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    Ice tea
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    Everywhere I can find a book.
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    Never trust someone else than you.
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    Water and being in a place that I can't leave n'y myself


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    My brother showed the videoclip of Wish I had an Angel on the DVD of Alone in the dark.
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    Ghost love score
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    Wish I had an Angel
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    I will remember by Toto
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    Desert rose by Sting
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    Hard rock session 2012 - Colmar


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    Kelley Armstrong
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    Ouch ! I have a lot !
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    Attack on Titans

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  1. Heaven

    Anette Olzon (2º part)

    Why putting their two names if they are the Dark Element?
  2. Heaven

    Jukka forced to take a break

    Not surprising but still sad. His health always first!
  3. Heaven


    Pretty good for me! ♥ 1) Bismark 2) Great War 3) Fields of Verdun
  4. Heaven

    The Marco thread

    We are joking about a english version but is it in his project please? Sabaton did it I believe.
  5. Heaven


    They will come to Verdun (April 10th>13th) to turn videos for their youtube channel and promoting The Great War. One of their song is called Verdun. Source (French)
  6. Heaven


    Deutschland is out and already causes a scandal because we can see them as jews in a camp during the WW2.
  7. Heaven

    Within Temptation II

    Technically : Delain - No compliance feat Sharon den Adel & Marco Hietala. I thought that they have sung it live but no.
  8. Heaven

    Anette Olzon (2º part)

    We have the name of a song : When it all comes down. And the lyrics if you have good eyes.
  9. Heaven

    Beast In Black

    Love their cover of No easy way out!
  10. Heaven

    The Marco thread

    Keyboardist? Guitarist? Friends? Tuomas? Emppu? Please!
  11. Heaven

    The Old Era

    And Reach! I just love to hear how Marco can sing so HIGH! Wonder if he bursted one of his family jewels.
  12. Heaven

    The Marco thread

    I thought they already were married. Congrats!
  13. Heaven

    Arch Enemy

    She is putting oil on the fire without noticing it. Clothes to be sell or not, he is in his right to ask money for his WORK. It's not a problem concerning AE in first since it's Thunderball Clothing who used a picture for promoting a WORK too. And for heaven's sakes, it's just 100€ for a charity, not her head on a pike.
  14. Heaven

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Thank you so much for the laugh!!!
  15. Heaven

    Anette Olzon (2º part)

    With a better mixing, Junior N°2 WILL be better than Junior N°1. For sure.