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  1. I understand it may not matter to you (I thought that was established), but there is very many listeners for which it is an important point. I ask that you consider what the band might have been thinking there. Weeeell, I'm sure 95 out of 100 people in my town have never heard of the lady. I'll ready my own stake, thank you very much. Could you pass some logs? Thanks.
  2. The part in which the song asks you to fictitiously participate in that particular, well-identified, very real relationship. DPP is almost a unicum in rock music in this respect, with the exception of How Do You Sleep by Lennon and a few select others. That would have been the difference, I suppose (also: I can't completely agree that the songs you mentioned are obviously about Nightwish, to be honest -- the thought didn't even cross my mind until you pointed it out). Getting to choose who to obsess over out of two sort-of-famous-people does not seem a huge improvement over being limited to one. Well, I... respect that you like it.
  3. But... it's... actually good. Wow. I was not expecting it. And no keyboard solo, and crappy drum sounds. I have no qualms with the middle eight/breakdown, just how it transitions in and out of it. I hope they just shaved a few bars for the single edit. But still cool.
  4. You know, it could be worse: But yes, Kakko was better (sorry, Marco). If Holopainen wasn't clearly drunk and stoned in the above video he would probably have been a better fit for the song too. I feel the song needs raw, borderline adolescent vocals a la Kevin Haybourne, not ballsy Dio vocals. I have hopes that Troy can pull that off (and that they go back to play it in E ) Right, that's a classic. If I remember correctly there's a fantastic Hammond solo somewhere in there. EDIT: I'm sorry, YouTube previews are broken for me for... some reason.
  5. Speaking of Angels Fall First: here, have this gem. Not because it's particularly great a performance (I have my doubts over playing it in D and the slower tempo, the FWTE version is great because of its urgengy), but because it's one of the very few pro-shot videos existing. Maybe the only one besides FWTE [edit: and the Norway one, but it's hardly "pro", is it?] Curiously, they performed Beauty of the Beast in the same gig (there's a video of that too) Tarja's introduction is also... weird - I mean, weirder than what is usual for Tarja and/or Nightwish. "This is a song about... Nightwish"? Is it, now?
  6. Surely you mean "marcelo". Who, according to my sources, originally spelled it "tuom-asshole-opainen" in an early crayon-penned manuscript and only adopted the more conventional spelling after the missus beat him. Violently. With a pink keytar signed by all 5 Village Persons. Okay, I'm out of this thread. Bye. I have peaked, I have nothing else to contribute.
  7. I don't see the words "if and only if" in the statement you quoted, technically. And yes, anyway cultural differences make communication harder and require extra care. And sometimes are downright annoying, I've found myself many times wanting to strangle a co-worker because of their behaviour, which would have nevertheless customary in their home country (for example, in China they are extra polite and all, but man, they spit a lot). Surely you realize that a second-rate Enya-metal band would have very little chance of convincing the world that Argentinian people as a whole are a threat and dangerous, right? Nymph... I mean, Symphoniker is right here: I believe your judgement is colored by your American perspective. By the way, this counts implicitly as an instance of Godwin's law in action
  8. I think you are making the mistake of thinking that American racial stereotypes are common everywhere. For example, as an European, I am not aware of any stereotypes about Latin people, either positive or negative - except perhaps Brazil -> samba and football, Mexico -> siesta. Certainly I don't know any about Argentina. You are supporting your conclusion with a rather convoluted reasoning and questionable assumptions, really. Use Hanlon's razor instead: you're looking at a bunch of inept managers and mildly dysfunctional adults who thought that would be great PR. I'm sorry, are you suggesting that the merry atmosphere at the Turunens can be ruined by a bunch of lunatics posting on a forum about stupid things they did 15 years ago? Or that people on this forum are emotionally scarred by a crappy PR stunt? Did I end up on a Justin Bieber and/or anime forum or something?
  9. Mostly because I have yet to get over the fact that I'm not getting back the 20 bucks I paid for Dark Passion Play.
  10. I'm sorry, where on earth do you see hints of racism in that stuff? I understand that as an American you're bound to see it everywhere, but... More importantly, who cares about any of that fuss, seriously? 13 years later we are still talking about who's right between two totally inept managements and a bunch of dysfunctional musos.
  11. See if I care in the slightest. The world is full of people I'd rather not associate myself with, record companies doubly so. This guy is not my problem, nor are any petty conflicts over peanuts he may have with anyone else. Just give me songs that don't make me cringe, thank you very much. Maybe, but we only care about the extended jams after all, don't w- Oh, that Dark Star. Might apply to just about everybody, including Terrana and Pepe from the Muppets.
  12. I don't see why going to such lengths. It says "official (i.e. band-approved, management-sanctioned) biography" right there in the title.
  13. We can and must, because the "artist" (I feel compelled to put it in scare quotes because it's light entertainment, not bloody Kafka) made everything in their power to force the most unhealthy possible interpretation down our throat. Question: can you listen to MPG without: Cringing at its musical awfulness Thinking of its subject, i.e. Mr. Turunen? If so, that's good for you. If not, you are doing something unhealthy, and - assuming you did buy the album, which you certainly did - Nightwish is making money off your bad habit. As I mentioned before, multiple times, R.E.M. has no less than 15 songs in which "you" was somebody Stipe was pissed at (occasionally his own self). Only: We only got to know 20 years later, as there was not a Turunen-centric PR campaign The subject was more often than not, not a public figure (ironically, nobody ever thought Man On The Moon was a song about Kaufman) The wording is sufficiently vague (and there lies Stipe's mastery; Kevin Moore is also a master of this, see the Awake album) You are therefore free to enjoy the song as a proper rock song: you connect the dots in the shape of the face of your sleazy ex, your boss or your strict high school principal if you're Roger Waters. Blimey, we are talking about MPG on the Turunen thread, surely it means that the band and management made really sure we learned that association well? Note also that I don't have anything against the songwriting, besides the fact that it's bloody awful; rather, the media package it is a part of, which is inseparable from the song. If they had signed it with a nom de plume and given it to Children of Bodom to record, it would just have been an awful song even by CoB's standards. Inducing and monetizing on unhealthy behaviour is always a reason to blame someone. That could perhaps be my concern if I were their therapist. Were we to split hairs, I'm not sure that letting the known universe know that your "therapeutic" song is a character assassination of some guy is required for the therapeutic effect to work. (By the way, by "well-recognized" you mean there is a study about it? I would love to read it, Googling did not turn up anything)
  14. I think I am not making myself clear here. The problem is firstly that it is about Tarja and that it was written and marketed as being about Tarja. Even if it were "o Tarja thou art beautiful" on a pad of Baroque strings, I consider the listener willing to participate in a song that is about a specific celebrity mildly insane and whoever is writing and marketing such a song to be a bit of an opportunistic manipulator. The song itself is also highly confrontational in tone, which makes matters worse - and yes, "Bye Bye Beautiful" is something disrespectful to say to a lady. But really. Personal songs about famous people? Writing your own fanfiction? Wrong. Also not metal.
  15. Nightwish did in a big way. If nothing else, the "official" in "official biography" should have tipped you. Not to mention the documentaries, the interviews, the... come on, there's no denying that their PR at the time was heavily Tarja-centric. Yes, I do. I find it rather pathological to listen to a rock song (and, necessarily, identifying with the singer) while knowing it's about a, for the lack of a better word, celebrity, just as I find it pathological to read gossip magazines (and no, neither is found in the DSM, but I have a PhD in choereohomeochiropractice from the Baptist University of Snake Oil and am overriding the DSM, thank you very much, the DSM is fake news). Unless of course it's Toxic Waste singing about Donald Trump, where the statement is political and not personal. I am worried by a band writing a song with that intended purpose and message and marketing it as such. Incidentally, Bye Bye Beautiful is also a god-awful track in its own merit, an order of magnitude worse than the worst singles Phil Collins released in the 80s, including Sussudio.