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  1. Perhaps the Floor/Troy harmony could work for this very reason, of course it involves Marco removing himself vocally, and I don't think that's going to happen. Also you aren't fooling anyone, Cosmo is porn.
  2. Nah, cos if she didn't she would have gotten a chant going during the bridge riff. Also, by the same token Floor (and Nightwish in general) need to calm down a bit with the chants during the actually good music parts, particularly during iconic riffs and solos. There was one part in the show when she was making the crowd chant during a great piece of music and it really annoyed me (can't remember what it was, I think it might have been the Sacrament of Wilderness riff). It's like, let us savor that moment, then make us chant. Ozzy started doing that with the Crazy Train riff almost 20 years ago and its like wow, way to tell people never to come see you again. The casuals go to see Ozzy live just so they can hear THAT riff, and you're shouting over it.
  3. And the absolute best part is they didn't drop anything for it! The only thing wrong with it is they should have Troy out to play the rhythm riff in the intro!
  4. Giving a serious listen to My Walden. I'm kinda pissed this didn't get played instead of Elan last night.
  5. I am not feeling the booklet. Way too many pages of laminates followed by a page of each album cover (and it even leaves out the Over the Hills EP where 10th Man Down comes from). No straight solid pictures of the band members or a family tree/history? No commentary from members on the songs and why think they are essential to the catalog? That would be my #1 motivation to by this if I had all the CDs. The last non album picture being of Nightwish condoms. Y'all ain't foolin anyone.
  6. I'd be bummed too, but at least we can look that up on youtube.
  7. You know there's one thing to consider. As much fun as it is for nerds like us to see the band switch setlists every minute, the fact is there might be someone in California for whom this setlist is perfect for. If they switch out Sacrament for something like Bless The Child, it might be a huge disappointment for them. They probably want the setlist to stay the same throughout so everyone can experience it. As for the people who are following them throughout their dates (and yes I saw one of them last night), well, they ain't playin to you brah. If you want to see the band multiple times in one tour, but you shouldn't expect them to pander to you.
  8. Loving the Blazon Stone album cover.

    1. JRA


      Thank you good sir.  Hopefully Tuomas has an epiphany and makes the next album like it, but I suppose that's about as likely as them playing Crownless.

  9. Oh yeah I forgot to mention! He did like Chris Rock told him and took off that silly ass hat about 2/3 of the way through.
  10. Troy's pipe solo was fine to me. Also I'm not sure if I just couldn't hear it due to ambiance, but I don't know what you guys are talking about with new orchestral arrangements. I couldn't hear a single one of those even if I wanted to. One other thing I forgot to add, Marco's new Sheriff of Nottingham moustache = swag.
  11. I incidentally kinda did get noise overload, but it was canceled out by the second sentence. Holy crap after all these years I finally saw them.
  12. You could actually see Tuomas from up front? lol They stashed him in the back like they do with Blind Guardian's keyboard player and it took me a while to realize he was on stage. I had a good time. Not Blind Guardian on Halloween or Blind Guardian doing all of Imaginations From The Other Side super fun great time, but I had a good time. I decided to go to this on a whim and I'm happy I did. I guess all my posts have been building up to this show. Floor Jansen needs to be experienced with your own eyes and ears. While I still am not entirely ok with the key changes, my perfect pitch sense must be fading away cos I thought most of the songs sounded great tonight. End of All Hope is an incredible opener. Other random thoughts: -This crowd was LOUD! I couldn't hear a damn thing Floor was saying during or between songs. She could have been giving a diatribe on how Bernie Sanders would have won or how that rabblerouser JRA is in the crowd and to take him for a joyride and I would have been none the wiser. -To the buttwipe who tried to start a moshpit during Elvenjig. No. Just no. Honestly screw mosh-pits in general, particularly if you are at the front of one and you can't tell whether or not someone is about to crack your back. I couldn't really enjoy Kinslayer and Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean cos of this. I was bracing myself for the worst when the Slaying the Dreamer break came but shockingly no one did anything. I wasn't even sure whether or not to be offended. -Dear fartknocker who said Dead Boy's Poem is a really good song and then kept talking through it, don't talk through it. -Troy, Marco and Floor, the vocal harmony thing you're trying to do during Come Cover Me doesn't work. Vocal harmonies in general don't really work unless you're Rick Danko, Richard Manuel and Levon Helm. Sadly, all three of those men are no longer with us, and while Floor is on their caliber, we need three great vocalists to fit into that band pocket. Exhibit A: (Incidentally, I wouldn't hold it against you if you decided to replace Elan with this song. COME is not a singalong.) -Speaking of Come Cover Me, whilst I respect the Maiden-esque harmony the guitars are trying to do, but it's a much better idea to do that melody AND the rhythm. The rhythm guitar part on that song is super underrated, particularly with that kinda thrashy part. - Floor was as amazing as everyone says she is. I kind of want her to join the Helloween reunion for "diversity quota purposes." -Get rid of Greatest Show On Earth part 1 as your PA intro. It is waaaaaaaaaaaay too long and you don't give us anything to look at (people actually thought the show was early). Play the Nightwish Demo over the PA again. Or you know, just come out and start End of All Hope after Gates of Babylon finishes. -Despite me wishing on my lucky charms and rubbing Buddha bellies I could not get Beauty of the Beast, Know Why the Nightengale Sings or Crownless played. Oh well. -10th Man Down ripped, and I weep at all the plebs who didn't get amped for the intro. It should never, ever EVER leave the set. And neither should Kinslayer for that matter. -Some_dude, sorry but you're wrong about Marco. I think his "evil baseball announcer" approach works just fine for Devil, 10th Man and all the other songs he's replacing Tapio on (let's be real here, Tapio's death metal-esque vocals should never have been on those albums in the first place). -If I was a betting man I'd have thought everyone would have worn green to the stage. -I would have liked to have made some quip about how Judas Priest sold out the Palladium and Nightwish didn't but I have no clue how whoever's in charge of attendance didn't think this was sold out cos there was barely any standing room at all. I would have liked to socialize with people but it was so packed I figured better just find a good spot. -I used to wonder if Jukka is ever going to come back but after tonight he can stay gone for all I care. Kai is a beast. -The second half of Greatest Show On Earth became tolerable to me. It's still not Beauty of the Beast or Fantasmic but progress. Also, Troyo was laying down some pretty sweet Gilmour-esque licks during the songs beginning. He ought to focus more on that. 4 out of 5 stars. Glad I went.
  13. Babra Are you now a fearless undead machine?