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    My father showed me some of their music back in 2004
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    3 times
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    Century Child & Once
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    Almost anything from the above, and let's give an honorable mention to Shudder Before The Beautiful, Wishmaster, She Is My Sin, Away, Passion and the Opera, Gethsemane and Astral Romance
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    End Of An Era, End of Innocence
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    Summer Wine (most versions), Solitary Ground (Epica)
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    There were more, but to name a special one: Tarja in Bucharest, 2009

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    Somewhere with a nice view and loved ones
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    "The only permanent thing in this world is change."
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    Yes, 2 dogs ♥

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  1. Sophia

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    @Damian On 5th May. I don't think she'll sing many new songs that soon, but I bet she'll play at least one during her upcoming concerts! This is a city-event, I was surprised when I saw that she'll be there, I didn't even know whether I should expect a classical or a rock show lol. (It will be a rock one from what I've heard. But a classical one would fit the setting more, hmm... idk.) I really need some new music from her already, btw!
  2. Sophia

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Nono, sorry! I am just trying to motivate myself. The chances that I'll be able to go to MoR are thin, even if I'd want to... I hope I'll manage to go at least to the other one which will be around here.
  3. Sophia

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Wait wait, let's see if I will make it to this show at all! Because I was seriously playing around with the idea to go to Masters of Rock this year (she's playing there too). But that's a lot more complicated, while this one can be a sure thing if I really want it. Hmm... Actually I could go to both! (But I better don't speak this soon, I might end up not going to either of them, lol.) But to whichever concert of hers I'll end up going the next time, you can surely expect a report.
  4. Sophia

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Wow, Tarja is coming to Romania! To a random city, which is quite far from where I live, gah... But it's a Sunday, so... Tarja concert on the horizon again!! *happydance*
  5. Oh wait, if you were not just being fluently sarcastic then, nope, I am not that old, lmao! I just meant that I've been a fan for a longer time than many people seem to be here. I am not even thirty yet, pretty please. (But apparently I am old enough not to want to be seen as more than I am, lol.) But thanks a lot anyway! But it's not a sin that I like plenty of things and wish that I could embrace and put them all in the spotlight, is it? Yeah, it might be, if there's too many stuff it becones a blur, and I didn't do much with it... You've got the point, making choices is good.
  6. Well this thread does indeed show how different tastes can be. For instance I really really really dislike that version of Planet Hell with Anette. And EFMB is not their best album in my list by far, not the weakest either, but even with my issues with Anette as a singer and with all my appreciation for Floor, I think even DPP is a better album than EFMB. And about the couple of posts above - apparently I am among the older Nw fans here btw, wow... - from the musical perspective, vocals aside, I love their sound in general. I love their orchestral stuff. And I love their power metal stuff. I even like their folk-ish sound - not as much, but I enjoy it. But despite this I didn't enjoy their newer albums as much as I did the ones they made with Tarja, her voice was a very important factor for me in truly liking the band and calling it my fave in the first place. Hence I made this list from that era. I do like quite some of Floor's versions too, just not so particularly, probably also because I was not that much into the band anymore when she joined, so that might play a role in why I don't care that much about their recent stuff... but could we have given more points some performances would have made the list. I most of the time, don't even know what am I still doing on this forum tbh. Probably trying to re-live the awesome times from 10-15 years ago which I associate with my love for this band in some messy times... maybe.
  7. I'll take the more fun part of this, and post my favourite live versions. I've been long enough in this fandom to experience quite some song rankings, so let's see it from a different angle! Ghost Love Score, Montreal 2004 - 5p Wishmaster, EOAE 2005 - 5p Ever Dream, Festimad 2005 - 2p Ghost Love Score, Bucharest 2004 - 2p End Of All Hope, Summer Breeze 2002 - 2p Beauty Of The Beast, Amsterdam 2002 - 2p The Kinslayer, RMJ Festival 2003 - 2p She Is My Sin, M'era Luna 2003 - 2p And some which were never played live yet I still have to mention because I love them too much: Away, album - 1p Feel For You, album - 1p Astral Romance, album - errr... from OTHAFA let's say, just because I prefer Tony over Tuomas in it - 1p . This is what came to my mind at first. But there are a couple of more songs I want to squeeze into the list, so I will come back to this later!
  8. Sophia

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Darkness is so expressive! And in a different way than the original. I love what she did with it. And also the deeper voice she's using in it. Lol at the Fly Me To The Moon thing, @Damian! (I even forgot about Goldfinger. This might speak for itself..)
  9. Sophia

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Tarja is being too silent nowadays. I hope she'll come up with something new soon! Thinking about this, it occurred to me that with a new album we'll most likely also get a new bold cover from her, and I started wondering what I'd like it to be. I don't have anything specific in my mind, but I'd like something more up-beat this time. Something like Eye Of The Tiger from Survivor (I think with her voice, it could sound similar to In For A Kill!). Or Under Pressure from Queen! Maybe with Van Canto again. That could be awesome! It would of course have a controversial outcome, but whatever... all covers do. No risk no fun. (Looking back: I enjoyed Poison, it was fun. SOTN was great when I heard it live, the studio version was okay. I LOVED Darkness, that's my favourite cover from her. Supremacy was a great choice for her voice, and it was also fun live, but her high notes are a bit too high for me there sometimes. I wasn't much into House Of Wax, but eventually I grew to like it.)
  10. Sophia

    Within Temptation II

    Agree, it reminded me of Ice Queen too (it's not that primitive though ). Yeah, it's that 90's type of music video., but I don't mind, from the 3 new videos this was the most enjoyable for me.
  11. Sophia

    Within Temptation II

    I like it!
  12. Sophia

    What are you watching?

    Well that was... a no, thanks. None of the ones you mentioned, so I might end up going back to it again, haha. I watched 1x2 (good idea, bad execution), 1x3 (okay-ish), 2x1 (eh..?), 2x1(good idea, okay-ish execution), 3x2 (eh...?), 3x3 (wtf?) and half of Bandersnatch (I had to go somewhere, and I haven't finished it since, up until what I saw was cool but from what I read about it might as well be a wtf? Idk yet.) Yep, with that series the cliché part of it did not bother me at all, which says a lot I think. It was very well done.
  13. Sophia

    Within Temptation II

    I so agree and disagree with this! No, I don't think having the same singer/band members is a disadvantage at all until they get along well. I respected a lot bands like WT or Epica especially for being able to keep going despite their personal issues. Yes, Nw did benefit a lot from all the drama and vocalist changes because it kept them in the spotlight and gave people something to constantly chew on, but music-wise I'm not sure... EFMB for example is a rather average album, I liked it more than Resist but had it not been the first release of Nightwish "featuring" Floor Jansen, it would have also been pretty forgettable for me. So I don't think it's that much above it. I won't go further back on their timeline now. In a nutshell, one doesn't have to change one's spouse because they want something fresh, one can find a way to do something refreshing. It might work, it might not. Of course changing one's spouse is also an option. Again, it might work, it might not. Each with what suits them better, I guess. The risk is the same. This being said, I'm mostly with you, Resist is their weakest album. But I am not saying I'll never listen to it again, it's not like I hate it, I am just used to much better from them. (And this applies to Nw's latest releases too.)
  14. Sophia

    What are you watching?

    I gave another try to Black Mirror recently (I gave up on it for a while after I saw the first ep), I watched a couple of random episodes now. It's built around ideas I find really interesting, but from what I've seen I often disliked/cringed at the way those ideas were depicted... These days I binge-watched The Haunting Of Hill House. I loved it! Classic ghost-story, great characters, great cast, great acting, great directing. It's a very well done show, it deserves some awards if you ask me! (I read many comments about how scary it is, but it was around just the right amount of creepy for a horror show for me.)