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  1. The Songs i really enjoy: O come, O come Emmanuel, Together, We three Kings, O Tannenbaum, God Rest ye merry Gentleman Songs i like: Deck the Halls, Pie Jesu, Amazing Grace, What Child is this, Songs i didnt get warm with till now: We wish you a merry christmas, Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Feliz Navidad i like the album so far very well.
  2. I'm really looking forward to her performance lets see what Naomi learned from her Mother here's also a nice unboxing Video from Tarja herself. edit: this trailer looks way more interesting than the last one
  3. on german Amazon you can listen to 30seconds of bad quality snippets of each song. Does not work on the mobile version but the usual web version! https://www.amazon.de/Spirits-Ghosts-score-dark-Christmas/dp/B0759TQ9G9/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1510742981&sr=8-1&keywords=tarja I'm the most interested in ''Deck the Halls(feat. Naomi)'' and 'God Rest ye''. also tarja said there will be a 2nd Video for this Album, and that the Single wont be her own ''Together'' during her Q&A on Facebook. i think her 3rd Single could be '' we wish you a merry christmas''. the music in the promoclip kinda sounds like it. but who knows
  4. my Favorite so far is Dead to Me. ive been listening to it today the first time, and wow... i also love Heaven on your heart. the lyrics is kinda sweet
  5. The opposite camp of delusionals feels comfortable in their world too. Only few days until the release. Im wondering if the 3rd Single is going to get a video. Shadowtarja didnt appear that much in the last video. Thought "o Tannenbaum" would get one too, and both characters meeting up in the last Single. Im Sad its only one video, kinda.
  6. Im kinda excited for midnight, when it can be downloaded in Amazon
  7. Here's to You is my favorite at the Moment. i am really looking forward to the release! im defnitly going to buy the Album 4 Songs, 1 i dont care for, 1 i think is cool, and 2 im really enjoying. after shine i wasnt expecting anette would ever release music with that kind of sound&quality! im kinda happy for her, though i would not count myself a fan of her. still happy for her, she seems to enjoy what she is doing in that project.
  8. O Tannenbaum sounds spooky. I'd like her to stick with that style on her usual solo albums. Im really looking forward to the Album. Especially god rest ye merry Gentleman and amazing Grace
  9. There are those who pray for her as a saint, and those classic haters/dislikers she will not please with anything she is going to release in the future, just because the "haters" dislike her fans, because this never ending discussions of topics about the split (nobody should care about anymore after twelve years later) sadly never end. Both parties have their extreme fans, no side is better than the other. Neither those NW-Diehard- fans/Floorknights nor the "tarjaholics". This discussion about these past Events should be forbidden. Its just so annoying to read, after twelve years. As some one said before: both, Tarja and the guys of Nightwish have grown up about all the stuff, so why cant the fans? Its ridiculous
  10. dont like the song. they had much better songs in the past
  11. Oh really? where did you get that from?:DD do you know which song? i hope for a 2nd Video with Demontarja portraying the video
  12. i hope she releases a new single of the new album soon, so we can discuss her music instead of this old cheese, nobody should really care about 12 years later.
  13. I can only agree with Stefan2k4 and Baki with everything they said. Also a cornered animal strikes back the moment its cornered. It doesnt wait 8 months to strike back. This whole "poor men" drama show doesnt need to get into any protection, it was simply disgusting and thats all about it. But i guessed they've milked enough cash out of the cow just as planned, and its about 12 years ago so who cares. Lets enjoy the music both are doing or ignore the one you cant Listen to anymore for whatever reason
  14. The Video is kinda meh, but i dont care for the Video when the song is playing on my smartphone via inear headset I liked the ending when Marilyn Manson-Tarja appears! She looks like Manson in 'the nobodies' when he comes out of the wood and is playing in the mud xD with the difference he was bald in this video. i would have liked some story in the video. it is only showing how gorgeus tarja can look with a obviously fake wig its ok, the song is still awesome! edit: after rewatching, its ok i think i hoped for more ''story-telling' cause she described kinda it as 'christmas from the perspective of depressed ppl for many reasons'. they could used that term somehow
  15. https://www.amazon.de/O-Come-Emmanuel/dp/B075FH1QQ4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1507246022&sr=8-1&keywords=tarja+emmanuel bought it on the german amazon!