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    Recommendation of EFMB on Marillion forum
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    That scientist chap on stage at Wembley!
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    EFMB album (I guess!)
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    Ghost Love Score (just ahead of TGSOE and IWMYB)
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    Ghost Love Score
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    Not sure
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    Song Of Myself (otherwise Imaginaerum might be te best)

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    Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel
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    Mike Portnoy
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    Mike Holmes (IQ)
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    Steve Harris
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    Martin Orford (IQ)
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    Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
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    Marillion - Live at Royal Albert Hall 2017
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    Ayreon - The Human Equation
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    Mike Oldfield
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    IQ....Ayreon/Marillion/Nightwish/Dream Theater
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    Rap/Grime/Hiphop/ get the picture


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    Anthony Hopkins....or Hugh Jackman
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    Back To The Future (all 3!)
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    Game Of Thrones (and Dallas back in the day!)
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    Stephen King (by a Green Mile)
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    11.22.63 by SK

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  1. Essexboyinwales

    Within Temptation II

    Finally watched the vid to The Reckoning last night, on my big smart TV - liked that a lot!
  2. Essexboyinwales

    Movie Recommendation Thread

    Went to see the new Star Is Born movie at the weekend - thoroughly recommend this, it is brilliant! Bradley Cooper and Lady GaGa both give mesmerizing performances. Go see it!
  3. Essexboyinwales


    I have to say that Prequelle is stunning from start to end, absolutely brilliant! Now starting to delve into their back catalogue...
  4. Essexboyinwales

    Within Temptation II

    With 4 weeks to go until my first WT gig, I decided it was time to start listening to them again. I don't have Enter, but I listened to the 5 most recent studio albums in order: Mother Earth is better than I remember (I only got into the band a couple of years ago!), I dn't think I played it much when I first got it, mainly becuase I didn't think much of Sharon's vocals on the album compared to some of the later albums (which I got first). Now, it sounds OK, I still prefer her later vocals but the music is great. And The Promise is a cracker... The Silent Force is a step forward for me, as they head towards the sound and style that I think suits them best. The ballads are fabulous on this album and showcase her voice so well. The Heart Of Everything continues on the same path, with great songwriting and playing. The Unforgiving, for me, is the band at their peak so far! Every song on this album could have been a single; it is "pop metal" at it's very best. And Sharon's voice is perfect. A brilliant album! Hydra starts off in the same vein as we go through some of the singles and collaborations (which work: yes, they do!). Unfortunately, the album stalls after this, with a few tracks that are weaker IMO. But The Whole World Is Watching is a fantastic ending, showing again how great the band are producing top-notch commerical rock songs. Resist: well, we'll have to see won't we?..... I'm guessing others may have a different view on their career progression!
  5. Essexboyinwales


    Found it! Will delete other thread, if I can... Great to see love for this band I have just discovered. Danse Macabre really makes my feet itch!! Supporting Metallica next year in the UK: thinking about this now...
  6. Essexboyinwales

    Within Temptation II

    Cassette? FFS, why? Maybe the new album will actually be called "Rewind"
  7. Essexboyinwales

    Within Temptation

    I thought we were waiting for Brexit to cause the collapse of am I missing something?
  8. Explain the 5% which is decent then!
  9. Essexboyinwales

    Dream Theater

    I've started working my way through the band's output chronologically. A great way to rediscover and reappraise... and the following are just MY opinions! So far, it's been the pre-Rudess era. WDADU still sounds amazing to me, and a very long way from where the band are now! Would it sound better re-recorded? I've always wondererd this, but I think I'm just happy with it the way it is; a brilliant debut album. I&W is a timeless beast of awesomeness! LaBrie sounds phenomenal on it, and with the sound being so much better than on the debut, it took them to new levels. One of my favourite albums of all time, not a bad moment on it! Awake: with so much to live up to, this was possibly always going to disappoint, and it does. It's not a bad album, but it's way below the first 2 for me. It does have highlights though: The Silent Man and Lifting Shadows Off A Dream. ACOS is an odd one; one great studio track and a live set of covers. I love Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding, but the rest disappoint somewhat, and I think it's partly due to LaBrie's voice, which doesn't seem to suit them so well?.... FII is an album that again leaves me disappointed. I'm not sure whether the band knew where they were going at this point, but for me it was downwards. I love Hollow Years, and Lines In The Sand does feature the great (but underused) vocals of the great Doug Pinnick (King's X), but apart from that.... Maybe the band needed to try something different?..................
  10. Essexboyinwales

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Although, to be fair, it does say that, and we are...! But you're right in every other way in your post And thanks for teaching me a new word! One day, I'll shock you with a Romanian word that YOU don't know....or maybe not!
  11. Essexboyinwales


    Isn't death metal just a sub-genre of heavy metal?.....
  12. Essexboyinwales


    Would be something to see (old man) Fish dressed in full Highland regalia!
  13. Essexboyinwales

    Beyond the Black

    and now I'm feeling slightly disappointed that I get Anneke VG in Birmingham!.....
  14. Essexboyinwales

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Absolutely not! That's half an hour that should always be there...
  15. Essexboyinwales


    Wonderful story Eilenna, thanks for sharing: you're lucky on many levels!! I'm getting the Blu-Ray for my 24th 48th birthday Finished going through all the albums. What a joy it was to listen to them all again. Comments: The Source is still a bit disappointing. I'm not sure why, it just doesn't work as well as some of the others. Maybe it's just one album too far for the whole storyline... and Actual Fantasy is much better than I remember: I don't think I listened to it much, and need to rectify that! Rankings: 1. THE 2. TTOE 3. ITEC 4. 01011001 5. TDS 6. TS 7. TFE 8. FOTM 9. AF But they're all damn good! Onto the DT back catalgoue now....