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  1. L_Alpenglow


  2. L_Alpenglow

    The Floor thread

    Hahahaha, of course! Maybe one day I can get my ponies farm: P But I've had the luck of learning horsemanship and really horses are like big dogs...cute big dogs
  3. L_Alpenglow

    The Floor thread

    Beautiful Floor... and hoorse lol
  4. L_Alpenglow

    Reaction videos (to music)

    I love Alex and ProgPiglet, they are super fun and sicere IMO also A&P-REACTS are great too.
  5. L_Alpenglow

    The Floor thread

    Article: https://www.metaltalk.rocks/she-rocks-seret-sari?fbclid=IwAR0IGycpGeMliBBeS7DalPVBA2Q77Ygvhz2PklXPqArHMUTQo8l26yOWeyA
  6. L_Alpenglow

    Nightwish Off Topic

    I would love a Jinjer/NW tour... or Amorphis/NW two very differents styles but both great!
  7. L_Alpenglow

    The Floor thread

    Happy Birthday, dear Floor! Thanks for sharing your music with us, her passion and enthusiasm are contagious <3
  8. L_Alpenglow


    ReVamp on TV?
  9. L_Alpenglow

    The Old Era

    Nightwish-On a Dark Winter's Night (Oberhausen 2007) edit:
  10. L_Alpenglow

    The Floor thread

    Yes that part is nonsense in my opinion. I myself have been vegetarian for almost 7 years and taking care of my diet I have not seen the need to eat meat again (not even once a month or things like that). If it is because of any health issue, just say it, everyone chooses how they want to live their life, but I would not call myself "vegetarian" if I have that practice of eating "wild" meat when I feel like it
  11. L_Alpenglow

    The Floor thread

    “I FEEL VERY LOVED AND SUPPORTED BY THE NIGHTWISH FANS” – EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH FLOOR JANSEN FROM NIGHTWISH: https://mytoucheblog.com/portfolio/i-feel-very-loved-and-supported-by-the-nightwish-fans-exclusive-interview-with-floor-jansen-from-nightwish/?fbclid=IwAR2UPznRmv5dyw--Ow37tJAc3lMh_sIHSXLpA2BxMV0caFFzN39UisjH99s
  12. L_Alpenglow


    I loooove it! Good work Jinger! Great video and song
  13. L_Alpenglow

    The Floor thread

    I did not know this Floor collab!