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    Fish and Chips!
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    My dog
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    Tea, with lots of milk! Or maybe Pimms....
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    Sky Blue
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    Lake District, England
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    Canada, Italy, Austria (that's my top 3 anyway)
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    A dog (staffie/corgi cross)
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    Keyboards (badly, and not enough/at all)
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    Recommendation of EFMB on Marillion forum
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    That scientist chap on stage at Wembley!
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    EFMB album (I guess!)
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    Ghost Love Score (just ahead of TGSOE and IWMYB)
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    Ghost Love Score
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    Not sure
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    Song Of Myself (otherwise Imaginaerum might be te best)

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    Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel
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    Mike Portnoy
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    Mike Holmes (IQ)
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    Steve Harris
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    Martin Orford (IQ)
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    Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
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    Marillion - Live at Royal Albert Hall 2017
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    Ayreon - The Human Equation
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    Mike Oldfield
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    IQ....Ayreon/Marillion/Nightwish/Dream Theater
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    Rap/Grime/Hiphop/ get the picture


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    Anthony Hopkins....or Hugh Jackman
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    Back To The Future (all 3!)
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    Game Of Thrones (and Dallas back in the day!)
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    Stephen King (by a Green Mile)
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    11.22.63 by SK

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  1. Essexboyinwales

    Anette Olzon (2º part)

    Excellent news, hope it's even better than the first one!
  2. Essexboyinwales

    Eurovision SC 2019

    Does our little UK still count as one of the big 5? Now seems wrong on so many levels.....
  3. Essexboyinwales

    Concerts You're Going To Attend Or Have Been To Recently

    Where do I start with this? How about the fact that I was almost certainly the only person in The O2 wearing a Nightwish T-shirt.... Well they just blew me away! Without doubt one of the best gigs I've ever been to. For the performance, the energy, the stage show, the screen, the massive pacman/globe thing, the choir, the band, thesongs. And the crowd! It was just such a fantastic feelgood party. Just frickin awesome
  4. Essexboyinwales

    Your own set of Desert Island-discs

    So Empath now pushes Epicloud out, but where does The Spell fit it?........
  5. Essexboyinwales

    Amon Amarth

    Oh dear, another thread tempting me to try another "new" band....
  6. Essexboyinwales


  7. Essexboyinwales

    Cellar Darling

    I'd say the guitar part is heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, and the flute part makes me think of early King Crimson...
  8. Essexboyinwales

    What are you reading now?

    Bruce Dickinson's autobiography, it's very good as you would expect. Next up is probably the final book in the Girl With The Dragon Tatoo series, the first two were terrific!
  9. Essexboyinwales


    Just done it, and it seems to be in the lead!! Is this for real?...............
  10. Essexboyinwales

    The Floor thread

    On the new Take That album? Interesting....
  11. Essexboyinwales

    The Floor thread

    With any luck, she's replacing Rick Astley as support at the forthcoming British Take That shows! (Don't tell my wife I said that though)
  12. Essexboyinwales


    I really can't fault the album. I'm guessing the clean female vocals are not to everyone's liking, but her voice is gorgeous, and I really love songs like Ambiramus, which really wouldn't be totally out of place in the ESC! And I have to say it: the "spoken" female vocal parts (I'm not sure which member of the band it is) are as sexy as hell... Love the extra acoustic versions too
  13. Essexboyinwales

    Cellar Darling

    Really loving the new Eluveitie, but it's not as good as The Spell, which is just amazing!
  14. Essexboyinwales


    Really enjoying the new album, probably one of their best. The sound is great. They don't seem to be missing the CD guys, which is also good news. If they all still get on well, how about a co-headlining tour?
  15. Essexboyinwales

    Your Latest Music Related Hauls

    So far this year, new music from: Cellar Darling Devin Townsend Avantasia Eluveitie Mostly Autumn Within Temptation Dream Theater The top 2 are both absolutely amazing; the middle 3 are also extremely good; the bottom 2 are.......not hitting the spot yet/can't compete/might just be a bit bland?........