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  1. Looks like Hannes Van Dahl is "touring" with Nightwish and taking care of little Freya... and Kai hahaha https://www.instagram.com/p/BghVaMygIOF/?taken-by=thevandahl_official
  2. Honestly, I think they have too many shows in a row, it must be very hard to travel so much, you exhaust yourself both physically and mentally (especially for the singers because you are your own instrument)
  3. I also thought that they looked less energetic, but I guess it's normal when you start a tour. Over time you notice that they are letting go and having fun
  4. True! GRR Martin its making me suffer too
  5. I need an "OFFICIAL LIVE" for Elvenpath and The Kingslayer right now!
  6. The Pharaoh Sails to Orion plssssssss!
  7. A mí me gustó mucho, se aparta de las típicas preguntas que ya deben de estar hartos de escuchar en general. Había otra edición "en papel" que la había subido EMP a su face poco después del concierto, si la encuentro la pondré por aquí "
  8. Francamente, creo que tiene toda la razón del mundo. Entiendo que pueda haber factores que le afecten fuera de su control (clima, mal descanso, su periodo o incluso su embarazo ahora) pero tanto como "quedarse sin voz" me parece una exageración brutal.
  9. Hello, Floor! I would like to know if it was very difficult to start singing. It must be very hard be your own instrument. Any advice for new singers? Thank you!