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  1. Wings89

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Dream setlist ^
  2. Wings89


    I find that the lyrics are a nod to many Nightwish songs. Is it a coincidence that it has Night in the title? There's The Islander, obviously, but the sentiment of the song also hearkens back to Turn Loose the Mermaids. Also: An apple for a thirsty bite - Passion and the Opera A clean slate, a newborn mind - Sagan Tonight I will make the leap - Elan (although this could refer to a different kind of leap) The calming mothers call - Our Decades in the Sun Back in time; I'm cleansed and bare - Bless the Child I may be reaching, and there are more, but they are a bit looser (Tuomas has, after all, covered a lot of territory over the years).
  3. I think Ahasverus was referring to the album after the album with a tentative release in 2020. Only if the trend of five years between continues, though, which it may not.
  4. I hope we get something like the video recordings (I know that the word recording can be taken a few ways) of the rehearsals we got with Anette - like Planet Hell and Romanticide.
  5. Wings89

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    I tend to think that the people complaining that Tarja and co aren't doing enough for charity are really complaining they aren't doing enough for them.
  6. A Facebook post by the band? Hmm, I might have to make an overseas trip. Hopefully they come to where you are, Moncho.
  7. I hope they announce Australian dates. There seems to be a bit of a break at the start of the European dates... Hopefully they'll squeeze a five city tour in there somewhere.
  8. Wings89


    I'd love for Tristania to release another album. The Darkest White was a really strong release. As good as Ashes, which is my third favourite (after World of Glass and Illumination).
  9. Wings89

    Within Temptation

    I think it's pretty fantastic that we are getting treated to both a Sharon solo album and a new WT album all within the next year or so. I hope that it doesn't spell the end for the band. I choose to remain optimistic.
  10. Wings89

    Anette Olzon

    This song is probably my favourite. The verses remind me of For The Heart I Once Had, which - unpopular opinion imminent - I think is a rather underrated song.
  11. Wings89

    Nightwish Confessions

    Yet Tuomas wrote the lyrics not as a parent but as a child, which everyone should be able to identify with. I get what Aniron and dragonprincess are saying - the lyrics seem... hollowed out? I had similar issues with Decades in the Sun, although not so much with the lyrics but the delivery itself. My biggest gripes are that the bridge section lacks a punch (musically and vocally) and that the children choir's vocal lines aren't very dynamic. The ending is magical though.