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  1. Yeah, no more European dates?
  2. I need some official live videos to be sure. For now, the only one I do not "like" is Come Cover Me I've always found that song very boring, nothing special.
  3. I think she did it very good... doing that at the beginning of the tour may not be a problem, but towards the end, after many shows and at the end of the concert ... it's a great effort. Good for you, Floor!
  4. In some future NW song would be great some kind of dialogue with herself(Floor), with clean voice vs growls, or Marco with her. Something like Neurasthenia or Dance with the dragon (Dark Sarah)
  5. Very good quality video!10th Man Down! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxCBIDWHFww
  6. I just hope that the new DVD/live show or whatever has a better audio mix than VoS. Honestly I dindt like it at all
  7. Does that mean that no more dates will be announced for Decades European Tour?
  8. I think the screens are a beatiful addition
  9. Hello guys! I saw this react video today and I found it very funny! Edit: and I dont know how to insert a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcDy_mLtURs
  10. Yes, I'm happy for them! I hope they fill their shows in Europe too. The last time in Spain I was surprised that they filled the stadium where they performed. I hope they come back on this tour too T.T
  11. It looks like the tickets for Sao Paulo are almost sold out! Wow!
  12. I love how Floor is dressing on this tour
  13. It's not just the voice, it's the attitude on the stage and the way of transmitting the music live. IMO the albums with Anette are great, but Nightwish at that moment became a group that I could not enjoy live and that is a fundamental part for me. Maybe that's why some "returned" with Floor, the fans fluctuate constantly anyway.
  14. Honestly, I think what bothered me the most about Anette was her lack of character and victimhood, not her voice itself. She could have shut everyone's mouth if she wanted with a good teacher or a good singing school. I'm not saying she has to sing "opera" or "lyric" (I think people exaggerate a lot this thinking that it is very difficult to do or that it requires a technique too complicated, at least in metal, not real opera singers like Diana Damrau or Lucia Popp) in fact, I think it has a very personal timbre, but anyone with a healthy voice tract device can learn to sing. I am Spanish so I am sorry if I wrote something wrong or I have not expressed myself correctly
  15. See far, far deeper than the mind's eye Hear far, far deeper than the inner voice Feel far, far deeper than the beating heart Costume change is all we ask But still we are the same From a pitch black centre From a pitch black centre The lighthouse turns onto an ocean ablaze What is this? What is this? Speak... (Speak far, far clearer than the open mouth)** Breathe, far, far clearer than the winter sky Dream, far, far clearer than Orion's crown From there we get no sympathy But love's a wine dark sea Rich and moving Rich and moving The shock of life I saw you age but not What is this? Is this a kiss? See far, far deeper than the mind's eye Hear far, far deeper than the inner voice Feel far, far deeper than the hand of time