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  1. Yes, of course they have if they are going to make changes. I just meant that I'm not sure if they have done that. It's quite probable that they'll change some songs here and there at some point, but my guess is that frame of the set will remain. At least it's nice to see that he has refreshed his style. Brings hope that the next album would have a fresher sound as well.
  2. Somehow I don't see them changing the setlist that much during the tour. Remember that they need those silly backing tracks and background videos for all the songs they are going to play. (Well, for the songs they don't already have videos and playback that is.) And also practice how to play the songs. Money probably isn't a problem for them, but it isn't free to make orchestral arrangements (Since they are arranged by Pip they are also probably recorded with real instruments and not with samples.) and videos. Of course I can be totally wrong, and there might very well come at least some changes at some point. I'm pretty sure they'll have this exact set for at least the North American tour, but we'll see.
  3. Strange enough but I kinda agree. His rhythm guitars are also a decent addition. Finally they have found some use for Troy! This version is actually really good, although the Stargazers solo bothers me a bit...
  4. This. Floor's voice fits this song well, but Marco doesn't fit to the chorus. Even though he is arguably one of the best Nightwish singers. In my opinion the song also doesn't benefit from the new orchestral arrangements. But one can only wish that Tuomas would turn his precious keyboards on again...
  5. I guess this is one reason for the horrible brickwalled masterings. I have noticed myself that dynamic masterings don't sound good with crappy earphones on a bus, while the horrible brickwalled ones do. But they shouldn't torture decent citizens like me (audiophiles) with them. Why not have two masterings, one good one for people who have ears and one brickwalled to death as an option in streaming services for people with bad earphones? That being said, Decades sounds nice. To be more precise, it sounds like what the songs should have sounded in the first place. It would be so amazing to have full remastered versions of their old albums at some point...
  6. Yeah, there really is no good excuse for playing the old stuff in dropped tuning. All they would have to do is to carry an extra guitar and then spend like 5 to 10 seconds to change the guitar during the set. Most guitarists use more than one guitar during a gig anyways, even if all the songs were in the same tuning. Either they are really lazy or they don't care or they like the songs in the dropped tuning. And why oh why can't play Sacrament of Wilderness with the original solo? As far as I know the song was on the Finnish single charts when I was born... We (I) love the heavier sound. But then again I'm the weird guy who prefers DPP and iRum guitar sound to that of EFMB...
  7. Oh yeah, might be the mustache now that I look...
  8. To be honest Slaying the Dreamer was a bit meh in my opinion. Of course it isn't fair to judge by a video recorded with a phone, but I'll judge anyway. I think the song needs to be sung with a sharper tone and not happily and kinda loosely like that. And of course that was their first show after a break, I'm expecting them to evolve during the tour. Btw am I the only one or does Marco suddenly look much older now? It might be just the lights and phone videos though...
  9. Wow, Troy nails it... He sounds just as bad as Tuomas! And Marco doesn't seem exactly enthusiastic.
  10. Having been whining here about silly people being excited about a compilation album, I gotta admit that I'm positively surprised. The remasters actually sound a lot better than the originals. So much more dynamics. I hope they'll release full remasters of the old albums (Imaginaerum please ) at some point... Apart from mastering, have you found other major differences than the different version of End of All Hope? Not sure about the EFMB songs tho, do they actually have less dynamics here than the original versions or are my audiophile ears wrong? They do have more punch and clarity but not sure about dynamics.
  11. Finland is also a pretty good place to live, you know... We have Amorphis, Swallow the Sun, Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Insomnium, Apocalyptica, Children of Bodom and so on and so on. (And Nightwish) One downside is that Epica is not from here and they don't visit Finland nearly as often as the bigger countries in Europe. I sadly haven't seen them live yet as I missed their show a year ago. No hope seeing them before they release another album. But even with this major flaw Finland is a pretty good metal country.
  12. Don't really like these animated videos, but the song itself is great.
  13. Ok so I actually had forgotten that Beloved Antichrist was already released as I haven't listened to Therion a lot. Now I have listened to the first disc and will be listening the disks two and three probably tomorrow. Sounds good so far, but obviously this one is so massive that it will need some time to get digested.
  14. Tuomas did it again! Write a boring song I mean... EDIT: Or was it Marcelo Troy as @Adrn_2810 informed? Whatever... Nothing against acoustic folksy stuff, I actually listen to some folk music. This just doesn't do it for me. Kind of bland and forgettable. No hooks and bold melodies to be found.
  15. Yeah, it sucks. But then again I heard somewhere (I think it was in the TV-show from YLE-areena linked above) Tuomas being asked what kind of music it is and him calling it celestial metal or something like that. And I think he also mentioned that Marcelo Troy had made that up. And some of the target audience indeed probably won't find them because of that. Kind of the same thing was with Eluveitie's latest album. It was categorized under "metal" and "folk metal" tags in many places although it's an acoustic folk album. No reviews to be seen on folk sites but a lot of reviews on metal sites wondering why it isn't metal.