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    travelling, music, theater, movies


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    not enought :D
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    on a concert while listening to 'I want my tears back' I went blank-daydreaming for a moment, next thing I realized was Tuomas looking at me behind the keyboard singing and with his free hand showing the knocks: like he was sayin' 'heey time to wake up'
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    7 days to the wolves
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    End Of An Era
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    Last ride of the day
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    The Islander
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    Johnny Depp
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    Tim Burton
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    Sweeney Todd, The Hobbit
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    Tolkien, Joanne Harris
  1. Hi Everyone, Came all the way from Dubai because of the show. I've been several concerts by now, first was in 2009 Főnix Csarnok Debrecen - will never forget Ever since then I'm trying to catch you guys anywhere as many times as I can, haha. You always put up an amazing show - never the same set list, clearly sees, there's always lot of effort in it, full respect towards us and each and everyone of you so full of music. Thank you for giving us dreams!!! Hope this time I'll get a chance to meet you guys to not "only" experience the 'Greatest shows on Earth' Very much looking forward to hear you alive again! Kisses, Zsuzsanna