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  1. Imaginarium

    Sonata Arctica

    Yeah, I feel the same way. TNH sounds kind of rushed and the sound is pretty bad in my opinion. On some songs more than the others. I think it's better if they take enough time to make the next album. I hope that they would use a real producer this time but I don't have very high hopes for that since Pasi has already produced two of their albums. Generally bands seem to benefit from having some "outsider" do the production.
  2. Imaginarium

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Agree with most that you're saying. And boy oh boy that video looks hideous. Those "floating" drums and keyboards... They should really concentrate more on their stage presence, not on getting more and more pyros and screens with every tour. They seem to just stand still most of the time.
  3. Imaginarium


    Queen of Time has charted #1 in the Finnish charts, both overall and the physical album sales. But that's normal in Finland... That German chart rank is impressive, as Germany is one of the key markets in Europe. I guess we can expect information about other chart rankings in the upcoming days. Yeah, Pekka's lyrics are always awesome. His book Taivaanrumpu/Heavenly Drum is really nice by the way, very nice to have both his original Finnish poems/lyrics and the translated English versions side by side. (From Silent Waters to Under the Red Cloud, of course Queen of Time isn't in it. One can hope that they'd make an updated version in the future...)
  4. Imaginarium


    Don't get me wrong, the riff is great. At first I just found it to be too similar to one of their biggest hits. Not original but still great. It's still possible that I'll also eventually crown this as my favorite, but that happens in a long term, after just one week it feels like I'm still just getting to know the record. But anyway it's very impressive. I can't think of other bands that make some of their best work this far into their career. Tomi's vocals even sound as powerful as ever, I would argue that his harsh vocals even better than ever, and that is a rare case with vocalists at his age. I think that his work with Hallatar can be heard in Queen of Time, as he has experimented more with different styles of harsh vocals. Yeah, The Golden Elk is amazing. Oh boy, the mid part with the orchestra and the solo... I also agree that there aren't really weak songs to be found. When Wrong Direction was released I didn't like it but in the context of the album it works. I'll probably have to check them out in Black Box in Helsinki. I saw their last show of Under the Red Cloud tour and it was the best concert I've been to. Have to experience that again with the new songs.
  5. Imaginarium


    Yeah, it's epic. And I also get some Insomnium vibes from that song. (Which isn't a bad thing at all.) But then again I've always thought that Insomnium sounds kind of like a modern version of early Amorphis. Now that I've listened to the album on repeat for almost a week now, I can say that it has grown on me a lot and will probably be my album of the year. At this point my personal favorite track is probably Daughter of Hate even though at first the House of Sleep style riff was a minor nitpick. I can't yet say how I will rank Queen of Time amongst other Amorphis albums, but I doubt they'll ever top Skyforger on my rankings.
  6. Imaginarium


    After the first listen of the album I was a bit confused. As many of the songs are over six minutes, longer than typical Amorphis tracks, they need several spins to sink in. Now after the second listen it sounds already much better, and I bet I'll be completely hooked after a couple more spins. Amorphis is my favorite band and this is naturally my most anticipated album of 2018. Under the Red Cloud set the bar very high for this one. This is definitely the most different of the Joutsen era albums, mixing up elements from Amorphis' earlier works with completely new ones. I was a bit worried when they announced that the album has a choir and an orchestra, but luckily they have used them tastefully to spice up the album and haven't put them all over the place just because they can. (As some other bands do... ) I can't say any favorite songs yet though, need more listens to do that.
  7. Imaginarium

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I might even prefer to have EFMB the song instead of Èlan. But I'd rather have neither. And I still think that Sagan should have been on the album and be a single...
  8. Imaginarium

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I also have a hoping that they might change a few songs for the European tour. And yes, they have time to rehearse but to rethink about the future not so much. I think they already have to know what songs they will perform during Decades tour. Remember that they need those stupid animations and backing tracks for all the songs they're gonna perform. Since they have recorded new orchestral backing tracks (which I still would prefer not to have) they have most likely recorded them all at once for the old songs they are going to perform. For newer songs they of course already have the tapes.
  9. Imaginarium

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Oh yeah, sorry. I also don't understand why they should drop the orchestra. But in my opinion they should refresh the sound. Yeah, Arjen is really good at pushing vocalists to their limits and complimenting their sound. Floor sounds great on Ayreon and for example Simone Simons has also made some of her best vocals on Ayreon. Nightwish could improve on that. Strangely enough, Marco has even worked as a vocal producer for Amorphis, and Tomi Joutsen's vocals are some of the best I've heard. Perhaps Marco could work more on vocal arrangements for Nightwish also?
  10. Imaginarium


    Mine as well. And The Quantum Enigma is my favorite Epica album. It was also the one that really got me into them.
  11. Imaginarium


    New single out, called Wrong Direction. In my opinion not as good as The Bee, pretty much standard Amorphis radio single. Still decent though.
  12. Imaginarium

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    EFMB has the weakest and all around worst and most boring vocals by Floor ever. I would gladly hear her use her full potential and yes, also growls. As a metal head I (almost) never mind some growls... But no, I don't want just growls from Floor. I also want some classical vocals and some more powerful stuff. Pretty much the worst case scenario would be that she would sound the same as on EFMB. For me the vocals were a downgrade from iRum, where Anette finally sounded good. Folk metal bands can become more metal without leaving any instruments. In the same way symphonic metal bands can become more metal with more (or the same) orchestra. In my opinion that's exactly what happened to Epica. The Holographic Principle has the biggest orchestra ever for them, but it also has heavier guitars, more growls etc. And of course it's not about being metal. Nightwish hasn't really been metal in a long time, but that doesn't matter if they make good music. EFMB wasn't good, let's hope that the next one will be. I also wouldn't mind if they would try someone new to make the orchestral arrangements. That itself might give them a fresher and less stale sound Marco is pretty much my favorite Nightwish singer but I have to admit that he definitely doesn't sound as good anymore. But that's nothing unexpected, singer's voices tend to change when they age, and usually for the worse. And it doesn't help if the singer is smoking etc. But still, I would love to hear more Marco on the next album. He was badly underused on EFMB, basically just a backing vocalist with one verse on Weak Fantasy.
  13. Imaginarium

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I don't mind being a fruitcake. They are tasty... But in my opinion Wishmaster is kind of annoying, especially the chorus. And it doesn't help that the chorus is repeated like 20 times... I'd take Nemo or WIHAA (well, most Nightwish songs as long as it's not Èlan or ODITS) over Wishmaster all day everyday.
  14. Imaginarium

    Decades World Tour 2018

    This. It's already been played more than enough and should be retired. Plus it isn't even a good track... As some have already stated, Beauty of the Beast and Beauty and the Beast is what we need.
  15. Imaginarium

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Sad that he left Swallow the Sun already in 2015. I would much rather have him there than on Nightwish.