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  1. Oh really? where did you get that from?:DD do you know which song? i hope for a 2nd Video with Demontarja portraying the video
  2. i hope she releases a new single of the new album soon, so we can discuss her music instead of this old cheese, nobody should really care about 12 years later.
  3. I can only agree with Stefan2k4 and Baki with everything they said. Also a cornered animal strikes back the moment its cornered. It doesnt wait 8 months to strike back. This whole "poor men" drama show doesnt need to get into any protection, it was simply disgusting and thats all about it. But i guessed they've milked enough cash out of the cow just as planned, and its about 12 years ago so who cares. Lets enjoy the music both are doing or ignore the one you cant Listen to anymore for whatever reason
  4. The Video is kinda meh, but i dont care for the Video when the song is playing on my smartphone via inear headset I liked the ending when Marilyn Manson-Tarja appears! She looks like Manson in 'the nobodies' when he comes out of the wood and is playing in the mud xD with the difference he was bald in this video. i would have liked some story in the video. it is only showing how gorgeus tarja can look with a obviously fake wig its ok, the song is still awesome! edit: after rewatching, its ok i think i hoped for more ''story-telling' cause she described kinda it as 'christmas from the perspective of depressed ppl for many reasons'. they could used that term somehow
  5. https://www.amazon.de/O-Come-Emmanuel/dp/B075FH1QQ4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1507246022&sr=8-1&keywords=tarja+emmanuel bought it on the german amazon!
  6. just listened to ''Here's to You'' on Youtube. its a song i think that could grow on me, just like ''Sweet Mystery''! i think im gonna buy it!
  7. I am really looking forward now!! Edit:Its now available on Amazon *switch to amazon* Edit2: this is NOTHING like her Christmas Album from 2006 which was my personal fear! I am really excited for the rest. The orchestral arrangements and her voice are beautiful. The song reminds me on some Dragon Age Inquistion Soundtracks xD
  8. I like what i hear Anette now also doesnt 'need' Tuomas anymore to compose her good music she can sing to. Both Ex-Singers are doing really well productions on their own, makes me kinda happy. This song is really great. way more than i expected. i hope the rest of the album can keep the quality and the more i hope anette may be able to be mentally capable to hang in this project.
  9. Im gonna like it. Reminds me of an Intro from American Horror Story
  10. http://www.tarja-newalbum.com/ the Cover is finally complete, i really like it! tbh its my favorite together with My Winter Storm, i think! WAY better than TSS
  11. omg im really looking forward to the complete picture! I loved the In for a Kill and Witch Hunt when they were first played with orchestra in Tampere on Halloween 2009.!! These were the best Versions of both Songs In for a Kill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2VpVTLLJWA I really dont like how she castrated both Songs in the Studioversions! They are still good, but those in the Videos were way more awesome
  12. I love this collaboration, she did years ago
  13. I still wish she would do one :> even though i know the chances are about zero
  14. i am really looking forward to Act 2! i would also like to have an instrumenta album version of CITD and TBV ! but i think ive read an interview years ago, she does not want to release a whole album full of instrtumentals!
  15. Ehm, as a kind of a one-off side project maybe, but to go full time into classical crossover covers, please no. There are already enough wannabe-classical singers out there singing the same pieces and songs, using the same approach to covering them and beating the same old dead horse. If she'd want to move more into classical direction, I'd love her to keep writing her own music, or at least sing original pieces written for her, rather than simply cover most popular arias or songs. yes yes of course as a side project i wouldnt mind one! of course own written songs would be even better. i made a disc for my car with only her classical songs from her solo albums, very nice