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  1. The documentary is still available online for free, and there is no geoblocking. It can be watched everywhere. Thanks to all the fans who made this possible. Watch the documentary here. Harto Hänninen director
  2. The full length fan documentary To Nightwish with Love can be seen at yle.fi/tonightwish There's also a 18 part web series and interviews with Tuomas and lots of everything. And here's a video with Floor and other band members for sharing!
  3. http://yle.fi/aihe/artikkeli/2015/10/02/lets-make-nightwish-documentary-join-us
  4. harhar

    New Fragrance for Men - "HOLOPAINEN"

    Hahahahaaaah, I was just going to google where to buy it for my producer!
  5. Hi all - we are making a new full length documentary film about Nightwish fans around the world. The documentary will be made by Finnish Broadcasting Co YLE. We are having a casting now in October 2015, and we are desperately looking for Nightwish fans from Asia: Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Philipines, Korea, China etc; and from Mid East, and from Africa. Please feel free to send your video, where you tell about your passionate love for Nightwish music. Sen it by Dropbox, Wetransfer, Google Drive, ICloud, Vimeo, You Tube... and send us the link: nwfandoc@gmail.com. More information: www.yle.com/fellowimagineers Yours, Harto Hänninen, director
  6. harhar

    A Salut from VietNam

    Slytherin, we are making a documentary about Nightwish fans, and we are looking for Vietnamese fans! If you read this, please contact nwfandoc@gmail.com