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    Endless Forms Most Beautiful
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    Ariën van Weesenbeek
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    Ne Obliviscaris - Portal of I
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    Epica, Amorphis, Ne Obliviscaris
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  1. Imaginarium


    Yeah, this was unexpected. I was one of the people thinking that it would sound basically the same. Yeah, I gladly admit I was wrong. After one listen I don't really now what to think yet, but at least it is refreshing to hear Epica try something new. I really hope that after the new MaYaN album and this the next Epica album won't be just "TQE with bigger production 3.0". TQE is still my favorite Epica album but although THP was also really good I think they should try something new now.
  2. Imaginarium


    Listening to Dhyana for the first time now, and so far so good. Their previous work has in my opinion been good but forgettable. This seems to be their best album in my opinion. The orchestra has been used very well, not like "let's put it everywhere to hide sub-par writing" like some bands tend to do. But then again the songwriting also seems to be good on this album. Will need a few listens to open up though.
  3. Imaginarium

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Yeah. But then again most Finnish things, including Finnish people, are made while being drunk... Are they? Do we live in the same Finland? Well, WIHAA is but in my experience the basic hits are pretty much the songs people that aren't really fans know. And I haven't seen much positive comments on MPG.
  4. Imaginarium

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    (OffTopic starts here) Um, is this some kind of sarcasm I don't get? Finland was this year ranked as the happiest country in the world. Not that it seems like it, at least in Helsinki most people seem either depressed or angry. (OffTopic ends here) I know right, I can imagine electronic sounds that sound like some 30€ toy keyboard... Let's indeed hope he'll surprise us.
  5. Imaginarium


    Come on, it's already been pretty much two years since The Holographic Principle was released and they are just finishing touring for it. Obviously they can't keep releasing albums every two years if their tours get longer. And since tours are the main income for many bands, it's completely understandable. And last year they even somehow managed to squeeze recording the Attack on Titans songs to their schedule. And while I enjoy The Holographic Principle, in my opinion the song writing on The Holographic Principle seems a bit rushed at points. I'm all in for them taking a bit more time if it benefits the next album.
  6. Imaginarium


    People say that all the time but I still don't really see that. Century Child isn't very symphonic apart from some songs like Ever Dream. Yeah, it's kind of a bridge between the early Strato rip off Nightwish and the later full blown cheese. The Phantom Agony for example sounds very different, more classical and symphonic than power metal. It really sounds like a continuation to Mark era After Forever. Yeah, Simone tried to be Tarja but musically it's not very similar. Of course they were inspired by Nightwish, I even remember Simone mentioning that in some interview. But even if The Phantom Agony doesn't really stand out in any way and is a standard sounding symphonic metal album, I don't hear much of Century Child in it.
  7. Imaginarium


    Here in Finland it was in the top 5 for a month and is still 19th. Seems to sell well here. But 72 in USA is quite good and we must remember that the music market in USA is huge. It would be interesting to see how many copies it has sold in different countries. For example in Germany the album charted at 4th position, and Germany is probably Europe's biggest market. I wonder if 4th in Germany means more sales than 1st in Finland for example?
  8. Imaginarium


    The Orphaned Land Oriental Orchestra, and the choir is Hellscore.
  9. Imaginarium


    In my opinion they are quite different. Musically TQE is more straight forward, upbeat record while THP is a bit darker and slower. The biggest difference between them is of course the sound. THP of course has a huge orchestra while TQE just has some real strings. The addition of brass instruments is a big part of what makes THP sound darker. But TSS is just bonus tracks from THP recording sessions. I actually like them and prefer some of the songs over some of THP tracks. But yeah, of course it's a matter of taste. Yeah, they have evolved quite a lot. They seem to get a bit heavier and less straight forward with every album. However, I think that the not so positive reviews of Requiem For the Indifferent have held them back a little bit lately. It was a slower and more progressive album and some fans didn't like that. The Quantum Enigma sounds more like a continuation to Design Your Universe than it does to RFTI. The bonus tracks for both TQE and THP include some more experimental tracks, but the songs that made it to the album are safer and more simple.* It will be interesting to see how their next album will turn out. Do they take the risk and make a more experimental album that might push their career forward or get mixed reactions, or will they make a safe album that most fans will like but won't cause huge feelings towards or against? *Ok, that might seem like a bit of a rant, but The Quantum Enigma is my favorite Epica album.
  10. Imaginarium


    Yeah, it's a matter of taste. Eclipse is also really good! As a Nightwish fan you might enjoy the orchestral and choir arrangements on the new album.
  11. Imaginarium


    Maybe, or maybe at the end of 2019. Who knows. In my opinion it's good that they don't seem to rush this time. I gladly wait a bit more if it's beneficial to the music. Releasing albums every two years often seems to drain artists at some point.
  12. Imaginarium


    Hard to say without trying. I definitely enjoy Joutsen era Amorphis the most, but really like for example Am Universum from Koskinen era. Most (old) people seem to love Tales From the Thousand Lakes but I've never been that much into it. The songs are decent but work better live. But yeah, Amorphis is my favorite band. My favorite album from them is Skyforger. I'm not sure yet what to think about Queen of Time. At first I thought it's one of their best but then I listened to it too much and now I have to take a break from listening to it. One nitpick that I have about it is the mastering. It really needs a more dynamic master but I can only hope they would make a remastered version in like 20 years...
  13. Imaginarium


    There isn't official info about that as far as I know, but I would expect it will take about a year or so before we get a new album. My guess is that they start to prepare it after the festival season. We don't know have they already written the new songs or not, but if they have they can start training and recording them. The recording process usually takes a few months and then it takes a few months to release it so I'd say we definitely won't get a new album before next spring. Mark is also busy with MaYaN now as they will release a new album in September.
  14. Imaginarium


    And how can someone on a Cheesewish fan forum call Amorphis cheese?
  15. Imaginarium

    Sonata Arctica

    Yeah, I feel the same way. TNH sounds kind of rushed and the sound is pretty bad in my opinion. On some songs more than the others. I think it's better if they take enough time to make the next album. I hope that they would use a real producer this time but I don't have very high hopes for that since Pasi has already produced two of their albums. Generally bands seem to benefit from having some "outsider" do the production.