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    My brother showed the videoclip of Wish I had an Angel on the DVD of Alone in the dark.
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  1. Johanna is the wife of Tuomas.
  2. Nope. I thought that Here to you (The strength to forget who I was/And in the end I hope you won't hate me/I'll leave you with this, I will miss you everyday/But I won't write you again) or My sweet mystery (Give me a chance to become/Someone you could want again/Give a chance to become/Someone you could love again) was a message too but not sure now due to Dead to me. Especially since she said that it's her favorite (or one of).
  3. Yes, they referred themselves as husband and wife long before ago.
  4. I've found this : EPICA VS attack on titan songs. Disc 1 01 Crimson Bow and Arrow 02 Wings of Freedom 03 If Inside These Walls Was a House 04 Dedicate Your Heart! 05 Crimson Bow and Arrow (Instrumental) 06 Wings of Freedom (Instrumental) 07 If Inside These Walls Was a House (Instrumental) 08 Dedicate Your Heart! (Instrumental) M-01 - TV Anime "Attack on Titan" 1st Opening Theme Cover M-02 - TV Anime "Attack on Titan" 2nd Opening Theme Cover M-04 - TV Anime "Attack on Titan Season 2" Opening Theme Cover
  5. I'm hoping/dreaming/dying for the cover of the first opening : Opening 1 (Original version). Opening 1 (English version).
  6. You can find it HERE. (Sorry, I don't remember how to post it correctly.)
  7. Wait! What? They're gonna cover the opening of the anime? Please the first one! Please!
  8. Coming soon a WT new album or Solo Sharon new album? There is the question.
  9. Thanks Eilenna! Emppu is a husband and a dad? I've stopped at his breakup with his girlfriend.
  10. I think that he talks about the clip of SHINE and the videos AO posted on her social medias where she sang BRING ME TO LIFE for example in her appartment.
  11. Tarja told them that she quits the group after this tour. They just wanted to play "First!" by firing her before her resignation.
  12. Tarja said that she will go back with Nightwish if all the musicians & the crew are changed. However, it was years ago and people may change their mind.
  13. And on YouTube : Here's to you.
  14. So, her new album will have new songs ortraditionnal christmas songs singing darkly please ?
  15. Nope. I AM the minority because I don't like both songs. And I was hoping for something else than a garage clip. The Lies one is beautiful. Does someone have the lyrics please ?