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    Medicine. Music. Dancing. Writing.


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    I heard some of their songs back in... around 2004. I don't remember which was the very first one, but I remember falling in love with Nemo and The Phantom Of The Opera.
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    Marco's jokes when we were chatting with him and Tuomas.
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    The memories and the albums I own.
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    Century Child and Once
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    Songs*: The Beauty Of The Beast. Ever Dream. Feel For You. Ghost Love Score. Passion and the Opera. Away.
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    End Of An Era

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    Sona from Secret Garden. I had it as my alarm clock ringtone for years and I still do NOT hate it.

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  1. I subscribe this. Unfortunately... This must be the first WT single which I am disappointed with. It's not that I hate it, but it left me entirely uninterested, and that's sad considering that WT is one of my favourite bands and I used to like almost everything from them. I don't necessarily want the old WT back. There was a huge change in their style back in 2011 too, and I wasn't exactly happy when I heard that they are going into a different, more mainstream direction, but when Faster came out I loved it and the album too. But I don't feel anything when it comes about this...
  2. I know absolutely nothing about this band, they came up as a suggestion on YouTube. But this song sounds pretty cool. It's the typical power/symphonic metal-type of song, so it's not something revolutionary, but not everything has to be.
  3. Sophia

    Within Temptation

    Haha, that's pretty damn accurate! The new song didn't impress me at all. Which is weird, because WT, just like NW, always managed to make me like their music, even if there were significant aspects of the album I didn't like . (I still don't like the overall sound of Hydra, it's my least favourite WT album, yet there was still something in it what made me find myself listening to the album again and again.) This time I don't find that something, it just... left me uninterested. Maybe the album as a whole will leave a better impression, we'll see.
  4. Sophia

    Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire series

    This is pretty accurate: I've read the books too and I loved them. I am curious what twist G.R.R.M will come up with, especially regarding the valonqar theories, because he is usually not the one to play the predictable card. Unlike the last season of the show, which was surprisingly predictable.
  5. Sophia

    Beyond the Black

    That's exactly what a friend of mine said too during their show. I will check out their new album.
  6. Sophia

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    I had (have) a bit of trouble getting used to the fact that she decided to sing in a different style in the past couple of years. (Changes existed earlier too, I know, but I liked those.) I do understand that people want to try new things, so if that's what she wants, I can just hope it will work out for her. She has a very beautiful voice and I feel like she's not living with her full potential lately. I am not exactly up to date with them, but Simone seemed to be doing be doing this too. Maybe those vocals are not fashionable anymore. However, I watched Act II recently, and I think Damned and Divine for example sounded pretty good with her new technique too. She just needs a bit more time to feel fully comfortable with it I guess.
  7. Sophia

    Harry Potter!

    Yup! Sometimes I think I might be more like a Slytherclaw, but either way... the Ravenclaw part is sure.
  8. Sophia

    Beyond the Black

    I saw them live last year, and they were pretty good. Good enough to make me look up more of their of music, and I liked quite some of their songs. (In the shadows was an instant like.) Not the "Omg, this is the best"-kind of like, but I liked it. I haven't heard their new album yet.
  9. I'd be glad to hear anyting, her voice works pretty well with the songs in general. (I don't have to mention GLS, I guess.) Elvenpath and Gethsemane were a nice surprise recenly, even though Elvenpath sounds very different with her. The only one I was a bit disappointed with was Song Of Myself, because I thought that with her kind of voice it would have more of a Beauty Of The Beast vibe, and it just... didn't. But it wasn't bad either. And Sleeping Sun and Ever Dream, if you ask me, still sound the best with Tarja, but I do enjoy Floor's versions too. Oh, and I didn't like Scartale, but I just don't like that song in itself so it doesn't count. And I believe that this confirms that I wasn't just biased (what some people used to tell me back when topics like this felt like being on a battlefield ) when I used to complain about Anette's versions of the songs. She just wasn't the kind of voice I wanted to hear when it comes about Nightwish's music. So they can bring anything they like back, I'll be glad to hear it.
  10. Hi everyone! Yesterday I accidentally came across some links to old fan-sites which were very active around... well... 10 years ago. And I had to realize that almost none of them were active at this point. (Duh... 10 years... Damn, it feels like yesterday, yet I was in high school by then, and now I am prepping for my residency exam...) It made me recall the time I spent on forums and it made me nostalgic. I was wondering whether forums are still a thing - some of them are not, so I decided to check what's going on here. I remembered that I created an account here a couple of years ago, but never posted. It's a miracle I got my password right, haha. I sort of miss forums. They were cozier than posting on facebook is. They had a different vibe. And they had their own silly emoticons and stuff even before gif reactions on facebook became a thing. Or maybe I'm just getting old. Regarding Nightwish, I would love to see them during this tour! The setlist is amazing and I love how the songs sound with Floor. What made me fall in love with Nightiwsh back in 2004 was their original sound, and Floor made it possible for me to find that again, maybe even more. But I had so many things to deal with this summer that I didn't manage to go to their concert when they were here in my country (and which was still pretty far from where I live...) , and going to the most nearby show they'll have this autumn is still... complicated. Meh... But maybe it will work out! The last time I saw them live was in 2015, and Tarja last year, it was fantastic! I am also looking forward to hear something new from them. I was not so much into symphonic metal during the past couple of years, but once something becomes my favourite it will always stay dear to me. Sooo... the nostalgy-rant is done. I wish a great day for you all!