to money and opportunism. A reunion show with Tarja would be very popular and make them mucho dinero. Even Marco, I think is probably trying to exploit this Christmas show to pimp his new book. If you noticed it seemed Marco was talking more about it and trying to make a bigger deal out of it than Tarja was. Tarja did mention it in one interview, the one where she talked about how Marco had made big changes in his life and wasn't the same person he once was. She also made a couple post about it on her facebook page, but she hasn't been playing it up like others have.
  8. Sorry, but this study done on the intelligibility of lyrics in various genres of music does not agree with you. . It's a common misconception that in classical music intelligibility of lyrics is important, but the fact is that the opposite seems to be the case. Classical music is actually one of the lowest scoring genres of music when it comes to intelligibility of lyrics. ttps:// And there's reason for this. It has to do with the techniques used in classical style singing. Here's another quote from the same paper. In other words, many different factors like singing style, pitch, rhythm, and emphasis, affect how a vocalists sings a lyric. The bottom line is it all comes down to artistic interpretation. In the end, it's no different than a painter. A post-impressionist painter may choose to use thick broad unblended brush strokes to achieve a certain effect, while a realist may use more subtle blended stroke and layer upon layer of glazes. Music is art and as such the rules of pronunciation and grammar, that may well apply to spoken conversation, don't necessarily apply. A vocalist may bend or break those rules at will through artistic interpretation to achieve a desired effect. Sure, many bands, at the end of their glory days, release such albums. As for Tarja perhaps she will as well, one of these days, when her career is near it's end and she's out of ideas. If she does release such an album in the waning part of her career, I doubt it will consist of recordings of her former band. And it won't be hypocritical because she never wrote a poison pen letter condemning her former band mates for greed and saying they didn't fit the spirit of the band anymore. If Tuomas was right and Tarja didn't fit the spirit of the band anymore, why is it that now, when they want to make a quick buck and reconnect with their glory days, she suddenly does again? There's a huge hypocrisy here! And if she didn't fit the spirit of the band, why would you want her to join you on stage in a reunion show?
  9. I agree. In fact, this is a much better duet than her and Marco's Ave maria. I get that most people liked the duet with Marco for nostalgia reasons, but once you get past that, pure nostalgia and nothing else, it left a lot to be desired. This duet, IMHO, is much better and this guy can actually sing pretty good, though at times he does have a bit of an accent and pronunciation issues where his "W"s and "R"'s sound like "v"'s. He's "Valking in the air" and 'viding in a midnight blue". However, that doesn't bother me as much as it seems to some around here as I recognize that many forms of singing are not the same as speech and as such pronunciation takes a back seat to things like melody, and harmony. If your primary focus is pronunciation you should probably listen to poetry or rap as those are art forms that put more emphasis on the spoken word rather than melody and harmony. Anyway, I would say this is a fine example of a good, well executed, duet, though in fairness to Marco, this guy might be a little younger and perhaps hasn't lived as harsh of a lifestyle. Well, one thing you also have to remember is this is a duet and in a duet, two vocalist work as a team. That has an affect on the way each vocalist sings. In a good duet, the vocalist typical try to balance each other and not have such a stark contrast. Of course that also depends on the song and the mood or tone of it. Anyway, I think they achieved that wonderfully here. @linda According to Rolling Stone, that was Nightwish best album. On their list of top 100 metal albums of all time, Nightwish made it to #89 with Once. They came in right behind Pig Destroyer's "Terrifyer". @GreatEye Well, one reason he might is because they are going to be releasing their "new" old album soon, which if I'm not mistaken will consist mostly of old recording of Tarja. This is a good to hype and promote that album. Marco also has a book he's pushing. @Symphoniker And I agree with you totally, on this. Just as everyone here took one small sentence out of context in a instagram post and had Tarja releasing a reggae album, I think the significance of this has been blown way out of proportion as well. As for Tarja rejoining Nightwish, I think it's a been there, done that kind of thing and she has other priorities in the direction of her career. I think she enjoys the freedom and independence she has now and would never give that up. Furthermore, any kind of reunion would require a lot of backtracking and explaining to the fans on the part of Tuomas. Remember, in the open letter he made accusations of greed and said that Tarja no longer fit the spirit of Nightwish. He even went on to say that he could no longer write songs for her to sing. A reunion of this sort, to sell and promote this "new" old album they are releasing, would raise uncomfortable questions for Tuomas and contradict those things he said. For example, if he felt so strongly he could write no new songs for her to sing, how can he release this "new" old album that will consist mostly of old recording of her. And questions like how can you accuse someone of greed and kick them from the band, only to do a reunion with them when you need to do so to sell your "old" new album. It's like the pot calling the kettle black. @Slayed Dreamer So, what he's saying here, is Tarja never really 'held a grudge" as some here argued after all? It's just as I said in the Anette thread, if the former vocalist speak of the band and give their honest opinion they are labelled as "bitter" by some fans and if they simply refrain from speaking of the band, then they are said to "hold a grudge". That makes it a no win situation for them. Some fans have their preconceived notions and that's the belief they are going to cling to no matter what. So, the way I see it, is the ladies should use whatever approach works best for them and not worry what those fans might think because it's not going to matter anyway.
  10. Wow, Marco has really aged a lot since they last performed together hasn't he? Anyway, this is nice to see for nostalgia sake and they have a few more shows coming in the following days right? So, maybe Marco will improve a bit in the upcoming shows. Also maybe it's just the poor audio of the youtube videos, who knows. Anyway, I'll have to admit, I'm a wee bit disappointed. First of all, I thought they might do Tarja's own Ave Maria, which I think is better and would probably fit better since it's in a more contemporary style. Secondly, I think this song probably isn't the best song for Marco. If they are going to feature her singing a song like this, they should pair her with a male vocalist who's a little more on her level for this type of song such that the contrast isn't so stark. That's the thing that made her phantom of the opera from Act I so much better than her past performances with her former band. Diego Valdez is a much better vocalist for that type of song and as such was a better match to her voice. Don't get me wrong, there were some old Nightwish songs where Marco and Tarja were magical together, but those were songs that called for vocals of a much different style than this. Perhaps, next year they will pair her with someone else, like Floor or perhaps they'll select a different song. Anyway at least the nostalgia is nice and they'll have a fond memory to share.
  11. Credibility and honesty. Basically, I don't believe the bands story. How can we? Are you forgetting that they lied to the face of a person they called their "log time friend" and they knew since childhood for 8 solid months all the while plotting behind her back? If they would lie to her like that, knowing that she trusted them, what makes you think anything they are tell us, total stranger whom they have a vested interest to lie to, is true? And remember, she was open and honest with them and in dec 2004 told of her intentions to leave after another tour and album. We know this to be fact because both sides admit it. That shows she trusted them and all they did was use that honesty and trust against her. And look at all the other things they tell us, their supposed "justification" for doing this. They tell us they were firing her because they couldn't work with her and Marcelo anymore. Yet they never came to this conclusion until after she told them she wished to leave in dec 2004. How does that make any sense? From 2000, when Marcelo became her manager until then they somehow managed to work with them, but then after she asks to leave, they suddenly have a problem. That has to be a lie, because it makes no sense. Then there is the story that Tarja was going to quit any day. Now think about this a minute. They claim they feared she was going to quit any day, yet they were confident enough to spend 8 months planning her dismissal. And they were confident enough to invest money in filming that final show for a DVD. How could do that if this were the truth. Again, another lie because it's a contradiction and makes no sense. I believe they are pretty much lying about everything with regard to Tarja's dismissal because there are too many contradictions and too many things that make absolutely no sense with regard to their story. If they told us all these lies about Tarja and expected us to believe them, how can we believe anything they say about Anette? And it doesn't end there. The band has a history of one lie after another. They even presented us a fake Indian, who was really a white guy from Detroit with a spray on tan. I know that Anette may not be the most trustworthy individual either, but I think that even she is more credible than the band.
  12. NO! I'm twisting nothing! I provided a link to the interviews in question and anyone can click those links and read for themselves Mr. finberg's own words. He very clearly describes himself as a "partner" and a "manager" and he even talks about the differences between being a manager and just an agent. Again, it's there for anyone and everyone to read for themselves. You're the one trying to "explain to us how we should interpret it". I agree that the actual band members likely do not share Mr Finberg's opinion, but he's the manager of their band and makes business decisions for them. You know just like Marcelo is Tarja's manager and made business decisions for her. If it's fair to scrutinize Marcelo's management of Tarja, as you and many other here often do. Then is it not likewise fair to scrutinize the managment of Nightwish and would it not even be hypocritical to do otherwise? And Mr Finbergs's rant was motivated by greed. He feared the actions of Greece would negatively affect his bottom line. Therefore what I said is absolutely true. Furthermore, there's an issue of honesty here. After this incident and the scandal that resulted. The band tried to deny their attachment to Mr Finberg and tried to convince everyone he was "just a booking agent" and not a partner in their management. This is absolute proof that was a misrepresentation of the facts and an attempt to deceive the fans. The band had a choice. They could have been honest with their fans. They could have admitted he was a partner in their management, but that his views did not reflect their own personal views. That would have been the open and honest thing to do. However, they did not choose to take this route. Instead they just tried to deny their connection to him. That was less than honest. And speaking of your accusation of me "twisting the truth". Let's look at some of the things you've told us in the past. On one occasion, you told us that Tarja was unable to pronounce the Schwa e vowel. In response to that I provided a video clip of Tarja singing Victim of Ritual at Wacken 2016. When she sings the word "Pandemonium", you can clearly hear her pronounce the Schwa e vowel. Was that not a misrepresentation of the truth on your part? Would you like to now retract that incorrect statement? @Symphoniker I'm sorry, but I think you are mistaken. Either that or I'm mistaken because I do not recall ever saying that. Do you have a link to the comment where you think I said that? I think you might be referring to Marcelo's words in his "answers" and not mine. I recall Marcelo saying something to that effect in his answers, but I am not Marcelo. Anyway, as I said above to winterheart, I don't think the actual band members share Finberg's views, but he is, or was, part of their management. Post edited. - WhiteRaven
  13. Of course they did, because they knew that after what they did to Tarja, they needed to try to play it differently this time. Even the most gullible fans are only so gullible and you can't keep fooling them with the same drama play over and over again. Yeah, they wanted to keep it quiet and they wanted to pretend it was a "mutual" decision agreed to by both parties, but they did all this for their own selfish sake, not for Anette's. So, what you're saying is Anette exploited the drama to promote her album? Sounds like Anette was paying attention to how Nightwish exploited the drama play they created with Tarja's dismissal and exploited it to sell their next album Dark Drama Play and she learned from them. So, the guys taught her well didn't they? Excuse me if I don't feel sorry for them. like I said, Anette saw what they did to Tarja and she decided to play it differently than Tarja did. She decided to use some of their own tactics against them and to not go silently into the night. She probably figured she had nothing to lose, they were going to kick her anyway and she would at least put up a fight. That's the difference between Tarja and Anette. Anette's a fighter. If Tarja has one flaw, it's that she's too nice and afraid to be critical. She talked about that in the Wacken interviews. Being nice is an admirable quality, but there are times when one needs to stand up and speak out for what is right and not just remain silent. Bad things happen when good people bury their heads in the sand and say nothing. As Simon and Garfunkel said, "Silence like a cancer grows". Anyway, I applaud Anette for being brave enough to tell us the truth unlike her former band who tries to run and hide from it every chance they get! you see Baki, that's one of the biggest issues for me. There's this little thing called "honesty". Even if I don't agree with a person who's honest, I can still respect the fact they were honest with me. Nightwish has a history of lies, deceit, and dishonesty. This is the main thing that alienated me as former fan and why I feel the way I do about them today. Of course, they have a right to fire anyone they want. It's Toumas band and he can do what he wants. But why not be a man about it and be honest and forthright with the fans instead of always being less than honest for the sake of keeping up appearances? It's extremely disrespectful to your fans that you don't trust them enough to simply come out and tell them the truth. And we see this pattern repeated over and over again throughout their history. Everybody knows Anette didn't want to leave and was forced out, so what does it say about the way they view their fans when they try to tell them, with a straight face, that Anette agreed to leave? It tells you that they think their fans are absolute morons who will swallow anything they are feed. @Baki Anyway, in the spirit of the season, I give to you a gift. I give you want you wish Anette had given you but didn't.
  14. John Finberg has in multiple interviews on the internet claimed to be a partner in the management of Nightwish NOT JUST A BOOKING AGENT and here is the proof. That's Joh Finberg, himself, stating point blank, that he is a "partner" in the management of Nightwish. And if this isn't enough evidence, here is another interview where he states the same. Why would this guy lie about being a management partner of Nightwish? And if he is lying why does the band permit him to go around doing interviews where he claims to be a partner in their management? I know that after the scandal involving his facebook rant, the band tried to distance themselves from him and deny their relationship with him. I also know that after that they reorganized their management in a way that Finberg was no longer "officially" a part of the management. But the facts are that prior to that, Finberg always claimed to be a partner in their management. What motive would he have had to lie about that? On the other hand, I can certainly see why Nightwish lied to their fans and denied his connection to them as damage control to protect their image. It's the Nightwish way of dealing with scandals. They try to cover up and conceal them rather than be open and honest about it. They did the same with the John Allen Hill scandal. I never said it was the members, I specifically said it was their management team. And according to the article on this page, the management of the band says they were responsible. You will note that on that page, it says that Nightwish management admitted responsibility for the comments. It does not say "the person who managed their facebook page" was responsible for the comment.
  15. I never said Anette was justified in anything. But what specifically are we condemning Anette for here? Having a liver cyst in Denver? Getting Pregnant? Fearing the guys would do the same to her that they did to Tarja? Fearing that Floor was not really intended to be only a "temporary" replace as these "honest" men, who were so "honest" with the prior vocalist that they lied to her face for 8 months while plotting her dismissal, were telling her? Why of course Anette should have trusted these "honest" men who lied to the face of a friend they knew since childhood for those 8 months, because why would these "honest" men lie to her when they said Floor was only a "temporary' replacement? Or are we condemning her because she spoke out and told the truth, that she was fired, when the band wanted to mislead fans into thinking she quit or at least agreed to leave? Which of course was another lie by these "honest" men who were asking Anette to agree to this so called "temporary" replacement by Floor which very Ironically turned out to NOT be temporary at all as these "honest"men had said. Is it a question of remaining silent or is it a question of honesty? Tarja may not have been a saint, but I think clearly the bands portrayal of her is grossly distorted and slanted to suit their need to justify their own actions. Whatever, she may or may not have done, I believe she was honest with them. She told them in Dec 2004, she wished to leave after one more tour and album. Why would she do this if not to be honest? If she were the Greedy Selfish Diva, why would she tell them this? What did she gain beside enabling them to betray her in the way they ultimately did? The bands story cannot be an accurate depiction of reality because it doesn't fit with the things we know to be true. The drama comes from the lies and misrepresentation of the facts.