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  1. Small club in the backwater of nowhere, all live, no pyros, no stage props, just standard issue 4x12 cabs and leather pants, guitars in E, suitable amount of shredding. Also, tolerable beer and hot ladies.
  2. I know, right? Nothing like Cosmo and a bubble bath to relieve stress.
  3. Not to be the resident Troy fanboy, but I'd actually like to hear more of Troy's vocals. They have a nice, composed, Green-Linnet-compilation quality. I love what he's doing with The Carpenter. Could listen to him singing for ages. Marco, on the other hand - love Marco, but I find he's more of a character actor and best used as such: for contrast with the female lead, particularly if she's of the operatic persuasion. My favourite Marco bit is "DREEEAAAAAM OOOOOF MEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee". Love it, could listen to Ever Dream off the CD for hours just for that bit. On the other hand, I tried to get into Tarot, but after 10 minutes of nonstop Marco I feel the need to put on a Sarah McLachlan or Enya album, light a few scented candles and get into a warm bath with the latest Cosmo.
  4. Absolutely. I'll take Marco yodeling and El Troyo playing the orchestral parts on an out of tune toy piano over more playback any day. I know some will disagree, but hey, that's my crust punk upbringing talking.
  5. Oh well, for what it's worth Marco tends to use the same technique when singing harmonies as he uses when singing lead, which isn't exactly unobtrusive. He could tone it down a bit. Also, the alternative could also involve Troy.
  6. Oh yeah? I'm going to wage you 500 bucks that you are going to die and I am not. If I turn out to be wrong I'll gladly pay you. Otherwise, I'll collect the sum from your heirs. We'll see who's "lucky".
  7. In case this hasn't already been posted - and if it has, well, I'll repost it because I'm cracking up and I want you to crack up as well. You gotta love Floor's face.
  8. I think I wet myself a little. And that crowd doesn't deserve to be there. Either they didn't recognize the piece, or they did and didn't go bananas. Heathens.
  9. Loving the Blazon Stone album cover.

    1. JRA


      Thank you good sir.  Hopefully Tuomas has an epiphany and makes the next album like it, but I suppose that's about as likely as them playing Crownless.

  10. I'm sorry mods, the new forum interface is still confusing to me. Where do I file a complaint to have this man banned for life? Thanks.
  11. Who wouldn't, really. At the 9:30 here Emppu goes full teenage girlfriend. One could be excused for thinking they're probably having an aftershow mani-pedi together. It reminded me of a Tarja-Emppu moment from some video in 199x or 2000, I can't quite remember what it was, but I choose take it as a sign of a more relaxed atmosphere within the band. (As far as wild speculation goes, I also choose to think that El Troyo is to be thanked for it, but YMMV).
  12. RIP @Babrablack , hope you have saved yourself a penny for the ferryman.
  13. I have to agree. There's something that rubs me the wrong way with Devil and I can't quite point my finger on it. But a good 50% of it is probably Marco doing his Evil Baseball Announcer voice.
  14. You're welcome, poser. (You know I am kidding, right?)
  15. Ah, that is the euphemism of the century for "false metal poser".