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  1. eltojo

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    About the operatic vocals: I do think it is part on Nightwish DNA, eventhough it's not used anymore all the time, in all songs. In every album and show there are at least parts with operatic vocals. Without those occasional parts I feel there is somehow something missing in NW concert / album. On the other hand, to me listening the whole album or concert sung with only operatic vocals feels...kind of tiring and monotone. I discovered NW in YouTube, after watching Volbeat playing live. Volbeat plays well, they sound good... but it was somehow flat. No highs and lows, just more or less the same. To me they didn't felt "big" enough, as a headliner in a big rock festival. Then I saw there was some Nightwish in Wacken 2013 show. Thought I'll give it a shot, they being famous in Finland and all... And oh boy, THEY did really looked like a headline band! Some songs raised the roof even playing outdoors! So for me the diversity is the key for using operatic vocals: use it, don't loose it, but don't over do it. When right amount is fitted to right places, they make the songs rise to another level. I think they did good job in that aspect during the latest tour. Their current setup is perfect for that. About delicate songs like Élan: I brought that up, because I am bit worried. To me, generally speaking, seems like bands/songwriters often become "softer" with years. I guess that's in human nature, wanting more peace and quiet older you get :-) I just wish NW to head the opposite direction. Don't get me wrong: I don't mind ballads - I think NW has some goergeous ones. I just want them to be something special, something to remember. But the fact that they play Elan in (almost?) every show, and it made to Decades album, and the band thinks it is one of the best songs in EFMB - is worrying to me. If Élan was made by any other band than NW, I wouldn't have listened to it twice. Now I am bit worried that's the way NW is going from here. But I hope and trust Tuomas still has some wildness, experimental ideas and big emotions left in him - very much looking forward to what's coming!
  2. eltojo

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Could it be the best christmas present this year...? My christmas wishes: -Let Floor loose, and turn her mix up from EFMB. -Ditch the "delicate" songs like Elan. Make Floor sing her heart out like she did back when she joined the band, instead of later more "sofisticated" songs and way to sing. I want wild Floorgasms, not delicasy. -I prefer heavier, darker and faster Nightwish. Let Emppu loose and turn up the tempo -Try not to "overproduce" the new album, and take more risks than last time. I prefer Scaretale kind of weird songs as fillers, rather than Edema Ruh or 15-20 minutes of GSOE I think Tuomas has improved as a songwriter, he can handle the risks better than early years, he has become better to fit the odd pieces together -Do not forget orchestra - that's a big part of Nightwish DNA. Maybe a tad more than on EFMB -Do not forget operatic vocals - that's part of Nightwish DNA. But don't overdoit, diversity is the key. -Moore Marko & Floor duets like in The Toolmaker
  3. eltojo


    I got interested of another thread to rank NW albums. And for that I spent hours to make my own top-50 songlist, to try and rank some songs first. Thought I might as well share the list I came up, with you all :-) I tried to be really honest to myself, thinking of which songs I really like to listen and would add to my playlist of 10/20/30/40 or 50 songs, and which I would miss if they didn't made the cut. Songs are grouped in 10's, and set in alphabetic order inside the groups Some of the songs are marked (*live - rankings for them are based on how they sound live, with current band. (Album versions would be lover ranked) TOP 10 7 Days to the Wolves Dark Passion Play Amaranth Dark Passion Play Dark Chest of Wonders Once Ever Dream (*live Century Child Ghost Love Score (*live Once I Want My Tears Back Imaginaerum Song of Myself Imaginaerum Storytime Imaginaerum Yours Is an Empty Hope Endless Forms Most Beautiful Weak Fantasy Endless Forms Most Beautiful TOP 11-20 Bye Bye Beautiful Dark Passion Play Cadence of Her Last Breath Dark Passion Play Endless Forms Most Beautiful Endless Forms Most Beautiful Master Passion Greed Dark Passion Play Romanticide Once Sahara Dark Passion Play She Is My Sin (*live Wishmaster Shudder Before the Beautiful Endless Forms Most Beautiful The Islander Dark Passion Play Wish I Had an Angel Once TOP 21-30 10th Man Down End of Innocence Bless the Child Century Child Slaying the Dreamer Century Child Last Ride of the Day Imaginaerum Nemo Once Planet Hell Once Sleeping Sun (*live Oceanborn The Crow, the Owl and the Dove Imaginaerum The Poet and the Pendulum Dark Passion Play The Siren Once TOP 31-40 Alpenglow (*live Endless Forms Most Beautiful Come Cover Me Wishmaster End of All Hope Century Child Escapist Dark Passion Play Eva Dark Passion Play Ghost River Imaginaerum Meadows of Heaven Dark Passion Play Rest Calm Imaginaerum Scaretale Imaginaerum Turn Loose the Mermaids Imaginaerum TOP 41-50 Beauty of the Beast Century Child Edema Ruh Endless Forms Most Beautiful For the Heart I Once Had Dark Passion Play Last of the Wilds Dark Passion Play My Walden Endless Forms Most Beautiful Stargazers Oceanborn The Devil and The Dark Deep Ocean Oceanborn The Greatest Show on Earth Endless Forms Most Beautiful While Your Lips Are Still Red Whoever Brings the Night Dark Passion Play Some remarks, being completely honest, there must be many who disagree : *Cadence of her last breath is great, one of the most underrated songs, almost made it to top-10 *Yours is an empty hope is also underrated, and must become a regular song in tours - it is absolutely magnificent, especially live *Elan is the most overrated song, and lowpoint of every show - I really hope Tuomas & co can see it and will drop it from the setlist. (unfortunately that's unlikely) *The Greatest Show on Earth is long, epic song - but I don't think it's really that great. Part 3 The Toolmaker is very good and only part I really like to listen, other parts I could easily live without *All of the songs from Dark Passion Greed made it to my list (!) *I found Nightwish only 3½ years ago, when I saw the best live concert ever recorded by any band (Wacken 2013) I had heard Nightwish before, but I guess it sounded too weird back then, with operatic vocals, to really catch my interest. (That might explain a bit my rankings, why there are many "golden oldies" missing) I've got used to Tarjas vocals a bit by now, but still prefer Anettes recording voice and Floor live. PS. Here's some my homemade videos, you might find interesting: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuUUbA4dwghmMiAyxTybnvgrGx2_Aksy9
  4. eltojo

    Nightwish Album Rankings 2019

    I tried to rank 50 favourite songs, which is hard since it depends on the current mood :-) But I came up with a list I am pretty satisfied with, and then gave 5 points to songs in top-10, 4 points for songs in 11-20 and so on. Here are the results. So this is not really direct album ranking, but gives a pretty good idea where I am. Some "fill up" songs would of course make a small differences. Obviously Dark Passion Play is way ahead of the others ,I actually suprised myself with that. Imaginaerum, Once and Endless Forms Most Beautiful are very close, and then there is a pretty big drop to the rest. (Album - points - how many songs in top-50) Dark Passion Play 42 (14) Imaginaerum 29 (9) Once 27 (7) Endless Forms Most Beautiful 23 (8) Centry Child 13 (4) Oceanborn 5 (3) Wishmaster 4 (1) Angles Falls First 3 (2) End of Innocence 3 (1) I'll post the complete list of Top-50 songs on a new thread - in THAT list there are some big "surprises" and disagreements to many of you here... :-) PS. You may wish to check out some of the videos I've made...